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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Come on baby... let's do the shake!

Here's hoping anyway! But before we get to that, let's take a moment to mourn with the King of the BB16 castle...

OK. I'm done - you? Hee! I'm not gonna bother transcribing any of his bs, because really, we've already heard it all.

Since we came back to the feeds, Nicole's been pulled aside by just about everyone, all trying to see where her head is at and what she's thinking. Nicole and Donny met briefly, and danced around what they were thinking, and ultimately decided to wait till they can talk together with Hayden in the HOH. They want to work this together with a perfect plan, but make it out to the house that they have no idea what the other is doing and are not working together.

In the storage room, Zack told her to put him up, that he was fine with it, and even deserved it. She mentioned girls have left too often and a boy needs to go. He again volunteered to go up.

Cody and Nicole met in the bathroom, and she said she's ready to make big moves and is cut throat.. Please please please let her be telling the truth - she's adorable, and I love her, and I want to see the house blow UP!

We won't know for sure what they're thinking until after the HOH reveal - so we'll hang out, until we get to see the room. I'll be listening in - stay tuned! It'll all happen right here in this post! :)

Approx 8:15, rock room - Nicole tells Derrik that Frankie is her target.

 8:38 - Teem America meeting! Quick and to the point:
Donny: He's not in jepardy, and neither are you.

Donny: I've always been kinda been out of the loop - who would you think the target should be?
Derrik: i hope we have a bond here. Safe bets - Victoria. I like Jocasta, I don't want her to go home. She dropped first, and it could become a question.
Donny: I have three people that have put me on the block.
Derrik: yes, Caleb and Donny.
Donny: I dont want to get knocked down.
Derrik if you win it, we HAVE to win next week. If you put up weak players, you'd stay..
Donny: but if she put up the target...
Frankie; Whoever puts up Victoria will be in the better situation.
Donny: like I told Derrik, I'm not in an alliance with Jocasta. But I'd look poorly nominating her - I'd vote her out though. That's what we're here for.
Derrik: Maybe if you say if you put up Jocasta, I'll put up Victoria. If you put them both up and smoke me out o the water..
Donny: would would you like the others to be...
Frankie: Christine..
Donny: That would be...(nods..)

Frankie: i'm gonna go - congrats again
Derrik: We gotta get our mission, and 5000!

Derrik: If Caleb or Zack win the BOB... maybe someone like.. no, we don't want to get into that. And Frankie and I will vote how you want.
Donny: Yeah, if the three of us watch our backs..
Derrik: Yeah, with 9, we'll be 33%

And Cody's turn..
8:50 BH room

Donny: I was thinking names last night, but I was thinking double eviction and single HOH.
Cody: Who are you thinking?
Donny: I'm hoping if she picks first she doesn't pick both Victoria and Jocasta, because she'd automatically dethrown me. I was thinking if she goes guy girl, and I go guy girl.. Problem with wanting Zack out, or Caleb out and one of them wins the BOB we're in a potentially bad situation.
Cody: I was going into this week, because we're down too.. now I need to get the people out I dont want to be competing against. And if a back door fails... everything gets blown up.
Donny: So targets need to go up to start with.
Cody: I mean, if I was up there.. I'd hope I wouldn't be back doored.
Donny: It was nice if I could use him, I was the first face that showed on that board. I don't think he can hold it against me.
Cody; He's big on competitors. He always mentions the weaker players..
** of course, to Caleb, EVERYONE is weaker. Ha.

9:16 - Christine's turn!
Donny: you are her friend, and she and I will have to work together and I think we can work together good. I think there's 4 people that can go up there, but it has to be in the right combination. There's people I wouldn't want to, and her... and It would look bad. But I'd vote them out because it's what we're here for. There's 4 that should and could go. I'd just hope that if she picks first she doesn't pick the two I couldn't put up...
Christine: A girl and Cody.. I mean..
Donny: why not caleb?
Christine: Well, if he goes up - wins BOB, he's safe for the week!
Donny: Would he be your main..
Christine: Yeah..
Donny: With so few people it's possible he'd play POV anyway.. and if he's put up with the right person, he's weaker... specially if it's hot out - which is bad for me to say. I wouldn't mind putting Caleb up, because he put me up... like Caleb and Victoria
Christine: they HATE each other..
Donny: do you think she could do the other?
Christine: oh yeah. I think she could...
Donny: realistically if she picks first and puts up Victoria and Zack, I'm in a bad situation..
Christine: Just talk to her, I don't think she would do that...

