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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Heeeey, what time is it?

Sorry I'm late, ya'll! I was just finally getting to watch today's show and catching up on all the happenings in the house all day. Darn this job taking away my "internets" feed watching time!

Anyway - around the house - Kristen is straightening her hair, while Hayden watches from the couch in the bathroom, and Matt and Rachel are chatting in the HOH room about the coup d'etat, etc.

Before I got here, Brendon was in HOH too, as well as Britney, Rachel and Ragan, with Brendon pushing his agenda for Andrew to stay this week. Ragan told him it all changed with that POV speech (that I JUST watched. heh. I thought it was kinda funny, anyone else?) and that Brendon is beating his head against the wall, and stupid.

Rachel: There's not another 4 person alliance in the game like us, and you two!
--Lessa: umhm. Heh.

11:09pm - Hammock
Kathy joins the patio crew, while Ragan and Britney head toward the hammock.
Britney: It's a very hard boat for us to be in.
Ragan: Very.
Britney: I feel like.. I don't know. When he talks about they - I feel like, really, he includes me in that 'they'.
Ragan: I think he includes everyone that's not the two of them.
Britney: No consideration of how we have felt the past few days. And the Andrew arguments don't even add up, Ragan.
Ragan: We know what it is. We know. What do you think as far as.. let's just do that. I'm guessing we have very similar ideas for...
Britney: But see the difference in your idea and mine? I don't know if you feel this way, I have to control my own destiny, and I'm being sought after, by certain people and I feel like.. I have to protect myself. And Rachel and Brendon are after me - they're not after you. And then you have the whole issue of the house - and it puts me in a really hard spot.

Britney: I get the feeling that most people aren't considering this person right now? But if this person got in power, I'd be up right away, so for me it comes down to protecting myself. I just want to be here.
Ragan: I wish we could talk to Matt right now.
Britney: I know. Matt is so logical about these things. The thing that sucks is everyone is scared of the house - Matt got out of this without the house getting mad, but that can't happen two weeks in a row. So what do you do? What's your dilemma?

Ragan: It was just weird..
Britney: It was such a red flag! He's either an idiot, or a liar...
Ragan: He's not an idiot.
Britney: ...and you could see him realize that we're not stupid enough..
Ragan: Right. You don't think we were too hard core?
Britney: No. Even if he thinks so, Rachel understands. I think Rachel is more perceptive.

Britney: Here's the thing about tomorrow. It's in no way a total disaster, but in no way a total gain.
Ragan: Yeah. I think I'm gonna go back up there...
Britney: I don't even know, Ragan. Do you feel your perception of next week has been altered?
Ragan: I think today has been eye-opening all the way around.
Britney: Right. He just doesn't make any sense - at all! I mean it makes sense if you figure it out - so where does it leave him? He feels like it's him against the world. The thing about Brendon is, you're only safe to a certain extent.

Ragan leaves and heads upstairs - where he finds Rachel and Matt - Rachel jumps right in.
Rachel: I wanted to apologize to you - I appreciate your logic. So Sorry.

Matt bails to get something to drink.

Ragan: Ultimately, Rachel, here's the deal. I'm not a moron. What that would do to Matt puts him in an awful position. If you had four, and Matt would be the five...
Rachel: I don't care if Andrew stays in the house - I don't care if you believe me? But I don't care if he stays. Brendon and I have gotten into so many fights about it..
Ragan: That was a really hard sell from Brendon, it was. You have two people in this room that really went out on a limb for you two this week.

Here comes Brendon...

Brendon: Sorry about earlier..
Ragan: It's ok
Rachel: will you give us like 5 minutes?
Brendon: ok. (leaves)

Rachel: I'll swear to you on my life, this game... Andrew has not talked to me, approached me, all I know is he apologized and said he's not coming after us. Bottom line, that's all I know.

Matt peeks in, steps out again.

Rachel: I'm just scared
Ragan: I think you get
Rachel: Too emotional
Ragan: too emotional, too bogged down on what's against you instead of seeing what's in your corner. You have people looking out for you that are telling you all the things they're doing to look out for you, but you have to have faith in that. I know how dire it feels for both of you, that you feel like you're out there alone - you're not. You're not! It's the game, know what I mean?
Rachel: I don't think Brendon meant that we have more to lose, it just...
Ragan: ...came out wrong.
Rachel: It'll be almost impossible for us both to stay with one of us on the block.

Ragan: This is a game that changes moment to moment - two days ago? Andrew was staying. You have to look at the cards you're dealt, and play them. You have to realize that these are the kind of people you have looking out for you, who recognize what you bring to this game.
Rachel: ...and I appreciate that, more than you know.

