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Friday, July 20, 2012

The Overnight Report

Happy Friday, BB Lovers!  Welcome to Frank's HoH Week! 
There is a very different vibe in the house already, and Frank only got the power a few hours ago.  The central themes of Thursday night are nominations and trades.  If you were early to bed last night, and you'd like to get all caught up on what went down on the live feeds, please read Zinger and Lessa's fantastic updates:
FYI - As Kara is only available for email interviews through CBS, per Rob Cesternino, many believe that she and future evicted HGs are being sequestered, and could have a chance to return to the game.

We rejoin our houseguests at 1:45am BBT to begin the Overnight Report..

1:45am BBT
 Swinging back n forth.. back n forth.. back n forth.. squeeeeeeeeek..
Ian: I need to stim.  I'm stimmin' like crazy.  Stimmin' like a motherf*er.
**it would seem we have our answer.

feeds 3/4
Boogie: He also knows.. no offense.. He knows Dan is gonna come with us.  Everybody would do the same thing.
Frank: He's thinking.. I know we didn't get Ashley, but maybe we can get her next week.
Janelle: I hate him so much.
Frank: He was really thinkin' Shane was gonna win HoH.
Boogie: nope.  Shane was 1st out.  And your little JoJo..
Janelle: Britney was pissed!
Frank: I can't wait to see her come up here this week.
Boogie: She has nothing to offer.. Sorry Brit.
Janelle: She was the one telling him to make all these deals..
Dan: If/then deals.. If you save her, then we'll do this..
Boogie: If then deals.. Who ever heard of that?

Boogie: It was the ultimate his cake and eat it too..
Dan: He could have had the same outcome and been fine.. He could be here right now, with you winning, and be fine..

Ian: I can't stop stimming.  It's a problem I have.

Ashley, Shane, Danielle

Shane: That you guys are probably gonna vote how ever Frank votes.  I know he wants Willie out now, but..
Ashley: He could win HoH too.  And Joe?  He's a frigging time bomb.
Shane: I know.
Ashley: That's the thing about this game - you can never throw in the towel.  SOmeone else could freak out.. you could win the pov..
Shane: Yeah. Anything can happen.  You just have to stay optimistic and take it as it comes.  But obvi, Frank's gonna do what Boogie tells him, and he said it's gonna be one of us 3..

Talk turns to Brit.

Ashley: I'm worried about her.  She hasn't eaten in like 2 days.
Shane: Why?
Ashley: She's so upset about Willie. She's a mess over him.. then she feels guilty because she was mean to him.. and she cares about him, and she knows he's a good person too.  This game is crazy.
Shane: And the coaches bein' here.. makes it 10 times harder.
Ashley: I'm tellin you.  And those key holes? This is a multi-million dollar production.  I'm tellin' you.  Someone's coming into the game.  Or maybe voting..

Ashley gets up to pee.

Shane: If I go, you're not gonna have anyone. 

Danielle moves over to Shane's bed.. hugs.. back scratch..

Shane: I wish we could cuddle on these.

2:03am BBT
After a wee swim, the feeds return to show us that Boogie and Dan have left the HoH room to come downstairs and brush their teeth. 

Feed 3/4
Ian: She hates Joe?  I think it's funny.. I'm one of the only people here that doesn't treat Willie like a piece of sh*t.. and day 2, he was like, Ian's gotta go.
Janelle: He's intimidated by your mind.  He's only finished the 8th grade.
Ian: He's gotta win the PoV comp.
Janelle: Do you think I can win it?
Ian: You've won comps before..
Janelle: But I was 25 then.  I'm 32 now.  I don't know if I can hang..

Ian: JoJo.. She's the Ivette..  Like I have no personal beef with JoJo, but there's this hero worship thing going on.
Janelle: You're right.  She's like Ivette with cappy.
Ian: I'm gonna be nice to them, but.. I just don't like them telling Ashley she's the ultimate pawn..  He seems to have it out for her, and that pisses me off.
Janelle: I'm just mad.. Brit asked me what time it was today, and I was like, Time to get Willie on the block.  She's really sensitive.

Ian: My relationship with Ashley is much like Jack with Erika, but she's much cooler than Erika.  Willie was asking me.. If I was on the block, and I had like 2 votes, could you maybe throw one my way?  I was like, I'll marinate on it, but.. there's no way in hell.
Janelle: He's an idiot.
Ian: It's his coming after Ashley that pisses me off.  I'd much rather he come after me.

