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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Overnight Report™

Midnight BBT:
It's still craft time - everyone's creating things with the PlayDoh, except Natalie, who is trying to throw things around, and annoying the other HGs.

Natalie: Have you ever gone car bashing?
Lydia: That's really f--ked up...
Chima: I'd kill someone if they did that to my car.
Natalie: I've never been car bashing... I just know someone that has.
Chima: I was just sitting in the car...
Natalie: I've egged houses and TP'd 'n stuff... but everyone's done that.

Natalie: I want to bash this against the window right now. That'd make me feel better.
Chima: You're so violent.
Jessie: Make me eggs?

Lydia's making the HGs in playdoh. She shows Chima hers...

Chima: My lips are bigger than my tits! I look like a blow up doll! I look like a sex toy! Thanks, Lydia!

Lydia makes a couple of adjustments... Chima approves. Michele makes a snake.

Chima: Make a mongoose!

12:30am BBT
Kitchen/Dining Area

Jordan wakes up from her evening nap that lasted way too long and joins the kitchen crew...

Lydia: Jordan! You gotta see this!
Jessie: You're screwed.
Jordan: Why? What time is it?
Jessie: 12:30
Jordan: ... oh, sh*t.
Lydia: Look! Kevin and Chima and..

Lydia shows Jordan all of her creations...

Jordan: You must be bored! They're so good!

BB: Chima, please come to the Diary Room.

Off she goes.

Russell comes out to go to the bathroom. Passing through the common area, he growls...
Russell: I can't stand her f--king laugh!

Done in the bathroom, Russell comes to the kitchen area:
Russell: Dude, can you make a fu--in' muzzle for her?
Jeff: For who?
Russell: The f--kin' hyena.

Russell goes back to the Haves Room to grab his sweatpants, then on to the Pool room to change and get back into bed.

Meanwhile, back in the kitchen, we have chatter...

12:42am BBT
BB: Jeff, please come to the Diary Room.

12:43am BBT
Backyard - Pool Table
Jessie & Lydia
All Cams

Jessie: So... Dingdong (Russell) was out here telling me I have to vote for him. Wanna know why? Because it'll be 2 guys vs. 6 girls. That's what he's telling Jeff...
Lydia: Jordan wants Russell gone.
Jessie: I'm not voting for him. Motherf--ker told me TOLD me I need to vote for him. I told him, "I didn't get to play in the PoV, dickbag. You had something to do with that. F**k you. " If Jeff's the fu**ing wizard... man... I can't even talk to the guy, I'm so pissed off about it. I just feel that's the way I'm going home. If Jeff says, Jessie & Natalie, go up.


Lydia: Brrrrr.
Jessie: I told you it was cold out here... (but back to me) I couldn't even believe it... I seriously almost started yelling at him. He was all, "I told you guys, vote me out and neither one of you will win..."

***Sounds familiar... Didn't Ronnie use that same tactic last week?

Lydia: He wants you to think it'd be 5 of us girls...
Jessie: I want him gone! That's not the issue. He's filling up Jeff's head with that sh*t. I'm paranoid... I'm scared to go home because of Jeff. That's all.
Lydia: Jeff would go after Natalie before you. Natalie annoys him.
Jessie: If he puts us both up, I'm the one going home, not her. If it tied?
Lydia: On Thurssday... but I mean in the future.
Jessie: Thursday, yeah. You, Kevin and Russell - then Chima gets to break a tie and Chima keeps homegirl.
Lydia: I'd vote out Natalie.
Jessie: Michele's whole plan last week was to get me out... Me and Russell up against each other.

BB: Jessie, please come to the DR (so we can grab your thoughts at your most paranoid moment).

Meanwhile, back in the kitchen area...

Jordan: I thought I could hear people in the diary room...
Chima: and you're so nice, you could have just laid there and listened..

Jeff shows off his playdoh hat..

