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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Big Brother 12: The Overnight Report

Good Morning, BB Lovers! Happy Tuesday!

As the HGs went to bed last night, Andrew's fate appeared to be sealed. Even his 2 closest confidants, Kristen & Hayden, whose late night makeouts he's shielded, are now squarely on the oust Andrew bus.

I find it interesting that the people in the house with the most traditional education - Andrew, Ragan, Brendon and Rachel - are, to put it mildly, the least skilled at subterfuge. Andrew's still got all day today, tomorrow and most of Thursday to set himself straight with the house, or at least with 3 more people, assuming Matt will now not dare use his tie-breaking vote to save Andrew.

Will Andrew be able to turn the tide, and how will he go about it? Or... will his now transparent connection to Brendon and Rachel knock him out of the game? We'll find out, today and tomorrow, on the live feeds.

OK.. time to get cracking on the Overnight! Please refresh this post around 6:30am BBT/9:30am Eastern. :0)

12:40am BBT
As we join our houseguests, Matt, Britney and Rachel are upstairs on Feeds 1 & 2 talking about the saboteur, and if there's a possibility that the life long relationship is true and still in the house...

Downstairs on Feeds 3 & 4, Enzo, Ragan and Kristen are chilling on the Cabana Room. Ragan and Kristen are having their nightly tickle sooth session...

Matt, Britney & Rachel

They're discussing who they thought the saboteur was, on first impressions. Britney's full of zingers...

Britney: If it would've been Kathy, every sabotage would've just involved cigarette burns.
Matt: And fish food.
Britney: I was 100% certain it was Andrew. If they'd have said, you're leaving this house right this minute if you guess wrong, I'd have been: it's Andrew.

Talk turns to how very suspicious his actions appeared to all of them... They're having a good laugh.

Britney: The night though, that we found the sound maker devices, it was me, Lane, Enzo and Monet.
Matt: Did we know Annie was the Saboteur at that point?
Britney: No, and we knew the saboteur had planted the devices.
Matt: Yeah.
Britney: So.. we found all the devices and we were like, ok, we're gonna hatch a brilliant plan... We're gonna collect all of the devices, turn them all off, and put them back where they go, so we found all the devices, and then try to find.. catch somebody turning them all back on. We're like, Oh this is brilliant! We're gonna catch the saboteur. blablablablabla..
Matt: Yeah..
Britney: And we're like, don't tell, because that's the only way this is gonna work is if we don't tell.
Rachel: Yeah...
Britney: As soon as.. at the butt crack of dawn, Enzo comes out, "Yo! Yo! We found the devices, and we're gonna catch the saboteur!!"

Rachel: (giggles)

Britney: Like, here's our brilliant plan. Which is totally legit. We're gonna find the saboteur. And here comes Enzo waving the devices around. "We found the devices!!! We found the devices!!!"

Matt & Rachel are laughing...

Britney: I mean, like, why did I even go searching under mattresses? The cricket sound wasn't even bothering me. It was all in an effort to catch the saboteur red-handed.
Rachel: That's so funny.
Britney: ...which we wouldn't have been able to do anyways, because she was evicted, but we still had the noisemakers.

Rachel: I was convinced that they were gonna be part of a challenge.
Britney: I was too.
Rachel: I was counting all the beeps. I was...
Matt: I saw you doing that, and I was like, you're wasting your time. Why are you doing that?
Rachel: And I kept telling Ragan. I was like, Ragan, every single room has a different noise...
Matt: You probably got him doing that. I was like Ragan, stop.
Rachel: I probably did. I was like counting every single beep, I was figuring out what time, I was like, they're coming in intervals...

They continue going on about the saboteur's antics for a while, then they touch on the life long friends lie, still wondering if that one could be true... It's a cute flashback find, if you'd like to check it out... We've got to move forward.

12:50am BBT
Have Not Room - Dark
Ragan, Andrew & Brendon

Brendon: What if we get out of here, and they give an award to the person who got zinged the least?
Ragan: Probably..
Brendon: Who do you think that would be, Lane?
Ragan: I don't think Andrew's been zinged a lot.

By zinged, they're referring to getting called out by BB. It's just a friendly, fleeting little pillow-talk conversation before the feed flips outside to Kathy & Kristen, who are just sitting down on the big couch.

