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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Big Brother 13: The Overnight Report

Good morning, Big Brother Lovers! Happy Wednesday! Wow! What a week on the live feeds! I never thought I'd say this, but I'm actually grateful for the occasional lull in action and game play. The BB13 HGs have been non-stop from the word go.

Don't forget, today is HoH Picture Day!

While I get to work on the Overnight Report, here's treat for all my early risers...

If you're a JeJo fan, or you're just up early you'd like a gentle start to your day and some extra sweet in your coffee, hop into the flashback machine at 2:14am on feeds 1 and 2... Click the pic to get to the live feeds log in page or the 3 day free trial.
The kiss doesn't happen til 20 minutes later... just them being adorable, funny and loving... Is there a better way to wake up and greet your day?

If you prefer snark over sweetness, here's a flashback for you. Go to July 26th, 10:06pm BBT on Feed 3 to join Dani, Dom, Lawon, Adam & Jeff for a game of "Most Likely To." It's funny stuff! Click the pic to get to the live feeds log in page and/or the 3 day free trial.

The Overnight Report will be going up in sections... Please check back for more at 5am BBT.

11:25pm BBT
Feed 3
Daniele & Dominic

Dani: Rachel came up to me outside, and I'm like, why do you keep looking at me so weird? And she's like, "I'm sad. I don't want Dominic to go home." I'm like, ok. Well, neither do I. She goes, "Is there anything you can do?" That's what she told me, and I'm like, no.. we have the votes, but it's you, Brendon and Jeff, and you'd be the tiebreaker. I'm like, if I could do anything, I would, and it just sucks because it's not his fault, and you can trust him 100%, so it's just stupid. And then somebody walked in.. but like, why would she come up to me?

Dom: Cuz she told me, they're all like, you know what, we'll keep you if Dani comes up here and says sorry and admits to everything.
Dani: They said that?
Dom: mm hmm. And I was like, what's that gonna prove? What's that gonna do? And they were like, well, she doesn't seem remorseful at all. She came up here last night, and she seemed like she didn't care if you went home. And I was like, ok, so if you guys already know the situation, and you already know what it is, then like why... would her coming up here and making her bow down to you guys make any kind of a f'ing difference? I was pissed. That's when we were screaming. And they're like, well, blablabla.. and then they just went off on something else.

Dom: I was so pissed. Cuz I was like, you think you run sh*t and you're on your high horse, but if you had anyone in this house with the balls to go against you... Anyway...

11:48pm BBT
Feed 3
Dom, Dani & Kalia

Dani: They don't trust you, because they think you convinced me to turn on them. That's what they said. And I went off on Rachel before the Veto Ceremony, saying, so, you don't trust me, and you think that I can be manipulated so easily, so.. why am I working for you? I go, so what, we're not working together anymore? You don't trust me? There's no point in working together. And she got all pissed. And I'm like, I'm not gonna work for someone who doesn't trust me. I'm so tired of like...

Dom: So.. There's 2 ways we can play. One, I can actually keep sucking their dick and see if they keep me. Just play it like that tomorrow.. Or 2.. I can go completely against them and rally people and say look, lets go to war. If I have to go out, I'd much rather go out Option B, but you guys have risks, so I need to know 100% if you guys are down, and you're not gonna say yes, obviously, unless everyone's down.
Kalia: mm.
Dom: It's definitely the best move for you.
Kalia: A or B.
Dom: B.. to go against them right now.
Kalia: I think I need to talk to Shelly... and the reason I'm trying to talk to Shelly at all, or even remotely play into her is..
Dom: I think I can get Rachel and Porsche.
Kalia: Rachel and Porsche.. every time I walk into a room, they're talking..
Dom: Ok, they're butt buddies, yes, but she's in love and she wants to play with me.
Dani: Your dick.
Kalia: Have you ever offered her anything?

Dom: We're in an alliance right now.
Kalia: Are you really in an alliance?
Dom: She thinks so.
Kalia: Are you sure she hasn't run back to Rachel and told them?
Dom: Rachel knows. Rachel told me to do it.
Kalia: I really wanna have a conversation with Rachel, and as her what the problem is.

