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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sunday Late Night!

Heeeeeeeeeeeey Dishers! Miss me? Wait, don't answer that. :P
This house, these people, this game! These guys seriously don't stop, do they? It's all game all the time - as exhausting as it is for us to transcribe, imagine how it's wearing on them?! So much in just one week..love it! So it looks like Kara might have gotten a stay of execution, but it's a long time till Thursday, and anything can happen.

As we rejoin the house, Ian, looking adorably geeky with his bow tie, is on his "date" with Ashely, with Chef Joe making them slop creations to share, and Brit and Wil working as wait staff to make it as real as possible in the BB house. Talk was goofy to begin with, much like a normal date, then slid into game talk pretty soon after that. Ian is real and easy and talking to Ashley about the upcoming vote, and who's a threat, and that he's not a threat at all. Ashley keeps telling him not to underestimate himself.

9:45 BBtime

Ian: It's problimatic if we lose them, and Kara is freakin' awesome.
Ashely: are you working with her?
Ian: No, I have no deal, she's just awesome, and I like them both. It sucks. I don't know what I'm going to do.
Ashley: You don't?
Ian: I'm leaning towards one way. I'm a man of my word. The reality of it is this isn't a team game, it's individual. This is depressing, lets go back to the fun talk - what do you do in Pittsburg?
Ashley: I miss my family...

Meanwhile - upstairs in HOH, Willie and Britney are talking game (of course) and Wil has just joined them.

Britney: If we can stay together long enough to evict the strong players, only three of them, immediately in the first few weeks, then we go after the weak players that will float.

Willie: We gotta win HOH.
Brit: we have too - any one of those people will take out people from our side. And it sucks for you, your close to Kara
Wil: I'd be a fool to let that get in the way of the game.
Brit: Willie's in a bad situation no matter who leaves. Kara could get rid of him next week.
Willie: a perfect world, we win 4-5 hoh's in a row, and sit here and hi-five and say now we play. But never going to happen.
Brit: You're the only person she won't put up. She's going to do whatever Dan says, unless it's you
Wil: I totally know that. I'm also prepared to be blindsided and go up
Willie: She won't.
Brit: Willie just feels like he's in a bad position no matter what happens.
Wil: That's every HOH
Willie: This is why we have to get together every night, it's a really big group and it's easy for one person to decide to leave or do something crazy. It's better to have an explosion with each other and solve the problem rather to jump the boat and make a bad decision.
Wil: I didn't know there was a problem but that information from Joe scared the hell outa  me.
Brit: Yeah, me too!
Willie: and he's solid, he told us, and your solid too.

And the date downstairs has ended with a hug. Awwww...

And on the patio - they're playing charades - we'll pop back up to HOH...

Wil: We stand a much better chance to manipulate the girls rather than Jen and Ian..
Willie; yeah, but what do you think Dan will say - shane and me, or Jen and Ian?
Britney: I think both ways, I think they'll split the teams, just like we did, because that causes a divide, which is what we did to them. They're going to do exactly what we did - because it worked. I mean we think so..
Willie: We win HOH - You win, who would you put up?
Wil: My number one target is Ian, and for the less blood on my hands, Ian, Danielle and Jen, unless we backdoored Kara.
Willie: Kara's in the house - Ian and Danielle, Franks in the house..
Wil: Frank and Ian.. well, this is the thing - Frank's gotta go.
Brit: Quickly..

Willie: either this week or next week.
Wil: i think it's a group decision
Brit; If he stays he's one of the nominees
Wil: if Kara stays she's going up, but it might be back door. I want Ian out.
Willie: everyone does, but they all say that, but put him up to get someone else out. If its questions...
Wil: oh god..
Willie: thats the only person that we don't want...
Brit: sadly BB loves the house to flip - you know that it's going to be somehting their good at..
Willie: We can still win - he gets clustered and nervous
Brit: clustered or flustered?
Willie: that too..

Downstairs, Ian gives Frank a super quick lowdown on his chat with Ashley
Ian: I planted seeds for keeping you. I said that like you need to think about who you'd want to align with and stressed it's not a team game, you know...
Frank: I appreciate it..