Rachel: Was it stupid of me to fall for Brendon? Yeah, but it is what it is. I found out he was a physicist and that was it! I was sold! I see the reference to season ten that you made - April and Ollie only looking out for themselves, but I don't think we're like that.
Ragan: And it works both ways, people looking out for you too...
Rachel: And a lot of people not in our corner. I just feel like this is such an important HOH.
Ragan: I think everyone tomorrow will be... just...
Rachel: I think some people will be complacent tomorrow - which I'm glad, because..
Ragan: I disagree. I think everyone is playing tomorrow. I do. I think they may act like complacent about getting past this week, but people realize what a big milestone that is. People are gonna fight tomorrow. That's what my gut is telling me. Who knows? Thing is, if it's a true false thing? It's anybody's game.
Rachel: It's obviously a quiz. And I'm scared
Ragan: All you can do is prep yourself to the best of your ability.
Rachel: I have been, thinking of characteristics of all of us, dates...
Ragan: Because you feel your feet are so close to the fire in every competition - you're hungrier. That gives you an edge, a big edge.
Rachel: I know...

Rachel: I think you're safe.
Ragan: I NEVER feel safe.
Rachel: Me neither. I think there are some that feel that way, and maybe won't play as hard.

Rachel: Did you notice there are three plants there at the top of the stairs? I was HOH for a week and never noticed. I don't know. There could be more. I don't know. I just hope it's not geared toward a crap shoot where anyone can guess.
BB: Rachel! Ragan! Please don't play with your microphone!
Rachel and Ragan: SORRY!

They continue to speculate about tomorrow's HOH competition... Brendon joins, followed by Matt.

Matt tosses Ragan a twisty tie
Ragan: AWW! I will! You know, I found one of these by my bed...
Matt: What?! Where would you get one of those?!
Rachel: Are you jealous?
Matt: Yes!

Back to HOH speculation, then...

Rachel: Brendon, why does Ragan get a twistie and I don't?
Brendon: Matt loves him more. Have you seen the way those two look at each other?
Matt: Britney was saying that Ragan is the only one she can flirt with so she likes having him around - and I was like, you know? Me too! We have to keep him around! It's clean, until after dark, then it's veeeeeeeery diiiiiiirty.
--Lessa: hahahah!

11:43 Checking in on the Patio Crew - talk is traveling and visiting different states, etc... General convo.

Upstairs, Rachel and Brendon say goodnight, wishing each other good luck in HOH, then leave.

Matt: How did the convo go...
Ragan: OH MY GOD.

Matt: Were you placating them?
Ragan: No, I went off! It was insulting, it was like....
Matt: I'm coming over there, you've piqued my curiosity.
Ragan: So, he was doing a ridiculously hard sell on Andrew. Very strong-army stuff! So Britney and I were like - it makes no sense why you would want to keep Andrew who has said in a meeting he's coming after you..
Matt: This is what you told him?
Ragan: Yeah! I'm telling you right now, him and Andrew are the secret pair! Life long friends! What did we say? Look for campaigning that makes no sense! They're the secret pair! And Brendon... where I lost it, and started going off... was - and to tell you the truth, I'm nervous, I might have gone off a little too much. I was like you need to stop, I got really heated, and I was really trying to pick my words, and the most insulting aspect was that Brendon is such a f'ing idiot, and thinks he's so smart! And for him to think so little of me, that I might have been sitting there thinking oh, maybe it makes sense... it's insulting! I said Brendon - you are trying to work logic, yours makes this much sense (small fingers), mine makes THIS much sense. You need to stop, the numbers are what they are, you need to stop. you're making an even bigger target!
Matt: What did he say?
Ragan: He keeps on with the same f'in bs! He was all, I really believed that he said he wasn't after me, and.. and then Britney popped in, and said he would have been ok if he hadn't done that in the meeting and for two, you weren't fighting so hard for him to say... I felt like adults talking to a f'ing retarded monkey! It's like, can you not see by the look on my face that I think you're the biggest idiot in the house? I couldn't hide it! I couldn't hide it! I'm sorry we left you, but we had to get out of there!
Matt: Do you think Rachel knows if they're the secret pair?
Ragan: Yeah..
Matt: ...or just thinking they're part of an alliance..
Ragan: They might not be able to tell anyone. I'm certain. 100% certain. You wouldn't go to bat that hard core! Brendon is an idiot! One of the biggest idiots to play this game. You know the ones just smart enough to be dangerous? That's Brendon. If it was just an alliance... he has no problem slitting our throats if it's someone who might have their back. That is more, that is more. And what Andrew said downstairs 'oh, Brendon hasn't talked to you? I love Brendon.' he was giving away information too! I think that Andrew realized he didn't have the votes to say, so wanted to come clean with everything, hoping his earnestness would win us. I think the last card he could have possibly stayed is selling Rachel out.
Matt: What stopped him?
Ragan: Brendon! And Andrew is also one that overestimates his intelligence, and that gets in the way of what they can do in the house - they're always tripping over their own egos! I think Brendon intervened, and said people we could sway are emotional people... go in there and be as sincere as you can and let me see what I can do - and I believe he was sincere... and..
Matt: So - do you have a clearer thought on what you'd do if you won?
Ragan: DUH. Me telling you this... this is - if your back is against the wall.. you gotta...
Matt: Ragan.
Ragan: I want Brendon out of this f'in house! Rachel is playing this game to stay with Brendon, Brendon is playing to win. I think anyone - except Britney, but I think she's gonna throw it - I think if anyone gets HOH, they go up together. If Rachel goes, people are still targeting Brendon, which is almost better. If that plays out? It would mean Brendon won a third POV! And the next week would have to be a backdoor situation. But, quite honestly, before this conversation, I was gonna throw the HoH. I don't trust them.
Matt: I told you earlier. They're so bad at what they're doing!