12:52am BBT
Backyard - Couch
Kathy & Kristen

Kathy: I was glad to see that thumbs up...
Kristen: Yeah..
Kathy: But on top of that, too, I wanted the thumbs up on them realizing why... ya know? But you can talk to him later.. that's.. phew.. They've been on panic mode ever since.
Kristen: (whispered) I know.
Kathy: That was so stupid... which it wouldn't have been, if we hadn't picked it up.
Kristen: I picked it up immediately...
Kathy: mm hmm
Kristen: What gave it away was Rachel's glare.. like this..
Kathy and Kristen rehash Rachel's overreaction to Andrew's PoV Ceremony announcement that he was coming after Brendon...

Kristen: And if you really felt that intensely about something, after it was over, I'd be like, let's go in the corner and talk this out.. Like, I'd be steeeeaming. It was just a bad attempt at acting.
Kathy: I said, seriously? That was a soap opera gone bad.
***Kathy's been possessed by the evil spirits of week one Monet/Brit.

Meanwhile, back upstairs in HoH...

12:54am BBT
Rachel, Matt, Britney

Matt asks about Kristen and Hayden.

Rachel: She has a boyfriend, I guess, but not a boyfriend?
Britney: If she has a boyfriend. She ain't talkin.
Rachel: No. She doesn't talk about him... ever. She's supposed to have a boyfriend, remember? In the beginning?
Matt: For them, was it 2 months or 2 weeks? 2 something.
Britney: 2 months.
Rachel: It's 2 months, but then they were dating before, but they were like, official for 2 months.

Matt: Oh, they were? I didn't know that...

They digress into possible HoH Comps, and the get rid of Rachel-Brendon bandwagon, speeches, Julie, etc...

1:07am BBT
Hayden & Kristen

Hayden: Kathy's safe. It's a lock.
Kristen: How do you know?
Hayden: I know Ragan, I know Lane, Enzo...
Kristen: For sure?
Hayden: Enzo, I would say, 85% sure. Ragan & Lane, for sure. That's all we need.
Kristen: Good.
Hayden: I had a talk with Ragan upstairs, for like an hour. And then I talked to Lane and Enzo.
Kristen: Did you feel like they already knew?
Hayden: Enzo was like, did you think it was an act?

Talk turns to chatter about their retainers and dental work, then how much they need to win HoH this week, or one of them is going home... and ultimately, how hard it is to keep away from each other, but how they must... But maybe just for these few minutes, it'll be ok... Out go the lights for some smooching and snuggling just after 1:30am...

Meanwhile, in the bathroom... Kathy chats up Enzo, and gets extra credit for continuing to fight for her life in the house when it's a lock.

2:09am BBT
Matt, Britney, Enzo (with headphones on)

Britney is still convinced Hayden & Kristen are related. She tells Matt that's the reason she asked Rachel if she'd ever seen them cuddling, which Rachel hadn't.

Matt asks Britney who she'd put up if she wins HoH this week, and Britney replies, "Brendon and Rachel. "

Matt: I don't think there's anyone in the house that wouldn't put them up.
Britney: Except you!

Pondering who Brendon and Rachel would put up, they agree Kristen and Hayden are the likeliest targets, and Matt feels he himself could go up as a pawn, in the event one of them were to come off the block.

Britney leaves just before 2:30am, and Matt washes up for bed, while Enzo listens to music. Then they talk some game, but it's nothing new to us. To sum up: Andrew's in trouble.

Matt: I think it'll be an 8-0 vote to keep Kathy.
Enzo: Kathy, once the jury house opens up, you're gone.

If you'd like to view their full conversation, it's on Feed 1, beginning just after 2:30am...

This concludes the Overnight Report!

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Blogger jane said...

Interesting comment about education. Though weird. Ragan has the most, then Andrew. But unless they went to spy school, law school, shrink school, or acting school, I'm not sure what education has to do with subterfuge.

On an unrelated note, I really hope Brendon and Rachel work out, for one reason. She will tolerate his patronizing misogyny for, I'd say, about three weeks in the real world. He irks me!

July 27, 2010 at 5:53 AM  
Blogger Janice said...

Good Morning Carolyn & All BB Dishers,

Just a thought after reading the intro to the Overnight Report:

What will Mastermind Matt do if there's a tie??

