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Monday, August 16, 2010

It's Late night!

Hey, Dishers! How much fun was the Saboteur messages last night? Good job, Ragan!

Right now, around the house, we've gotten libations, and Brendon, Lane, Enzo are chatting at the table, sharing a bottle of wine, while Britney and Hayden are in the back yard, talking about how their season is the hardest.

Kathy's smoking on the patio. Brendon won the pool tourney tonight, and has put his name in the bowl. He and the boys are chatting about school, and other generalities.

Cams 1/2 flip to Ragan and Matt chatting in the Have not room.

Ragan: I think Trust is important to him. It's not who do you like more, but who you can trust. And he knows..
Matt: Yeah. It's gonna be interesting on Thursday. They told me out of respect they'd let me know, and give me the heads up. And maybe it'll be such a hard decision for them... in one sense they can cop out, and just split the votes, but now they don't know how they're gonna do it. Honestly, if I was in their position, I would want to split the votes. But I dunno if that's the route they'll go either.
Ragan: It's hard.
Matt: I know.
Ragan: It's a waiting game. Is there anything you can do to sweeten the pot for them? They're very masculine in their approach to communication. It's about "how far does this get me."
Matt: Whatever happens, man, I just hope that they take into consideration the bullshit of that pretzel thing and throw us a..
(Kathy joins)
..a bone in our direction. I want whoever stays to win HOH. Lane and myself just wanna get business done. We're sick of this. But you do whatever you want to do.

-- They still think it'll be a double eviction - we know better. It's not the right week for them, (typically it goes from 6 to 4 in a Fast Forward) and Julie would have mentioned it, and they'd promote the heck outta it too. --

Kathy: He has to go. I'm so sick of being called a coward.
Matt: He still calls you that?
Kathy: Yeah. He could have hit that exit button and saved her.
Matt: If it was that important to him, yeah.
Ragan: I can't believe they let that message go through.
Matt: Damage done, they fucked up.
Kathy: Keep that between us...
--and everyone else you've told...

Matt: Hopefully it's like a roping competition HOH so Lane wins, a Poetry Slam veto...

Matt: For all the sh*t he says isn't fair? That's not fair. Writing a message to someone who's been evicted? That's not fair.
Ragan: Unless the message was part of the conditions
Matt: If that's the case, then that's cool.

Kathy: I just wanted you to know, I didn't want to start anything..
--Lessa: HAHAHAHAHAHA. ahem.
Matt: i didn't say anything.
Kathy: I just thought you should know
Matt: I don't even blame him for it. It was a scumbag thing for Rachel to do, a scumbag thing for them to let happen.

At the kitchen table, the boys are talking first times, relationships, etc.

Kathy: You better not give up.
Matt: I never do. There's always a light at the end of the tunnel somewhere.
Ragan: You're a wonderful person, you deserve to be here.
Kathy: I absolutely agree.
Matt: Maybe I just will then. Maybe I will. Karma works in funny ways.
Ragan: It does. And I think that, I'm a firm believer in Karma, not like all of it, but generally.
Kathy: There's good Karma and bad karma.
Ragan: ...and I feel like I needed the last week to happen to humble me and remind me of who I am. I needed to be knocked down a peg.

BB: Ragan to the DR.
Hayden has joined the boys at the table. Britney walked through, joins the Have Not room.

Britney: My prescriptions are there, which means there's a good chance I'm still engaged. They were like we contacted your fiance, which means he still is that...
Matt: What if they said they contacted your ex-fiance?
Britney: We contacted this Nick guy, but Nicole said...
Matt: It'd be so funny if your letter was from Nicole, signed with the lipstick kiss..
--all said in good fun, with laughter!

At the table.. Brendon's left the other three...
Enzo: My daughter's gonna be the best damn thing ever, cuz she's got me and the wife in her! She's got it all! Unbelievable, yo! Gorgeous Italian-American. It's the genes.

