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Monday, July 21, 2014

Big Brother 16: Donny's Game Changing Talk with Cody

Less than an hour from the PoV Ceremony, Donny finally went up and spoke to Cody.  He appealed to his sense of family - a very good button to push with Cody. 

What follows is the transcript of Cody and Donny's conversation, during which Cody decides NOT to put Donny up as the ReNom, but to instead go with his gut and put Caleb up there..  It's followed by a quick conversation between Derrick and Cody, during which Cody confirms his decision. 


Camera 1
Donny and Cody

Donny: This is a very pivotal week.  It shows where it falls.  You and I have family and true friends watching this.  If you have a few moments, think about your family and what they'd want you to do. Not what people in this house want you to do.  Think about what's best for your game.  No matter what happends today, I will still feel the same way about you.  And that's my speech.
Cody: That's it, man?  You gotta talk a little bit more.  I need to like.. I don't know.  I was so stunned.  I went and told people, "I wanna put Caleb up," and people were like, that's not good.
Donny: It's not good for their game.   It's the same reason people don't wanna put Victoria up.  They've gottem in their back pocket.  Caleb is a male Victoria.
Cody: He really is.  And it's just bs because now everyone wants Brittany out so drastically, and I'm dyin' to dsend her out of the house.
Donny: You can.  You don't even have to think about numbers right now.  There are plenty of loyal, good people in this house.  That was a simple speech.  Our families are watching.  It would be nice to have a phone call, to let em talk to us about the decisions we have to make.
Cody: Yeah.

Donny: Some people are using Caleb for their numbers.
Cody: If you and I can have a frank conversation.. that I can be sure wont go anywhere..
Donny: Well, you sleep with some of em.
Cody: People are tryin' to throw me under the bus, period.
Donny: you're not lookin' like the bad guy yet.
Cody: I mentioned Caleb yesterday, and nobody wanted him to go up..
Donny: But Britany's not goin' after you..
Cody:  But my thing is.. Putting Caleb on the block and then him not going home...?

Donny: You're 5 or 4 at the luckiest.. They're tight and they're smart. I can't promise you 5 4 3 2 or 1, butI can promise we'll do it the honest way.  We'll do it to make our families proud.  If you're in final 2, you get my vote.  It's a hard decision. 

Cody: The only 2 people who would go up against Brittany and not get a single vote are you and Hayden.  But I'm working with both of you.
Donny: You have a good reason if you nominate him.. You have a good reason if you nominate me.  There's a group of people who brought you in for numbers, but you're not really in.. You're just a tool they're using.  Cody: I trust Nicole.  It didn't take her a millisecond to grab the Veto.   

Donny: you don't have to give in.  You can play your own game and let the chips fall where they may.  I wouldn't be scared.  If I went home playing my own game, I would be proud.
Cody: Caleb scares me about as much as a puppy dog.  I respect him for everything he is, but it's his mindset..
Donny: Here's what he said after he won the $5000.. I don't need the Veto.  I'm safe.
Cody: I'm gonna be straight up.. I don't know if you're working with Brittany and Jocasta.. If I put Caleb up..
Donny: If you say you want Brittany out, I will vote Brittany out.  If you was on the block., and you was sick and couldn't fight for yourself, I would fight for you too.
Cody: I don't think you talk to other people the way you and I talk.. I trust you a lot.  I feel like, if I go next week, and I didn't put him on the block, and I put someone like you or Hayden up, I would be so disappointed in myself.  My only other choices besides Caleb are people I love and trust.
Donny: mm hmm.  We're portrayed a certain way on tv.  And it's based on truth..

Cody: I think if I didn't put Caleb up, my brother would be callin' me the biggest pussy.

Donny: Your true friends that're tellin' you these things.. They wont hold it against you.  I wont hold it against you if you put me up.  I forgave Devin.  I didn't forget, but I forgave.  That's all I have to say.  It's a big decision, and it's gonna show which side..
Cody: For me, in a game way, I'm puttin' him up, you don't have to vote him out.. but I have to put him up.
Donny: You have a big decision to make.
Cody: I think I kinda just made it.
Donny: Don't think about what I said.  Think about what your brother would say.. Don't be sad, just do what you need to do.  I'm gonna go, and I'm gonna let somebody else give their speech.

Cody: It doesn't really matter what anyone else says at this point.  I'm not putting you on the block.

Camera 2
Derrick and Cody

Cody: If my brother was in this house right now, he'd be like, you're a f'in pussy for not putting that kid up on the block after he dicked you in the pov.
Derrick; Caleb?
Cody:  I don't expect him to go home.. For all of my alliance's game, it's bad.  For me, I'm not gonna put up Donny who's done nothing but help everybody, but I'm not gonna put up Donny over Caleb, when Caleb's the sole reason I'm in this situation.  I'm telling you guys.  I'm putting Caleb on the block.  Vote out Brittany.
Derrick: I think Caleb will go home.. I'm gonna support you, but I think Caleb will go home.
Cody: Why?
Derrick: Because Brittany will try to play us.  She tried to play me last night.
Cody: But the thing is..
Derrick: I think there's a group of people working together..  I think Hayden will vote out Caleb.
Cody: He said he'll vote Brittany out. 
Derrick: But that's how you know I'm down with you, bro.  You tell me Caleb's goin' on the block.. 


Derrick: I'm rollin' with you..
Cody: It's my gut, dude.
Derrick: Then go with it.

Cody: I trust Donny, and I don't trust Caleb, so why would I leave him off the block?
Derrick: I respect you.. I might be talkin' to you in a week sayin' dude, nice call, or we might both be on the block.. fightin' for pov. That's your gut, and I respect it..
Cody: We have the numbers.
Derrick: I think Zach will flip, and I think Hayden will flip.



Blogger lee said...

I would love Cody to pull this off, but history shows, HGs always do the "safe" moves. We always get our hopes up and then when it comes down to it.......;(

July 21, 2014 at 12:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have seriously mixed feelings about this move! On one hand, I completely understand WHY Cody feels like he needs to go after Caleb (Amber situation, PoV selfishness) and I APPLAUD the boy for playing his OWN game & not Derrick/Zach/Frankie's. BUT....part of me is screaming, "COHHH-DEEEEE, NO!!!!" because leaving Britt in the house is going to BURN them. Cody seems like he is a wonderful person, but he's playing with his heart & Donny knows it. And he used it. And it worked!! Derrick's right to tell Cody that it's likely to backfire b/c there IS a group that will do everything they can to keep Britt & break up the power in the house! Problem for Cody is he seems to be forgetting that he's PART of that power and is likely to end up paying for it in the end. He'll be seen as a "flip-flopper" by his alliance & that gets you out the door sooner rather than later. Additionally, Britt & her constant yapping about who "needs the $" and who "deserves" to be there aggravates me SO MUCH!! It's a fricking GAME, lady! You do WHATEVER IT TAKES to win $500k even if it's not how you truly are in "real life"!!! Yeesh.

July 21, 2014 at 12:27 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

My Jenn and I are big BB fans. Since the wife likes Dericks chin curtain he would be the first to go for me. I see Amber trying to score sex/flirt points with all the guys. I just don't want to see Brit go, she should have played a better social game, like cozying up to Cody who was head over heals for her. But she's a bitter divorcee and she will going home unless Donny screws up

July 22, 2014 at 1:24 PM  

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