Then almost immediately Janie and Ashley do the same thing

Ashley: then he started talking game with me!
Janie: oh my god!
Ashley: He was like I feel like i have a target on my back and then reminded me that it was an individual game, and then he was like you know people think I'm smart but I'm not...
Janie: ooooookay...
Ashley: and I asked if he talked to boogie about game and he's like he kinda hurt my feelings and asked if I was here for a vacation or really wanted to word - and then asked where my nominates were, and then this verified that they're working together, he was like I don't want one of my team to go but I don't want Kara to go either, and like he was like devistated
Janie: Because he's losing someone from his side...

Janie; what did you think of Willie's outburst this afternoon?
Ashley: oh my god, I told him that he didn't want to be like Russel and he was like kinda like that..
Janie; Ididn't do anything, he saw me talking to Kara and flipped out and I swear to god it wasn't game talk, it was about showmances...
Ashley: Thats like it was me!
Janie: yeah he apologized to me and he gets so paranoid, but its ok for us to talk to other people in the house..
Ashley: And it continues, he was like whats with shane and kara are they trying to start a showmance?
Janie; This guy is like a control freak, I was like oh my god, he's like so controlling
Ashley: he's freaking out
Janie; i know, but like why? I was talking to Frank and Kara? And he flipped out, he was made about me talking to them about shane... and brit opened the door and was like what are you doing? and said we had to go upstairs
Ashley: I know Brit says he's not hurt, but I think he is and like it's why he's all paranoid
Janie: I don't like people that shout at me for no reason
Ashley: he's assuming things that are completely left field... I can't wait till he's not HOH anymore. I hate.. he keeps thinking that eveyrone is gunning for him? and chill the ego, Shane's a bigger threat...
Janie: I was like shane's first, and he was all I'm just as physical as shane..
Ashely: I mean, not a lot of people know who his brother is, and he's just got to chill and tell Joe so he doesn't feel left out...
Janie: I just feel like, i hate people that yell at me for no reason.
Ashely: if he only knew that no one talks game to me - I mean Ian is the first one
Janie: do you think they planned it?

Ashley: I definitely think boogie put him up to it to talk game, and he was all you know doesn't your Coach talk to you about game, and he kept saying this is not a team game.
Janie: That's what they're going to say for the next three weeks
Ashley: and he kept saying Jen is such a great person and is shy and I'm like what? She isn't shy at all, and he was all whatever happens happens, I have my mind made up
Janie: No shit, he's going to vote for Frank. I think it is so obious that Frank needs to go and Willie's still trying to save him.
Ashley: That's what I wanted t tell you - he asked me in the hot tup who I'd put up and I was like Kara, and he was all THANK YOU, that's why I trust you.
Janie: He needs to chill out...
Ashley: chill out on the paranoia, he thinks everyone is out to get him... he's so like.. uuuugh.
Janie: he needs to chill the fuck out...

Ian joins, and the topic changes to possible comps.

Meanwhile, upstairs, it's bathtime for Wil and Britney, while Kara watches from the sidelines.
General chitchat, for the most part.
Brit: it's a bad week to be on the block, it's so long! And a good week to be HOH.. it's so long!

Ashley: We had a really nice dinner right? I really enjoyed myself!
Ian: I did too!

Ian: One of my top five players - was Eric, I'm sorry...
Janie: But that's ok...
Ian: I mean what he said to you was rude and uncalled for
Janie: Thank you..
Ian: Roddy, really would be my favorite. Dan's the best like modern player - the best double digit player...
Janie: So Dr. Will is actually your favorite..
Ian: I don't have a favorite, I have a top five. Jack was who I wanted to emulate.
Janie: Really? Yeah, you can't get to the end without trusting a couple people.
Ian: Yeah, and like when they'd ask who I wanted to emulate I'd say that and they were like who? oh yeah, him.
Janie: You'd pick Jack over Dr. Will?
Ian: He was genuine, and.. yes. I mean it's not about the money. I'd like to win? But I really think that he was the strongest player that year and he was on the wrong end of a weird week.
Janie: That season was all about the floaters.
Ian: Jun played it very well.
Janie: Were you offended by my gameplay when I tried to get rid of floaters? Can I tell you what I did?
Ian: Please clarify, i'd love to hear it