I know he has promised Andrew he will save him BUT if he does, won't he be going against the BROgade?? Won't they get suspicious?

I assume if he is as smart as he thinks he is, he''ll let Andrew go because Andrew won't be in the jury so he doesn't have to try to "make nice" for a vote.

Last night Matt even seemed to quit campaigning to save Andrew like he was doing at the beginning......maybe I just imagined that he was coming around. What do yall think??


July 27, 2010 at 6:07 AM  
Blogger KantroSAK said...

Good morning all... I've had a HELLacious couple of days through the weekend and last night... Finally back in action and feeling better..

Carolyn, I've tried to keep up with everything going on in the house, however even reading everything, and my wife coaching me, I'm still confused...

Can you give me just a basic, simple understanding of why Andrew's imploded and how he's managed to alienate everyone including those he was friends with (Brendon, Rachel, Hayden, Kristen, etc)..

July 27, 2010 at 6:12 AM  
Blogger wendy2 said...

Morning everyone..I hate that Andrew may go home over Kathy. She bores me with her "chats" and the way she turned on Racheal as soon as she was not HOH anymore. ugh..I guess B/R's only hope is to win HOH again..wont it be iteresting what Kathy will do in that event?

July 27, 2010 at 6:20 AM  
Blogger jane said...

Here is my first clinical assessment of the season: Brendon has "Golden-boy Persecution Syndrome." That is a disorder when a man has had every advantage in life and yet still feels like he had to claw tooth and nail like the "regular folk." It is one of the most serious disorders in that it causes chronic annoyance in others.

Symptoms include: arrogance coupled with self pity, know-it-all-idous, insisting on being right even when completely clueless, talking over others in a passive-aggressive fashion, manipulation with a sense of justification, a feeling of entitlement, attractive outward appearance to the casual observer but sub-standard genital region.

July 27, 2010 at 6:42 AM  
Blogger GaYToR said...

YES! I'm caught up! Good Morning Caro. Excellent TOR so far and I know the rest will be also.

Wish I had been here last night for the food choices game. I can't believe (well yes I can) that BlueMe said: hominy and head cheese.

BLUE!!!! That's Hog Head Cheese. I know you know the difference between the two. Neither are tasty to me. Actually I've never tasted hog head cheese, but of course it's a normal thing here. So is pickled pig lips. They say it's like bubble gum. I don't chew that either.

If I can still play, and since I make my own rules here all the time anyway, I'm going to add:

Crawfish and Caviar. I want that especially if Lane and Enzo are Have-Nots.

Kimchi and Kale. (not that many foods start with "K".)

On to the next thought.

If there were one word you could erase for Britey's vocabulary what would it be.

Me: LIKE. I'd love to catch a day of watching her every move on the feeds and count how many times she says it. I'm not volunteering though. A day with Britney would bring out the nasty side of me, and not in the catty way. I'd be violent. I know that's breaking #4 and I may get spanked for it, but I think everyone here knows I don't have a violent bone in my body so I am not serious.

Blue, I love hominy. I guess it's a southern thing. Grits are actually made from hominy and I'm with turtles on loving grits anyway I can get them. Turtles left out grits with sugar and butter. i love it. It's much like Malt-O-Meal.

Now, I'm off to forage for food. reading posts about food is making me hungry for crawfish and Caviar. I ♥ both of those.


July 27, 2010 at 7:00 AM  
Blogger GaYToR said...

Oh, my thoughts on my game of erasing a word from their vocabularies.


Erase ALL the words from Enzo's.
Kathy, she can keep her words. I would like to see her in a ball gag, and superglued blindfolds.
Rachel: My MAN.
Regan No words to delete but I would love to add some. I'm sure he knows them already, but as Julie said on Thursday, 'this is a family show'.

More to come, maybe. I might forget I even started this and some HG's aren't irritating me. Either that or I tend to move on when I see them on a feed.


July 27, 2010 at 7:08 AM  
Blogger Crisi said...

Morning everyone,

Just got done with the BBAD and OMG if I were in that house with Kathy! I think I would want to cut my ears off with one of those plastic knives they get.

She went from being one of my faves to being irritating, depressing, whiny, pitiful, poor, sad, needy and generally just not what my initial impressions led me to believe.

I thought she was strong, and smart and kind and a fighter. Boy, whoops. That will teach me to pick faves too early.

