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Monday, July 26, 2010

Big Brother 12: Monday Morning, July 26th

While the rest of the house sleeps, Brendon and Rachel are outside on the couch talking all kinds of game. Their conversation began right around 8am on Feeds 1 & 2 and is still going now. They're touching on every aspect of the game and every player. I recommend you check out the beginning of the conversation on flashback. We join the conversation already in progress at 8:27am. Rachel now seems on board with keeping Andrew over Kathy.

8:27am BBT
Backyard - Couch
Brendon & Rachel
Rachel: I think when it boils down to it, they're not focusing enough. They play the emotional mind games more.
Brendon: Exactly. That's where they're beating us.
Rachel: And I think Kristen's playing the hang with the boys game.
Brendon: I'm gonna let Andrew know about that... I'm getting Enzo riled up this week..
Rachel: I don't even think Kristen would tell us..
Brendon: The truth?
Rachel: Yeah.. SHe'll just say, we're all good.

Brendon's missing the subtleties..

Brendon: If someone goes back on their word in this game, we're gonna f'in call em out.
Rachel: And we have to find out what was said in the Cabana Room...
Brendon: When?
Rachel: After PoV. They were talking about us.
Brendon: And you have to be more conscious about keeping your voice down..

Rachel: I'm glad I met you. I'm sorry it was under such stressful circumstances.
Brendon: Me too. But we need to spend more time apart from each other and on opposite sides of the house. If the two of us are everywhere, no one can talk about us.
Rachel: Good point.

Talk turns to Britney... Rachel now trusts her. Brendon, much less so.

Brendon: Going into this HoH, you need to ask her directly, and watch her response, not just her words. I think you might be safe with her, but I think she's going after me.
Rachel: I know you don't trust her, but I do like her, and I do think she's not gonna come gunning for us...

Brendon wants them to focus on winning HoH and Britney is one of his potential targets.

Brendon: She has openly said, to Lane, that she doesn't want to be here...
Rachel: That's really bad for me. Because then Kristen is gonna...
Brendon: Who's she gonna put her up against, because if she even hesitates answering that question, she's lying to you. With Enzo, I've been talking about plenty, and according to him, people you trust are coming after you. I'm not gonna give you any names, because I don't wanna make you more paranoid...
Rachel: The problem is, there's no one obvious for Britney to put up.. unless it's Andrew and Kristen...
Brendon: We can't keep putting up Andrew...

He tries redirecting it to Hayden & Kristen's couple status.

Rachel: I've been pushing that to Britney for 2 weeks now, and she's resistant.
Brendon: You need to keep pushing Hayden/Kristen as one person...
Rachel: I don't know if you've noticed this, but Kristen hasn't exactly been lucking out in comps.
Brendon: She's not very athletic. She's more concerned with how she looks. That doesn't make a good athlete.

Brendon goes inside to fix himself more tea and grab another cup of coffee for Rachel...

Rachel: If you won HoH this week who would you put up?
Brendon: I'd probably put up Kristen and Lane.
Rachel: I think I would too.
Brendon: They haven't had to play. I guarantee you, if she were under any kind of pressure, she wouldn't be able to hold that calm facade.

Talk turns to Kristen's game play... They disagree about whether or not she has game skill...

Brendon: She's a weak competitor. She's also attached herself to a guy, which a lot of women do in this game... When that happens, 99% of the time, the guy's gonna be more of a target than the girl.
Rachel: Brendon, I think I'm more of a target.
Brendon: I'm glad you think that, but if it's you against me on the block, I'm goin home. The girls might send out out, bt all the guys will gun for me.

Talk turns back to the meeting...

Brendon: You were coming off as very domineering.. That's why Ragan stepped in. You shouldn't have led that meeting.
Rachel: Maybe I shouldn't be in this game. I suck at it.
Brendon: No one has a perfect game. That's the thing. In this game, your strategy has to keep evolving. Think of Kathy.. She's been watching this game withher grandmother forever, so she knows that the people who float under the radar last forever..

Rachel: And now it's health issues, money issues, home issues... I hate when people play that card. If it was money issues, why didn't you get another job, instead of coming on a reality show? I made sure all my life was tidied up before I walked in the door. I'm here for the experience and the challenge.. I just need to figure out how to make it happen. I really want to win HoH next week, really bad. I really want to give this speech I've had in my head... I'm so sick of this, let's not have any drama.. Really?? What reality show did you sign up for??
Brendon: Well, the people saying that haven't had to play at all yet.

8:51am BBT
BB: Good morning, Houseguests. It's time to get up for the day.
Rachel: Ah!! Zoolander!!


Wakey Wakey, rest of the Houseguests!! It's time to get up and entertain the live feed viewers! :)

8:55am BBT
As the rest of the house comes into wakefulness, Brendon & Rachel are grabbing the last moments of privacy for game talk. Rachel needs to make sure Britney and Kristen are still against each other.. splitting her time between the two, and reinforcing to Britney that she's not a target.