Brendon's back, Lane goes to the DR, and Matt gets called to the DR - have not room:

Ragan: Stop massaging your boobs!
Britney: I have too!
Matt: Wait till I get back!
Ragan: She's Boobsterbating, America! Right in front of me! Women are so WEIRD...

Ragan: you're boobs are SO BIG.. look at the Anna Nicole Bra!
Matt: (back from DR) Yeah, I don't understand that bra at all...

Matt: Are you more comfortable changing in front of girls, as you are in front of a gay guy?
Britney: I lost a lot of modesty in pageants, because everyone changes back there, but I'm still pretty modest. But I'm comfortable either way. I've showered with both Ragan and Monet after competitions.
Matt: My wife has this gay friend - he's awesome, but I'm always teasing him that I'm convinced he's straight, and it's just a ruse to get women naked around him.
Ragan: I love him, what's his name?
Matt: Patrick. No, I can't say that... Pat...

--we get bubbled, and continued bubbles as Matt talks about him - must not have signed a release!

11:30 - back, briefly:
Ragan: Ragan and Pat, Pat and Ragan, Patragan!
Matt: Sounds good, right?

bubbles again

Ragan: g'night pat!
Britney: pat!
Matt: everytime he comes over, he brings us these...

bubbles - brings you what? WHAT DOES PAT BRING?! Dammit Skippy!

back, and they're talking about season 8, Joe and Dustin, then season 11, of course. At the kitchen table, the talk is still women.
Enzo: You gotta have an ass, man. I don't like a woman that don't have an ass!

Matt: So it said I love you and Matt?
Ragan: yeah
Matt: So maybe it was I love you Matt, and I wasn't supposed to be nominated!
Ragan: See, this other pretzel is a comma!
Britney: What are you talking about?!
Ragan: Nothing...
Britney: Someone wrote Matt in pretzels?
Ragan: No....yes.
Britney: Since when do you protect Brendon?!
Ragan: No, someone told me..
Britney: Oh, what did Kathy say?
--Lessa: hahahah!

We leave the have not room, and find Lane/Kathy on the patio.
Kathy: It seemed like every time I stepped away for five minutes something dramatic happened, and I'm just like, maybe if I had stayed just a few more minutes. I'm just so sick of hearing what he is saying! But her, I felt like if I could get into her head and get her focus off disruption. I mean, I was glad she didn't last the 24 hours! I walked her to the door hugged her shut it and said goodbye then ran out here and told them they could breathe, she's gone. I don't like the drama, I got embarrassed when they asked me that question about not apologizing, because what are people gonna think? I knew they just showed me yellin', and I don't even remember what I said...
Lane: yeah..
Kathy: I told you all, I wasn't gonna do it. If she says I did, it's a lie. I'll never walk out of this house and apologize for beating you at bowling.
Lane: How far a flight is it for you from home to here?
--Lessa: hahahahaah! Not an obvious change of subject at ALL there, Lane..

At the table, Brendon, Hayden and Enzo are talking about making the final four, and how it'd be awesome, man. Lane and Kathy move to talking about wanting their normal life back.. they don't want stardom, just want to go back to their life as usual after the show.

Kathy: This has been amazing and stuff, but the where's Kathy now? I'll be back home, like always.

The boys head upstairs to the HOH room, and bring the Bowl which gets to sleep in the HOH room tonight.
Brendon: It's a big night for the Bowl!

Enzo: Everyone was up here all the time last week, now no one wants to hang out up here.