Janie: So season six, I was a favorite, and a lot of them were pissed off about that. And So I came into the alliance and I was like there's no way I'm going to win this game - and I figured if I was going to go down.. did I want to be taken out by a floater, or by Chilltown? I mean, by chicken george and danielle, or chilltown? That's why I did that. It wasn't like, you know.. there was just so many floaters in the house and they were always hounding me to put up wil and boogie and I was like if you want them out do it yourself, and I was just so over the whole thing, I was annoyed since I'd just played the summer before and I was like just do it yourself.
Ian: I can see that, I get that. I remember Dick had a quote where he was like I'd rather just go for the people that I don't know where they stand than the people who I know were against me.
Janie: Do you get it now?
Ian: Not really - from a game stance, from a math perspective, going after someojne who's 50% going after me rather than someone who is 100% coming after me, doesn't make sense.
Janie; Do you understand why I went after the floaters?
Ian: I do now, I get it now. 

They continue to chat about Allstars, and the decisions made there.

Janie: Your really smart
Ian: I think my intelligence has been over exagerated
Janie: Prove you're not smart
Ian: I can't drive, and I once got a D.. Book smart, not necessarily game smart..

And we get fishies...

Janie: So what are you thinking for next week?
Ian: Pray and worry.
Ashley: Who would you put up?
Ian: I don't know. In reality - you would be safe. Other than that, I don't know. My main worry is me not walking out the door since I had a rough few first days. In reality I wasn't feeling well, and out of my element..
Janie; Are you feeling better?
Ian: I am... and I was just, I mean am out of my element, I'm younger than everyone. I still feel somewhat like a child in an adults game. I felt really out of place, and then, even now, there's certain things that i don't pick up on immediately where people are like why are you doing that, don't you know how that's how you don't interact with people... I mean a good example is I was in the bathroom about to shave my chest and..

10:45 bbTime - Fish...
--dear skippy. stop it.

Ian: I wouldn't be surprised to know that Jodi is in a secret room, waiting to come back on Thursday night. I wouldn't be surprised.
Janie; Yeah, they can do whatever they want, you know, their game.
Ian: I was was just thinking, you know..
Janie; Yeah, me too. not that someone was coming back, or..
Ian: Or America picked..
Janie: America picked last year, I think this is more of a competition year
Ian: Possible, not out of the question
Janie: I'm glad your feeling better... you were making nervous...
Ian: I think I made a lot of people nervous.. I'm sure the show tonight was a lot of me pacing around, being weird...
--Lessa: ding ding ding! :P
Ian: I think after the cowboy hat I losened up a bit..
Janie: Just be you
Ian: Yeah...
Ashley: I enjoyed my time with you tonight. For real.
Ian: I did too!
--awww, Ashley is spreading her love...

They ask her how her date was
Ashley: I had a really good time!
Kara: would you go on a second date?
Ashley: No, but I enjoyed it just the same.

Outside it's still Movie Charades... and general chitchat all around - stretch break for Lessa!
In between fishes - I'm cracking up watching charades - for heaven's sake, the answer is "Earnest Goes to Camp" - I think. 

11:17  - still fish.. come on skippy!

11:24 - finally back from fishies - Backyard is still playing charades, so we'll join the HOH crew where Ashley is telling them about her talk with Ian to JoJo, and Willie, same she told Janie earlier.

Willie: He's playing a game but he doesn't know how to play the game.
JoJo: He's got no social skills...

Shane joins, convo continues.

JoJo: He's not used to being around so many cool good looking people, everyone intimidates him. He's smart, book smart, but not street smart and this game is so about street smarts.

