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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Big Brother 12: The Overnight Report

Good morning, BB Lovers! Happy Saturday! It's PoV Comp Day!

As we learned last night on the live feeds, the HGs playing for PoV will be: Matt, Kathy, Andrew, Brendon, Rachel & Lane, with Enzo hosting. While there have definitely been grumbles about Brendon & Rachel getting picked to play, at least now, if they don't win, no one can call this a backdoor eviction, since they both have a fair chance to save themselves.

As I begin to write this TOR at 5:25am BBT, we have sleeping HGs on all the live feeds, with snoozing snugglebunnies in the twin bed on 1.

Reading through Genie's Evening Post and then Lessa's Late Night, which covered up til 1am BBT, I began to think about the game in the bigger picture... Well, as much as one can think on limited caffeine, that is...

Anyhow, two things came to mind:

First, Kristen. In her quiet way, I think she's playing an excellent game thus far. She's become a supportive confidant to many of the HGs, and apart from a 5 minute conflict with Britney and Monet, which was manufactured by Rachel, she hasn't had cross words with anyone in the house.

Second... As much as the whole house is gunning for Rachel & Brendon, surely some of them - Matt & Ragan especially - must be aware that the longer both Brendon and Rachel remain in the house, the longer they themselves remain target free.

OK.. time to make the donuts.

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Please check back around 8:00am BBT for the completed Overnight Report.

12:50am BBT

As we begin the Overnight Report, Hayden & Kristen are flirting out back on the couch. He's just asked if she'll pluck his eyebrows after he takes a shower. Of course, she says. Then he tells her in barely veiled code speak, "You're making things hard."

Inside, on the bottom steps of the circular staircase, Matt is "nervousing" about the PoV Comp... Ragan exits the bathroom and comes over to talk with Matt. We'll join their conversation...

Ragan: You nervous about tomorrow?
Matt: Yeah, but not for like competitive factor.
Ragan: Right.
Matt: Cuz I know I'm.. I don't know. I'm nervous if they win. I'm nervous if anyone else wins it...
Ragan: Yeah..
Matt: Either way, it's something weird gonna happen.

Ragan: Right.
Matt: ...and either way, it's none of your business, camera, that's being nosy.

Enzo comes into the area.

Matt: Makin' pizza, if you want some, Enzo.
Enzo: (mumbles something unintelligibly)
Matt: Ya think so? I kinda lean towards that, too... Because he's got the jibe... He's a competitor, man. He's good at stuff.
Enzo: (gestures to his head, indicating Andrew's kipa, but fresh from the shower, Enzo isn't wearing a mic.)

Matt: All four of em!

BRB Screen for 3 minutes. We return to Matt in the same position, still talking with Ragan. But Enzo is no longer present.

: ...I'll give you the world. It's gonna be both sad and entertaining and weird and uncomfortable.
Ragan: It's just.. the rest of the week is gonna be... It's gonna be one of those competitions that's so intense, that, it's gonna be hard to watch. Even if it's the lamest competition...
Matt: Just 'cause of the drama surrounding it?

Ragan: Oh yeah!
Matt: It's gonna be a long 4 days after that.
Ragan: Because Enzo's right: So many people are playing for their lives in that competition.
Matt: 4 people... Who wants it most? Man... I was thinking about, like, um, those challenges where they take away things from the house, there's nothing, like, other than the flamingos, the decorations are so arbitrary.
Ragan: Right..
Matt: They're nothing .. Nothing that stands out as like, oh, you remember
: It's not always taking things away. Sometimes it's just counting.
Matt: But even that.. How do you even describe some of this stuff? It's like weird artsy vases... There's not like fish or things.. Even those leaves...

Hayden & Kristen enter from the backyard.

: Like shells... Hey Kristen, do you dare me to do a shot of nail polish remover?

Kristen laughs, tells him no and makes her way to the bathroom.

Matt: Do you dare me to do a shot of what?!?
Ragan: I would probably get in trouble for doing it...
***and need to be rushed to the hospital!

Matt gets off the staircase and heads into the kitchen to check on his pizza.

Hayden's there with him. Ragan & Kristen join too. It's pizza and irrelevant chatter time.

When the pizza party breaks up, Hayden heads to the shower. Matt stops in and asks him to come up to HoH when he's done.

And so he does... We join them up there.

1:24am BBT
HoH Room
Matt & Hayden

Matt: Don't tell anybody about this. This is what I found out, and I was told specifically not to tell you and Kristen, but just so you, like, know what's goin' on... Obviously, Ragan's like my little side-alliance, like Kristen is with you..
Hayden: Yeah.
Matt: He's awesome to have around, cuz he just talks and talk and talks about everything...
Hayden: Yeah..
Matt: Well, I guess he was in a conversation with Brendon, and they didn't say your guyses names, but Brendon pretty much explicitly implied to Ragan that you and Kristen were his targets, if he wins HoH next week... Which, I assume that means Rachel too, so.. just so you're kind of in the head space... Brigade might have to do some work, if one of them wins next week.