Poor Kristen. I would hate to be her this week. How could you listen to that all week, and also as she is asking her to "help" with the campaigning.

I would probably be thinking long and hard about keeping someone who's gonna pull this pity party everytime she is possibly a target.

July 27, 2010 at 7:09 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Good Morning, Jane! :)

Good Morning, Janice! :)

Good Morning, GayTor! :)

Good Morning, Kantro! :)

Good Morning, Wendy2! :)

Good Morning, Crisi! :)

I'm dashing out to get some quick cardio before they wake up. :) Be back by 8:45am BBT.

If Brendon wakes up before that, someone please encourage him back into bed... or put a muzzle on him.

July 27, 2010 at 7:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Carolyn,

Hi Everyone..

Going to go read TOR than off to have surgery on my other eye.

Have a good day all...

See you later with my comments.

July 27, 2010 at 7:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am hoping Andrew can stay. At this point I am not sure who is going home..

July 27, 2010 at 7:22 AM  
Blogger GaYToR said...

Here's what would make next week a perfect one for me.

Anyone but R&B win HoH so they go up against each other. Brendon wins PoV an naturally takes himself off. An EASY pawn goes up and Rachel is evicted.

We would see such a different game from Brendon without Rachel. It's simple. He's ****WHIPPED. And so is Hayden. The hormones in this season are crazy but expected.

I have to say every time I go to the Bannah to refresh the current Blog Post, (when I don't use F5 because I'm waiting on a new shipment) I can't believe there has been only two evictions. This season is exhausting me. I feel like we ate in about Week 8.

I also have to add that I think this is the most enjoyable season for me to date. They P me off but I think they are the best matched group AGP has ever put together, and everyone knows I have very few kind words to say about AGP.

Rambling... It's been discussed but I don't remember if I ever commented on it. It may have been a day when I was catching up and too late to comment.

I would love love love to see a season of all the first-out evictees. Some would call such a season the 'season of the worst' but I think it's a great idea. It would be so much better than another All-Stars (All-HasBeens). These would be people who have been in the house but never got a chance to play or for us to get to know them and their strategies.


July 27, 2010 at 7:29 AM  
Blogger Janice said...


Is anyone planning to follow Jeff from BB11 on his trip around the world with no money??

I caught the end of The Early Show yesterday when he left and went to CBS website so I can track him. He got a ride up to Boston area, said he worked for a meal. I am anxious to see how this goes for him.

The interactive map is pretty neat; you can post messages to him. Send him tips on places to stay. They say its totally dependent on the fans helping him get around the world!!

I sure hope he makes it!!

Thought some of you Jeff Fans might like to follow him too!!


July 27, 2010 at 7:31 AM  
Blogger GaYToR said...

A muzzle on Brendon??? I volunteer. A morning of muzzle and kink is just what I need. ;-p

Oh F!!!! We just had a breaking news flash. Another place has sprung an oil leak, and this one isn't a BP issue. It's in one of our more important bayous. More to come from local channel as they get more details.

Would someone PLEASE remove this hex we seem to have on SE Louisiana. I'm not sure I can take much more of this.

I still worry about the whole issue with BP because we know this cleanup is going to take decades to complete if it ever can be completed. Look at Alaska and how that area is still devastated by the Exxon Valdez spill. I have to not watch so much of the news already because it depresses and stresses me too much.

:o) but :-( on this.

July 27, 2010 at 7:37 AM  
Blogger GaYToR said...

Caro had temporarily left the Dish Hamsters unattended. What is she thinking. She knows I can't be left unattended.

I'm gonna swear on my higest drag and best and most expensive and favorite pumps, that if I get going on something, someone hacked my Blogger account and commented as me. Now THAT's a plan.


July 27, 2010 at 7:41 AM  
Blogger Autumn said...

Good Morning Dishers!!! Okay I have to say Brit starting to grow on me not so much her game but just her!

Can't wait to see what happens today in the house!!

Well got to get some work done!

July 27, 2010 at 7:47 AM  
Blogger Didi said...

Morning Carolyn & everyone...
Gee I hope somehow the house flips again and they keep Andrew.

July 27, 2010 at 7:48 AM  
Blogger Shi Shi said...

Good Morning Everyone!