Ashley: he doesn't have any information thought
Shane: Unless about BB... is this game? do i..
Willie; no it's just about her date..
Ashley: I didn't think he'd talk about the game at all... just all fun and games
Willie: but it's a good topic
JoJo: get information and all
Ashley": see, he's smart! He was all I really appreciate you doing this for me tonight, it was strange he was like mature, and like not awkward.. he was like not any of the girls would do this, well maybe JoJo...
JoJo: He's scared of me, so intimidated, I scare the shit out of him! I mean lately I'm trying to work him a little bit, I mean it's real, he's sweet, but...I think he thinks I'm into him because I'm like your kinda turnin me on..
Ashley: You know how he says he's here for the experience he then said we're all here for one thing.. and I was like wait, you said the experience.. and he was like I mean there's like 1 in 10 chance..
Janie; I got him to admit that Dr Will was his favorite player, chilltown. i mean I kinda knew, but I think he mighta said something to Boogie and that's why he picked them
Ashley: oh that's what he said about trust.. people think they don't trust him cuz of the first games but he was like trust me...
Janie: he'll never get that far
Willie: so we really have a 1 in 9 chance...
Ashley: I think he's coming out of his shell more..
JoJo: Im really starting to kinda like the kid, I just want to make him feel better about himself.
Willie; if boogie weren't in the equation, this whole game would be different
JoJO: dan too
Willie: yeah, but dan would be easier going..
JoJo: I want to see them play their game, not dan or boogies.
Willie: they're willing to take more chances you know, because they have other players..
Ashley: Yeah, he said that - the coaches are looking out for three players, but we have to look after ourselves..
Janie; yeah, we are too early in the game to think about that yet, but he's pushing it so that you go to his side
JoJo: they're desperate..
Janie; They're working it..
Shane: They made us blow up today in front of each other!
Willie: yeah - but it doesn't matter
Ashley: it only makes us stronger
Shane: That's the only game they have to do today - play us against each other...
Willie; We just deflect it
JoJo: most of us are strong minded, thank god... I don't buy anything dan or boogie say to me..

Willie: this is what I think is going on right now, all the coaches are trying to get rid of strong players. Shane's going to be targeted, wil, me, kara.. and I know you don't like it - but they're looking towards the physical..
Ashley: We have to win HOH
JoJo: You have to have that mentality, you don't win, you go home. every single time
Ashley: you're right. I agree.
JoJo: I'm telling you right now, if Boogie wins the coaches and saves Ian we're screwed. Kara's gonna be on slop - he won't put Danielle on it again..
JoJO: if he did that would be so fucked up!
Ashley: everyone would look at Dan as evil

JoJo: We have to get rid of Frank - no more of this going back adn forth..
Willie: we'll meet the night before, and no more of the changing votes
Shane: just meet every night,
Willie: yeah, and squash whatever has gone on
Janie; even if it's like for 5 minutes..
Willie: if we win HOH next week, we're solid..
JoJo: unless boogie wins and saves him again and we're screwed...

Willie: if Ian gets it..
Shane: Then Ashley will be safe..
JoJo: Maybe I'll have to go on a date with him next week..
Janie: Do it!
JoJo: I told you I was workin him a little... he was scared and now he's warming up to me a little... and now he thinks I'll go on a date with him.. I was like Ian it was all about personality..
Willie: I try to talk to him and it's so difficult...
Shane: it's tough..
Willie; we don't have nothin really and if I don't connect with someone.. I don't have nothin in common with him
JoJo: I asked him about himself you know, and just work with it.. so maybe I should go on a date with him next wee
Willie: be smooth

JoJo: Sweetie, I know how to work guys..
Janie: She's a professiona.
-- Lessa: HAHAHAHAHA ahem.

JoJo: I can't explain it - its just the little magic that I do.
--Lessa: gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaag.

Shane: so if Joe votes - it'll be 4-3?
Willie; yeah, which will be perfect because they'll think Joe is on the outs..
JoJo: I'm like Willie and like they don't talk to me that much and I'm like they don't like talk to me because they don't think I'm smart. I knew coming into this I'd play the dumb card, you know, we got them to believe that next week I think it's like me an' joe going up..
Ashley: I asked him if Frank was upset that boogie saved him over Frank, and he was like I think yeah boogie was upset that I made myself a target and he'd be devistated if Frank left...
JoJo: He's his golden ticket.. I say that all the time, the golden ticket.. Danielle's going to be the ultimate floater, she's got no game. All she's got is book smarts and its not a fuckin math competition..

Ashley: Oh! He was like, there could be alliances everywhere, there could be alliances under our feet..

Meanwhile, the object of their ridicule is talking tohimself in the have not room... bouncing there, to see what he's thinking...

Ian: These people are playing with their heads up their asses, I think that I'll be out of here next week... I have to just do it... I think Janelle is trustworthy, I odn't see how she'd have issue with someone taking her person as far as possible... I need to let her know I like Joe more than most people. Joe is sound. You could take Joe to the end. It's weird. Team outrageous fun - Ashley Joe Shane and.. me... a foursome. Frank could be my other guy... or Willie. I hate to say it, I think Frank is gone, which sucks because I like Frank. Confused. How the fuck do we lose Frank? Should have been my ass this week, no question. I want to win but man, it's tough... it was my time to go... I just gotta...