Dom: What do you think?
Dani: I don't know.
Dom: I'm gonna need a little more than that.

12:00am BBT
Feed 1
Jeff & Jordan

Jeff and Jordan are whispering in bed, mostly about Daniele and her cocky attitude about Endurance, as well as her singular drive to get Jeff and Brendon out of the house.

Jeff: She's not playing for anything else but to knock me out. What the f'k is her obsession? To get rid of me and Brendon... What the f'k is her obsession with us...

After a couple minutes, they head up to the HoH Room for a bit of Jedi Training with Jelly Beans. But first, a dose of complaining about Daniele...

Brendon: She still passed out?
Jeff: She's irritated with everybody.
Brendon: Oh really? What's the problem?
Jordan: I don't know. I'm just irritated.
Brendon: Who specifically? Which one?
Jordan: No, we're just.. I'm just bein' dramatic.
Brendon: Come on.. Out of all of us, I think you're the least dramatic.

Jordan: No, I'm just bein' catty. We're all just sittin' outside and I'm... You know like all tonight, Daniele was isolatin' herself from everybody.. Then she come outside, and when Shelyl was talkin', just about stuff, Daniele was sitting there, just staring at people.. When Shelly said somethin' about this Thursday, ya know, why don't we all wear jeans and nice shirts, instead of getting all dressed up, and everybody's like, well, I'm gettin' dressed up, and then Rachel was like, if it's Endurance, they'll tell us to wear something physical kind of outfit or whatever.. and I don't know, I just looked over at Daniele to see her face and she didn't say anything, it was just her loook, and I just got really mad, cuz she just acts like, I got this.
Jeff: She's f'ing bitter at the world.
Jordan: It just makes me mad.
Brendon: Like smug?
Jordan: No, she didn't do anything. It's just her attitude.

While Jordan's mid sentence about Daniele, the guys get down to the business of days in the house and figuring out the jelly bean color coding.

Brendon: Day 6 is when Dick left... but nothing else really happened.
Jeff: So that's Day 1 HoH... These'll represent HoHs..

Jordan's not done talking about HGs yet. It's Kalia's turn now...

Jordan: She told me today, she felt like we used her for a vote. And I said, we didn't use you. I'm just being quiet with everyone in the house, trying to figure everything out.
Brendon: I can't stand that she's here.. (paraphrasing) Can we just send her to jury so she can sit there all day and eat for free?
Jeff: hehe

Jordan moves on to her dislike and distrust of Lawon... If you'd like to catch the rest of this conversation on flashback, go to 12:10am BBT on feed 1. I've got to move on... and backtrack a little, because simultaneously on feed 3, Dominic and Daniele are talking big game..

12:05am BBT
Feed 3
Have Not Room
Dom & Dani

Dani: ...but then that's when I told Brendon and Rachel that, which I shouldn't have, and then they told her...

Dani: I'm sorry that, like, I actually trusted them. I literally have done nothing but try to help them in this game. My bad. So.. Maybe, do you think I should talk to Shelly again? I feel like everything I say will be used against me.
Dom: Yeah, don't make yourself a bigger target. Let me do it. Besides that, I convince people better than you do.
Dani: I like how you keep giving out a little bit more information every time you say something about what they were saying upstairs, jackhole.
Dom: Like what?
Dani: You didn't tell me before that they said for you to come after me.
Dom: Why would I tell you that?
Dani: Why wouldn't you tell me that?

**Shall we dance?

Dom: I'm telling you everything.
Dani: I know, but why didn't you tell me that before?