Janelle: Ooh.  We're getting better at this!

Frank sticks his head out to say goodnight..

Frank: G'night guys.
Ian: G'night Frank.  Enjoy upstairs.
Janelle: G'night Frank.
Frank: Thanks.

Ian: If he somehow manages to get off the block, I'd rather not be the pawn against Shane..  but it comes down to a lot of circumstances..

Feed 1/2
Boogie: Let's say Frank comes over.. How about Ian vs Jen?
Frank: I don't know.

Frank: What I was thinkin' could work out good for us..
Boogie: Janelle's gonna be graspin for it.. If we're successful in our plan, and it comes down to 3 vs 3.. while we still have Danielle, we gotta go at Janelle...  I was thinkin' - if Britney was to win tomorrow, it wouldn't be the worst thing if she traded Willie to one of the other coaches.  I think with you and me, it's gonna be easy to keep the guys closer..  Janelle's got a strong team.. Dan came to me today..  Hopefully it'll go according to script and go to 3 - 3 and he'll come with us.. I think our team is the last one she'd trade for.
Frank: She can't trade for me.
Boogie: Jenn, as much as she's great socially, she hasn't shown herself in comps.. and I don't think Brit would pick Ian.
Frank: We're ropin' Janelle in tight... tight..
Boogie: Oh yeah..  I think we did it right.. I backed off.. You came in.. Today she said to me, "Boogie and Janelle working together again."   Perfect.  I'd like us to get rid of Willie, but I'd be just as happy with Shane.

Boogie: If you do the math, and nobody comes back, and there's no double eviction, it works out perfectly.  If they do a double eviction, they get to bring one back.  I think a coach comp will bring back an evicted houseguest.  I think there's a better bet of that than the coaches come into the game.  Then the timing will work out right.  We have the numbers.  If we can keep everybody tight.. babysit Ashley..  We just make this a hangout pad.. I'm really not worried.  We have physical and mental.  Britney has no shot in something physical against us.
Frank: She's even voiced it.
Boogie: She's walking out there with a defeatist attitude.  Not only does she have to play against this kick ass female, she's gotta play against 2 guys.  I don't discount her brains.  She's smart.  But..

Boogie: Thank God you wanted to win and didn't dump it to Wil.. Imagine if Julie'd hit us with the trade thing after, and you were up for grabs? It's also good for me that Ian didn't win.. That he didn't just get that because he has a photographic memory or whatever.  And we own Danielle now too.  We've got puppydog Dan at our feet.  We should have Danielle making us breakfast or something.. uh.. That's scrambled..  We're pimpin up here.  What were they talkin about?  This bed is awesome.

Frank and Boogie complain about how Willie turned the HoH into a pigsty.   Frank plans to bring a garbage can up. 

Boogie: I was doubting Wil.  I was wrong.  He was gangster.
Frank: F'in Janelle came over and gave me the Biggest hug when I won.
Boogie: Oh yeah. We got her.  Lock, stock n barrel.

Boogie: Next week, it's 3 -3 and the HoH breaks the tie.. That's why it's important we have Danielle.. In case we don't win HoH..
Frank: I'm glad it worked out that we got Janelle..
Boogie: Oh yeah.. And I'm selling the whole nostalgia thing from AllStars..
Frank: The only thing that's a little bit of an upside to trading Jenn or Ian for Shane, is if we get something physical next week, we've got Shane..
Boogie: I think I would trade..
Frank: You would trade Ian?  He might have a chance in endurance.. He only weighs 105 pounds..
Boogie: But Jenn doesn't have any enemies.. She's not a target at all.  But Ian.. He's improving socially, but.. It's like.. Do you trade for Wil?
Frank: But that's hard on our 6.
Boogie: I just wonder, if I trade for Shane, is Janelle not gonna like that.  We would have you, Ian and Shane.. Britney would hae JoJo and Jenn..
Frank: It would cripple Britney.. and Willie..
Boogie: Then who do we nominate Willie with?

Frank: JoJo.  Or..  worst case scenario.. Willie wins.. put Jenn up.. and then we don't have to worry about her coming back after us.
Boogie: If we were to consider that..  Do you do Ian or Jenn?
Frank: The only reason I lean towards Jenn.. She told me she was ready to vote me out last night.
Boogie:  We were in the middle of a huge pressure situation..  I would put more stock in which one is more of a weapon.
Frank: Whichever one you don't trade feels good.
Boogie: Ian, i think, would be less vindictive.
Frank: Yeah..
Boogie: It would suck if I traded someone, and then they won. 

