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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Big Brother 12: The 1st Two Andrew v Kristen Fights

Since Andrew and Kristen's arguments today on the live feeds have been the talk of the house all day long, I thought I'd separate them out, and make a post of it for you. What follows are the complete transcripts from both...

Just so you're properly prepared for the upcoming house meeting smack-downs on the live feeds...

Part 1 - Minor Skirmish

9:46am BBT
Andrew, Kristen, Kathy

Andrew: Don't play me like a fiddle. I know you're playing me, and I don't appreciate it.

Kristen: Uh, Andrew, I've been backing you up.
Andrew: OK, Kristen, don't worry about it. So then you're ok.

Andrew leaves.

Kristen: That's not smart.

Kathy gets into the shower. No further words on the subject are exchanged... for a moment.

Kristen: I'm pissed. Instead of talking to me like a normal human being...

Matt enters.

Matt: I got to hear that entire thing. I was out there making slop...
Kristen: All these days and you don't come and talk to me like a normal person? Then you come attack me?
Matt: He's insane. Don't get upset.
Kristen: I've given him plenty of opportunities to come talk to me. There's an open door..
Matt: You handled yourself very well. It's very strange.
Kristen: Well, it's already gonna happen, so... We're gonna have a nice little chat.

Part 2 - The big one...

10:07am BBT
Andrew & Kristen

Andrew: I walked in there, and I said, I don't like you guys playing me like a fiddle.
Kristen: (snappy!) Because I'm not playing you like a fiddle, and that's why I'm getting defensive.
Andrew: But why it is you think it's pertaining to you?
Kristen: Because you said, you guys are...
Andrew: (very calm) Ok, so how come Kathy's not screaming like you are?
Kristen: Because, I'm offended..
Andrew: Because you think I'm screaming at you, because you're playing me like a fiddle?
Kristen: That's what I think that you were saying to me, and I'm offended.

Andrew: Pertaining to what?
Kristen: I have no idea.
Andrew: Thing is, for the past week, we have not spoken at all pertaining to strategy. We had a connection, I thought.
Kristen: So did I..
Andrew: ...and I haven't said anything, because I thought that's part of our strategy to keep it low. You speaking to Kathy..
Kristen: Because..
Andrew: No wait. You speaking to Kathy a lot.. and you don't come to me, just to reaffirm everything's ok..
Kristen: I..
Andrew: I'm a little nervous..
Kristen: I went up there that day. I told you. I said, I'm gonna talk to Kathy. I have to be there for her, because she is my friend. And this week has been very difficult for me.

Andrew's astounded..

Andrew: It's more difficult for you, or more different for me?
Kristen: I'm not saying...
Andrew: I need to get..
Kristen: It's harder for..
Andrew: I need to get reaffirmation. I haven't gotten any reaffirmation from you... or from Hayden. At all. That everything is ok.
Kristen: Why don't you come to us and talk?!
Andrew: Because I'm not gonna go blatantly.. We're supposed to keep our alliance quiet, right?

Kristen: Ya can't keep it too quiet, Andrew, because ya know what? There' needs to be communication. Bottom line! Bottom line!
Andrew: Ok, so, what you're saying is I'm not doing the communication?

They bicker about who needs to be the one initiating communication...

Kristen: What do I have to say to you right now? Just reconfirm..
Andrew: Just reaffirm that everything's ok.. Other than spending the whole time with Kathy, showing every thing about it.. Don't worry about it, Andrew, we've got your back, but..
Kristen: I told you.. When I went upstairs...
Andrew: I know. You said...
Kristen: That flat out what I was gonna do this week.
Andrew: I need the information that you think you're still gonna vote for me.
Kristen: yes.
Andrew: It doesn't show. You're saying I have to come to you and do what?! I have to come to you and tell you everything's going fine? I'm the one on the block who needs reaffirming.. that our thing is all good.
Kristen: Yes.
Andrew: But you haven't done anything to show me otherwise, other than spend all your time with Kathy.

Kristen: You haven't either. You haven't come to me, and I'm trying to be there for a friend.
Andrew: So right there it shows what you're doing.
Kristen: And I have no idea what you're doing throughout the week..
Andrew: What am I doing?? I'm not doing anything! Both of us said, we're not complaining. We said we're not campaigning..
Kristen: ok.
Andrew: What do you mean, ok? We said we're not campaigning, and I'm speaking to people, seeing if I can get votes, and you and Hayden, haven't said anything to me. Yes, I haven't talked strategy, because..
Kristen: But it's.. ok.. Andrew.. I agree with you on that.. 100%. You should've come to me in private and said, "listen, I don't appreciate the fact that you and Hayden aren't talking to me, and that kind of communication... Instead of coming into the bathroom and saying what you said, because I obviously thought that was directed towards me...
Andrew: It's directed to a point where Kathy comes to me and says, "don't worry, you've got it made, you don't have to do anything, " so I'm listening to her saying this... so ok, we don't do any campaigning... and I'm listening to this.. Forget about not campaigning, you don't say a word, You don't even talk to me. So obviously..
Kristen: You don't talk to me either.. Its a 50-50. It's a 2 way street, and there are two sides to every story. I'm not saying I'm right, or you're right...
Andrew: Your decision was to speak the whole time to Kathy and not me.
Kristen: (yelling) I told you upstairs, she's been upset all week! I'm gonna be there for my friend!