**He's an international man of mystery, Dani. Get used to it. That's what you signed up for.

Dom: Because they still want you with them, so the more you know, the more likely you are to do something stupid and crazy.
Dani: I'm not you. Why do you look at me like that?
Dom: Because I don't trust that you'r enot gonna go crazy.
Dani: I've played this game before.
Dom: ok.. Big F*cking Deal.
Dani: You're rude. Don't be rude.
Dom: I don't want a big target on your back. I'm not being rude, I'm just frustrated.. You don't know how many times they said, We've played this game before and you haven't.
Dani: I'm not gonna do something stupid.
Dom: Oh, really? Pouting in bed all day today wasn't stupid?
Dani: So
Dom: Thank you. Your attitude needs so much work right now. I think the only shot I really have right now is Shelly.. Would you be on board, if I get Shelly?

Dani: Yeah, but I'm not gonna lie.. If she sold out Cassi, why would she go against them?
Dom: Cuz this is her chance.
Dani: But Cassi's her soul-mate. I don't think they'd openly nominate me. I think they'd try to backdoor me..
Dom: You know the second you don't win HoH, you're up! You're gone.
Dani: Yeah, but if I don't vote to keep you.. Like if it was 4 votes and she had to vote to break the tie, if I voted to keep you, and one of them won, for sure I'd go up.
Dom: Wouldn't it be better if you went up before anyway? (pause) You're assuming a lot. They openly told me, I have to get you out week 1, if I stay. Or... I can make up a story of what they told me upstairs...
Dani: Why don't you just tell them that you hate me, and that you just hung out because you felt bad..
Dom: I told them that tonight.
Dani: But why don't you tell them that tomorrow?
Dom: I can try.. Jeff told me, "if she did that to me, I'd wanna f'in punch her in the face.. I'd be like, don't come near me.. You stay outside.. Don't ever talk to me again.. "
Dani: Why didn't you tell me that before?
Dom: Cuz look how mad you get when I tell you anything.

12:33am BBT
Feed 3
Backyard Couch
Porsche & Shelly

Porsche: I just wanna play.
Shelly: Right. You don't wanna sit over there.

Porsche: I wanna get as far as I can.
Shelly: Well, you're doin' good.
Carolyn: Hey, you even just made the Overnight Report for the 1st time this season, since Keith left.
Shelly: I think you've changed your game a lot. You've gotten to know people in a slow way. You have a huge caring heart..
Porsche: Which is dangerous in these kinds of situations..
Shelly: I think it's a good thing.
Porsche: Heyy.. Those fiber pills kicking in?

Kalia comes outside to join them... and work on them.. but first, we learn about how well the fiber pills work, as well as the state of Shelly and Porsche's bowels. I'll skip ahead.

Shelly: Why hasn't he talked to anybody but you, Daniele and Lawon? He has not come to me once.
Porsche: ..or me once.
Shelly: Porsche, Brendon, Rachel, Jeff...
Kalia: Oh no, he's gone to Brendon and Jeff. That's why they were all fighting.

Shelly: Oh, that's when I was asleep.
Kalia: That's why they were all fighting upstairs, cuz he went up there to be like, guys, why am I going home? I wasn't supposed to be the one going home. What's going on? And he wasn't...

Shelly: What did he say up there that was true and not true?
Kalia: I don't know what he said in depth, but I know a lot of things were said.
Shelly: Yeah. He told all about the alliance and everything.
Kalia: Whose alliance?
Shelly: His.
Kalia: With who?
Shelly: Daniele.
Kalia: And who else?
Shelly: Whoever else is in it. I didn't ask. I just know he spilled a lot of beans up there and said, I'll violate all of those to be with you guys. Do you see what I'm saying?
Kalia: Well, I don't have a deal with him.
Porsche: I don't either.
Shelly: I mean people who go off and say things that aren't true, I have an issue with.
*** If you can step down off the high horse of honesty for a moment, perhaps you'd like to sell that to Cassi.
Kalia: Yes!
Porsche: mm hmm

Porsche, Shelly & Kalia Cont'd

Kalia: Like now you're just starting to have some reflection?
Shelly: Exactly. And if you're gonna go and just make stuff up..

