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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Saturday Morning before the PoV Players are Picked

It's wakey wakey time for the HGs and they're off to a running start while they await the PoV Player Picking!   This post will cover the interesting conversations and funny bits up until picking time, then I'll open a new post.. By the way, if this is your first time on BBDish today, you may want to start with The Overnight Report.

Let's join them on the live feeds.

Amber gets morning snuggles as the HGs wait for BB to announce the Picking of the PoV players..

Never greedy, Cody spreads the love around.. Morning nuzzles for everyone..
While Frankie entertains the assembled with his imitation of Sophia Grace.

Cam 3
HoH Room
Cody and Derrick

Derrick: Real quick, Brittany just pulled me aside into the back room... (Click Here to Continue)

Cody: yup

Derrick: So you know exactly what was said when she coms to you.  She says, "listen, I thought me and you were good with Cody, bla bla bla."  I said, "Listen, your name was thrown around, I didn't even know if I was gonna go up for Frankie, but nobody knew for sure that you were gonna be on the block."   Lemme start.. I'm skippin' ahead.  She said to me, "Well, I thought I was good this week, but Zach came to me yesterday and told me that basically, I'm goin' home and everyone's voting against me."
Cody: F*ckin' Kid!
Derrick: He musta said it to her.  So I go, "Listen, here's the deal.  By law, as HoHs, we can't tell anybody who we're puttin' on the block.  So I can tell you right now.. I did not know you were goin' on the block. Cody had hinted around at some names, but he can't say for sure who's going up.  The only one I knew for sure was Victoria, because he had told me to be prepared for it.. to be ready for it."

Frankie enters.  Conversation continues as normal.

Derrick: She thinks there's an ulterior motive for you putting her up.  I said it was just that you didn't know where her head was. She said it's because she doesn't come up here and kiss your ass like the other girls..
Cody: I'm literally gonna say to her, What girls come kiss my ass? I want you to call them out right now.
Derrick: What I took from this conversation were 2 things:  Zach doesn't know how to be quiet, and this entire week, assuming she doesn't win PoV, I'm gonna make it seem like she's safe.
Frankie: Right.

Derrick: There is no doubt that she is not safe and she is goin' home this week, because clearly, Amber wants to keep her here, without makin' it seem like she wants to keep her here.
Frankie: Yep
Derrick: ..so if either one of them win HoH, they could put all the guys up.

Cody: I don't know.  I feel like Amber is so crazy paranoid that she'd be like.. yeah, Amber wants to play in the PoV because she wants to keep Brittany.
**so now, if Amber gets picked to play, they'll have 2 obstacles in the PoV comp. hehe!
Derrick: Correct.
Cody: And there's no chance in hell we're keeping Brittany.
Derrick: Correct.  No chance in hell. If one of those 3 win it - Jacosta, Amber and Brittany - unfortunately we can't vote out all 3 of em this week, but we can get out one, and limit their ability to win HoH.  But if any of those 3 win HoH, they're puttin' 4 guys up, if they're both up there.

Cody: Yeah.. no, no.. Here's the thing.. Brittany's dealing with a completely different person coming up here to talk to me than with Devin.  One, you can't cry, 2 you can't bat your eyelashes, 3 you can't use your kids for a sympathy vote, cuz that's not gonna happen.
Derrick: Right.

This is ongoing.. You get the drift.

HoH Room
Zach and Cody
Cam 3

Cody: Amber's a flipflopper, Caleb's a little bitch, and Brittany thinks we're as dumb as Devin.  That's what I pretty much learned from last night.

Zach: heh
Cody: It's like Caleb, you're pouting like a little girl.. Sorry the chick you're obsessed with in a creepy way isn't into you. And you decided like a week and a half in to tell the girl how you feel about her.
Zach: Not even. It was like the 3rd day.
Cody: Genius move. Genius move. How bout you just play like you're her friend, so she's f'in all over you, and then you know you'll be able to get into her head?  Like, or.. Yeah, play with your heart, and then tell her not to play with hers.  Yeah, so he was up all night talking to Brittany.. and Amber will probably get in his ear to keep Brittany, which would just solidify that he's flipping on all of us, but it would be you, Derrick, Christine, Nicole, and Frankie.
Zach: (mouth full of toothpaste) ...Hayden.
Cody: So that would be 6.. Alls we need is 5, cuz then I'll send Brittany home.
Zach: Basically just the 4 other Detonators and Hayden is all you need.
Cody: Exactly.
Zach: Which is a guarantee.
Cody: It's crazy.. I'm trying to win this PoV..
Zach: Hopefully Brittany pulls me.
Cody: This is exciting.
Zach: Once Brittany goes home..
Cody: Then next week it's gotta be Amber.. Her or Caleb.  Actually, no.. I think she needs to go home.. But Caleb too.. My only thing about it is I know I'm a target for Caleb.  I don't want to give him the time to figure out who to put me next to to f*ck me.

