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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Thursday Morning, Before the Bell

Before BB woke the HGs this morning, we had Willie and Boogie.. and Ted.

7:46am  - BRB Screen
7:54am  - Fishies

7:55am BBT
There is some shuffling and movement in the beds around the quad, and Willie can be seen gathering his belongings and starting to move all of his stuff out of the HoH Room..

Kiss the HoH power and the nice cushy bed goodbye for now, Willie.. 

8:00am BBT

While the rest of the house sleeps, Willie takes his first shower as a commoner.
 For a moment, it looks like perv cam's gonna go close, but either we have a foot fetishist at the controls, or they were just using the shampoo bottles to check and correct focus.

Done showering and grabbing something from the fridge, Willie settles quietly on a couch in the living room.

Every now and then, we get a "hm" and a "huh" out of him, so it's a pretty safe bet he's thinking game.  Actually, as long as Willie's breathing and inside the house, it's a safe bet he's thinking game.

8:43am  While the rest of the house sleeps, Willie has a bite of cereal at the dining table.  He's both a quiet and non clanking eater. *appreesh.

8:46am Done with his cereal, Willie moves into the darkened lounge and lies down, eyes wide open.Not one to stay still long, he begins to play with the ball/maze/hole game. He's not very good at it, so every few seconds,  a quiet but emphatic "F*ck!" as the ball drops through the hole again.

9am Boogie wakes up and heads to the shower, then shaves. Willie lies down and finally closes his eyes.  From the HoH to the Have Not Room.  Sigh..
This is getting long, so once they do wake the HGs, I may well cut and paste all the pre-wakey-wakey into another post titled Thursday Morning Before the Bell. 

9:10am Boogie is the only sign of life in the house at the moment.  This could have something to do with the fact that he slept through all but one or two of the BB-TV Special Reports last night, while the rest of the HGs and their coaches were together, doing their best to figure things out.  Needless to say, Boogie's mentees weren't pleased with his absence.

9:20am BBT
Dining Table
Boogie: Things are, most likely, about to get very, very interesting in here tonight.  I mean that in a good way.  It was a pretty crazy night in the Big Brother house, for those who stayed up. I slept through half of it.

Boogie: I think my man Ian is about to step into the spotlight.  As you can see, the protege does have a  photographic memory.  Whether he can summon his memory in a clutch?  Tune in tonight, folks.   Gotta just not put too much pressure on him today. 

Boogie: Oh man.. This has to go down today.. I like the odds.  I guarantee JoJo isn't known for her memory skills.

9:26am BBT  After a couple of unintelligible production sound leaks, we get fishies. 

Boogie: I apologize to the internet.  I can't give you my running commentary today.  It's just not safe with the acoustics in the house.  They'll be up soon.  And we'll have an exciting day in the house.

After a little swim, we return to Boogie talking to Ted.

Boogie: What do you think's gonna happen today, Ted?  Lot of idiots in here.  I like the way you're playing though.  You're the strong, silent type.  You get along with the girls, the guys.. and I don't think anyone knows about our alliance.  I definitely have your vote for Frank to stay, correct?  Let's think ahead a little bit.  Tonight, one of our 6 people wins HoH.  Definitely putting up Willie.. Maybe backdoor Shane.. or just put him up out the gate.  And if one of them wins, just put up JoJo.

Boogie: We can't nominate Willie and JoJo, and have Shane win the PoV, and take Willie down.  That's not gonna happen.  Right, Ted?  Who do you think would be best to win HoH?  On the one hand, it would be cool to have one of Janelle's people win it..  make them do the dirty work.  On the other hand, I'd love to have Frank win and get Willie out.  What would be really good is to see Ian win, and give him the power.. Have Ian kick out the bully.

Boogie: We'll have Dan by the balls, and he'll make Danielle do whatever we want.  Then we can knock out Dan.. and it'll be me v Janelle, 3 on 3.  I like our chances.  That's the downfall of many players in this game.  Take it week to week.  Set up your chess moves down the road, but take it week to week.

Boogie: I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm actually looking forward to a few people waking up.  But listen, as soon as people wake up, we have to separate.  We can't give up our secret alliance.  Doesn't it suck that the hottest girl leaves the 2nd eviction?  Unfortunately she's up against our man Frank, though, so she's gotta go.  She is super hot though.  She lives here in L.A.  We'll hang out after.

Boogie: Know what's crazy, Ted?  I think she might even live in the playboy mansion.  I think today.. I might bring that up.  Just for kicks.  Just for fun.  hehehe.  I guess once you're playmate of the year, even if you're not dating Heff, you can still live there.  I can almost guarantee that she does.  She was very evasive when I asked where she lives and what kind of modeling she does.  Such a shame to lose her for the poolside viewing.

Boogie: I wonder if anything happened last night.  I wonder if they were able to flip Ashley.  I doubt it.  But I wont believe it til I see Kara walk out the door.  Never get too comfortable.  Know who turned out to be a great last pick?  Jenn City.  She is goooood.  There's only one person as much off the radar as you in this house, and that's Jenn.  I think Joe was a great last pick for Janelle, and I will give him credit.. he's come around.  And what I love is he's defnitely after Willie and the gang.



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