Kalia: That's a big effort to lie.
Shelly: I mean, I have zero desire to make up something about you or anybody.
Porsche: When you're on the block, though.. Here's how I look at it...
Kalia: Do you think he made things up?
Shelly: I know for a fact...
Porsche: yup.
Shelly: ..he made up today.
Kalia: Ok, I don't know things.. I clearly, obviously don't knw what y'all know.
Shelly: Right.
Kalia: But I think...
Shelly: He fails to realize those people come right out and ask, is this true or not true..
Kalia: Right..
Shelly: And I'm like, are you kidding, this person would never do that.

Kalia: Specifically and strictly game wise, I worry about people like us, because we're close, but no cigar kind of people..

Porsche: Well..
Kalia: ..and unless we collectively beat certain people every week, all of us can just basically say, I'll see you in the jury house...
Shelly: Right.
Kalia: ..'cause that's essentially what's gonna happen.
Porsche: mm hmm
Kalia: And there's a part of me that just says, it's not fair... I've never felt like it's been level, if that makes any sense... And I'm not saying that none of us have a shot of winning..
Porsche: Yeah..
Kalia: ..but we have to put ourself in better positions.
Porsche: But who knows if he's on our side?

Kalia: Who?
Porsche: Dominic.

Shelly: He's not!
Kalia: I don't know.
Shelly: He gave up everything today to get back in their good graces, and they said, they'd offered him a deal 2 weeks in a row..
Kalia: How do you know he never took it?
Shelly: Well for a fact he didn't take it, because that's what happened is.. it all came back today.
Kalia: It's really weird cuz, during the veto.. I leaned over to Daniele and said, I think he's throwing the veto.. cuz we just saw him play last week, and...
Shelly: He said he's a horrible speller, and I believe that... I thought he was being super slow though.. Maybe he thought he was safe.
Kalia: Who do you think told him to throw the veto?
Shelly: But is that you're safe, or you're stupid? If you were on the block, would you ever throw the veto?
Kalia: Probably not.
Shelly: Probably? I don't think there's a...
Kalia: Because there's too many people who did it and ended up going home.. and then you feel like an idiot, because you had the chance to save yourself, and you didn't. That poor guy. With the margarita party.. (Casey)
Shelly: And Marcellas... Dominic came to me, immediately after Cassi left, and said we need to get people together.. And then he hooked up with Daniele, and I haven't heard from him since.
Kalia: I still think he's trying to figure out how to get people together.
Shelly: Really? He hasn't come to me, and I'm like whatever dude. You come to me the 1st night...
Kalia: He keeps saying, how can I rally people?
Porsche: Win an HoH, motherf'er. That's how you rally people.
Shelly: Well, that's kinda funny, 'cause what has he done?

This conversation is ongoing and important, if you'd like to watch it on flashback from this point forward, go to 12:42am BBT, Feed 3. I've got to move forward into the night.

1:01am BBT
Feed 1
Brendon, Rachel, Jeff, Jordan

Brendon: Remember that night, dude? (When ED left) You're the only reason any of us stayed.
Jeff: It makes a much better story.. if we rise up and one of us wins.
Brendon: And especially now that we've had betrayal amongst us. Judas.

Jeff: Judas.
Rachel: What? Judas.hehehe
Brendon: (doing BB10 Jerry impression) You'll always be a Judas in my book..
Jordan: What's that from?
Rachel: From Jerry.
Jordan: Oh, right.
Jeff: Jerry.. That reminds me. I called her a Preying Mantis. Cuz the females, after they have sex? They eat the males. So like, dude, she's like a preying mantis. She f'in ate up Dominic and spit him right out the door.

Brendon, Jordan and Rachel laugh.

Jordan: Did they laugh?
Jeff: uuuhhh.. I don't know if they're gonna use that.
Brendon: Damn, I wanna make some more analogies about her now too.
Jordan: And Dominic wants to be here. You know.
Brendon: He does.. and after talking to him, once he figured out that we were the people to trust, it would've been..
Jordan: But it's too late!
Brendon: It's f'in too late.
Jeff: There's no way. He's like still cuddled up with her...
Jordan: Is she sleeping in the have not room tonight? He came and got her pillow and her comforter..
Rachel: Yeah, I don't think she's sleeping in there with you guys tonight. They're gonna cuddle probably tonight.

