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Monday, July 16, 2012

Big Brother 14: The Overnight Report

Happy Monday, BB Lovers!  I hope you enjoy a dollop of Overnight Report with your morning coffee.

It was another crazy late night on the live feeds!  Sneak Peek: Kara's Stay of Execution appears to have Expired.  Round and Round we go! Where it ends up on Thursday, nobody knows!

To get up to speed with everything that went down between 9:45pm to midnight, please check out Lessa's fantastic update, Sunday Late Night!  I've got you covered for the rest of the night here with the Overnight Report, written live, as it was happening..

As thorough as we try to be, there is no replacement for watching it with your own eyes on the live feeds.  If you'd like to try them out for 3 days free, here's the link to make that happen. :)  You're gonna love em!

1:15am BBT
Cam 3
Willie and JoJo
HoH Room

We join this conversation with Willie and JoJo, already in progress. They're talking about loyalty throughout the game. JoJo has pledged hers.
Willie: I feel like once they could make a move, they would take you or me out.  I trust you.
JoJo: I didn't wanna say anything..
Willie: I'm glad you said that..

Cam 3 flips to a convo between Frank and Joe. Joe's not being honest..

Frank: It was funny and entertaining on tv, but that's not the game I wanna play.
Joe: I understand that.  That's why you got the votes.  It's your personality.  I don't know why you would act like that.  And Dan's doin' everything he can to help them.  He's like makin' Danielle clean.  Did you see that?

Fishies then.. Jenn enters the kick room.

Frank: I haven't been trying to intimidate Dan..
Joe: I told him I'd like him to be my coach, and he still didn't pick me. He threw Memphis under the bus at the finals, and they're still friends. THat's power.
Frank: I'm not mad at him for throwing me under the bus. That's his player. He's gotta do it.
Jenn: He's workin' so hard right now.
Joe: Just so you know.. Our orders are to stay out of corners..
Frank: Like talkin' to people, you mean?
Joe: Yeah.

Storage Room
Cam 3
Kara: She was grillin' me earlier about my work and what I did, and I just don't wanna get into that.  I just can't deal with people like that.  I'm sorry.

Dan: Sometimes you just gotta..  but at the same time, like, next time we do have a team meeting, I'll make a point to keep her quiet and let you say what you wanna say..  That's part of my job as a coach.
Kara: She's a litle weird with me..  DO you notice that?
Dan: She looks at you and me as maybe closer than me and her.

BB: Dani to DR.

Dan: I know it's not easy..  You're like forced.. At least right now, you're forced to play with her.
Kara: And that's whatt's tough for me.. The more you know someone, the more you don't feel vconnected.  Ya know?
Dan: Yeah, I don't see you and her hanging out outside..
  You're a listener..l  You don't need extra attn and she does.
Kara: I feel like I can get along with almost anyone.. but not her.
Dan: If you tell me ways you can get along better.. DO you think that would be helpful?
Kara: I don't know.. She was pressing me about what I did for work, and I just got up and walked away.. I don't need that to be public information to everyone.
Dan: That's smart.  TOmorrow, can we all sit down?  I think it's helpful to air our concerns.
Kara: I don't know how to deal with her.. I'm too old for this crap.
Dan: I will let you know, she's working really hard to keep you in the game.  Even in her selfish interests.. She knows it's important.
Kara: I get that..
Dan: I don't think she understands that you might need some space.
Kara: For me, I like to just tell people when I want to tell them something.. I don't like to be grilled about it.
**another pretty girl early alliance bites the dust.
Dan: She's really young.  I think it's important that we talk like this.
Kara: I know at some point you're gonna have to get rid of people on your own team.. maybe this is my defense mechanism..  It just scares me because they keep saying, "you're not teams.. you're not teams..."
Dan: Who says that?
Kara: Dairy Queen.
**ie., the Diary Room.
Kara: It was just weird when I walked up and you guys stopped talking.  And I'm not one to not say something.
Dan: But part of this game is just that.
Kara: I can be stoic.. She just doesn't get it.  I'm on the block.  I'm stressed.  It's not abou ther.  SHe makes it about her.
Dan: Can you just go give her a hug?
Kara: no.. She'll wanna talk for an hour, and I just wanna go to bed.
Dan: Just tell her, Hey, I'm goin' to bed.  It's been a long day, and I just wanna get through this week.

