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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

It goes on and on and on....

...on and on and ooooooooooooooooooooon....

So - Late night with Lessa may be choppy tonight, as my internet is choppy for some reason, and I've just now got things to hold steady for a while - just in time for world war three! Or is it 15 by this time today?!

It seems there's a giant meeting on the patio, and it's Willie vs. Frank, while Ian is headed to the DR in order to get his thoughts in order.

Willie; You were staying in the game, now you might not be
Frank: this is true. I just want people to know you're lying..
Willie; i told you a thousand times to be quiet and you'd stay
Frank: it doesn't matter what you said! It's my game!
Willie: you messed up your game and I tried to help yhou!
Frank: Help me?
Willie: all you had to do was stay quiet - you had the votes! Unfuckin real man.

Frank: Unfucking real that you were trying to get votes to go a certain way!
Willie: It was game play! You were staying!
Frank: you were trying to maipulate votes, just like you are now!
Willie: you I was going against Janelle - Janelle when did that start happening?

And my feeds cut out.. dang it! And I'm back - and Boogies joined in!

Boogie: Taht I'm gonna be let into the game, because you have inside information?!
Willie: I never said that! I said that it seemed as if..
Boogie: Just let everyone vote the way they want too
Willie; I want them too!

Ian: Anyone want to split a pizza?

And everyone laughs - tension breaker. This started about 15 minutes ago from what I can tell - so Flashback it at 10:15 BB time, and I'll attempt to do the same later on and catch all the important bits. Right now... It's awkward quiet..

Frank: That'll make tv. We gave showtime a little show...

Willie: I'm doing this to show people what you are
Frank: I'm truth? I'm truth!
Willie: dude, I don't even want to talk to you anymore
Frank: Alright..

Janie goes inside:
Janie: See, Ian? Wasn't that exciting? I told you you should come outside and experience big brother!
Ian: I was more concerned about snacks.
Ashley: I couldn't stop laughing
Janie: He said stay away from Janelle he's giving you bad advice. It gets worse and worse and worse as the week goes on. We still have one more days of fighting!
Wil: Two! Two more days!
Janie: This is bad
Wil: it complicates everything..

Frank: Think DRs will be called soon?
Willie: i ain't going to no f'in dr.

Inside: Wil: if your gonna act like a kid you're gonna be called out like one...

Willie goes inside.
Frank: Well that was a blast. I handled that alright, right?
Boogie: (gestures)
Joe: We're all right

Joe: He was telling me get away from my coach, she's a liar, she's nothing but truble...
Frank: I'm not trying to make fun of him - he was telling lies and got caught in them
Joe; You spread them so much, you lose track
Boogie: Three times he tried to defend himself and quit in the middle and tried to make it look like it was his choice - no you can't think fast enough when everyone is out here...
Frank: I'm just sorry
JoJO: don't be

Boogie: Who the fuck died and made you box?

And Willie pulls Shane into the storage room
Willie: He was throwing me in the dirt, dude...  he was freaking dying, I went to his own team to make sure he would stay in the house, and he was
Shane: Whatever you want, I'm with you
Janelle gets in
Willie: I wanted us to stay together, I don't know what happened!
Janelle: the meeting upstairs.. and you said we all need to go after the coaches..
Willie; What I said was if they do come into the game somehow - that's a logical thing
Janie: you're targeting me willie!
Willie; Are you coming into the game?
Janie; I don't know!
WIllie: i'm not going to argue, I just wanted everyone to stay with the group.. but that won't happen now whatever
Janie: I don't have a vote, I don't play,
Willie; this thing...
Janie; no one listens to me! the votes aren't there. He's a liar! I told you three days ago... and now the votes aren't there
Willie: I think the votes can change
Janie: i don't know, I'm not voting. I'm telling you the votes were there - and now, who knows.

She leaves

Willie: Whatever, good talk. Whatever. We have JoJo... I don't know.. next week, if you save me, whatever,...
Shane: I will. JoJo will too. People should respect you for standing up to Frankie. You didn't say anything wrong this morning, you said what was on your mind. I don't understand why Janelle thinks... but..
Willie; It's all good bro...
Shane: We're good...

