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Saturday, September 3, 2011

BB13: Saturday Afternoon before the PoV Comp

Good afternoon, BB Lovers! The HGs are still waiting on the PoV Comp, and so are we! In the meantime, they're making good use of their time - lots of Jedi Training going on!

Noon BBT
Feed 3
Porsche & Kalia are running dates and events... The hit a stumbling block, so they come out of the Candy Room to come consult Adam.
Kalia excuses herself to go to the bathroom.

Porsche: What do you think it's gonna be?
Adam: Otev.

Porsche says Otev is at night. Adam disagrees.

Porsche: I think it's ironic with the duo twist that everybody's partner left.. I kinda got the same vibe from Tori that you did, that her publicist probably told her about it, but when she saw the Fortune Teller, she was like, "Oh, I know you," so there must be a huge one somewhere on the lot that she already saw.

Kalia comes back reporting she can't get into Storage.

Adam: Uh oh. Why can't you get into Storage? Last time I couldn't get in, the Zingbot came out.
Kalia: They haven't been building for hours. They were building last night, and again this morning..
Adam: They'll probably give us tshirts.. with our own faces on the Tarot Cards.
Kalia: Bust your ass...
Adam: I apologize now if I get violent.
Kalia: Between Otev and the tension that's already between some of the people in this house? There will be bloodshed. If she tries to take a card out of my hand? It will be Philly..

Adam: Did you try pushing the button again?
Kalia: I tried twice. I keep waiting for the speaker now..

Adam: Play some music.
Kalia: Get this thing pumpin'.

Kalia: Who would come out? The sorceress?

**They're speculating about the PoV Comp. Everyone believes Otev will be the Fortune Teller this year, and now that the Storage Room is locked, they think someone in a Fortune Teller get-up may enter the house through the Storage Room.

They return to studying... Meanwhile, up in HoH on Feeds 1 & 2, Jordan and Rachel are studying as well.

Rachel: Adam pulled himself off week 5.
JOrdan: He's only been on the block twice.. Shelly packed her bag 3 times..
Rachel: Which Houseguest has been nominated once?
Jordan: (pause)
Rachel: Which houseguests have been nominated once?
Jordan: I was a replacement nominee..
BB: That's what she said.
Rachel: hm. Let's start with HGs who have never been nominated: Cassi and Lawon. Nominated once: Porsche, Jordan.
Jordan: Porsche twice now.
Rachel: Dominic was nominated twice.. Daniele was nominated.. never..
Jordan: Oh right.. Cuz Jeff backdoored her. They don't ask questions like that though..
Rachel: I was nominated 4 times as a target.
Jordan: And you've never left!

Rachel: I was never backdoored, thank God, because I would've lost.

Rachel: Ok.. Go over votes.. as fast as you can.

Jordan rattles them off.. fast and perfect. Then Rachel takes a turn.

Jordan: We know our stuff. We're good.
Rachel: We just need to know em fast and accurate.
Jordan: We need to know the orders of things..

Around the house...
  • Rachel and Jordan continue studying together up in HoH on Feeds 1 & 2...
  • Kalia, Porsche and Adam are talking about the live feeds. Porsche mentions how you can watch scenes that have already happened... Flashback.
Feed 3
Adam, Kalia & Porsche
Chatterville USA

Adam and Kalia talk about Ronnie.. Adam was rooting for him. Kalia felt badly for him when Russell was bullying him around the house.

***She must've been a tv only, or she'd have known Russell was sneaking upstairs talking to him.

Kalia liked Kevin... Adam liked Lydia til she fell in love with Jessie. Kalia chimes in about Lydia... it's not flattering.

Rachel & Jordan are upstairs chatting about yesterday and the Pandroa's Box.
Adam hears a noise and goes to investigate.


Hot damn Hallelujah! Trivia!! POV COMP!!!!

We'll be back in a new top post with the PoV Spoiler and Aftermath just a soon as the feeds come back and the winner is revealed!

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Blogger FL Girl said...

Gooooooooo Jordan

September 3, 2011 at 12:45 PM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

HIya FL Girl! :)

I've got the PoV Spoiler Post up already...

September 3, 2011 at 1:17 PM  

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