Kara to Danielle..

Kara: I'm goin' to bed..
Danielle: Are you ok?
Kara: Yeah.. It's just been a long week.

Team Dan makes nice nice..  Dan and Kara walk off towards the bedrooms..

Kara: She's so weird.

...and we go to rejoin Willie and JoJo in the HoH Bed...

1:41am BBT
Cams 1/2

Willie: If they're smart, they'll put Shane and Wil up.  No.. but he's gonna put me up for sure.
JoJo: Should I do the thing with Ian next week?  I've been getting friendlier with him.  But I do it in a way where it's not obvious.

Willie: Yeah..  I don't know man.  If we could somehow get rid of Kara this week, and then next week still have the opportunity..  I'm gonna put this out there.. If we could get rid of Kara.. then next week Ian.. then Frank..  When we have these little powwows.. Watch how much they talk about.. WHen we all get together, that's what pisses me off so much.. When we asked Wil, if Frank goes home, who would you put on the block, he said Jenn and Ian.. and next week?  He never said Kara.  When I asked Ashley, she said obviously Kara.  We're trying to get rid of her this week, why would we not next week.  And Shane.. I think the best thing to do, fo rmeand you and Ashley and even Joe.. Wil and Shane, I would think they would flop.. but they're on Janelle's team.. If you're in a bad spot, I think I could sway the vote for us.  THey're in a bad spot.  Nobody talks game to Ashley, cuz they think oh it's just Ashley.  As long as we stay strong.
JoJo: When you make an alliance, you stick with it.
Willie: YEah.
JoJo: But when we say Kara, I don't wanna blindside her.. I wanna bring her up here and say, it was a tough decision, but we realized you've got to go home.. and Dan.. I hate to leave Boogie in the game, but.. And thn all Boogie would have is Frank, Ian and Jenn.  And Jenn is really smart.  You see the way she talks.. She talks about reading all these books.  I think Boogie's got 2 really intelligent people on his team, plus an athlete.  May what we could do is get rid of Kara this week.. And if the opportunity is there, just get rid of Frank.
JoJo: We'll see what happens..

Willie: But for me, you, Ashley and Joe.. Our best thing is to get rid of Kara.. Because Kara's gonna connect with both boys.. and Danielle's gonna connect with both boys..
JoJo: How a girl like Danielle could connect with any guy..
Willie: Shane's legit with us right now.
JoJo: He's like, I'm gonna keep them on the back burner in case I need them.
Willie: Unless something crazy happens, the best interst for you is to keep Frank.  He's in a crazy spot right now.. I'd be promising my next born to stay in the game.
JoJo: You would know better than me.
Willie: I'm just looking farther in the game.  We're here to win half a million dollars.. Not 7th place.
Brit walks through.
Willie: No, you can't touch my balls.
JoJo: (laugh) Got this bed is comfy.
Willie: You should sleep up here...  We gotta stay focused on the cause, and always be lookin' one week ahead. 

JoJo: Hey.. relax.. I think you think too much.  I'm sure we're gonna come up with the best possible solution. 
Willie: I'm gonna see where his head is.. I can read people real good..

Willie: Goodnight, bitches..
JoJo: I'm sleeping in my bikini.
Willie: Goodnight, baby.
JoJo: Goodnight..  Just don't touch me.
Willie: hehehehe

Willie and JoJo's bedtime Timecheck - 1:54am

Dan's alone in the backyard..  I'm staying on the quad to see if he talks to us..  or if the camera finds anyone else awake..
Cam 3
Backyard Couch

Dan: Alright.. so.. there are clearly problems between Kara and Danielle.. How do I get those girls back together on the same page?  Even though like oil and water?  Might be my finest coaching moment, if I can pull that off.  So what can I do to get them to bond?  Clearly I have to be there to regulate Danielle, so she stops just talking.  And I have to be there for Kara and bring her out of her shell..  and tell her it's more about her job.. whatever it is.. Had to deal with Willie today.. had to deal with Shane today.. But why am I the one making these deals and not Kara??

On camera 1, Ashley's up and heading to the bathroom..