Ian: Mike thinks I'm a f'in idiot. Don't blame him. Can't think about that. You lookin at me? Talkin to me? that's what I thought... Ashley could be the hot girl, Shane the jock, Joe the old guy, Willie the wild card. I like Willie, want Willie in this - if I can't have Frank, want Willie. I want that freakin alliance, we could run shit, that'd be great. Danielle can't win shit, I like her but.. Wil's really funny, but not someone I want to sit next too, he'd get all the votes.. good social player..

Ian: If the showtime feed is one me, that'd be stupid, tehre has to be something sexier to watch than the guy talking to himself, if your watching me on quad cam pick another room, there's gotta be sexier stuff happenin than me... doesn't make any sense.

Ian: the dishes thing this morning - what the fuck was that? You may not have seen it, but there was a huge fall out about dishes... Ashley I feel like I can trust her.. I should trust her. I like Ashley a lot, I mean, cute as hell. I dunno wtf... JoJo's pretty cool too, but she pisses people off too much...she is sweet though. All the girls are really nice, all the people are really nice. I'm sure Jodi was nice too, I just don't know her. I feel really bad for jodi.

It's harder than I thought. Well, boredom wise its easier than I thought. Couldn't have this much fun anywhere else. Anywhere else I'd be doing flash cards or something stupid like that. Sitting in my room pining over her. At the library probably. I wonder how my friends are doing - its kinda weird.

Man of my word, that's for sure. If I walk out of here next week, I leave a man of my word. Not gonna go back on that. Dropped hits at Joe being safe, really hope he takes that to heart... they seem to think it'll be something cerebral, it's going to be a crap shoot, something totally random, who does America think will piss in a swimming pool. Random. Luck is 98% of this game.  The duck thing is under the bridge at this point - duckgate, done and over with...

If I could actually get someone to like me it'd be easier. Shit's mad weird. I can see mom at work tomorrow, whats with the kid wearing a duck on his head, and running around the house with a cowboy hat on his dong? Probably send us ducks in the mail. Whatever, it's cool...

11:59 And Skippy sends us back to Charades. Mean. I was enjoyihng the many thoughts of Ian!

12 BBtime
In HOH they're chatting about the POV competition, general chitchat since Kara has joined, while Charades continues downstairs. And that's it for me tonight - we'll leave them to their chitchat, and Carolyn will pick up any important tidbits that happen from now on The Overnight Report in the morning - don't miss it!



Blogger Lessa said...

Hey ya'll! Just a FYI, as I see there are page views. If your making comments, they're not showing up - blogger seems to be hiccupping. So I'll get to them as soon as I see them - don't let it stop ya from commenting! :) Just wanted you to know I wasn't ignoring you!

July 15, 2012 at 10:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is much more fun watching them play Charades than the annoying games Rachel cooked up.

July 15, 2012 at 11:09 PM  
Blogger Lessa said...

I agree - they're cracking me up - I just wish the fish would quick so I could tell if I was right on my guess. :)

July 15, 2012 at 11:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am watching Big Brother after Dark, also. It eventually jived. Whose task were you trying to guess?

July 15, 2012 at 11:20 PM  
Blogger Lessa said...

Dan's - pretty sure it was Earnest goes to Camp...

July 15, 2012 at 11:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It was "The Importance of Being Ernest!" Good guess!

July 15, 2012 at 11:25 PM  
Blogger Lessa said...

Ah, so close! *L*

July 15, 2012 at 11:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

They go from the fun of charades to the a monolog by the tragic Ian. It may be a good move.

July 15, 2012 at 11:49 PM  
Blogger Lessa said...

And that's it for me tonight - 5am comes very very early. Thanks for joining me, nymph - and have a great night!

July 16, 2012 at 12:05 AM  
Blogger Kati said...

My my my.....what I wouldnt do to have Willie rubbin me down like that. Strange, because I cant stand his brother, but Willie is getting to me...in the best way.

July 16, 2012 at 12:09 AM  
Blogger Francesca said...

These blogs are so great! I'm loving them again. Thanks lessa and love your comments. Hahaha.

July 16, 2012 at 2:06 PM  

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