Talk turns to Jury..

Boogie: Another good reason to get Willie out instead of Shane: We don't want Willie on the jury, 'cause he'll make sure you don't win.  Ian.. we can lie to.. and make up some crazy reason why it's beneficial to him if we trade him.

Boogie and Frank leave the HoH room..
**and yes, I almost typed Boogie and Will.  Still.

Janelle, Joe, Ian

Joe: Willie got served a big ole piece of humble pie..

Ian: I have a soft spot for Ian.. but if he really said those things about Wil?  And I've heard him say other things that were awful.. And that whole thing with Ashley.. That pissed me off.
Janelle: Me too. 
Ian: What a nightmare.  I will carry her as long as I possibly can.  I have a weakspot for your player.
***Which of the 7 dwarfs in Ashley's Snow White strategy is Ian?

All about Willie.  Joe and he squared off after the comp, and when joe didn't back down, Willie did and went "scurrying" into the bushes.

Ian: This week, I think he'll self-destruct faster than a secret spy message.
Joe: I think he'll be nice to everyone..
ian: He's been really nice to me since like day 4..
Joe: He knows now that we have numbers.. He's trying to pull one person.
Ian: He also knows that I'm pretty good at my word.. He's like, there's a list of who needs to go, and you and Ashley are at the bottom.

Janelle: He's a moron.
Joe: My goal was to get to the final 4 or 5.. There is a degree of luck involved in this game.
Ian: Do you think the fans like him?
Janelle: He's Cappy.
Ian: If you had to guess who would win America's Favorite right now..
Joe: Ashley.
Ian: Yeah.. She's so sweet.
**hehe.. and you're so mitten, it's adorkable.

2:55am f1/2
Joe: Can you imagine if Willie got traded to Dan?

Janelle: We could take out 2 at once.
Joe: I would almost say throw the comp.
**Joe's pitch for the new week.
Ian: No way.

1/2 Talk about the coaches becoming players..
3/4 Discussing possible nominations and trades.

Boogie: And then we have a solid 4.  Shane, you..
Frank: That's what's key about if we get Shane.. Then we don't have to worry about him next week.
Boogie: Ian didn't win tonight, but I would be more fearful about going against him..
Frank: He's so little, he could also win (an endurance comp).
Boogie: Gah.. Jenn is so strong socially though.  I'll think about it some more.  I wonder how Janelle would feel about it.  Plus, moving forward with PoVs..
Frank: It would help us a lot.
Boogie: And the thing with Jenn.. We know what her thing is.. It's getting along with everyone.. Suddenly she's not so valuable.. And Britney?  If she lost Willie and Shane in the same week?
Frank: But it's definitely something we'll have to wait on the comp tomorrow..
Boogie: The only problem is I'll have to decide on the spot.
Frank: Oh! I was thinking we could talk to him.
Boogie: We could have a hypothetical with him.. See if he'd be a dutiful soldier..  And it would even be fine if he ran back to Brit and told her.. It would totally psych her out for the comp.

Murmurs of appreciation re the HoH Booty..

Boogie: It was funny.. She said, "When I saw you look at your son, I realized you were human."

Boogie: Alright, dude.  See you in the morning. more game play.  oohh hoo hoo.. These beds are so amazing!  From the outhouse to the penthouse.
Frank: No f'in in and out.. people walkin' around..

Joe is talking about his end game with Janelle.. From final 6 to final 2.. And sharing how good he feels about his "Team Diversity" plan.. Joe believes everyone is completely on board, and will remain so.  That hasn't actually been the case since about 3 minutes after the first meeting.

Joe: Everyone likes to be cared for.. and if you can do it, and not come across as fake.. So that's my strategy.. As a coach, if you can tell me when I'm talking too much.
Janelle: Yeah, I don't think you should've told Dan today that he should vote Kara out.
Joe: I was just so worried about Ash.
Janelle: Oh, i was never worried about Ash.  I was so glad you told me she was being bullied by Willie.  Players like Willie have just got to go.
Joe: If I had a one on one with her, she would come away feeling cared for, not bullied.
**mmmm not so much.
Joe: Willie has a way of talking to people though.. of making them believe he cares for them.. and Ashley's very..
Janelle: Susceptible to that.  We just have to stick together.  If we don't, we lose.
Joe: That's why I do that blind faith thing in the mornings..
Janelle: Ashley seems good.
Joe: She's very happy about today.  She feels loved.. and all that good stuff.  I never realized, coming into this game, how much people would play with emotion.
Janelle: Especially with women.
Joe: That's just not how my mind works..
Janelle: Yeah, you're unemotional, cuz you're in a game, but Ashley's very emotional.