8:59am BBT
Feed 3
Kathy comes out for a smoke, breaking up the strategy session. Rachel heads inside to make omelettes. Inside, Kristen and Hayden have already begun whispering, as well.

Kristen: I'm getting sick to my stomach. Kathy's really upset about what Rachel said to her about you and me.
Hayden: That we're a couple? That we're in a relationship.
Kristen: mm hmm. Either you or me have to win. I'll put her right up. I'm not saying anything to her about it til then...
Hayden: Pisses me off.. Ridiculous. Does she know anything?
Kristen: Nothing. She knows that we like each other, but she has no proof. They wanna get us. I have no doubt in my mind.. Did I tell you this? Rachel told Britney.. She thinks they're total bff's now.. Rachel said, don't worry, I know who I'm putting up, and it's neither one of you.
Hayden: She said that to Britney?
Kristen: Yeah.
Hayden: Did Britney tell you?
Kristen: No, Kathy did.
Hayden: If Kathy stays...
Kristen: I don't think Kathy's staying.
Hayden: I think it's 50-50.
Kristen: I still don't know what would be better... She's just pissed off, because nobody's really been there for her. Like she and Rachel were inseparable last week, and now Rachel doesn't even talk to her.

Kristen: I love Kathy. I want her to stay so much, but we need to keep Andrew in the house. We made him a promise. We can't go back on it. It sucks having both of them on the block. Yesterday was really rough on me...
Hayden: I can't stand Brendon.
Kristen: I know. And do you remember how, she was definitely trying to get us to sleep together?
Hayden: Yeah.
Kristen: That should've been the 1st sign.

9:15am BBT
Lane & Kathy
Backyard - Couch

Lane: Everyone's just trying to figure out how to make it one more week...

9:20am BBT
Hayden & Kristen

BB: Enzo, please go to the DR.
Hayden: He gets called to the DR a lot.
Kristen: Mm hmm!

Talk turns to Andrew...
: I could see him being America's Player.
Kristen: I could too! He has so many things to deal with in the house, and he's so quirky... I love him.

Kristen relates some amusing Andrew anecdotes...

9:24am BBT
Feed 2
Backyard - Couch
Ragan, Brendon, Lane... then Enzo

Ragan: It's hard...
Brendon: For me too... I thought I had it nailed down in my head, but then I keep thinking about it, and I feel bad.
Ragan: The minute I think I seriously have it nailed down and I don't have to think about it anymore, I start thinking about it more...

Enzo joins them, commenting it's chilly out. Brendon says, it's still warmer than our room.. Talk turns to Have Not misery and how to overcome it a bit with cleverly placed towels for extra padding and warmth...

9:32am BBT
Kathy & Kristen

Kathy: I need something to wear for today when I'm up there lookin like a fool.
Kristen: I'll give you something. You wont look like a fool. Why do they both always get to play in PoV? I'm freakin' out.
Kathy: Just like every other week.

Kristen gets up from her bed.

Kristen: I didn't sleep well last night.
Kathy: Too much on your mind?
Kristen: Too much on my mind and too cold.

9:39am BBT
Kristen & Ragan

Kristen: I like them both so much, and it's the worst thing fo rme to see them both up there together. I couldn't sleep last night. I feel like a lit of people aren't gonna know until the last minute.. To be honest, whatever the house decides, I'm ok with it, because neither one of em deserves to go, in my opinion, at least.
Ragan: This is so hard.
Kristen: I know. And I feel like a lot of people are going to say, well, if I keep you here, what're you gonna do for me? I don't like that. I've heard people are doing that already.
Ragan: The only person who's approached me is Kathy. I went to Andrew, and I told him that I respected his game and the way he approaches every challenge. Whereas when Kathy approached me, she just said she really wants to be here. Andrew shows it every day.

Kristen: She really does too.
Ragan: I don't wanna argue the case for both of them in my head, and I told Kathy, you should use Matt's offer of his room and call people up there one by one and make your case. I just wanna see a fire in her belly..
Kristen: I know it's there.
Ragan: I feel like, when I look at her, it's like she's given up a bit, and I don't think she should. I just wanna hear from both of them, unsolicited, here's why you should keep me. State your case... without throwing each other under the bus. This is tough.. It's just such a contrast.

9:46am BBT
Backyard - Couch
Lane, Enzo, Hayden

Lane: Brendon's voting Andrew to stay..
Enzo: He wants Kathy to go home?
Lane: So I wonder if Brendon told Andrew, hey, I'll vote for you to stay, if you
don't come after me next week.
Enzo: I'm tellin you, man..
Lane: I said, why would he do that? He's all, because they've been in the have not room, and he feels bad for him.. And she said, don't tell anyone, because Brendon's the only one who's told me he's voting to keep Andrew. And Kathy's preachin about how we all want the same 2 people out of the house, meaning Rachel and Brendon, but hell.. If Andrew made a deal with Rachel and Brendon...
Enzo: I know, man.
Lane: You know what has to happen.. If some how we could convince Brendon to use the PoV, saying he's backdoor one of us... and then Matt could throw Rachel up on the block. How good tv would that be?
Enzo: I thought of that too, but I doubt he'd go for it.