Cam 3
Dan: I can't show any favortism between the two, cuz that clearly causes a problem.. The one who talks the most has a better chance of staying here. I'd love to get one of them the half million dollars.  That's the end goal.  Win together, die alone.  They gotta understand that.    This time around feels like there's no cameras.. It's kinda weird.

Cam 1
Ashley's walking upstairs toward HoH..She climbs into bed with the lucky Mr Hantz. 3 way snugglers in HoH.

Ashley: Wil and Kara.. I'm feeling something good...
Willie: There's something goin' on.
Ashley: I know.. and I'm worried about it, cuz when I brought it up to Janelle, she was like, nonono..

Willie and Ashley move the conversation to the HoH Bathroom.

Willie: There's no use gettin' so upset.  I know what they're doin'.
Ashley: He's been open with us about it.. Wil said

**I have to just listen - Ashley talks FAST!

Willie: That's what was going on today.. I was freakin' out.  This is what you have to realize.. as ;long as we're together, even if we don't win HoH, we're cool.  But you also gotta be payin' attn to what's goin' on around you.. Shane is hookin' up with f'in Danielle.. We just gotta be real careful.. And Danielle and Kara are real close..  As long as our 6 is good, we're good, cuz no one's gonna go against the group.
Ashley: That's what Janelle said.. Cuz Wil doesn't wanna put Kara up if he wins HoH.
Willie: That's why I got so upset.. He said he'd put up Jen and Ian.. and I said what about the next week?
Ashley: That's what I'm worried about.
Willie: As long as we stick together.. we're good.  Just this week.. hopefully everything stays the same and hopefully we win HoH..
Ashley: Are you worried about Frank coming back and putting you up?
Willie: Who is Kara gonna put up?  Not Shane.  Not Frank..  Frank told me I wasn't his target..  and Joe isn't his target..

Ashley: I'm afraid.  I don't want anyone to come after you next week..
Willie: Oh, they will.. But Frank, if he does that one solid thing for me.. I'll win the next HoH.
Ashley: What abou tthat thing with Joe?  You don't believe it?
Willie: I believe it, but he also told Joe he wasn't gonna come after me next week.  I'm glad you're saying this, because JoJo just said the same thing..  She said something don't make sense.  What's gonna happen is, you could be the changing vote.  Let's say this happens..  THey gun for me and they put Wil up.. They're gonna think you wont vote for Wil.
Ashley: I would totally vote for you.
Willie: If we win the next 2 HoHs, we could do very well.. I want us to get to the final 6.  The main thing is, we just have to be very very quiet, and not show our cards..  I'm not playing to get 7th place.. Kara and Wil are never gonna vote each other out.
Ashley: And that's what pisses me off.  He wont even talk game to me.
Willie: Cuz they don't respect you as a game player.  I want you to listen, Wednesday night, when we have the meeting.. I want you to listen to how much they want us to keep Kara.  That gives Janelle her main person, which is Wil.  I'm just sayin, hypotheticals..  You can't say anything about this.  If you say anything, I'm goin' home.  I think Frank's freakin' out.
Ashley: He's desperate.
Willie: I'm gonna talk to him. If Frank gives me the 1 week deal, I'm gonna keep him.
Ashley: After seeing that.. I think Kara has to go.

***Kara's stay of execution was short lived..

Ashley: It has to be a secret.
Willie: Yeah, that's the way it has to be played.
Ashley: Yeah.
Willie: And when it gets flipped..
Ashley: She'll actually be happy, cause I'm making moves in the game.
Willie: You're safe next week.  You're not goin' anywhere and JoJo's not goin' anywhere.. Just don't say anything.  I'll say we were makin' out.  Are you stayin up here?
Ashley: Yeah..

She exits HoH.  He puts on a shirt and follows.   They go outside to the couch.  Dan has gone..

Ashley: As much as I love janelle, she's not gonna fight for me.  She's gonna fight for Wil.
Willie: Britney's the most honest coach.  She's not scheming.. What Janelle's doing is she's trying to keep Kara.. because she's trying to have numbers.. so she'll have Kara and Danielle, and you'll be out 6th..  I'll win again next week and it'll be 6 to 2.. It's gonna get crazy..  You've got to play to win.  You can't be playin' the game for the coaches.
Ashley: Like yesterday, I said something about Wil, and she was defending him.  janelle always stresses the fact that we have to do what you say, because if we don't, we just ruin the alliance..