And JoJo and Willie head upstairs...
JoJO: i thought you weren't gonna flip out! You should have just taken him aside
Willie: nah that's exactly what had to happen, Shane just pulled me in to tell me he'd never put me up.
JoJo and you know I won't, and I'm down. But now people know I'm with you... but now I'm in a spot. I want to talk to Frank, and tell him he had the votes...
Willie: Don't say nothin' no more...
JoJo: I come to you, so. The real plan was to keep Frank... not for just this week
Willie; YES! That was the plan! I don't even want to deal with it anymore. This is what I told him - I keep you safe this week, you don't come after me next week, anybody would have said that! We were with Janelles team! And then Janelle shoots off and we have to go a different route because we don't have the numbers no more! I hope he goes home this week. I still have three people playing HOH this week - you ashley and shane...
JoJo: What's this thing your safe? I know you can't tell me..
Willie: i'm good.. He might be going home this week because he's a dumbass!
JoJo: That's why I want to talk to him, let him know he just screwed himself.
Willie: Shane, you Ashley won't vote him now..
JoJo: I said we needed to get rid of him now..
Willie; I made a mistake and trusted someone I shouldn't have trusted. One of you three have to win HOH or I'm walking out the door - unless Britney saves me, or I win veto. If Frank is still in the house they'll be gunning for him next week, no question
JoJo: and Joe was saying how you were gonna put Joe up and get him out next week.. that Frank told him he was going up...
Willie: joe? Joe's my target?
JoJO: yeah, next week.. I told him that's never come up..
Willie; I'm so tried of it. Baby I had to do that - he's making me look like a piece of shit, I had to call him out or I'd be a bitch letting him talk all this mess and now everyone knows the true story
JoJO: and what's with Boogie
Willie; trying to get some tv time?!
JoJo: and you were saving his player!

--Checking in downstairs... while Russel - whoops, Willie - seeks solace with one of his favorite kissasses...

Britney and Frank are talking
Brit: I know he was trying to keep you in the game, he was working really hard to do it, and because I trusted him I was too, that's all I wanted you to know.
--Damage Control, for sure..
Frank: When I heard Joe saying this, and Willie, and I have to do what I can do to get the votes, you know? I know you're a straight shooter and didn't have a lot to do with that stuff..
Brit: and honestly, if Willie had honestly said those things about Wil, I'd have been mad. I just didn't want you to think I told Willie to go yell and all, I told him not to even talk to you and I was like leave it alone and he was all everyone's down there smearing my name, and I just don't think stuff like that is ever a good idea
Frank: i agree, I didn't want to be part of that
Brit: I just wanted it not to be weird between us
Frank: willie's actions are his own.
Brit: We're good
Frank: We're good.
And Frank and JoJo go to the game room - and we follow..

Frank: this all started way before all this, I've heard about him getting certain votes for a couple days now. He was going to risk it being a 5-4 vote, I just couldn't risk that
JoJo: you have to look out for yourself, I know
Frank: I know, and I know your..
JoJo: It makes you look like you can't be trusted
Frank: He said day two he wouldn't put me on the block..
Jojo: and he said you were safe..
Frank: It doesn't matter! Once your on the block..
--FINALLY a player that UNDERSTANDS that... unfortunately he's on the block. ha!

Frank: I'm not trying to make him look like the villian... look, Joe came to me a couple days ago, and truth was, this whole thing was me working with Willie, was us working together... but no one wants to trust me because of my coach and I'm an honest straight shooter. It's hurting me. I know that your vote is up in the air right now..
JoJo: It was me, ashley, shane, (someone)
Frank: and Jen. Thing was, I had almost everyone's votes except for Danielles..
JoJO: puts me in a bad place because people know I was with him..
Frank: You don't have to be. I really did love Willie... then he put me on the block - and that was red flag.. he promised me..
JoJo: that's people getting into his head
Frank: but he's all about people playing their own games, so that shouldn't have happened!
JoJo: things change so fast...
Frank: The whole thing today was to creat paranoia and I just don't play that way
JoJo: During the meeting everyone had something to say..
Frank: A lot of people said they felt bullied.. I didn't, but I don't get bullied..
JoJo: i don't either.
Frank: you gotta think about it, he's not a person you want to allign with... If I'm here next week, I can help protect you in this game
JoJo: it's hard for me to trust you, I'm not gonna lie
Frank: How caqn you trust Will?
JoJo: i do and I don't... he's a man of his word
Frank: He was still trying to get Joe and Wil to vote for Kara to stay - what he wanted to do - and he didn't tell me this, he was keeping me outside the loop, he said he was trying to get all the votes, and he was trying to make it a close vote so I'd go after Janelles team and he'd be safe.. I'm not going to let people manipulate me and use me until they get me out of the house...