Jeff: Dude, I hope he gets some, 'cause she gave him a bunch.
Brendon: No sh*t. That's what I said. He's getting drunk tonight..
Jeff: He should try to go out with a bang.

Jordan: Did she have sex with her guy?
Rachel: Nick?
Brendon: No. Not with her dad in the house.
Rachel: They didn't have sex on tv, but they, like, hooked up.
Jordan: Gotcha.
Jeff: What does that mean?

Talk turns to last night..

Jeff: She was like watching a Charles Manson video... and the second she left here, it was exactly the same.
Rachel: Since you mentioned it, I've been counting, and as soon as I walk into a room, she's gone in under 30 seconds.

This line of talk continues, if you'd like to check it out on flashback, please go to Feed 1 or 2 at 1:05am. I'm moving forward into the night.

1:05am BBT
Feed 3/4
Kalia, Porsche and Shelly

Shelly: If there's a reason they can justify to me, bring it, and they can justify it, I'll be happy to say yes you're right or no you're not. I don't care. I have nothing to gain.
Kalia: So let's say, if he did go upstairs, and he sang like a canary, if he sang, like a canary..
Porsche: I heard he said I was in an alliance with him too.. hehehe..
Shelly: With who?
Porsche: With Dominic. Which would make sense why he's been lately trying to talk to me more, and a little more flirty with me.

Shelly: You have to understand. All he wanted to do was save his butt.
Porsche: Yeah.
Shelly: He's going to say whatever he needs to say.

Porsche: I think if he stays, we're in big trouble.
Shelly: He's a snake.
Kalia: I think if he stays, we're not in trouble. I think Daniele's in trouble... If they seriously sever ties with Daniele, they lose a number.
Porsche: mm hmm
Kalia: They need someone indebted to them, especially...
Shelly: They've got Porsche.

***Kalia continues, but she's not really making any headway in her assignment here. Shelly's got her heels dug in way too deep in the vets alliance and Porsche's not far behind. We're moving forward.

1:13am BBT
Feed 1
Jeff, Jordan & Brendon.

We rejoin this meeting of the Rah Rah We Hate Daniele Club already in progress. Rachel is not present, having just been called to the DR.

Brendon: Rather than all 5 of us making it to the end and having a 50% shot at it, she'd rather us go to war with each other and somebody else win.
Jeff: Just to spite us.
Brendon: Just to spite us, and rather than admit she make a mistake.
Jeff: Exactly. I just wanna spend the summer with Jordan, so she's like, oh yeah, because that's all you want, you're not getting that. That's like her only play. Her only thing to save face.

Brendon: You know what? Just for her saying that? We're gonna send her ass home next week. Let her watch the season from home.
Jeff: I know. I wish. That would be the best.

Brendon: i don't know... Can we trust Shelly enough to win HoH and put her up?
Jordan: Yeah!
Jeff: Yeah.. She told me today she would.
Brendon: Rachel told me today, she won 5 PoVs in her season...

They go back and forth on whether to put Dani up outright, or to try and backdoor her... They land on an outright nomination.. as many times as it takes to stick.

Jeff: As long as she stays in here, she goes up every single week. That's all. She goes up every single f'in week.
Brendon: We have to go straight for the jugular. Put her up.
Jeff: And hope we're both in the PoV comp.

1:42am BBT
Feed 1
Jordan, Jeff & Brendon

Today's Flashback Funny: Go to Feed 1 at 1:42 am and watch for yourself. ;) Click the pic to get there...

Jordan: Omigah, Brendon.. What happened? Your feet are like the Flintstones..

The Power Couples resume the Dani-fest for the next little while... Then they move on to talking about eBay... Brendon and Jeff are proud they never put anything up for sale, and if they ever were going to get rid of some BB stuff, it would be for charity.

2:09am BBT
Quad flips to Dani & Dom

Dani: I think if that doesn't work, then tomorrow you try Shelly.