Donny: What was your strategy when you picked me and Jocasta last week..
Christine: Oh! I apologize! I was told to do it and I do it, it was stupid!
Donny: that was honest. And you didn't name names.. that's good.

Donny: We're on the same page.
Christine: And next week, I won't put you up
Donny: And I only ask for one week.

[For Carolyn:

 Hehehe. :)]

9:37 Caleb's turn
Caleb: Congrats again. Taught you everything you know. Just kidding
Donny: you did about that game!
Caleb; The last one stumped me - I thought sure we'd been out there like 30 minutes...
Donny: I was nominated after Veto was played. I was helpless. I couldn't save myself. So the good thing about the BOB is once you win, nobody can back door you.
Caleb: Thing is - winning that, it's a chance. If I lose, I'm 100% on the block, never a good feeling. I've been there
Donny: i've been there three times.
Caleb: Out of all of those, you were never the target we wanted to go home.
Donny: With Paula? It would take a lot of convincing to make me think Paula was the target.
Caleb: Devin was one person. But At the end of the day (drink) If you put me up, I'll play my heart out
Donny: And you can't hold it against me, really, because you.
Caleb; honestly, I'm going after everyone in this house. There's a few people that rub me the wrong way, that I feel are floating and not doing nothing and for me I don't think they should be here, there are people that deserve to be here, and are gamers. Last thing I want is another Andy up there, a Victoria up there holding the check.

Caleb: Honestly, if it helps, if you don't nominate me, I won't nominate you. And if someone else does and I win the POV, I'll use it on you. That's all I have. At the end of the day (drink) you'll do what you have to for you game.
Donny: and who I nominate might not be my target.
Caleb: True..
Donny: Its four out of nine. I don't know..
Caleb: It'll take time to think, yeah. For the most part, someone gets nominated.. I'm sure Nicole's putting Zack up. That's how the games played.

9:58 - Jocasta's turn.

Jocasta: Donny I'm so proud of you!
Donny: Thank you - it's rough. I almost basically had to tell him to his face if she doesn't nominate him I will... so what's your speil?
Jocasta; haha - him, definitely.

10:19 - and Victoria's turn.
Meanwhile - I think Nicole is still napping. And Donny hasn't even gone to the DR yet. Settle in folks - its gonna be a while.

Or not! 10:34, here we go!

Oh my goodness! Where' Donny? There's Christine!
Cody: OMG DOnny you are a stud!
Christine: She's so CUTE! Donny!


Lots of wows - and squeels and Everyone talking at once! And Donny wihtout a beard, and

Frankie: She's beautiful!
Donny: Thank you! That's my brother...
 Christine: MAiriah - you're beautiful!

Caleb: Mariah! Beast mode cowboy..

"Is this Ryan,
is this min golfin?
Oh my gosh, that is so nuts!

Donny: (holds up pictures)I'm gonna take a shower.. haha!

And into the other room
Nicole: is that pickled eggs? YES! I gt hooked up!
Frankie: sourpatch kids, recesses Overalls - you got hooked up! Donny a new outfit!

New hat, shades
Donny: that will hide the tears

Pop tarts.. Journey greatest hits for Donny

Donny's letter - from Christine.