*Round and round they go..

Willie: I'm so glad you came up.  Thing is.. You could get Ian.. But could you get Ian to save me?  Even though he's a little jealous of the situation?
Ashley: Yeah..  He knows that's not real.  He does things for the cameras.
Willie: You're gonna go really far.  I'd put money on you.
Ashley: I'd put money on you!
Willie: That's why I need the numbers... Bcause I'll be up on that block.. If I can make it past these next couple weeks.. If we get rid of Kara, and somehow Frank does what he says he's gonna do.. If we win HoH next week, we're gonna be in such a f'in good spot.
Ashley: I'm winning HoH Thursday..
Willie: You gotta!  If anybody in our group wins it...
Ashley: If Kara's gone, Wil will work with us for sure.
Willie: We just can't be known for schemin...  After today, I was like, what's goin; on in this house?  We're 6 strong, and we're running around like we're solo..  If JoJo says something, just say you were talkin' to me cause you felt sad..

This conversation is still ongoing on Cameras 1 and 2 at 2:38am

Willie: These other coaches are willing to lose people in their group to bring other people further.
Ashley: Janelle's acting like that's not the case, but it is.  In the beginning, it's not about how big and strong you are.  It's about numbers.
Willie: I know America's gonna bring someone back.. or do whatever they gotta do.. but we still have to move forward.
Ashley: Ian said he did the calendar, and it works out perfectly without bringing someone back..
Willie: So we're just not gonna have a fast fwd or something?

Willie: People are allowing the coachies to make decisions for them, and that's not good for me..  SO I'm not playing a game against Ian.  I'm playing and Boogie and Ian.  That's why me n Brit fight so much.. cuz I have my own mind.  We jsut gotta do what's best for US..
Ashley: I know!
Willie: We gotta stop thinking about our coaches.  Boogie pulled Ian aside and told him how to behave.  If he wants to act the idiot, let him.  The coaches make it a lot more stressful.. All they need is one person to win.. So they're willing to lose others.
Ashley: Everyone's a pawn.  It's just like chess.
Willie: It is. We just gotta look out for ourselves.  I'm soo glad you came to talk to me, cuz we don't get to talk gameplay at all. 

Time check - 2:45a
Ashley: I'm going through all the scenarios, and nothing's adding up.
Willie: If we can make it through the next 2 HoHs, we're good. ... I would love to send Frank home this week, just so Boogie would be sh*tfaced. 

More future HoH bravado..

Ashley: I'm gonna win HoH this week.
Willie: I want you to win it more than Anybody.

Willie'd also like to see Chef Joe win it, so he gets his spices.. They think if it's a puzzle, Ian will kill it.  Ashley says she's good at puzzles too..  She recommends they make a study group.  Willie says that'd be pointless, because you never know how America's gonna think.

Willie: You need to get off slop so you can come sleep with me.
Ashley: I'll be done Tuesday.
Willie: OK.
**hm hm hm

Willie: You wanna come upstairs n lay down a little while?
Ashley: That's ok.. I'm so glad we talked.  Love you.

And they hug..

Watching.. watching... As of 3:12am all the HGs seem like they're down for the night.. 

I'm thinking about putting Willie on game talk suspension... Unless it's game changing and new.  Ladies, help me out here.  Someone hook up with him quickly.  He needs a bit of something to get his mind off the game for 5 consecutive minutes.  Ashley, I nominate you.  I think he has too.

Checking in at 7:36am BBT, the HGs are all still sleeping.  Boogie's been getting up around 8ish though, so that wont last for long.

7:45am BBT Boogie's up.  If he starts talking, I'll open a morning post.  False alarm.  Back to bed.

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Blogger Carolyn said...

gone for a sunrise walk on the beach. :) See you back here and begin publishing comments around 7am BBT. Enjoy!

July 16, 2012 at 3:24 AM  
Blogger Cindy Jones said...

Good morning Carolyn! I'm jealous if your morning walk on the beach, ahhhh! Anyway, I like Willie but he could chill out 5 minutes lol he's a little paranoid! His worry is next week & he doesn't even know what's going on next week, he really needs to focus on getting Kara out! My 2 cents, have a beautiful day!