Dom: Oh really? Brilliant plan. I came up with that.
Dani: And then we'll see where that stands... And then if I have to, Thursday morning, or Thursday afternoon, right before the show, I'll get Shelly in a room, and then I'll like, see what I can do.. with my fists.

3:14pm BBT
Feed 2
Dani & Dom

Dom: How amazing would it be if I stayed?
Dani: mm

Dani: No more Adam.
Dom: GO to bed. You look miserable.
Dani: I'm not.
Dom: What are you thinking about?
Dani: Everything.

Dom plays with her hair.

Dom: Brendon and Rachel are stupid.
Dani: Is that a shocker?

A little chatter... then comfortable silence..

Dani: If it's endurance, I swear to God, I'll die on there.

***I have no doubt. I've been waiting for it since you walked in the door.

And this concludes the Overnight Report...

Checking in on our HGs at 8:25am BBT, Shelly's in the backyard testing her balancing skills, perhaps in case of a balance required Endurance Comp for HoH tomorrow night... We hope she's right! Endurance Comps ROCK the live feeds! If you haven't gotten the 3 day free trial yet, we strongly encourage you to get them set up now, just to make sure everything's working properly when it's go time, and you're not left in the dark.
8:46am BBT
Brendon has joined Shelly in the land of the living... He and Shelly start talking about getting Daniele out and the importance of anyone but her winning HoH...

Shelly: I told her straight to her face, I'm not flipping.

Stay Tuned for the morning report!

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Blogger GaYToR said...

Good morning my Goddess. Up so early!!! I'll be looking forward to this when I wake up this afternoon. I'm just about to head to bed. Another full weekend suddenly found its way to my calendar. This week will be even worse. 4 days in a row. Looks like I'll be hitting the archives the rest of the summer the way it's been going.

Hopefully I can make the Show Viewing Party tonight. Not even sure of that at the moment. I may have a rehearsal with my Drag Virgin from last year for our final duet just about show time. SCREAM.

AGP really needs to consult my calendar before airing a show. Guess I should tweet @agrodner22 about this problem. I'm sure she would accommodate. Mhhmmm. I know she would, and so would CBS. They MUST know who I am.



July 27, 2011 at 3:14 AM  
Blogger GaYToR said...

Caro, have I told you lately that I love you? No? Well... I love you! There, I said it!


July 27, 2011 at 3:15 AM  
Blogger GaYToR said...

I love the Dominic and Daniele chatter that is going on right now. I'm going to miss late nights if he does actually go on Thursday.

I know the chance is so very very slight that he will stay but I am hanging on to optimism until Julie counts the votes. Miracles CAN happen.


July 27, 2011 at 3:19 AM  
Blogger CarolynBBDish said...

Good morning, sweetheart. MWAH!:) I've actually been up with them since 1am BBT... getting coherent.

July 27, 2011 at 3:21 AM  
Blogger GaYToR said...

One last post before I walk away from the keyboard. Only to change my profile pic.

Here ya go Men of the Dish. You know you want some of this!



July 27, 2011 at 3:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good morning Caroline and anyone else who is up at this un-Godly hour.

Woke up and I couldn't go back to sleep so I'm checking out the dish ... used to read when I couldn't sleep but these days it's bb dish. :)

How old is Danielle anyway? She just seems so immature to me. Is it just me or do others feel the same way?

Carolyn, thanks so much for turning us on to the flashback of JeJo this morning ... so cute. I love my husband to death but miss those early romantic/silly days of new love.

You commented earlier about carrying your laptop all around the house with you ... I had to laugh because I was doing the same thing ... my husband asked, "What are you doing?" There was just a point where I had things to do but couldn't be away from the feeds for a moment.

Have a great day everyone, I have to leave in a few hours to take my 89 year old mother to the doctor, she's having a proceedure done this morning. Sure wish I could sleep but am thankful to have the dish and flashbacks to keep me company in the early morning hours.

July 27, 2011 at 3:47 AM  
Blogger Shamrock said...

Good Morning Caro !

Waking the chickens ...
letting 'em know ...
it's time to crow?


July 27, 2011 at 3:53 AM  
Blogger Lucky13 said...