Donny: can I read it to myself first? I might.. lets see.. Holy moly... She calls me DJ.. hey DJ, squirrel, Zippy, poopy, my love, if you're reading this you won HOH you earned it and deserve it. Everyone is doing well and says hey. Your house yard and chicken truck are all in good shape. -I think about it every day I left that house empty-. Bear and Josie -those are her dogs - miss you and can't wait for belly rubs woof woof, I still go to the gym, and to the pool on weekends but neither one is fun without you, I get bored and lonely, frowny face. Watching the fireworks with the dogs. Been going to (somewhere) on weekends to look at house and get good home cooked meals, narrowing down the houses for when you get back. I miss your kisses, your touch, holding your hand and your massages with your wonderful hands. I miss snuggling with you and the way you smell.
Since you've been gone I realize there's a void in my life without you here. You mean the world to me and I don't ever want to be without you again. - no more big brothers for me! - you're doing a great job there, keep it up, we're all very proud, sending heart hugs, prayers and lots of love your way God be with you I love you so much, thank you for loving me. That's a bon jovi song, love always your biggest fan, Christine. That's a good letter!

Frankie: that's the best letter! Donnie I want a massage!

Nicole; It's from Mariah - she's my soulmate. Nicole I want to say I'm proud of you. What's been going on in my life, I'm living the dream as a waitress. You know how much I love that - not. I got a boyfriend,  - WHAT? oh wait - totally kidding I thought I'd throw in something exciting. I'm proud of you. Keep having fun kicking butt and making friends, just don't make any you like more than me, xoxo love young turtle.

Donny got sea shells that they picked at the beach.
Donny: she should have sprayed some perfume..

Nicole: Are they sending me a hint I need to paint my nails?
Luke Ryan for Nicole..
Nicole: He's the hottest country out there. Is orange your favorite color?
Donny: I like yella. And orange - bright colors.

And in the fridge: Altadina milk, fries, macoronis...

Donny: holy moly is she not the best writer ever? Best day of my life.

Nicole: It's like.. haven't you ever had pickled baloney? No? Where are you guys FROM?!

They're still all amazed by that the eggs...

Christine: i'm gonna have to take that picture of Mariah to the jack shack, I'll tell you what! When did you meet?

Nicole: College. First day.

Nicole; Thank you big brother for the awesome basket!!

Lots of happy chatter - and sharing of Donny's pop tarts...

Frankie: YOU GOT FRUIT LOOPS! Oh, they're apple jacks..
Nicole: dingus!

And I'll leave them to their happy chatter, and munching. Carolyn will be here for The overnight report later on - stay tuned! :)



Blogger angel1 said...

Hoping they put up/back door Frankie and Christine. Love Frankie, but not a fan of his game. And Christine annoys me. :/ Disappointed Amber gone and wishing good things for her. Would be super cool if she came back.

July 31, 2014 at 8:15 PM  
Blogger BigPink said...

I would love to see the look on Beast Mode Cowboy's face if he was backdoored this week. Justice for Amber who never had a fighting chance.

July 31, 2014 at 9:05 PM  
Blogger bbwatcher said...

Love to see Frankie and zach, and Cody and Christine

July 31, 2014 at 9:11 PM  
Blogger Gramps said...

Thanks, Lessa!!
It's a pleasure hangin w/ you waiting for the reveal. Today has been forty miles of bad road so I'm glad you're here.

July 31, 2014 at 10:38 PM  
Blogger Michigan Man said...

Nicole's CD is Luke Bryan, country singer.

July 31, 2014 at 10:58 PM  
Blogger Lessa said...

Thanks MM - Everyone was so loud with Donny's stuff, I barely heard Nicole. *L*

Anytime Gramps - glad I could help brighten your day :)

July 31, 2014 at 11:07 PM  
Blogger NaturalGrace28 said...

Lol. Luke Bryan not Ryan. I was like...whooooo? :)

So happy the detonators are on the outside looking in this week.

July 31, 2014 at 11:55 PM  
Blogger Kdecruz said...

Thanks so much Lessa. I was having issues tonight, my feeds were skipping all over the place, jumping 10 minutes ahead then 30 back, ahead, back etc. so frustrated.

August 1, 2014 at 12:08 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Angel1, I agree 100% with what you said. Though I do wish they'd get crybaby out too.

August 1, 2014 at 5:53 AM  

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