Chima: I didn't know Jeff was so artistic!
Jeff: I love this hat!
Jordan: Good job, Gooch. It loves you.
Jeff: If I put anything on eBay, it'll be this hat! I don't know if I wanna part with it or anything..
Chima: You could sell it for 100 bucks.
Jeff: (laughing) F**k yeah. It's worth 100 bucks!

Jordan: It's funny, I told him if he got eliminated, I wanted his hat, his sweats and... what else?
Jeff: All my clothes!
Jordan: He was like, what am I gonna WEAR?

1am BBT
Chima, Jordan, Lydia, Jeff

Chima: Who put "wash me" on the stove?!
Lydia: Me! I drew flowers everywhere too.

Jeff's completelyenamored with his creations. He keeps showing them off to Jordan.

Jeff: All I need is my little guy now! I love my little stuff.
Jordan: You're so proud!

1:05am BBT
Jessie rejoins the group...
Jessie: You can see the stitching, Jeff! That's amazing!
Jeff: It's a once in a lifetime deal... the craftsmanship! It's amazing. I did that without even looking at it - that's from memory! I'm gonna go get the real one right now and compare! Oh.. no. It's too far.

Jessie and Lydia go back outside to play pool and talk...
Cams 1&2 follow.
Jessie: Are you saying I have a minute unit? That's some bullsh*t there!
Lydia: I'm talking this action!
Jessie: You've yet to experience that!

Meanwhile on Feeds 3 & 4
Jeff & Jordan sweetness...
Jeff: I need you. I just need to lay down comfortably with you before I go into the doom room.

Jeff & Jordan go snuggle in the Pool Room...

1:15am BBT
Jessie, Chima & Lydia

Jessie: So you know what he said? I had to vote for him to say. Because there would be to many girls.
Chima: I saw that coming.
Jessie: He goes, 'at least Jeff would try for him,' that's why he picked him for the veto.
Chima: And do we think Jeff tried for him?
Jessie: No. I was like, last time I checked, you fu**ed me.

Talk moves on the the magical wizard power...

Lydia: If Jordan knew, she'd try to talk him out of it.
Chima: She totally would. She's team get Russell out of the house. What else did he say?
Jessie; He told me to put my personal stuff aside, my pride aside, and "think what's best for you later in the game..."
Lydia: It's not keeping him.
Chima: Keeping Russell in here is not best for anyone.
Lydia: I like the three Bs.
Chima: Bully, Backstab, Befriend...

***Meanwhile, over in Snuggleville, Jeff and Jordan are talking about Jordan's dream...

Jessie: Granted everyone's time is gonna come, but he's trying to make enemies...
Chima: That's the problem...
Jessie: You don't have to sell me on it
Chima: Maybe Jeff doesn't know...
Lydia: He'll pull the card that they're both Catholic...

After this, the conversation goes into Lather, Rinse, Repeat mode...

1:25am BBT
Pool Room
Jeff & Jordan
Cams 3&4

Jordan wants to collect bugs to feed the spider...

Jordan: He'd be so happy!
Jeff: I saved a bee today.

Jordan: I remember the first time I heard you fart.
Jeff: How romantic...

1:28am BBT
Jessie, Chima, Lydia

Jessie: All I'm saying is the power is in the hands of someone clueless.
Chima: Does he not remember the elliptical?

***referring back to the fight very early on between Jeff and Russell that they're hoping Jeff still carries a grudge for...

Lydia: I don't think he'll use it...
Chima: If he doesn't want to talk about game, why is he here? If he doesn't want to get into the game, don't use the power!
Lydia: You think we'll get to know what it was if it's not used?
Jessie: No.
Chima: It would be nice to know what it was, at least.