This is ongoing.. If you'd like to watch it on flashback.  I'm skipping ahead a a bit.

Cam 3
Cody and Zach, cont'd

Cody: Christine is not working with us.
Zach: What do you mean.
Cody: No one can know she's working with us, cuz if she gets caught, we're f*cked.
Zach: oh yeah.
Cody: Cuz she is finding out Everything.
Zach: Everything..
Cody: I mean, she's pretty much like..
Zach: Our Ian.
**high praise!


Nicole: Is it too early for the Bunny/Unitard one?
Chrstine: Yeah, I think so.. Oh, Candice! Maybe it is the right time for that.
Donny: Well, Candice was 1st to jury.. She wore that clown suit. 
Christine: Yeah, maybe next week it'll be that one..  Oh my goodness.. We've been here a month, people.

 Camera 1
Caleb and Frankie

Frankie's turn to lend an ear to the ongoing saga inside Caleb's head. We briefly join this conversation in progress.

Caleb: ...I don't want a showmance with you, but outside of this house, I'd really like to hang out with you, but you're making it hard for me, and not only that, you're following Cody around like he's got your pacifier in his back pocked.

**lather rinse repeat.

Cam 3
Kitchen Table
Victoria and  Hayden

Victoria: Let's just do this thing.

***Her wish is their command.  Time to pick the PoV Players!!  See you in a new top post just as soon as the feeds come back!



Blogger Unknown said...

Derrick is playing a masterful game and it irks me. It would be great if a miracle occurred and Britt got off the block and we had a couple of weeks of the underdogs winning. Even then I'm not sure they would recognize how Derrick is running this game.

Hoping for something interesting after the POV.

You didn't get much rest!!!

July 19, 2014 at 10:40 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Hi Carolyn, happy Saturday. I feel like they copped out on the America's task. They even talked themselves into the fact Britney is a physical threat. Just my opinion.

Have a fun weekend.

July 19, 2014 at 10:45 AM  
Blogger Stephanie from the West Coast said...

I am not really sure who I am rooting for ... I might be the only one who is not rooting for Donnie ... and that is okay ... I am favoring Derrick and Nicole at the moment ...

Good Morning Carolyn!!

Good Morning Dishers!!

July 19, 2014 at 10:46 AM  
Blogger Shi Shi said...

Good morning everyone. Just wanted to say hello before I read the TOR. I'll be back as Arnold S says.

July 19, 2014 at 10:49 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

Good afternoon Carolyn

I tried to post earlier from my phone but apparently I didn't push the right buttons. Since it was already late in the day I figured I would just wait for the afternoon post.

All is not well in the land of BB Oz. They may all have heart, but none have shown courage as week after week they just follow the flock and take the easy way out. Derrick seems to be in control of the brain and is definitely the king behind the curtain. His merry band of followers have not yet figured out that at the end of the day, there is only one throne and can only be room for one king.

Alas, the townsfolk, Donny, Jocasta, Brittany and Victoria have not been able to break down the wall and will more than likely be picked up by flying monkeys and carried away.

The only hope at this point, and I can't believe I'm saying this, is Amber. Please let her ruby slippers be powerful and please let others, specifically Hayden and Nicole, snap out of the spell that the mighty wizard has cast over them.

July 19, 2014 at 11:09 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

I finally caught up on all of yesterday's comments.

@gracebay - Glad you enjoyed the top 10. I really had my fingers crossed for a Hayden/Donny win.

@Carol Sarkozy-I think Frankie is going by Grandemarshioni. I don't know if it is made up or if it could be his original family name.

@Debi Johnson-Thank you. I try to talk to my daughter about absolutely everything. We have an incredibly open relationship. She was able to come out to me when she was 14. I can say with 99% certainty that there is nothing her friends know about her that I don't know. I am hoping that my younger daughter will feel as comfortable talking to me about things. If, for some reason, she can't then I hope she will go to her older sister.

July 19, 2014 at 11:18 AM  

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