Hayden: So Brendon said that?
Matt: Ragan said he didn't say your names, and that's why Ragan said, "don't say anything to anybody, because I don't want this getting around," he goes, but he was saying, he goes, he said something to the effect of, "There's two strong people in the house... obvious close friends.. and they dropped way too quickly in the competition, and I don't know why people aren't targeting them, ".. He's like, "they need to be out of the house next week," so, I mean, it's probably you and Kristen, ya know?
Hayden: Yeah.
Matt: I mean, don't say anything...
Hayden: nonono...
Matt: Cuz I don't want...
Hayden: I wont tell.
Matt: Cuz Ragan's like an awesome resource, and if he finds out I'm telling people things he tells me, he's gonna stop telling me things.
Hayden: Yeah. No, absolutely.
Matt: I just found this out tonight. Late. Before I made pizza, he told me, and I'm like, oh f**k... So now it's even more important to get one of em out this week.. and then also to make sure the other one doesn't win HoH next week.
Hayden: What a cocksucker.
Matt: (laughs) And I don't think Ragan has any reason to lie to me, especially since Ragan is like totally gunning for me to not use the Veto on Brendon or Rachel. Like, he wants them to stay.
Hayden: He wants them to stay?
Matt: Because, well, see this is where it sucks, not being able to talk about the Brigade? Which is a good thing that it's so secretive that he has no clue... But, he's like, you shouldn't get rid of them, because we're gonna be safe with them next week. He says "we." Everything's we with him, because he thinks we're the friendship alliance.
Hayden: Yeah..
Matt: So he's like, we're safe withthem next week. They have bigger targets. They're going after Hayden and Kristen next week. Why would you get rid of them? Even if they win HoH, you know we're not their targets - Hayden and Kristen are... And I'm like, I don't even dick around or even pretend that's true, I just tell him like, oh, maybe that's true, wait! We gotta gettem out.. And he's like, I think it's a bad idea... No, no, it's a good idea, trust me. But I can't be like, It's a great idea, because we have the Brigade and...
Hayden: Yeah.
Matt: I can't say that, but I just wanna say it. So anyway, that's kinda what's goin' on... So don't say anything to Kristen, or even like, anybody, if you don't want. I'm just tellin' you, cuz you're the point person involved in it...
Hayden: Yeah. I figured they would come after me at one point or another, just because I put em up week one, ya know?
Matt: yeah, that's true, I didn't think of that. We just need to make sure this plan works. If not tomorrow, then bust ass on HoH.
Hayden: So who'll go up?
Matt: Brendon. It's smarter for me, just cause I'm closer with Rachel.
Hayden: yeah.
Matt: Is there any way, that if Brendon does go up, he would stay over either Kathy or Andrew? There's no way, right?
Hayden: Pray for the Brigade.
Matt: I'm the tie vote. Even with just the 4 from the Brigade. That's it.
Hayden: It's a sure thing. The Brigade and Kristen... and I think Britney would vote Brendon out... We're running the show. If it stays the same, do you want Kathy or Andrew to go home?

Matt weighs the options and crafts the target to fall on Kathy's head... Matt swings the conversation back to Brendon & Rachel targeting Hayden and Kristen next week, and how they'll have to overcome that...

2:05am BBT
Around the house, all the HGs are in bed... Hayden and Kristen are in separate beds in Taj, but that doesn't last long... After a few minutes, Hayden gets up and joins Kristen in her bed for a snuggle and a makeout session.

They're still similarly entwined and 3am...

Just before 4am, he goes back into his bed and they talk about their relationships outside the house.

Kristen: I still don't know what I'm gonna do about my situation... The guy, I don't think he'll want to be with me... I'm not concerned about the outcome with the 2 of us, I'm more concerned about his feelings, and trying to put myself in his shoes. I would be like, listen, this happened totally unexpected, and this is how I feel, and I understand if you think it's totally messed up... It just sucks that I can't communicate.
Hayden: I know how you feel.
Kristen: It's also a situation that, unless you're in it, you can't understand. It's really hard.
Hayden: Trust me, I feel exactly the same way, and my situation is very similar to yours... There's still a girl I care about a lot, and the last thing I wanna do is hurt her, but the way I feel about you right now is special.
Kristen: I know. It is. (deep sigh)
Hayden: ..but I made it clear that I 'm not in a relationship...
Kristen: And I feel like I should've done the same thing... I didn't think something like this was possible.
Hayden: So what should we do?
Kristen: Nothing differently. I mean, my feelings for you aren't gonna change. There's just always gonna be this feeling of guilt for me, but you know, it's only because I can't communicate with that person to tell him what's going on.
Hayden: Maybe you should talk to him on the live feeds.

They find themselves back in bed together shortly after this conversation... That's where we joined them this morning when I started the Overnight, and that's where they remained until 5:39am BBT when Hayden gave Kristen one last goodnight kiss, then got up and went to his own bed, right next to hers.

This concludes the Overnight Report! Happy Saturday & Good Luck to all the HGs Playing for PoV today!

***8:10am BBT - BB just woke the HGs!! The morning report will begin shortly. ☺

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Blogger GaYToR said...

No one said good TOR but it was so...

Good TOR Carolyn!


July 24, 2010 at 9:39 AM  
Blogger Stephanie from the West Coast said...

I'll second that - Good TOR Carolyn!

July 24, 2010 at 10:22 AM  

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