Good morning Carolyn!! Good morning GaYToR!! Good morning all BBDishers to check in later!!

I was able to catch the J/J cuteness on the feeds ths morning. You're right Caro, it was a sweet way to start the day!! They're so genuine!!

And then the feeds went to the Dani Dom Show. I think she actually likes him but it's like one of those elementary school crushes. You don't want to say it, but you hit the person, always find a reason to be around them etc... Whatever will she do when he's gone? Well, I look forward to the rest of the TOR.

Everyone have a grand, wonderful, fabulous, spectacular day!!!

July 27, 2011 at 4:18 AM  
Blogger Michigan Man said...

Good Morning Carolyn, Gaytor, all other fellow BB addicts who I don't see right now :)

Happy Show Day!

What a couple of days of wasted breath. First Dani then Dom last night. The vet 4 are making their choices and they choose Adam over Dom and Shelly and Porsche. If these key holders and soon to be key holder do get to compete in Thur. HOH it will be interesting how they play. The vet 4 will tell them to drop out, but will they? I hope they will not.

Dani may be on the outs right now and only have Kalia and Lawon in here corner but she is still fighting. She isn't just giving up. She has ideas, plans and I think she can make a comeback. I hope so anyway.

Very tired of Brenchel and Jeff, when he's in power, and I want a change, soon.

Let's hope Dom works on Shelly and Porsche today and doesn't be the latest newbie to role over and die.

If you haven't noticed, I'm full of HOPE :)

Have a great day all.

July 27, 2011 at 5:03 AM  
Blogger Janice said...

Good Morning Carolyn & All BB Dishers!!

I've been busy the last few days and have had NO time to comment but I have definitely read everything and watched it all when I had the chance!

My thoughts on the HOH competition:
What if ONLY the 4 Golden Key Holders can compete in the HOH comp?? Would that be wild or what??

Yall may have already thought of this; sorry I haven't had time to read all the comments!

Any other ideas about what Julie is going to suprise/shock us with tomorrow night??


July 27, 2011 at 6:00 AM  
Blogger Autumn said...

Just a quick good morning Caro, Gaytor and all my fellow Dishers!

I had to use my energy drink this morning so I will be stopping by the stop the store and pick up another couple for tomorrow and Friday. I think I am going to miss the live veiwing party. My daughter has cheer practice :( I did say something to my Cheer director who is also a fan of BB about scheduling practice in the on Live eviction day!!! I am hoping I can get hubby to take her. *crossing fingers*

Okay off to watch J/J cuteness before I start working.

Oh my quote of the Day is: I like work, it facinates me. I can sit and look at it for hours. Jerome K. Jerome (I just had to share this one with everyone)

I will check-in later!

July 27, 2011 at 6:04 AM  
Blogger AshleyKP said...

Good Morning Carolyn! Good Morning Everyone!

As much as I love the foursome I do want to keep Dominic for the simple fact that it would make the game more interesting.

Could you imagine an endurance comp where no one is throwing it because they don't trust the word of anyone else? I would LOVE LOVE LOVE that. (sorry last year was the first time I had the feeds so I really want a good competition this year).

I really want there to be an endurance comp where no one can see the other competitors and you just have to hold on as long as you think you can in order to outlast the others. Just an idea.

Don't work your fingers to hard to the bone...you have (hopefully) an endurance comp to cover tomorrow night :)


July 27, 2011 at 6:17 AM  
Blogger jluvsturtles said...

Good morning!!! Wish I had time to read everyone's comments, but I'm out the door for work...

Enjoy your day!!! See you later today! xoxo

July 27, 2011 at 6:21 AM  
Blogger MnM said...

Good morning!!!!

I tried to will myself to have another naughty Jeff dream, and ended up having one about ED...


July 27, 2011 at 6:49 AM  
Blogger misslissa said...

Morning to Carolyn & all! I really think we are in for one of the best endurance comps in a long time! Won't be like the quick ones from last season! :)

Have a great day...it's off to work I go!