Enzo: That's why I called her out on the Saboteur sh*t, yo.
Brendon: I'm glad you did. She started telling me who she thinks it is, basically described you..
Enzo: She was doing that like she was doing to Mattie.. now both her friends are on the block, and she's trying to save both of them (...huh?!) then she was all, I didn't say it - I mean, first of all, don't even think I'm the saboteur, if I wasn't the first time, why would I be the second time?! A piece of tape across a face? That's worth five thousand dollars? no way.
Brendon: Ragan came to me and Britney told him that I said he had thrown both HOH competitions. I don't care, I'm so done with talking to Britney and Ragan. They're drama all the time! Matt does it too, so I'm so glad to see Matt go. All they do is gossip!
Enzo: That's all they do man. So Matt's tight with them?
Brendon: I would have put out Britney, but I just don't like Ragan. I mean, I said if I keep Matt around, don't put me up, and Ragan said he'd take it into consideration, and I'm like, f you, I'm taking your friend! I don't know who he thinks he is, some f'in, kinda, some f'in BB blackbelt or something..
Enzo: hahahaha
Hayden: Big Brother blackbelt to the third degree...
Brendon: They act like they know everything about the game, like their sh*t don't stink..
Hayden: They do know the game.
Brendon: Sure, so what, just because you watched a bunch of seasons? So what..
Enzo: Just because you know them, don't mean nothin, don't mean you can beat us at them!
--Enzo, darling, how about you WIN SOMETHING, huh? Just sayin...

They go into the list of Saboteur messages and in the order they happened, what they said, etc, all 14 of them. Enzo puts some of them into rap form to help remember them.

Hayden: With the Jury, you only need 4 votes to win..
Brendon: ...and me and Rachel, we're two votes. Rachel's not in the game, I am, and if I'm out, I tell her everything.
Enzo: They're not playing the game..
Brendon: They're playing the game for themselves! No one's loyal in this game. No, I take it back, this side of this house is loyal, that side isn't..
--Lessa: just because they're not loyal to YOU doesn't mean they're not loyal to ANYONE... just sayin'

Brendon: Matt may not want to vote for me. I mean, I said I wouldn't put him up, but Rachel wanted him gone. If he doesn't understand that, then f you. They're such dumbasses. They deserved to be on slop and Matt deserves to go home.
Enzo: Yeah, I'm just, this HOH man..
Brendon: They play like no one remembers what went on last week..
--Lessa: kinda like you forgot all about splitting Hayden and Kristen up, when folks wanted to do the same to you? Kinda like that? huh? That's what I thought.

Enzo: She definitely feels like she can win this now, since you didn't put her on the block.
Brendon: That's why I wanted her up, but well, what's done is done.
Hayden: If Enzo and I win, Britney/Ragan go up. One of them go home, and we're down to six people, the three of us, Lane, Ragan and Kathy..
Brendon: Good chance whoever survives will win HOH..
Enzo: Kathy won't do nuthin...

Hayden: So Matt's gone, you win HOH, you put up Britney n Ragan, Britney goes home - those that play are myself, Ragan, Lane, Brendon, Kathy.. one of us goes up, comes off, Kathy goes up, she's gone.
--they continue in this line, working for Kathy's ouster in a couple weeks, who has to win, etc.

Brendon: One of us can easily take a dive for the other, POVs - that situation, we take Kathy out or Lane out?
Hayden: That situation, it wouldn't be our choice, because Ragan's HoH, he chooses and thinks Lane's on his side. Then after that, there's three of us vs. 1 for HOH. We put up Ragan and Lane, then it's 2 vs 1 to go to final four.
Enzo: The odds are good.
Brendon: You just have to bank on what Rachel said, the power shifts every week.
Enzo: oooooooh that's what she means by that, it doesn't stay on one side of the house!
--Lessa: welcome to the game Enzo. *headdesk* On and on they go... round and round and round....

F1/2 go to the have not room, where Britney and Ragan are chatting about what the next season twist might be...fans vs. favorites, allstars...

Ragan: Pick five from our season...
Britney: Rachel, Enzo, Matt, Andrew, Annie..
Ragan: NO RAGAN?
Britney: Scratch that! Only Ragan! Ragan five times!
Ragan: Thank you.
Britney: Hey Matt, you asleep?
Matt: Dozing... what's up?
Britney: Can we turn off that light?
Matt: oh yeah! I forgot!
Ragan: I'll go pee and turn off the light and crawl into bed, with Britney...