1:35am BBT
Lydia & Chima
Lydia: I think the thing is that Jordan's so nice - but that so nice thing will f*ck us in the final two. It'd be all, yay Jordan, you got it. Good job.
Chima: For me? I'm not gonna vote for Jordan, if she's nice. I'm gonna vote for the person who played the game.
Lydia: Yeah, who put their ass on the line...
Chima: I'm totally putting my ass on the line going after Russell...
Lydia: ...and you've survived the block. Kevin, Jessie and Natalie need to go on the block. I told Jessie, don't think you're immune... you may play your my favorite, I'll put you up there.. if you want to play PoV so bad.. I'm sick of his POV sh*t.
Chima: Me too. Don't tell Jessie that.
Lydia: You know Jeff wasn't trying.
Chima: He only tries when his ass is on the line.
Lydia: I think the whole bubbleheadness with Jordan is legit, but Jeff dumbs himself down. People just kinda excuse it. They're the ditzy little duo... But Jeff... and Kevin sometimes... They don't vocalize anything. That sh*t is scary.

Talk returns to the magical power...

Lydia: He got really snippy this week, short.
Chima: That's why we all know he has it.. He was all you don't know what it is, and then Jeff was called in.. maybe they thought he was talking too much...
Lydia: He doesn't like being called out on how many times he's in the DR either... It's suspect.
Chima: I think it's realy bothering him.
Lydia: Russ is gonna play on the fact that you and me want a female....
Chima: We need to stop saying that in front of Jessie.
Lydia: Me, you and Natalie.. Jordan...
Chima: She'll only be good when Jeff's gone.
Lydia: Michele?
Chima: She's team girl.
Lydia: Is she? And Kevin's a girl, even if he's not. And he thinks Jessie should go before Natalie.
Chima: Jessie's totally different than I thought he would be, a sweetheart, totally Loyal... a good ole boy... but he's been neurotic all week - it's mostly because America sent him home last season.
Lydia: I keep telling him that last season is last season...
Chima: He said if he had been just voted out he would've been fine, but since America did it, it's shoulda been Memphis... I just don't think Jeff would go after Jessie like that... his biggest competitor is Russell!
Lydia: Everyone has had tiny spats with him, and he's thrown stones and we have..
Chima: ...and he doesn't like all the drama. He's fine... He's experienced all the good stuff, none of the bad. He wants to have a pity party and no one wants to hear it.

Lydia: I seriously want to stand up (Thursday night) and say "I know why I'm here. Vote him out."
Chima: Do it! I'm gonna have my little talk upstairs and prepare America for the bullsh*t about to come out his mouth. Do I go up after the mystery power? There will be a field day had.
Lydia: It would be nice to see who Julie makes eye contact with.
Chima: I'll be looking at him. Jeff, you gonna use it?

Jessie rejoins.

Jessie: I f*cking hate walking into that DR....

1:54am BBT
Pool Room
Jeff & Jordan

Jordan's sharing personal stories... about her parents and their divorce...

2:05am BBT
Jessie, Chima

Jessie's wigging out about the potential of going home... Chima's promising to wreak havoc on the Live Show if the Power gets used...

After a few more minutes of it, Chima heads up to the HoH to go to bed...

There's more to come!! :) Please check back for the completion of the Overnight at 8:45am BBT

FYI - as of 8:05am BBT, Lydia and Kevin are up and in the Kitchen on feeds 3 and 4... Kevin keeps begging BB to please make the wake up call, so he can go sleep somewhere comfortable.

2-4am BBT
Cams 3 & 4
Pool Room

If you're looking for cuteness, this is where you want to flashback to, before the HGs wake up... Lots of cuddling and back scratching... They cover everything from the very personal to the internet to farts...

8:19am BBT -
BB: Good morning, houseguests, it's time to get up for the day...

***Ack!! Foiled by the early wake up call again!!!! OK.. I guess this concludes The Overnight Report™!

***If nobody gets up and starts talking, I'll continue with the overnight...



Anonymous Jen said...

Ugh. Jessie, Chima, and Russell: TALK ABOUT SOMETHING ELSE! You're getting on everybody's nerves!

August 11, 2009 at 8:11 AM  
Blogger GaYToR said...

EEK! DQTD got a Trojan Horse (not a Trojan condom... I got one of those in the mail last week. I love free samples.)

I'm trying to get rid of it. If anyone receives email from me please don't open it.


August 11, 2009 at 8:15 AM  
Blogger Kegas76 said...

"Jessie: If he puts us both up, I'm the one going home, not her. If it tied?"