Janelle: What sucks is when you're the last one left in the house, and you've got no one left to work with, and you've got 3 people coming after you.
Joe: Do you think you can win tomorrow?
Janelle: Yeah.


Joe: Frank said something to me tonight that's got me concerned.. He thinks Boogie might expend Jenn..
Janelle: Oh, with the coaches comp.  Yeah.  He told me the same thing.

Talk turns to everyone's mutual concerns about Boogie in this game.

Joe: I don't think he'd take one of our players.  I think he'd take Shane.  Cuz that would give him Frank, Shane and Ian.
Janelle: Yeah, he would.  He would take Shane.
Joe: He has no emotions, period.
Janelle: He's a player.

Janelle reveals her strategic flaws..

Janelle: I won HoH a lot, but I just got rid of people I didn't like..
Joe: Well, Frank said if Boogie asked him, he would want me...
**And how did that smoke feel going up your bum?

Talk turns to Brit.  Janelle feels Brit's mad at her.  Joe confirms it, but when asked, he doesn't offer a name as to who told him... But it was over Janelle's moving out after Brit shared so much with her..

Janelle: I left because of Willie.  I told her.  I had to be with my team and support my team.
Joe: We'll find out how smart she is if she wins.  If she doesn't get rid of Willie, she's an idiot.  I think we can get rid of him, because the whole house wants rid of him. Any given week.
Janelle: I can't believe she's mad I moved out of the HoH Room... with a psycho who hates my guts??
Joe: She feels betrayed.. Once she can watch the season, she'll get it.. I understand the whole mama bear protection thing.. Even when one of your kids do wrong.. You still love em.  They're still yours.. And, I don't mean this in a negative way, but she is taking pre-natal vitamins.. She is at a point where she wants kids.. I think it's her first time in a role of taking care of someone or coaching.. 
Janelle: I wish I could get her to realize the situation, but she's just like, what happened.  She's like, we had a deal Janelle.. Yes we did, but that was before Willie was coming after me and my team.

Joe: Let's play this one out..  What do you do if you win?  Would you make a trade?
Janelle: No!
Joe: You wouldn't trade Ashley?
Janelle: No.  Definitely not.  I think we have the best team in the house.  I would trade anyone for anyone.

3:44am - timecheck
Janelle will still be trying to win the comp, mainly because if Britney wins, they're all screwed.

Janelle: I think Dan's gonna win it.  He shook my hand and said, "Janelle, I will not be trading Danielle." He wants to work with us.  His whole thing is, he's gonna want Frank out bad.
Joe: Everyone's gonna want him out.
Janelle: Even his own team members.
Joe: Ian still says he just wants to make it to jury.
Janelle: I hate when people play like that.  In AllStars, that menat 30,000 dollars.. But in a regular season, that's like 5,000 after taxes.

Talk turns to Jenn..  Joe says she's a loose cannon and she'll go off on someone.  He tells Janie how volatile Jenn became Wednesday night after Frank tooted in bed.

While the rest of the house is sleeping, Joe and Janelle are still talking in the backyard.. Speculating about everything.. from this week to the final 2..

Janelle: I have a feeling the fans are gonna like Shane because of his body.. He's just boring.
**Did I say he needed to speak?

At 4:20am, Janelle and Frank head inside.

Janelle's surprised it's so late, "and I have a coaches comp tomorrow."  Today! :) I wonder if the coaches comp will be more mental than physical, and therefor geared at giving Britney at least a chance to win it, since the backyard was left open all night.

Speculations galore..  They're already onto next week.
Janelle: Willie leaves, Shane wins HoH, Shane will put up Frank and Wil.. or you and Frank..

Janelle: We're not even locked down yet.
Joe: Yeah.. I don't think the comp'll be til tomorrow night.  We'll go out there for breakfast, and they'll close it around 10, I think.

Sweet dream, houseguests... We'll see you when you wake up!