Enzo: It's a game, who cries in a game?!
Brendon: They think they're united, and they're not! They're only united against a common foe. When that's gone, they'll turn on each other! They don't trust each other! I felt bad at first, but I'm so glad I made them have nots. They deserve it. Britney tries to pretend she's a good Christian girl, she's a bitch.
Enzo: She's got a lot to learn.
Brendon: She's 22, she's got a lot to learn. I'm pretty sure I'm 30 and I got a lot more experience than you.
Enzo: She's always breaking up game -talkin', what do you think we're talkin about?!

Enzo: You gotta be stupid, there's no saboteur in this house! there's none! I think it's BB.
Brendon: I think Hayden's right and America voted on someone...
Hayden: Matt, because he opened pandora's box, could have said you must accept the consequences, so he might have taken it.. not saying he is, butt...
Brendon: We only have 8 people to choose from...

Brendon: Dude, these people are f'in cocky. Matt thinks he's gonna get the votes?
Enzo: He's cocky, or something, he thinks there's a f'in power! There's no power..
Brendon: The only way there's a power is if he got it in Pandora's box.
--Lessa: ding ding ding!

Enzo: He hasn't campaigned or nuthing. He's just like, let me know. I don't have to do nothing, you know? I don't gotta do nuthin but vote with Julie on Thursday. I ain't gotta tell you nuthin!
Brendon: We're gonna have a competition that's a quiz, that's geared toward the other side of the house. They make these things so the power never stays in one sides hands.
Enzo: True, there's no way a girl was gonna win that rope challenge. no way.
Brendon: No way. And honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if we have a quiz, and even if it's another one right after, it'll be another one like yesterday. Those endurance competitions? They were two weeks apart, and geared for them. So it could happen again. All we got to worry about is if Lane wins, what does he do?
Enzo: The rope challenge, the physical didn't bother me, but the mental, what goes wear weave web..
Hayden: It could be like the hot chocolate one, too
Enzo: I love that one! I'm good at that one!
Brendon: A quiz this week, and next one a physical one. They had two geared for the smaller ones, no matter what they say, so it'd make sense for them to reciprocate with two physical ones for us.

Brendon: I won't vote Britney or Ragan to win
Enzo: What if they go there together...
Brendon: Ragan. I have more respect for him because he's a teacher. She's 22. She gets her way by manipulation and crying. I'm 32. I don't need that.
Enzo: I don't wanna argue, because then I wanna hit someone.
Brendon: I wanted to throw Ragan all over this house, I understand.
Hayden: It's crazy dude. Right now, we have a 1 in 7 chance. A 2 in 7 chance of winning fifty grand.
Enzo: I'm a big believer if it's gonna be, it'll be.

Talk turns to who has money, who needs it, and I check out, because wah wah wah. Middle class is a pipe dream to me. *L*

Downstairs, Kathy's finished her cigarette, and cleans up outside then pokes her head in upstairs and breaks it up.
Kathy: what are you doin?
Enzo: Mad game talk, yo!

-- Suddenly the boys are ready to go to bed. Haha!

Enzo: you winnin' HOH this week?
Kathy: The competition is between me and you, you bomb them, so i'll have to win!
Brendon: daaaaaaaaang!

Joking and Jedi training... one more time with the Saboteur messages, Hayden wants to go to bed, Enzo wants to make a sandwich and take it to bed, and then Kathy follows them out as well, leaving Brendon alone in HOH. Meanwhile, Lane's in the shower, Hayden walks into the WC.

Hayden: You're all good dude, Don't sweat it.

Hayden: We should talk - a good talk. Maybe get out Matt's rubber duckies.
Lane: How's it look?
Hayden: Really good. As long as you know, no matter what, I have your back. No matter who you're against. If I'm against Enzo, you vote his ass out.
Lane: Both ways..
Hayden: Yeah. I'm going to bed, dude...

He heads that way, Kathy goes to talk to her fishy, Hayden and Enzo go back into the bathroom, where Enzo eats his sandwich. Because I know that I always eat my midnight snacks in the bathroom. All's quiet in the Have Not room... Brendon's getting ready for bed. Dare I say tonight's gonna be an early night for the houseguests? Dare I hope?