July 27, 2011 at 6:59 AM  
Blogger Wen said...

Good morning Carolyn & Genie!Good morning everyone!Great couples pic of Jeff & Jordan!Anyone know why our Super pass chat room was closed?Where do I meet up with all you Dishers?

July 27, 2011 at 6:59 AM  
Blogger johnny5 said...

For Dom to go out of his way to say that he is completely unattracted to Porsche, explains alot about why he's never been with a girl

July 27, 2011 at 7:03 AM  
Blogger Shi Shi said...

Good Morning Carolyn, Gaytor (Ilove you, Wild Omar, Shamrock, lucky 13, Michigan Man, Janice, Autumn, Ashley, Jluvs and everyone who has signed on after me.

What a wild afternoon in the house yesterday. Thank God they took a break long enough for me to leave work, get home and not miss anything!

Do you think B/R J/J will be fooled into changing their votes? I don't think so because they know he is right back there with Dani and Kalia.

By the way, Carolyn, that was Kalia Jordan was talking about with Jeff at the pool yesterday.

Everyone have a good day and I hope it calms down around 4:40 Louisiana time so I can make it home without missing anything good!

July 27, 2011 at 7:12 AM  
Blogger Shi Shi said...

By the way, GaYTor I Loooovvvveeee your new pic!!

July 27, 2011 at 7:13 AM  
Blogger Hey_Miss said...

Goodmorning Carolyn and fellow Dishers,

I just finished watching Ross Matthews on Big Brother Breakdown. Nice Shoutout!

July 27, 2011 at 7:13 AM  
Blogger Shi Shi said...

Grendon...I also had to laugh about the laptop comment! I have never confessed that I do the same thing! When I go downstairs to cook or clean I take the laptop so I won't miss a thing! Also in previous seasons when the endurance comps are ongoing I've even taken it to the bathroom!

What does everyone think the competition will be Thursday? Remember the comp when they had to drop things from a platform.. could it be something like that? I can't remember if that was a HOH or POV.

By the way it is pouring down rain now and I'm loving it. We've had thunderstorms off and on for the last three days. I love stormy days so I'm happy as a pig in slop.

July 27, 2011 at 7:24 AM  
Blogger MnM said...

Omg remind me never to flashback on JeJo while eating breakfast.

fart smellin, cuticle skin bitin' & throwin *gack*

July 27, 2011 at 7:41 AM  
Blogger KathyL said...

Good Morning & Happy Wednesday!

Wen, we're back in Famous Foods.

July 27, 2011 at 7:50 AM  
Blogger MnM said...

Oh their attitudes!!

please God let it bite them in the backside. I want to see her in HOH & what these big talkin meatheads will be saying then :D

*crosses everything & prays to all things holy*

July 27, 2011 at 8:13 AM  
Blogger MnM said...

watching Shelly on the feeds now & thinking

she never exercises, smokes like a chimney..I just wonder how she will do in the endurance...

July 27, 2011 at 8:14 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

Good morning all.

Wild Omar and Shi Shi

So glad I'm not the only one. Next time my husband rolls his eyes at me I'm going to show him that there are others who do the same thing I do.

July 27, 2011 at 8:32 AM  
Blogger CarolynBBDish said...

Wooooo!! I finally finished it!

Big Night!!!!

And now Brendon and Shelly are already up game talking. Shelly's telling Brendon everything Kalia said last night.. including Dom having thrown the PoV, which Shelly believes... she congratulated Brendon for having talked him into it.

Get ready for a new top post! :0)

July 27, 2011 at 8:57 AM  
Blogger CarolynBBDish said...

Psst!! :)

New Top Post!!


July 27, 2011 at 9:16 AM  
Blogger NikkiP44 said...

Good Viewing Party Day everyone! Carolyn and Genie you are so great at transcribing and editing the "machinations" (I love that word Genie) of the groups in the house. Adam seems to be keeping a low profile which maybe the best strategy. It worked for Porsche.
With all of the pictures and narratives, I feel as if I am right there ;)

July 27, 2011 at 9:45 AM  

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