Anonymous Anonymous said...


July 20, 2012 at 5:00 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Good morning! :0)

Gone cycling.. I'll be back around 7:30am to publish comments and say hello.

July 20, 2012 at 5:18 AM  
Blogger GaYToR said...

Good morning and Happy Friday Caro. Hope the bike ride was a good one.

Excellent job on TOR as always. I would have been writing this one until midnight or later.

I'm old and not always with it on new urban words. I'm going to look for it but for now, What is stimmin' and why was Ian doing it?

I'll hopefully be back. I'm gonna google that word and look for a quote I saw on CNN in the middle of the night. I'm gonna wear two hats today if I stay away that long. I have some serious tweeting to do if I do find the quote.

CYA in an hour or so.


July 20, 2012 at 6:34 AM  
Anonymous pattiz said...

Carolyn, I must have missed a couple of things. Can you help clarify what stimming is and why you indicated that we have an answer? I thought I'd read all the posts. Thanks! Hope you had a great ride. This should be another interesting day where work gets interrupted a million times while I check your site. American productivity probably goes way down during BB season - at least, mine does. :)

July 20, 2012 at 6:46 AM  
Blogger Blue said...

Good Morning!

It's a brand new game again. Willie must be tinkling himself right now.

Hated to see Kara go, but alas. That's the way the votes tumble.

I'll be back later.

Have a good one, Peeps!!!

July 20, 2012 at 7:12 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

I want to rant but don't know where to start today. The whole situation seems hopeless. I don't want to get into good people vs. bad people because it should be about who plays the best game. But if that means someone like Boogie winning, I for one don't want to see it.

Dan, I just don't understand. I know he is always going to make the move that makes the most sense strategically. But why does he keep talking bad about Britney? "If you watched her season you know what kind of person she is. You know how she played the game." Yes Dan, I watched her season. I also watched Boogie's season. So what's your point?

Janelle, I thought you were smarter than this. You completely screwed Brit just to get back into a partnership with Boogie. Have you stopped to ask yourself where Dan fits in this whole plan. Not only is Dan working with Boogie, but now Boogie still has Frank who proved he can win more than just a physical comp. They are all so hell bent on killing Brit & team that Janelle has set it up perfectly for Boogie to win (or at least to make her lose again.)

And...what kind of 42 year old business man would rather be called Boogie than Mike.

I'm sorry-I'm so sad I forgot to say good morning.

July 20, 2012 at 7:56 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

On to the rest of today's observations.

The Coach Game:

Britney-It doesn't matter if you win, lose, protect or trade, two of your players will be nominated. You are smarter than people give you credit for and you've already figured this out.

Janelle-Boogie and Dan aren't working with you. They are working against you. Once you all take Brit out, the guys are going to come after you. Keep in mind, at this point it is still a numbers game. Brit is more than likely losing a player this week. But that would still leave Janelle and Brit with 5 vs. Boogie and Dan with 4. You need to join back up with Britney.

July 20, 2012 at 8:13 AM  
Blogger Natalie37 said...

Good morning Carolyn!! I haven't had a chance to post much this season, but I've been here reading and keeping caught up everyday. You all do such an amazing job, thanks so much to you and your team for all your hard work!

I'm so over everyone hating on Britney! What did she do wrong? I feel so bad for her. I was not a fan of hers in her season, but to me she has changed a lot, grown up a lot, and I really like her. I think she's tried as hard as she can to reign Willie in, but everyone just seems to hate her. I'm tired of all the Britney bashing in the house! It's not just the other coaches either, even some of the players treat her terribly.

In my best dreams, Wil or Joe would go home this week, but I don't see any way that's going to happen. But hopefully they'll be gone soon. Wil is so full of himself, and he is a very hateful and judgemental person. As much as I wanted to love him in the beginning, I have come to despise him! And to me, Joe seems like a bully in his own way. He's not an "in your face" bully, but he's one of those people that thinks he knows everything, and tries to constantly shove his opinions down everyone's throats, in a subtle way.

Okay, sorry about the rant this morning, but I had to put it out there. I wish I could reach into the house and slap Wil, yell at Willie for screwing up his and Britney's game, and give Britney a big hug and tell her to hang in there. And if I accidentally punched Janelle in the face while I was there, well, I wouldn't feel too bad about that either!

July 20, 2012 at 8:17 AM  
Blogger Jennib said...