Brendon comes back out.

Brendon: Enzo, you wanna play a game of pool?
Enzo: You wanna play the champ?
Brendon: Always.

9:52am BBT
Kristen & Ragan

Kristen: It's hard to watch nobody really watch out to either of them, especially Andrew, because he kind of distances himself... He's non-confrontational.. So it's hard, because nobody's really going to say anything, unless he makes the effort to come ut and talk about it.
Ragan: Well, I did.
Kristen: I think what needs to be done is exactly what you said. Both of them need to go up to the room, separately, and make their case to everyone. That way, no one leave feeling they didn't give it their all.
Ragan: No one wants to leave with regrets.

Both mention that Monet never approached either of them.

Kristen: The next 3 days are gonna be...
***Carolyn: Intense!

10:14am BBT
Backyard Couch
Lane, Ragan, Hayden

They're talking about potential HoH comps... Kathy comes out for a smoke, fresh from the DR, withher fighting gloves on.

Kathy: All I'm gonna say is I need to be here. I need to be here for Shane, and I need to be here for medical reasons. I'm not gonna say more than that. It's horrible to be on the block with someone else who doesn't deserve it. If I were to win HoH, I know who I'd put up, and it's none of you.
Hayden: We love ya.
Lane: Do you know votes wise?
Kathy: Brendon said he's gonna vote for Andrew to stay. Rachel says she's gonna vote for me, but don't believe her.
Lane: I thought y'all were close.
Kathy: She'll do whatever Brendon tells her to do... Also, they think they can manipulate Andrew, and they know they can't manipulate me...
Lane: So Andrew probably wont go after them next week, huh?
Kathy: mm mm. They wanted me to vote out Monet, and I did what I wanted to do. I have my own decision making skills. And that scared em.. which it should.
Hayden: So if you win, you'd put up those two?
Kathy: Absolutely. Absolutely. They'd both be up, so they couldn't take each other off the block.
Hayden: Things are gonna get intense in this house.
Kathy: uh huh. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah they are.
Lane: Man, that'd piss me off if I were on the block and Brendon told me that.
Kathy: I'm sure he was just trying to get under my skin. He did the same thing right before the veto comp.
Lane: Keep gettin those votes. You're still far from out of it.
Kathy: I'm just telling you. If I stay and I win HoH, there's no question, there will be no talks. They're going straight up. They're manipulating him, and they can't manipulate me. After nominations, Brendon insisted he be the only one to go talk to him. I thought that was weird. Me n Kristen just wanted to go check on him... That's why I went against them last week.. Otherwise, they're gonna make it all the way to the end.. Unless someone stands up against them.. It's amazing how once she's up there, she's saying what you wanna hear, but once she's out, she's throwing people under the bus.

***Pot, meet kettle.

Lane: I wonder what their game plan is..
Kathy: They keep that hush hush... She's been told to cover the girls and him the guys.. If I'm sitting outside talking to someone, you can bet she's gonna come right out. I better go inside and get dressed, cause this is gonna happen quick.

Kathy goes inside.

Lane: I would love to have Brendon in a bar...
Hayden: ... and kick his ass. Their relationship is just disgusting. She always flaunts herself.
Lane: To me, she's not attractive at all.
Hayden: If we were out of the house, adn she came on to me, I'd take her to take a cab home. She's the girl you stay away from at a bar, cuz who knows what she might...

10:27am BBT
Hayden & Lane go up to the HoH to talk with Matt. Matt's not there. Lane uses Matt's bathroom, in the meantime. Hayden waits, pacing the room a bit...

Hayden: If 2 Brigade members get put up...
Lane: One would have to win PoV..
Hayden: Say they put up you and Britney, and Britney wins PoV, and then they put up Matt as the replacement..
Lane: They just can't win it. (Rachel and Brendon)
Hayden: That would suck balls, dude. If that happens, that would be f'in worse case.
Lane: It's not gonna happen. They can't win HoH. And with a lot of people still in the house right now, we have better odds of winning it than he does... His odds are better in PoV, because it's a lot of thinkin' stuff...

10:34a -
BB: Kristen, please come to the Diary Room.

Lane & Hayden are still up in HoH, waiting on Matt.

10:36am BBT - Matt enters. Lane's in the HOH WC, I believe.

Matt: I just started heading upstairs, cuz I figured you guys were up here, and Ragan saw me and said, "Can I come?" I said sure.

Enter Ragan. Chatter...

Ragan says the Spy Screen looks like a painting now.