Gaytor: How about one word to erase in Kathy's vocabulary!!!That would be 'you know'! Drives me crazy...that's all I can hear and believe me as much as that woman has been talking (or should I say badmouthing) lately that's a lot!

In the beginning I really liked Kathy but when she was so up B/R's behinds when Rachal was HOH and now knocking her down to her knees she is driving me up the wall. Wonder what happened to her 'morals' and 'integrity' she kept talking about non-stop the first couple of weeks???

July 27, 2010 at 7:53 AM  
Blogger JacobsMom said...

Good morning Carolyn! I just had to come and comment about Andrew being evicted. I feel bad for him because he hasn't fit into that house since Day 1 so I was rooting for him to go far. This season is strange for me. I don't have a favorite yet, except maybe Ragan. I always have a fave by now. More of them irk me than I actually like lol.

July 27, 2010 at 8:04 AM  
Blogger Stephen Ritchie said...

Good Morning!!!!!!!!!

So glad to be back!

I woke up at 11 and couldn't care less... finally good to get a little R&R! Obviously I will be here with you guys all day to catch up on missed time!

July 27, 2010 at 8:10 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Good Morning, Pamela! WIshing you a very safe surgery and a speedy recovery!! HUgss!!

Good Morning, Janice! :)

Good Morning, Autumn! :) I have to admit to the same.. I'm really enjoying Britney since Monet's been gone.

Good morning, Didi! :) Say a mishebeyrach. ;)

Good Morning, ShiShi! :)

Good Morning, Jacob's Mom! :) He's still got over 48 hours to figure something out... Fingers crossed, he'll do something brilliant to save himself.

Good Morning, Stephen!! :) Welcome home, honey! :)

Good Morning, LisaM! :) Can you please send me the link via my email so I can have a look and make sure it's ok fo rme to share it? dishchicks at yahoo dot com

July 27, 2010 at 8:34 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

8:34am and they're all still sleeping... might i actually have time enough to have a post cycling shower before they wake up?? gotta try! brb! :)

July 27, 2010 at 8:35 AM  
Blogger Kas0831 said...

Good Morning All!

If it's true that the evicted house guests are in sequester, maybe someone will be voted back in by America - like in S6?!? That would be awesome!! But do the TV only's like Andrew like we did?

July 27, 2010 at 8:41 AM  
Blogger Vicki said...

If I was Andrew I would have a talk with Kristen and Hayden and let them know I would expose their "showmance"....Then either Andrew would stay or it would cause trouble with Kristen and Haydon or trouble with the "Brogade"....Maybe both would be exposed.....Or just send Britney in the Taj room between the hours of 2 and 6 and let her see first hand what is going on between Kristen and Hayden while they all sleep.

July 27, 2010 at 8:44 AM  
Blogger *^*^*MsFitz*^*^*^ said...

Good morning, Carolyn!
Good morning, Dishers!

I heard some of what Kathy was saying last night to Hayden & Kristen & I find it hard to believe they aren't a little wary of her. One of the statements she made about Rachel & Brendon was. They are scrambling to get rid of me because they are afraid I have too much information & that I will tell all. I sat up in that room for a week & just listened.

Kristen, Hayden...***Red Flag Warning***...can't you see that big huge red flag waving in your faces? She has been sitting & talking to you this past week what's she going to do next week, if she is still there, w/ the info she has been gathering from you two. Of course, a lot of her time w/ all of them has been a lot of her talking & talking & talking too. She claims she just sits back & listens, I claim not so much!!! She really did turn a corner on being vicious. But, guess it happens sooner or later to the majority of HG.

July 27, 2010 at 8:50 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Good morning, Kas! :) Like in S6, S9 - and oh, what's this S12 --detecting a pattern? ;)

Good morning, Vicki! :) I agree, but he'd have to do it very carefully... and he'd have to threaten to do it on his way out the door. He stays and they stay a secret, he goes and they get exposed.

Good Morning, MsFitz :) Good points, all! They're blind to her though... I don't understand why. She's such a classic floater.

July 27, 2010 at 8:54 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

We just got the BRB Screen - Gonna Open the morning post!

July 27, 2010 at 8:55 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

New Top POst!! :)

Wakey Wakey, HGs!! It's time to entertain the Live Feed viewers!

Tuesday Morning

July 27, 2010 at 9:12 AM  

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