Happy Cycling, Caro! When are they gonna wake up the HGs?

July 20, 2012 at 8:18 AM  
Blogger Blue said...

With everything they have to do today, I highly doubt the producers are going to let them sleep much longer this morning.

They probably need the sleep, though, after the last couple of nights they've had.

July 20, 2012 at 8:31 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Good morning -

Here's the Autism Wiki on Stimming:

Edit this page

Stimming is a repetitive body movement that self-stimulates one or more senses in a regulated manner. Stimming is known in psychiatry as a "stereotypy", a continuous, purposeless movement.

Stimming is one of the symptoms listed by the DSM IV for autism, although it is observed in about 10 percent of young children without autism. Many children with autism have no stims. Common forms of stimming among people with autism include hand flapping, body spinning or rocking, lining up or spinning toys or other objects, echolalia, perseveration, and repeating rote phrases. [1]

There are many theories about the function of stimming, and the reasons for its increased incidence in autistic people. For hyposensitive people, it may provide needed nervous system arousal, releasing beta-endorphins. For hypersensitive people, it may provide a "norming" effect, allowing the person to control a specific sense, and is thus a soothing behavior. [2] "

July 20, 2012 at 8:34 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

The Player Game

The only coach that cares about the players is Britney. Maybe that's because she is the one who was most recently a player herself.

Have none of you noticed that Janelle and Boogie are besties after Janelle spent the first week trashing him. Have none of you noticed that no one is going after Dan even though they spent the first week telling you how dangerous Dan was.

All the players talk big about playing for themselves and not their coaches, but let's look at the facts.

Willie did not call you sheep. He said the coaches were leading you around like sheep. So what do you do? Instead of making your own decisions, you do what the coach tells you to do. Wil in particular has talked big about playing his own game and not trusting Janelle but what has he done to prove it? Wil and Ashley couldn't vote the way they wanted to because they didn't want to go against the majority. If they had voted against Frank they would have been the majority.

Willie did not say you were bottom of the barrel people. He said you were on the bottom of your team. Diversity, why don't you call a meeting with your coaches and make them tell you which player they want in the end of the game. Cause an uprising. Make the coaches scramble. Instead of feeling like you have to stick with this team bs form the alliance you want. None of you trust Joe for instance, yet you're working with him because that's what Boogie and Janelle want you to do. You keep saying "They (the coaches) need us, we don't need them." Then why are you playing their game.

If the coaches don't join the game, Janelle's team needs to realize that she is leading them into a loss because Boogie and Dan will come after them. If the coaches do join the game they come in with a strong 3 person alliance and they are still going to be using and making promises to their teams. Since their teams haven't been smart enough to start forming their own strong alliances on the side, it will be like lambs being led to the slaughter.

So Willie and his sheep theory was dead on. His delivery may have left something to be desired, but he is the only one who has looked at the bigger picture.

July 20, 2012 at 8:39 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Good morning, RobTan :)

G'morning, GayTor :)

G'morning, Blueee :)

G'morning, PattiZ :)

Good Morning, Grrendon :)

Good morning, Jenni B :)

I'll be right back. My poor little laptop is whining about not getting any reboots for the past 10+ days.

July 20, 2012 at 8:40 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

Btw-Janelle used the phrase 'that's so retarded.'

I really wish Jenn, Ian and Wil had been sitting there since they have all talked about things that are un-p.c. and had a discussion about how words can hurt.

July 20, 2012 at 8:50 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Viccilou - please see rule #4

July 20, 2012 at 8:53 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

ok.. moving up to the comment section of the NewTopPost :))

July 20, 2012 at 8:54 AM  
Anonymous Vicciloulou said...

But I can say I would accidentaly do it? That doesn't makes sense, anyways sorry I get it wasn't trying to break rules Yo, just kinda liking what the other home girl had said. My bad I promise it was a whoopsie.

July 20, 2012 at 9:14 AM  
Blogger nobones said...

I'm sorry, but I cannot get over Willie using the "N" WORD! I thought it was disgusting.

July 20, 2012 at 4:04 PM  
Blogger Erika Snyder said...

I've been reading this blog for years and I'm having the hardest time keeping track of what's being blogged. I feel like it's missing big chunks of information and I'm having to go back and search for important parts. It's not as organized as it usually is :(( Or I'm mentally challenged a bit...

July 21, 2012 at 10:31 PM  

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