Lane: So have you heard anything with the votes or what people are doing?
Matt: Last I heard it was split. Britney mentioned last night, saying people are campaigning for them, but they're not doing it for themselves.
Lane: Kathy's come to me twice now.. But Andrew hasn't come at all.
Matt: What's your thoughts?
Lane: This is a tough one. I think it's gonna stay a tough one til we're sitting down in front of Julie. Both of has pros, both of em has cons, and both of em are likable... so.. we're stuck in the mud. I think I'm just gonna vote for George Clooney. (<-makes the edit) Lane comes out from the bathroom. Boy poop talk... 10:42am BBT - Still HoH Matt: What're you thinkin', Hayden?
Hayden: I.. I dunno.
BB: Ragan, please come to the Diary Room (so the Brogade can talk)
Ragan leaves.
Lane/Hayden: Good job, DR.

Lane & Hayden share the info Kathy was spewing out on the couch a few minutes ago with Matt... Matt says they should really source Kristen on this to see where Andrew really stands - if Brendon and Rachel are his targets. Matt's got one message, and he hits the replay button. Then he makes sure to remind them that he doesn't care either way.

Lane: Anything we do is gonna be wrong, but which one is the least damage.

Lane pushes the Andrew/Brendon deal angle again. Matt says the house has heavily shifted at this point to keeping Kathy... and perhaps Brendon and Rachel approached Andrew with a deal on that basis, which Andrew may have given them lip service on... Hayden brings up Andrew's celebration at Rachel's HoH win. Lane mentions how Brendon and Rachel are playing divide and conquer with the girls and guys in the house, according to Kathy..

Matt's got a positive Andrew spin for everything Hayden & Lane mention. He commends Kathy for playing the game right now, but takes the opportunity to remind Hayden and Lane, that's what she's doing.

11am BBT - Britney has joined the boys up in HoH.

Britney: All I know is, I'm standing in final 3, holding onto a key, I'd rather be standing there against Kathy than Andrew.
***Carolyn: I'd rather see you standing there against Andrew, but that's just me. I like a good tough final 3 endurance.
Hayden: Britney's makin' sense.
Britney: He does well in the competitions. He's been final 2 or 3 every time.
Lane: This isn't all about you now..
Britney: I mean, I see the pros and cons... Sure, Andrew may go after Brendon, but how does that benefit me?
Matt: It absolutely does. People will be looking more towards getting Andrew out than getting Kathy out. Kathy has more of a propensity to not be put up than Andrew... If Andrew's here, people are more likely to gun for him. Leaving a strong competitor in the house is not always a negative thing, if you yourself aren't the strongest competitor. If people need people to put up, they'd rather put up strong competitors. Everyone wants to take Kathy to the end, because she's worthless. So, put it like this, if you plan to win every PoV, put Andrew out. I'm just playing devil's advocate.
Britney: Andrew's a strong competitor...

Lane & Hayden take off.

Lather, rinse, repeat... Matt's doing his level best to bring Britney to the realization that Kathy does not guarantee her safety at all.

Matt gives an inch when he says that if Andrew's not gunning for Brendon and Rachel, and is in an alliance with them, then absolutely, get rid of him this week.

BB calls one of them to the DR, breaking up the conversation... Rachel heads downstairs.

11:09am BBT
Rachel & Hayden

Hayden: So, who are you and Brendon gonna put up, if you win HoH?
Rachel: I have a really good idea in my head, and I don't wanna say who, but it's definitely not you. Brendon actually has a different idea. We don't always see eye to eye on everything. Hayden, I trust you 100%, and I would never come after you.
Hayden: So Brendon is?
Rachel: No no no...

I missed quite a bit here. Please check flashback.

Rachel: We trust you 100%. I'm pretty sure I know who's pissed that Brendon and I didn't go up, and who wants us to go home.
Hayden: I wont say who, but there's more than one option. But I will say you guys have options.

Brendon enters.

Brendon: Is this too much UCLA you think?
Hayden: You're rockin it.

Talk turns to chatter as they continue getting ready for the PoV Ceremony. Kristen enters and Rachel asks her for a bit of fashion advice. Kristen is pleasant as always as she volunteers her best. The two couples get dressed together.

Rachel: Hey Kristen, I want you to know that Brendon and I really like you.. and I hope you feel the same way.
Kristen: I do.. It's just, this week is really tough.
Rachel: I know this week is tough.
Kristen: It's so hard for me.
Rachel: I'm just gonna ask.. If you win HoH next week, would you put us up?
Kristen: I don't know what I would do, but I don't think I would put you guys up... It's obviously what the house would want, but I don't wanna put either of you guys up, ever. And I would hope that that's the same for you..

Kathy enters.

Kristen: Honestly, if I win HoH, I don't know what I would do... I don't ever wanna put you guys up. This is hard. This week's hard.
Rachel: This week, next week, the reast of the game.
Kristen: Just keep in mind, I have a mind of my own.
***Direct nod to Kathy there, who has managed to turn the house even more against Rachel, in her attempt to stay.
Rachel: I know. That's what I appreciate about you.

11:23am BBT
Most HGs
Matt & Ragan on the double chaise.
BB: Brendon, please come to the Diary Room.