July 16, 2012 at 5:19 AM  
Blogger Lupo said...

I will say Willie has a good head on himself with regards to the game. He is trying to keep it simple.

I personally think its better to break down one team first then mix it up, with DAn's team already down 1, go in for the kill now.

Willie needs to use Frank in his back pocket.

July 16, 2012 at 6:06 AM  
Blogger Blue said...

Good Morning! Did you sleep well Carolyn? I hope so, you probably needed after a very eventful opening weekend!

A sunrise walk on the beach. How I envy you. Maybe I'll go over to my brother's home and walk barefoot in my niece's sand box tomorrow morning during sunrise; but, somehow, (and call me crazy here) I doubt it will be the same.

Gotta start reading and Flashbacking! <---that isn't a word, is it? Maybe it should be at the BBDish site! hehehe

I'll check in later!

July 16, 2012 at 6:32 AM  
Blogger Janice said...

Wow you're right Carolyn, that Willie never stops playing the game, scheming and thinking! I bet his head hurts big time!! Can't believe he had Jojo and Ashley both in his bed for a little bit; he must think he is the Super Hantz Stud or something!!

Bet the beach was nice!

July 16, 2012 at 6:47 AM  
Blogger Blue said...

I'm currently reading Lessas report from last night (damn that woman is a good transcriber!) and I read this:

"Ashley: everyone would look at Dan as evil"

Um, not all of us, Dahling. Not in a million years.

July 16, 2012 at 6:54 AM  
Blogger Blue said...

*whew* finished with Lessas report.

Now, onto TOR!!!! w00t!

(I hope Carolyn is enjoying her sunrise beach walk. Maybe she'll collect some sea shells by the sea shore.)

July 16, 2012 at 7:03 AM  
Blogger Shi Shi said...

Good morning oh Queen of the Dish! I'm jealous of your sunrise walk on the beach. Do you live right on the water?

I've never seen anyone flip as much as Willie! I'll but he ends up keeping Frank because Frank is so smoooooth talking. He's got Willie fooled.

I sure hope they leave Dan's team alone long enough for him to win one of the competitions. I don't think he realizes what a precarious position he's in. Why in the heck did he throw that 'coaches competition". Doesn't make sense. It's a long time until Thursday.

Have a good day everyone. I actually have to go to work today but I'm all alone here in the office so I can watch or listen to the feeds

By the way Caro, I sent you a little 'love gift' via Paypall. Thanks so much for all you and your wonderful team do.

July 16, 2012 at 7:05 AM  
Blogger Edie said...

Gmorning Carolyn and dishers !!! I had to work yesterday, so I have been playing catch up . Quick question, did Boogie confront Britt and Janie about the ants ? I loved Ian and Ashleys date .....he looked sooo cute !!! Omg I really wish they would make up their minds , just when I think I got it figured out they flip again . Ok off to watch some flashbacks, be back later . Have a great day dishers :)

July 16, 2012 at 7:07 AM  
Blogger Blue said...

I've been wondering why that room is called the Kick room, but honestly, until this morning, I didn't get it. But the Cap of Jenn and Frank under the giant kick on the wall snapped it together for me. DUH!

I'm such a doofus.

July 16, 2012 at 7:07 AM  
Blogger Blue said...

*whew* again! My god, Caro is good transcriber. Still only half way through with her TOR!

Off to read more!

July 16, 2012 at 7:14 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Good Morning, Dishers!! :)

I'm so happy to see your smiling faces!

Hi Blue! Thank you!!

Hi Edie! :)

Morning, ShiShi! :) I live half a block away.. I'm on a tiny little island. Thank you VERY much!!

Good morning, Janice! :) The beach is always nice! :) But.. I think I'd be clever to think of the HGs as infants, and sleep when they do. ;)

Morning, Lupo! :)

Good MOrning, Cindy! :) Don't be jealous!

July 16, 2012 at 7:22 AM  
Blogger Lupo said...

How could I be so rude lol!

Good Morning Carolyn! :)

July 16, 2012 at 7:26 AM  
Blogger Blue said...