Enzo: You gotta pull us out man..
Lane: I'd need a tractor to pull you all out at this point. You're in deep.
Enzo: We'll pull you out! Gonna make another sandwich..
Hayden: Dude, don't eat this late!
Enzo: It's not good?
---Lessa: you've had this conversation 2912381203981203123 times!
Hayden: Make another sandwich though.
Enzo: f'it.

General convo while they do nighttime routines.. Talk goes into Kristen and Hayden...

Lane: You gonna date when you get out?
Hayden: She's my sister, remember?
Kathy: Did you kiss?
Hayden: No, Kat! Stop!
Kathy: Look at me in the eyes! Did you kiss her?
Hayden: Stop Kat! No! We didn't kiss!
Kathy: You're lying! Lying! You're lying when you look up!
Hayden: No! It's the opposite!
Kathy: It is not! are you trying to out criminal the po-po? Let me ask you another question!
Hayden: I don't want you too!
Kathy: When you were in high school..
Kathy: What color are the dishes in your mother's house?
Hayden: green and white..
Kathy: What colors are in the bathroom?
Hayden: it's a mural?
Kathy: When you were in the BB house, did you think Kristen.. were you attracted to her?
Hayden: yeah!
Kathy: When you were getting a massage?
Hayden: She's profiling me! Can you get her off me?
Lane: nope!
Hayden: KAT! Stop! Kaaaaaaat!

--Lessa: aww, that was funny and cute! *L*

Kathy walks out and heads to bed, and Enzo/Hayden fill Lane in on the upstairs convo.

Hayden: What gets me is Ragan was talking to Brendon - it was after Ragan got on the block, he was alone, and Brendon asked me where's Ragan at, and he was like where's Ragan, anyone check on him? And he was like yeah, you should check on him. so I went in there. He told Ragan that, all these people that think their your friends, think about this, no one went to check on you, I had to tell Hayden to check on you.
Lane: backstabbing your own alliance..

Brendon heads downstairs, breaks the convo up - Enzo dashes to the bathroom, Lane brushes his teeth, Hayden grabs a toothbrush too. Brendon goes outside. Lane goes to bed.

12:53 - Bubbles for no apparent reason...
12:54 - We're back, and Kathy is communing with her own true alliance...

Enzo: What are we doing? We winning HOH or what? What are we doing with Mattie?
Hayden: Yeah, tell Matt we're gonna split the votes, but don't tell him who's voting with who? If he has a power, he could use that as a reason to put us up.
Enzo: Do we split to votes anyway?
Hayden: No, what if Kathy's the saboteur?
Enzo: True.. she's not though.
Hayden: We split the votes. You vote for Mattie, I vote for Lane.
Enzo: No! You vote for Mattie, I vote Lane...

Hayden: Think, Mattie got pandora's box.
Enzo: But I don't think he got a special power...
Hayden: He threw that out there, because he doesn't want to out the Brigade. I mean, I guess we could tell him.
Enzo: If he asked for that, we need to do it for him. He never threw us under the bus, yo, and he won HOH for us twice. We owe him that. But you know, the reason is, you got tight with him..
Hayden: The reason is, he'll beat us. Matt, we love ya dude, but..
Enzo: Yeah, cuz he could flip it, Lane didn't do sh*t, and Matt did... man, this is tough. This is why I wanted Britney up and out! We'll have to be, Mattie, you made a choice, we wanted to keep Rachel and get Brendon out of here... we kept saying if Brendon wants to go home, send him home. That's a major part of it too, now he's up on the block against Lane.
Hayden: We can tell him Matt, if we split it, you're going home, anyway. Because he is. Lane has one of us, Kathy and Britney - he's here.
Enzo: He's not gonna like that either. When you tell someone it's the end, they're gonna lose it. But you know, we owe it to him. This is the ugly truth, it is what it is, yo. We made a bad mistake keeping Brendon. Me, Lane and Hayden, we talk every day, you're always with Ragan, we don't know if you flipped, we don't know nothing. You wanted us to be honest, we're honest, you're our boy, but Lane's our boy too. I know he's gonna be pissed off, he won two hoh's, but you know, we saved him...
Hayden: That Ronnie the rat thing.. and then he told us Rachel and Brendon were after us, then told them me and Kristen were after them.. so..
Enzo: Didn't he say something to Lane about us? Come with us, forget about Hayden and Enzo? Didn't he say that?