***The HGs don't mention it, but PoV Ceremony is soon to begin.

Matt: Ya know the best time to keep them alive til? A double eviction week... Assuming they don't win the 2nd HoH...
Ragan: Yes! Yes! And double eviction might be week 5.
Matt: So, that would be good, but I don't know if they'll last that long, to be honest.
Ragan: We would be set up so well.. This is such a funny game... Because there's so much that's out of your hands, but that so directly effects you... and that's why this week's vote is soooo important.
Matt: I guarantee that if we didn't get Annie out, this week, everyone would think I was the saboteur.. because I didn't put Brendon and Rachel up.

11:27am BBT -
BB: Houseguests, this is a lockdown. Please go outside and close the sliding glass door.
***PoV Ceremony about to begin.
Ragan: I don't know what to do with this vote. Keeping Andrew is like, if he really is gunning after Brendon, is keeping 2 alphas to go after each other...
Matt: Keeping 2 alphas who aren't going after us...
Ragan: I was saying in the Diary Room... If Kathy makes it to the final 4, she makes it to the final 2, and the risk of that happening grows exponentially greater every week... Because when big players in this game start targeting each other, she falls farther off the radar every week. I just don't know... It's like hot and muggy. This is what I imagine the inside of a vagina must be.
Matt: It's exactly like this.

Talk turns to exercise... Finger break. ;)

11:37am BBT - BRB Lava lamp bubbles on all 4... PoV Ceremony, anyone? :0)

We'll open a PoV Ceremony Spoiler and Aftermath post... although, since Brendon won the PoV and has no intention of using it, perhaps the post ought to just be called the Afternoon post... Hmm. In any case, the live feeds will return just after the PoV Ceremony, and we'll start a new update at that time.

The HGs have been non-stop today!! I love this game!! :0)

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Blogger jluvsturtles said...

Good morning Beautiful Carolyn!!!


July 26, 2010 at 8:43 AM  
Blogger jluvsturtles said...

Have I told you lately that I thank you?

As always, you, Genie and Lessa's transcribing is worthy of a Nobel. I wish I could multi-task like you!

You ROCK! :)

July 26, 2010 at 8:48 AM  
Blogger DarkStar said...

morning all woohoo hope rach bren win hoh

July 26, 2010 at 8:51 AM  
Blogger Sunshine Mom said...

Good Morning!!!!!

I love this early morning conversation between the love birds!!! i found it interesting that Brendon and Rachel think Kristen is "not very athletic and only cares about her looks" .. i think they have her confused with Rachel on that one:) hehee

July 26, 2010 at 8:54 AM  
Blogger ChristyinAL said...

Good morning all!

I am a little disappointed that Kathy turned on Rachel so quickly, especially after all her "playing with integrity" speeches. Is she playing the game, or does she really feel that way?

July 26, 2010 at 8:56 AM  
Blogger Michelle in Indiana said...

Morning all!
Carolyn said:
Rachel said "I'm so sick of this, let's not have any drama.. Really?? What reality show did you sign up for??"

Isn't she the one always saying I don't want any drama?

July 26, 2010 at 9:02 AM  
Blogger Pamela said...

This is going to be an interesting day...

July 26, 2010 at 9:08 AM  
Blogger pooh5983 said...

do u think the guys are going to turn on each other soon. I like Hayden and ezso are thinking about keeping Kathy other Anderw.

July 26, 2010 at 9:08 AM  
Blogger Aimee said...

Good morning Carolyn, jluvs, and DarkStar

Happy POV ceremony day.

July 26, 2010 at 9:09 AM  
Blogger wayne said...

bren rach and matt needto go home.

July 26, 2010 at 9:11 AM  
Blogger jluvsturtles said...

Hi Aimee! :)

Wayne, YES they do! It'd be really great if we got Brenchel out in a Double Evict!!!

July 26, 2010 at 9:15 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

I still haven't decided on one, specific player that I am rooting for. What I have decided on is that the list of players to choose from is getting smaller and smaller.

Brendon and Rachel have gone from being annoying to being completely unlikeable. And while I enjoyed the fact that Rachel seemed to have all Matt's slimy moves figured out before he even made them---it now seems as though she is playing the same type of game.

July 26, 2010 at 9:18 AM  
Blogger ChristyinAL said...

Grendon-I agree!! I just want someone to pull for. I think I would like Brendon a lot better without Rachel.

July 26, 2010 at 9:22 AM  
Blogger jluvsturtles said...

Grendon, I agree the list of likeables is getting very small, but I'm rooting for Andrew :)

July 26, 2010 at 9:30 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Good Morning, JLuvs! :)

Good Morning, DarkStar! :)

Good Morning, Sunshine Mom! :)

Good Morning, ChristyinAL! :)

Good Morning, MIchelle in IN! :)

Good Morning Pooh! :)

Good Morning, Aimee! :)

Good Morning, Wayne! :)

GOod Morning, Grendon! :)

Good Morning, MsFitz!! :)

Good Morning, Didi!! :)

Good Morning, With it! :)

Good Morning, EarlyBird! :)

July 26, 2010 at 9:31 AM  
Blogger Boquida said...