Willie and Ashley better be careful about ticking off the coaches. They are all 4 seasoned players and each is excellent in their own unique styles and approaches to the game. Even Boogie without his buddy Wil, because he definitely knows how to stir it up in that house. They are playing for their own cash prizes, too. Have any of the players picked up on that, yet? I haven't noticed any of them discussing that possibility and twist. Unless I missed it somewhere along the way.

God I'm chatty this morning. With my headache last night, I took a unisom and slept like a baby. Feeling gooooooood this morning! LOL

July 16, 2012 at 7:27 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

I'm so glad you're feeling better, Blue. xoxo

Lupo - hehehe - not at all. :)

July 16, 2012 at 7:30 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

7:45am BBT - hmmm.. sleeping critters and quiet in the comments.. Starbucks Run! I'll be back by 8:30am BBT the latest.

July 16, 2012 at 7:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Carolyn,

Hi Everyone,

I missed the party yesterday because I was sick and my second Mom was rushed to hospital with blood clot in leg...She is doing better today..me too

So kind of hectic.

Going to read Lessa's post and your TOR, but wanted to say hi to everyone first..


July 16, 2012 at 8:03 AM  
Blogger mdshander said...

Good morning, it looks like Kara is now goin home? Well, you never know, things can change within a matter of minutes on Big Brother. It seems that they keep changing their minds everyday. As a Dan fan, I'm hoping Kara can pull through this week and stay.

July 16, 2012 at 8:14 AM  
Blogger REGY said...

Am I the only who thinks that they need to get rid of Frank first? Hurting Boogie should be the most important thing. As for Dan's team both are major floaters and don't look to have any game in them. So they can be easy pickings for later Dan or no Dan.
And may I say that I am suffering from major mind-frek? All this flip flop flapping is messing with me. At this point I am as paranoid as Willie (really enjoying him btw).

Btw, this is my first comment of the season! Yey!
Hi to Caro and the rest of the amazing transcribing gang. You are all doing an awesome job - thanks so much!

July 16, 2012 at 8:20 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Good Morning, Pam :) I wondered where you were. Poor baby! I hope you're feeling much better today! And your 2nd mom. Geesh! What a night.

Good morning, MDShander! :) For the moment.. until another wind blows. There's an awful lot of time between now and Thursday.

Good morning, Regy :) Thank you very much! I think Frank's the better choice strategically.. to go.

July 16, 2012 at 8:27 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

Good morning.

I can't really form a good, well thought out opinion of anyone this year.

There are people who get on my nerves even though they haven't specifically done anything terribly wrong. Joe, who seems like he is probably a perfectly decent fellow. And JoJo, who was one of my favorite girls based on pre-season interviews.

There are those who I am warming up to. Ian, although underneath the innocence and naivete, I feel like he could be a sneaky snake.

There are those who I thought would really stand out (in a good way). Jenn, who really seems unexistent in the house.

And there are those who I was sure I would love because I already had. Dan, who as of yet, seems nothing like the old Dan. And Janelle, who without Kaysar and Howie, just comes off as a little bitchy. (I don't know if I'm allowed to use that word.)

I liked Willie from his interview and also enjoyed watching his brother on Survivor. However, I didn't have 24 hour feeds for Survivor. Could that be why I enjoyed Russell? And could Willie blow his stack or become a bully at some point?

Only time will tell.

July 16, 2012 at 8:28 AM  
Blogger Shi Shi said...

Can any of you just imagine Willie on the block! What a riot that will be. We have probably never seen such lying and promises as will be going on there. I do like Willie though. Got to pull for my home state guy.

Hi Blue, glad your headache is better. I could use some of your Ambien. I flipped and flopped just like Willie last night and couldn't go to sleep. My cat "Allie Cat" who sleeps with me was pretty much put out at me because she had to keep changing sides.

Have a good day...got to work a little bit now.

July 16, 2012 at 8:38 AM  
Blogger Shi Shi said...

Cindy love your cat picture

July 16, 2012 at 8:39 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Morning, Grendon! :)

Hiya ShiShi! :) Eeeeeek @ Willie on the block! I think I'd just give up the ghost and type with ice packs on my wrists! ;)

July 16, 2012 at 8:41 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Bye the way....

New Top Post!! Click Me Right Here.. No.. a little to the left.. Yes..

July 16, 2012 at 8:42 AM  

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