Brendon's outside playing pool by himself, they pop out and say goodnight.

Enzo goes to Lane and Lane clarifies what he said - which was nothing like Enzo remembered...

1:02 am: And with that, it's and it's my time to go to sleep too. Night, Dishers!



Blogger Kassie said...

good evening I am here until after BBAD

August 16, 2010 at 11:08 PM  
Blogger bb * fanatic * in * Texas * : ) said...

Hey Lessa ... how are ya hun??

August 16, 2010 at 11:10 PM  
Blogger bb * fanatic * in * Texas * : ) said...

Hey Kassie. how are ya?

August 16, 2010 at 11:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was hoping that Kathy stood faithful to someone but shes back to her old self I see....has anyone heard Brenden tell her shes a coward?....I really can't stand her anymore... hope that Matt puts her up now as the Replacement Replacement Nom...

August 16, 2010 at 11:19 PM  
Blogger Jennifer said...

where is kathy getting the coward thing from?

August 16, 2010 at 11:27 PM  
Blogger Gabe said...

Thanks Lessa for setting me straight with that. I figured by the way they were talking that was the case. Is he also not allowed to tell anyone about it?

August 16, 2010 at 11:27 PM  
Blogger bb * fanatic * in * Texas * : ) said...

I haven't heard it before! lil

August 16, 2010 at 11:29 PM  
Blogger bb * fanatic * in * Texas * : ) said...

I have no idea jenn. I haven't heard that from him ever.

August 16, 2010 at 11:30 PM  
Blogger Kassie said...

I am good BBintexas.
Where in texas r you. I am in Houston.

August 16, 2010 at 11:31 PM  
Blogger Jennifer said...

thanks... guess i should say hi to everyone before i just start asking questions :) THanks lessa for doing an awesome job tonight and thanks Genie and Carolyn for the rest of the day! Been running around like crazy today even though im not supposed to be walking on my foot cast but dang i cant just stop life cause i broke my foot!

August 16, 2010 at 11:38 PM  
Blogger Kassie said...

so who thinks that Thursday we going to have a chima(sp) melt down. When Matt take himself off the block.

August 16, 2010 at 11:39 PM  
Blogger bb * fanatic * in * Texas * : ) said...

in Katy! lol

August 16, 2010 at 11:40 PM  
Blogger Kassie said...

BB I go to katy are least 3 or 4 times a month for stuff. I would love to live out there it really nice.

August 16, 2010 at 11:43 PM  
Blogger bb * fanatic * in * Texas * : ) said...

I think it will be crazy, but not sure how crazy. What is the likelihood that Matt will put Britney up as the replacement nomination?

August 16, 2010 at 11:45 PM  
Blogger Jennifer said...

i think this is the first time i have seen a conversation between kathy and lane alone!

August 16, 2010 at 11:46 PM  
Blogger bb * fanatic * in * Texas * : ) said...

I like it here. I moved out here about 7 years ago, and I don't want to move back. We aren't in old Katy, but close enough.

August 16, 2010 at 11:47 PM  
Blogger Kassie said...

Yeah that cool.

August 16, 2010 at 11:54 PM  
Blogger Kassie said...

Jennifer I know how it is I broke my ankle back in March. I have been out of a cast but it still hard to get around.

August 16, 2010 at 11:56 PM  
Blogger Sme Smallins said...

You should get BBAD on Showtime, all these times during the BBAD broadcast where you say "Skippy" is making bubbles show up, its being shown on Showtime. For example, when Matt was talking about his friend Pat, we saw that whole convo. Pat brings wine cooler type drinks to parties is what Matt said when you saw bubbles on the feeds.

August 17, 2010 at 10:34 AM  

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