Good Morning everyone!!

This game...this game!!! Uggggh...listening to Brenden and Rachel talk this morning was torture. They are absolutely ri-di-cu-lous!

I can't wait til they find out there are people as smart or smarter than they in the house. Having a bunch of degrees doesn't make you smart. There are plenty of 'smart' pepole without advanced degrees. And does Rachel already have her masters? I heard her talking to Brit yesterday about her class/research schedule. They need to learn that being 'smart' gets you nowhere in life...its hard work and perserverance that matters.

All they do is talk about how much better they are than EVERYBODY! To me that's worse than a ton of cattiness any day. People put others down to make themselves feel better, and for that I feel sorry for them.

July 26, 2010 at 9:34 AM  
Blogger jluvsturtles said...

I left you guys last night to watch True Blood, and while I love the story line, it's just too bloody for me. I have to cover my eyes.

July 26, 2010 at 9:38 AM  
Blogger jluvsturtles said...

Boquida! Your post ROCKS! :)

July 26, 2010 at 9:40 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

In my opinion, I don't see the lovebirds lasting past jury house.

First, the obvious-feelings are always intesified in a stressful situation, they only have so many options of who to hang with and right now they need each other.

I do believe it's possible to form a real relationship, but let's face it most relationships formed under these circumstances don't last, especially when you move as fast as Brendon and Rachel.

Rachel obviously has a wild side, she seems like a bit of a partier, she seems to be into materialistic things and the whole Vegas lifstyle. If she has mellow or 'conservative' moments it's because she's locked in a house with nothing to do.

Brendon seems like a homebody. He doesn't seem to care about material things that much, doesn't seem to be attracted to big city nightlife and would probably be happy curled up on a couch watching a movie with his girlfriend who would be wearing jeans and a t-shirt with no make up or hair extensions. When he has wild, party moments it seems like he is doing it out of boredom and as an attempt to fit in with the guys in the BB house.

I see Brendon and Rachel's lifestyles clashing and crashing the moment they leave BB. He has already expressed disapproval over her drinking in the house. And he has made it obvious that his mother would not approve of Rachel. Let's face it, if a guy's mother doesn't approve of his girlfriend or wife, how often does the relationship really last.

July 26, 2010 at 9:42 AM  
Blogger Stephanie from the West Coast said...

Morning Carolyn and fellow dishers!

I have to agree with the thoughts about Kristen no being athletic. Sure she does Yoga and she looks slamming in a bikini; however, in the comps - she sucks! I think she may have at first tried to be a floater but like most lovely young ladies, she was drawn to McYummy!

Just because she ate a spider, doesn't mean she will win any comps.

I am thinking that the Brigade is right, they should get rid of Andrew - I like Andrew but he is more of a competitor than Kathy. I don't think she should float along to the end, but they can surely get her out of the house before the end.

My morning insights after reading TOR and the Morning Report.

As for Rachel and Bredon - well, they are way different than Jeff and Jordan. Remember, Jordan had never even watched BB until she was in sequester before the show. Rachel knows the show, so does Brendon. So do all the HG's this season.

I really wish they would stop comparing themselves to other seasons. They are BB12 so stick to the script!

July 26, 2010 at 9:45 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...


I don't think Brendon would be bad without Rachel either. Definitely not unlikeable. I was thinking he would be one I would root for.

My problem with investing in him at this point is that I don't think he really understands this game. He is definitely a good competitor, but I think he is far too naive to be a good strategist.

July 26, 2010 at 9:47 AM  
Blogger Brother Mouzone said...

Good morning. (Well, I guess it's afternoon here in the east, but it seems we teleport to BBT when we come here.)

Is it just me, or has Rachel worked to alienate the few people who conceivably could've side with her and Brendon? It seemed Kristen was at least sympathetic to her, and she's effectively thrown that out the window. And if she thinks Britney is on her side, she's in for a rude awakening.

July 26, 2010 at 9:47 AM  
Blogger Johnny_5 said...

Britney has been much more likeable without MO (keepin those thoughts in her head now).

But for a BB fan like her, who watches the feeds, I don't think she's doin a very good job.

The whole cast: Brit, R&B, Andrew, Kristen, Ragan, What are they doing? The Brigade is Matt and three dead weights, obvious as hell, and skating by undetected.

They pat themselves on the back for what a great season of competitors they have, in reality it's the season of the floaters, the lame brains, the genius, and Andrew.

July 26, 2010 at 9:52 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

yayy!!! they stopped talking for a second!

July 26, 2010 at 9:59 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Hi Johnny!! :)

Hi Brother Mouzone! :) Teleport with me. ;)

Morning, Stephanie WC :)

Good Morning, Boquida! :)

July 26, 2010 at 10:11 AM  
Blogger Boquida said...

Thanks jluvs! :-)

I have tons of thoughts, its often difficult for me to express them in a way that makes sense to to others, LOL.