Ragan: I'm so disgusted right now.
Matt: I told you, I knew it. They're horrible game players, and horrible liars! I called them out in my meeting - they're horrible liars!

Cam1/2 - Brendon and Rachel are bickering again - Brendon's upset that she asked him to leave HOH earlier.

Back in HOH:
Ragan: I don't want Kristen against me.
Matt: I don't either, but I think she'd be the one to go against either of us, but I don't know. It's not based on anything..
Ragan: Again, don't say anything... there's one person I have confidence in, and that's you. She told me on the hammock that there is one person...
Matt: She told me that too, but told me who..
Ragan: I'm guessing it's Kristen.
Matt: Yeah. And she's told me too - not just once - she's mentioned Kristen gunning for her, and I ask her where she's getting that information, and she says Rachel. Always Rachel. And I'm like, you need to talk to Kristen...
Ragan: I think she's after Brendon and Rachel!
Matt: She is! I don't talk much with her, and I've never seen her angry - but after Brendon won POV, she was all we have to get this mf'er out of her. Unless she's an outstanding actress? She wants them out. And I told Britney that if Rachel is her main source? TALK TO KRISTEN... you know, just chill out with her, have a conversation. It's a bad idea to not get Brendon out of this house.
Ragan: I don't get the impression she'll put up Brendon and Rachel. I think she and I have a bit in common, and I think Britney realizes that if she wins in week four, she either goes against the house... and if she goes after Kristen? I don't think she's gonna go... if she doesn't go for the comp, and I don't go for the comp..
Matt: Kristen is totally aware that her and Hayden - so they're totally fighting.
Ragan: yeah, yeah.

Ragan: So let me ask you a question - if it were Kristen and Hayden, would you vote to keep Kristen or Hayden?
Matt: I don't know. I like them both, but I'm closer to Hayden, but that's just personal. But during the week, you know? Today, keep Hayden, we're cool. I don't do that stuff with Kristen. That's not to say I cannot or will not be swayed..
Ragan: But right now, yeah. Do you think I should not go to win tomorrow? Here's the way I played it out in my head in the hammock. I win the HOH - my options last night were, don't put R/B up and piss off the house - but then they have even more of a reason..

12:05 And BB hates me - they flip to Lane/Enzo playing pool. Heh. Rachel gets busted for not having her mic on, and Lane/Enzo are all Brogade talk, again.


OK. Biting my tongue and checking into the lover's spat.

Brendon: I'm sorry. I just don't like it when people tell me I'm wrong, my thinking is wrong.
Rachel: I know, but that's why I tried to stop you, stop him. We don't want to lose Ragan. There's nothing we can do.

Rachel: You got to keep your eye on that goal. You're hear to win - and not to feel bad about stuff, you're here to win. We met each other, we need to protect each other. We're here to win, not get pissed off at stupid comments and feel bad about stuff. There's nothing we can do. He made the mistake.
Brendon: I know. I know. I don't know what he was thinking. I know him. He wanted to make a show, but it was way too much. I'll deal with it, he's gone, but.. I'm gonna tell him tomorrow, I want him to know it's coming.

12:13am BB loves me again! All feeds on the backyard! Watching them play pool. after the game, Ezno goes in, and talk with lane and Britney - speculation is HOH, who might win, what they might do, etc. Lather rinse repeat, really.