This would be a perfect Thursday for me. Coup>Jes/Nat on the block with a 3-3 vote.

If Chima is already talking about a blow up, imagine if she had to get an ally's blood on her hands.

August 11, 2009 at 8:25 AM  
Blogger Marci said...

Good Morning Sweet Carolyn!

And there's BB messin' with your schedule again! Geez! LOL

Good Morning Fellow BB/Dish Addicts!

August 11, 2009 at 8:27 AM  
Blogger Pamela said...

Great overnight report Carolyn, I fell asleep because it was so boring, so thanks for update.

And Jun, thanks for your take on the show, Sorry you were so sick. I have been there and it was awful. As for the one that bashed you, what a dumb thing to say. You are terrific, so don't change. My daughter and I watched you play and than win, we were jumping all over the place.....
GO JUN...........


August 11, 2009 at 8:31 AM  
Blogger Lucky13 said...

Good morning Carolyn and BBDishers!

Well very SLOWLY, but surely, the Chima show is coming to an end. (I vote to evict Chima from HOH!)I am so tired of seeing her lounge in the HOH bed and hearing that "nails on the chalkboard" voice and laugh of hers! And these continuous threats to go off on LIVE TV. I say please do!! Then you can walk out the door INSTEAD of the intended evictee. Go to the jury house and stew in your own stupid juices for making a dumb a$$ move like that!!
On a much sweeter note, I think I'm actually pulling for a Jeff/Russell F2. Jeff for the win of course! Order of eviction?
Chima (after her tantrum!)
Natalie (B4 Lydia just for the entertainment of it!)
Jessie (And watch all that false hope fade slowly away)
Jordan (Sorry!)

Russell $50,000
Jeff $500,000!!!

A tad lengthy today....

Everyone enjoy your day! Countdown to POV Show!

August 11, 2009 at 8:32 AM  
Blogger Shell-in-AL said...

Gaytor...I have been trying for weeks now to figure out what DQTD stands for!!! Could you enlighten a girl???

August 11, 2009 at 8:36 AM  
Blogger GaYToR said...

Jessie: Are you saying I have a minute unit?


PMSL now... Am I going to have to start reading TOR™ the same way I read Jun's blog? Remove all fluids from body cavities?

Did he really say minute unit or small d***? I wouldn't think 'minute' would be in his vocabulary.

That's just the first one that got me spewing cola on the monitor.

Jeff and Jordan at 1:25 AM BBT.... I love that girl more every day. Her attention spans and thought processes are about the same as mine.

Back with more after I finish.


August 11, 2009 at 8:37 AM  
Blogger ninjagirl said...

Good Morning Carolyn, GenieSea, other DishChicks/Chucks & everyone out in BBDish land,

Happy POV show day!!! I'm excited about tonight, but I am really just holding on & waiting for Thursday night to see if Jeff will use the POWER!!!!

Hope everyone has a great day!!!

August 11, 2009 at 8:39 AM  
Blogger GaYToR said...

Kegas76 that is my perfect Thursday Live Show. Jessie and Natalie, tied 3-3, Chima has to break the tie. Bye Jessie, you aren't a girl.

Perfect perfect PERFECT!


August 11, 2009 at 8:40 AM  
Blogger Stephen Ritchie said...

Jun: Where did you get food poisioning in the EV? I eat out there a lot and want to be sure not to go wherever you got sick from!!

August 11, 2009 at 9:05 AM  
Blogger Lucky13 said...


Did I whine or bash too harshly in my post?

August 11, 2009 at 9:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok This is where everyone is lost. If the power is used then Chima and Jeff to not vote. There is no tie to be broken for it leaves 5 votes. If Nat and Jesse are up. Then Lydia,Kevin, Michele, Russel, and Jorden vote. I think that it will be 5 to O Jesse goes know. For they have the whole girl power thing going on (kevin included) and Jorden wants Jesse gone. There is no time, they might get to say something to the HG before the vote but it happen right away.

August 11, 2009 at 5:33 PM  

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