For those who don't think that Brenchel will last after BB, I agree. I think the areas they differ are major. Brendon will get tired of Rachel's wild side and how much money she spends on her looks (yet the comment about Kristen); Rachel will get tired of having to treat him with kid gloves. Eventually, they will come to resent the other.

July 26, 2010 at 10:11 AM  
Blogger Michelle in Indiana said...

Boquida, I loved your post too. I think I will actually write my thoughts on my blog page that I never use because I probably will only make sense to myself and Carolyn wouldn't be able to post it here. LOL

July 26, 2010 at 10:20 AM  
Blogger jluvsturtles said...

Brendon was downright mean to Rachel when her boob kept flopping out of her too-small shirt. I too think it's very doubtful they would be a couple in the real world. They would never have even met in her Vegas world, he's "too good" for it.

July 26, 2010 at 10:21 AM  
Blogger Nikoniko79 said...

Hello all... I've been lurking for a couple of weeks... to busy to watch the shows when they air. But I'm here now... still on team Rachel/Brendon. Don't ask me why, I'm just a Rachel fan, annoying laugh and all.

July 26, 2010 at 10:21 AM  
Blogger Pamela said...

I do not like Kathy at all...she was R/B best friend last week, walked into HOH room anytime..she is playing like Matt..I am sitting here listening to her lie...wow..
first she played sympathy card, and poor card and illness card, now evil card....

I think things are going to get nasty, and the ones that started it are going to sit back and laugh..

July 26, 2010 at 10:23 AM  
Blogger Vicki said...

What happened to Kathy? Wasnt she the one for the last couple of weeks on a moral high horse, and that she wasnt going to compromise her morals, and now she is throwing people under the bus? Maybe she should at least try and win a competition, and make it look like she is playing the game. I am not a fan of Matts but he is playing the game, and so is B&R rather you like them or not, they are fighting each week to stay in the game, when everyone else just sits back and does nothing. I am disappointed in Krisen, Hayden, Lane and Enzo I thought that they would be better then what they are. I wish Regan would play for Regan and not Matt. Matt is going to crush Regan, and it is gonna be sooo hard to watch that.

July 26, 2010 at 10:26 AM  
Blogger Pamela said...

I had to turn off live feeds, cannot listen to Kathy anymore...
I will just read your post Carolyn..Thank you for doing what you do.
We all have different opinions and people we don't care for. Today it is Kathy for me.

July 26, 2010 at 10:27 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Hi NikoNiko :)

Hi Vicki! :)

Pamela, I feel ya...

July 26, 2010 at 10:29 AM  
Blogger Marcia said...

OMG! If the Brigade could convince Brendon to use the veto on Andrew and Matt promise not to put up Rachel--and then put up Rachel(lets face it,Matts the man for the job)Now THAT would be must see TV!

July 26, 2010 at 10:33 AM  
Blogger Brother Mouzone said...

So, I'm a bit of a math geek; policy wonk by training. Matt's been getting a lot of flack for not putting up Rachel/Brendon up directly and letting them compete in POV. So I did some calculations to find the probability of one of them winning POV.

So, the first requirement is actually getting picked for POV. The likelihood that at least one of them would get picked for POV was 9/14. However, the likelihood that both of them would get picked, as was the case, was only 3 in 28.

Now, the second part is, of course, actually winning the POV. We'll operate under the assumption that all the players had an equal chance at winning POV. So with one of them playing, he/she would have a 1/6 chance of winning. Factor in the 9/14 probability of having one of them playing, that leaves a 9/84 chance of one (but only one) of R/B getting picked AND winning.

Now with BOTH Rachel and Brendon playing, they had a 1/3 chance that one of them would win. Factor in the 3/28 probability that they'd both be picked, that means there was a 1/28 chance of things playing out the way they did, with both B&R playing, and one of them winning.

Since those are the only scenarios in which Rachel and Brendon could win POV, we then add the two probabilities (9/84 + 1/28), and come with exactly a 1 IN 7 chance that Matt's plan would backfire and either Brendon or Rachel would win POV.

So, what does that say? If the main goal was to get Brendon out of the house, it was the right strategy, as Brendon obviously would have had a 1/6 chance of winning POV, since he would automatically be playing in it. If the goal was to get Brendon OR Rachel out of the house, Matt should've just put the two of them up. There would still be a 2/3 chance neither of them would win, 1/6 that Brendon wins, meaning Rachel likely goes home, and 1/6 that Rachel wins, meaning Brendon would likely go home.

July 26, 2010 at 10:37 AM  
Blogger Jan in Florida said...

This is driving me crazy. I just can't stand the Brigade. I hate the fact that Matt is using Ragan and in the long run Ragan will be hurt by it. I also can't stand how all 4 members are cocky. They think they have this game won.

I want the F3 to be Ragan, Brendon and Rachel.

July 26, 2010 at 10:43 AM  
Blogger ChristyinAL said...


You are right on with your assessment of Brendon and Rachel's relationship. I have often thought, in the past week especially, that he is unhappy with her drinking and the way she dresses. I have also heard him asking her why she has to put on makeup. I don't know if you caught the conversation last night about what she would wear to church....it was very telling.