***Remind us, Kristen. When did Kathy become so close to you? Oh, right when she went on the block?
Andrew: Ok. And I'm not gonna be upset all week, either?
Kristen: Well, she's been coming to me for..
Andrew: Just listen to what you're doing.. You made a decision by speaking to Kathy, because she's your friend.
Kristen: And.. Yes.. Because she's coming to me for comfort. If you ever need me for anything. Andrew, I've been there fot you from the very beginning, when nobody else was!
Andrew: Oh, I know you say you've been there for me in the beginning. I got it. I got that. But the point is, now you're spending all you time with Kathy, and for me, it looks like you're just avoiding me, and waiting for me to come to you to speak strategy, when all I needed was your votes, because you know I have your side. I was always there for you.

Kristen: Yeah. I know. And I have to be there for a friend. Regardless.
Andrew: But what am I?!
Kristen: You haven't come to me!!
Andrew: I could be leaving the house!
Kristen: She comes to me...
Andrew: You decided to speak to her the whole time! You just said that! "I have to be with Kathy the whole time."
Kristen: I.. I... I said, upstairs..
Andrew: "I have to be with Kathy"

Kristen: I knew she was gonna be stuck to me like glue, 'cause she doesn't have anybody else in this house!!!
Andrew: She has me!!
Kristen: Well, she doesn't...
Andrew: Who do I have?! Who do I have?! Who do I have?!?!?
Kristen: Well, she doesn't feel comforted by you..
Andrew: Who do I have for comfort?
Kristen: Well then come to me! I'm always there for you!
Andrew: With you going to Kathy..

Andrew: You just said you are.
Andrew: ok. But you don't wanna come to me.
Kristen: If you came to me, I would be there for you the same exact way that I am for her.
Andrew: ok.. For some reason, you are losing it and screaming at me, as if I'm trying to attack you.
Kristen: Because you are attacking me in a sense that I'm not..
Andrew: Attacking what?!
Kristen: I'm not doing anything wrong!!
Andrew: I'm not attacking...

Kristen: Andrew, you're gonna dig your own grave. Don't do it.
Andrew: Trust me! You're digging your own grave!
Kristen: No, I'm not.

Andrew gets up and begins to walk. Then turns to Kristen.

Andrew: Be careful. Seriously. I know I'm leaving! I know what you guys are doing.
Kristen: I'm not.. Andrew!!!
Andrew: You're screaming at me for some reason.. I have...
Kristen: Andrew!
Andrew: ..your back!
Kristen: ..very frustrating because ya know what? I'm playing a game, and I'm trying to do what's right.. and ya know what? Being there for a friend, when I want to do (wagging finger at him) is very hard, and you're making it very hard on me.
Andrew: I'm making it hard?! I haven't told you not to talk to her!

Andrew: I want you to talk to her. I like Kathy. (***you shouldn't) I love Kathy.
Kristen: So why are you saying what you just said?
Andrew: Because...
Kristen: I said...
Andrew: ...coming from my standpoint, it looks like you don't care about me.
Kristen: ...there is an open door, and you should know that about me.
Andrew: I understand, but coming from my standpoint, it looks like you don't care about me, because.. I got it, you love Kathy. I do also.. You're spending a lot of time with her. You told me. I got you! You haven't come over to me to console me... say, is everything ok.. Are you ok? No! I gotta come to you according to you!
Kristen: Cuz that's what Kathy did with me too. You think that... When somebody needs somebody, to me, if I'm on the block, and I need somebody, I'm gonna go to them. I'm gonna go to them. And if I felt that you weren't there for me, while I was up on the block, I'd say, Andrew, I need you... right now.

Andrew: But I would come to you! If you're on the block, I'm there! I was there for, um, Monet, just to talk to, Annie, if she wanted it.. You feel that I have to come to you to get the consolement. I'm by myself! Nobody in this house talks to me!

Rachel enters the room... Andrew stops speaking, and exits the room immediately.

This really must be seen! Grab it on Flashback on the Feeds - Feeds 3 & 4, starting around 10:05am

Kristen: I'm pissssed off. To make a long story short, he came into the bathroom saying I'm playing him like a fiddle.. I'm one of the only people who would pull strong for both of those people. He can dig his own grave. Fine.

Rachel: I think he's just stressed because he's on the block.
Kristen: And then you come in and he storms out...
Rachel: Everyone could hear your guys entire argument, and I didn't think it was appropriate for the entire house to hear, so I walked in, instead of listening.

10:19am BBT
Andrew's the talk of the house... On every feed. Meanwhile, he sits alone in the Have Not room, completely alienated.

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Blogger carmar76 said...

Dang, that whole transcript just made me like Andrew. And it sounds like he's not gonna make it. :(

July 28, 2010 at 2:16 PM  
Blogger Vicki said...

That explains a lot to me. It wasnt Andrew attacking Kristin, but the other way around. Whats sad is that Andrew is right, and Kristin knows it. Kristin turned her back on Andrew, for Kathy who isnt her friend. What is even sadder is that Kristen knows that she is the one that is wrong, and that is why she was so defensive. Trying to make herself look better, when she cant.

July 28, 2010 at 2:45 PM  
Blogger jluvsturtles said...

I'm a broken record today, but I'm still on Team Andrew :)

July 28, 2010 at 3:40 PM  

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