12:26 - Andrew goes and chats with Brendon and Rachel
Andrew: I can leave the house relieved that all the truth is out there. I'm gonna walk out the door doing what I should do. I can say I did whatever I need to do.
Rachel: Is it Hayden and Kristen? Everyone knows..
Andrew: What do they know?
Rachel: They're a secret alliance?
Andrew: (just smiles) It won't hurt you. It'll help. Either way, I'm going out with a bang.
Brendon: You're the craziest Jew I've ever known.
Andrew: She's the controlling of the two - and controlling a lot of other people.
Rachel: I know.
Andrew: We'll talk more tomorrow. Smile. I'm ok.

Andrew leaves, Brendon just laughs and shakes his head, then whispers... and we go back to the table, where Enzo, Hayden and Lane are chatting about Andrew, too. And then on the 'get Brendon and Rachel out' train again.

Ok - as I hinted at, I'm gonna skip out a little early tonight, as it was a long day at work, and got another long day tomorrow. (I hate opening shift! heh.) So! As the boys are talking about what they're gonna wear tomorrow, I'm off to bed. Night Dishers!



Blogger Aimee said...

Happy Late Night Lesss
Here's my thoughts on the endless conversation between Rachel/Brendon and Ragan/Brittney...Ragan has a point, but I doubt his advice is worth that much. It doesn't matter what Brendon does. They are all after him no matter what.

July 28, 2010 at 11:27 PM  
Blogger RhondaM said...

Hi Lessa!

Man I look away for a few hours and I'm lost!

So here's a question. Do you see HG's true colors when they are threatened or when they feel safe? I know it's both, depending on the person, but it's so hard to tell sometimes. And it frustrates me.

July 28, 2010 at 11:36 PM  
Blogger Rubyrooo said...

Hey Girl!

Just poppin in to say Hi!
Thanks for your dedication and blogging for us die hard fans every night.

G'nite. I am off to bed, so I will have to catch up in the morning.

July 28, 2010 at 11:41 PM  
Blogger Lessa said...

Hi ya'll :)

Fair warning - may cut out early tonight - LONG day today, and another one tomorrow too.

July 28, 2010 at 11:42 PM  
Blogger Izzy said...

Hey Lessa and all...Oh Lessa, thanks for the rapid fire blogging...could barely keep up. You're so good.

Sweet dreams when you get there.

Only comment about tonight's show...Lane..ninja stuff??? I almost fell off my sofa.

Nite nite y'all! xxoo

July 28, 2010 at 11:48 PM  
Blogger Aimee said...

And here goes Ragan throwing Rachel and Brendon under the bus to Matt.

Again, this proves my point, Brendon should vote how he wants because it won't make a difference to any one. Plus, Kathy has said she's coming after them just not to Ragan. She has told every one else that.

And one more time: there is no secret pair.

July 28, 2010 at 11:48 PM  
Blogger RhondaM said...

I'm sorry....I ♥ Regan but, .... what? Wait, uh...maybe is he working all sides?. I need to go back, or maybe....goodness I'm confused!!!

Regan is good. If he makes it past the next 2 weeks, I will predict a WIN for him. IF he wins some comps as well.

The brigade will be no more soon. Unless they give up Matt and Hayden for Kristen and Britney. Enzo, Lane, Kristen and Britney. The NEW brigade.

Matt reminds me of the cat in Alice in Wonderland right now.

July 28, 2010 at 11:57 PM  
Blogger RhondaM said...

What's kinda funny as well... Brendon and Rachel have WAY different thoughts and strategies. They each try to convince each other of this or that, but who will cave? They are both strong and stubborn. At some point it will be to both their demise.

July 29, 2010 at 12:06 AM  
Blogger Izzy said...

forgot to say...how sad I felt for Andrew after reading about his meeting. It breaks my heart that he has been so isolated. And the mix and match of his religion and his awkward relationships with the HGs.

In all honesty, have to wonder how much he's playing the loner card. If that was the case, it backfired. That said, his tears broke my heart.

July 29, 2010 at 12:09 AM  
Blogger Aimee said...

Andrew is gone tomorrow (at least I think so), but while I am not a Brendon fan I really hope he wins HOH tomorrow. I think that's the best hope of sending one of the other 4 home.

July 29, 2010 at 12:33 AM  
Blogger Lessa said...

Alright dishers - I'm out a little early, as I'm flat out beat. g'night, and Carolyn will be here for The Overnight Report in a few hours!

July 29, 2010 at 12:36 AM  
Blogger RhondaM said...

Britney!!!... blah blah blah...geesh you say that a lot! and really fast!

These boys will get rid of you in a heartbeat! You are being used! You think you are cute and smart, but you are not! They are using you for information.

It may work for you. We shall see.

July 29, 2010 at 1:37 AM  

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