July 26, 2010 at 10:49 AM  
Blogger jluvsturtles said...

Michelle, LOL! I think you and I would be writing the same things :)

July 26, 2010 at 10:52 AM  
Blogger Terry said...

I'm a Brigade fan and all, but all 4 feeds on the HOH room? There's gotta be something else going on in the house, right?

July 26, 2010 at 10:52 AM  
Blogger Aimee said...

I agree with several of the comments here. I am so disappointed in Kathy's game play. She was originally one of my favorites, but to this point she's had very little game. Now she has changed and is playing a pretty aggressive game.

All I could think this morning was how truly clueless Brendon and Rachel are.

July 26, 2010 at 10:54 AM  
Blogger MG said...

Good Morning all,

I too am off the Kathy bandwagon. Kathy to me is no better than Monet and Britney were last week. Instead of blatant cattiness she is using the "integrity" card.

I want Andrew to stay because I feel he IS playing the game.

RE:"The View" discussion regarding Matt. The point made was that people lie/embellish their stories on all reality shows. But, how far is "too far"? For me Matt has gone too far.

July 26, 2010 at 11:09 AM  
Blogger MRENWICK said...

I feel really bad for bren/rach people who they thought were on their side are turning on them so horribly. Kathy is the worst! Matt made these noms on purpose and he is acting like such a fool, I don't think alot of the people in the house buy his motives.

July 26, 2010 at 11:10 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...


I did hear the church dress conversation. I think Rachel is very tacky. (just my opinion)

I think part of it is unintentional. She seems comfortable with herself and probably feels comfortable and confident with the way she looks.

Part of it just seems like a very 'in your face' kind of confidence. Like, "look at me, look at my body, don't I look great."

Part of it just seems like a total lack of respect for others. Come on, not everyone wants to constantly see your boobs falling out of your too small shirt. And I am not a prude, but if you are going to go to church then dress accordingly. And if you really 'love' Brendon the way you say you do, keep in mind that his family may be watching the feeds and at least attempt to make a better impression.

July 26, 2010 at 11:13 AM  
Blogger Barbara said...

This honest conversation between Kristen and Rachel is so funny. Each one lying to the other and being so sincere, lol.

July 26, 2010 at 11:22 AM  
Blogger jluvsturtles said...

I'm glad Matt's campaigning to keep Andrew, but does he have to call Kathy worthless? This cast is going to have a huge wake up call when they get out in the real world and see how many people despise them, especially the cast of BB11.

July 26, 2010 at 11:24 AM  
Blogger Boquida said...

Rachel, Kristen and Kathy


July 26, 2010 at 11:24 AM  
Blogger MG said...

Is anyone else having problems with the feeds? I start to hear bits of conversation and then get "loading". I have refreshed a few times and it doesn't seem to help. GRR.....

July 26, 2010 at 11:25 AM  
Blogger Barbara said...

It's a good thing Matt always has his favorite playmate to play with, lol. He has lied to everybody in the house about everything and not a single person has him figured out, except maybe Andrew. But poor gullible Ragan will be the one hurt the most.

July 26, 2010 at 11:27 AM  
Blogger jluvsturtles said...

BrotherM, you had me at hello ;-)

July 26, 2010 at 11:28 AM  
Blogger patti said...

I am ROFL at Ragan right now....

He and Matt are talking, he said something about "hot and muggy, the way I imagine the inside of a vagina to be" and Matt says "it's exactly like that" Ragan says "really?".

Toooo funny!

Anyone else see "The View" this morning? They showed the BB footage of Matt's lie about his wife's illness to Andrew, show his DR about it, and then the view ladies talked about it, Elisabeth from Survivor thought it was horrible that he did that.

Interesting day on the feeds!! :)

July 26, 2010 at 11:38 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Hi :)

You're all waiting for me to say new top post... arentcha??

July 26, 2010 at 11:48 AM  
Blogger *^*^*MsFitz*^*^*^ said...

Carolyn - Yup, you already caught me once today! he-he!!!

July 26, 2010 at 11:49 AM  
Blogger jluvsturtles said...

LOL, Caro :)

July 26, 2010 at 11:50 AM  
Blogger GaYToR said...

Good Morning DishBots, (with 1 BBT minute to go.


July 26, 2010 at 12:00 PM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Hi Patti! :)

Hi MsFitz!! :) hehe

Hey Gaytor! :)

July 26, 2010 at 12:02 PM  
Blogger Carolyn said...


New top Post!! :)

July 26, 2010 at 12:02 PM  
Blogger Shi Shi said...

Grendon said: Brendon and Rachel have gone from being annoying to being completely unlikeable. And while I enjoyed the fact that Rachel seemed to have all Matt's slimy moves figured out before he even made them---it now seems as though she is playing the same type of game.

I could not agree with you more!!!!

At this point I can't think of anyone other than Andrew that I would like to win! Go Andrew!

July 26, 2010 at 12:21 PM  

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