--- 11:08 - and my internet hiccups again...
--- 11:09 - back.

And Dan and Willie are in HOH
Dan: I said when you walked out there, saying that to the girls..
Willie; I did want that to happen, when he was out there making me out to be homophobic and I'm not, and a bad person and I'm not, and I already was fighting that because of my brother, and I just don't understand that. I didn't want to do that but I can't be having that - and his almost raising his voice to Britney? Saying he DID do that? So childish...
Dan: Did you talk to the girls?
Willie: I told them at the table, told Janelle, didn't get to tell Kara yet but she's probably smiling ear to ear right now..
Dan: Like I said, no matter what happens... I'm open to you
Willie: I wanted to clarify our deal for you, that if I keep her safe, than we had a deal, I didn't say I would...
Dan: That was my bad then, I assumed when we shook
Willie; Thing is I don't have the votes - I just didn't want you to think. And what I said today wasn't attacking ya'll, Janelle and Boogie think it was, but Brit doesn't.. It was just play your own game, don't be lead.. it wasn't me attacking ya'll, I have no problem with you Dan.. I was just telling them to play their own game and their own alliances, have your own mind, that's all I was trying to say and it got twisted, and everyone was like yeah, yeah, and now.. it's amazing. I know the odds of me winning this game is very slim.. but I'm not quittin..
Dan: you got a lot of fight in you
Willie: and I'm loyal to the cause..

Willie; i just don't understand it, why he'd want to do that.. and Britney came up to me and said the whole house is against you.. and people were doing the stuff before I said it..
Dan: And you're the fall guy..
Willie: and I don't know if it was Boogie masterminding to keep his man safe? But he just fucked up again...

Dan: I don't envy your position.. and it's hard, you're up here for like 13 days?
Willie: and I didn't hold no power over anyone, let everyone come up here and do what they want, and I didn't want to nominate anyone!
Dan: Yeah.
Willie; you think I can recover?
Dan: just do what you were doing, apologize to the girls, I mean if he stays you have an enemy, but you have to find someone you can trust.
Willie: Yeah, I wanted to come here and compete, that's what I wanted to do... it's amazing the person your trying to save the first week.
Dan: I'm not gonna lie, I was like if Frank keeps his mouth shut, kara's gone, I felt that...
Willie; I dunno man, I have a few outs left..
Dan: And you have Brit.. and the longer.. you get through next week, you know what I'm saying, people will forget when something else big happens, and something always happens.
Willie: Yeah. I'm glad he didn't stand up. He was in the wrong... he was saying stuff - the first thing Britney heard was I was saying gay slurs - and I've never said gay slurs in this house... here's what I said - he said he was not talking game talk for 24 hours, I went downstairs and he was, and all I said was "and all the sudden..." and I dind't do it all (flamboyant) I don't even know how to do that!
Dan: yeah, I didn't think it was you..
Willie: and then Joe was sayin I was maddoggin him today?! I haven't looked mean at Joe once! He exagerates - you gotta tell your people to be careful what he says...
Dan: Yeah.. I'm hoping that someone sees Kara and Danielle as an asset
Willie; You willing to work with me?
Dan: I am - but I'm more comfortable with Kara and Danielle does it - Its their game.. I am more comfortable with a week to week thing..
Willie; That's what I've been saying all along - I save you, you save me... and now I'm after Joe? Joes not even a threat to me!
Dan: Be honest - how you feeling about Kara?
Willie; I don't have a problem with Kara! I was all for keeping her, and then Janelle got into my head, and you know the deal between Britney and Janelle,
Dan: I suspected
Willie; don't say anything then
Dan: I don't run my mouth
Willie: and then brit started feeling segregated, and starting looking at the girls, and so I thought well, maybe Frank, so that I keep my group together. If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it's probably a duck. That's it dude. That was the only reason I even wanted to get rid of Kara... I still have a little pull
Dan: I think you do, without a doubt...
Willie: I know your not offering me crazy stuff, but if you win HOh maybe not get rid of me and I'll be able to compete again the next week. I'm gonna be a beast in the competitions
Dan: I know. I'm open. But I think its time for them to graduate and make their own decisions.
Willie: Yeah.

11:24 - check in with Joe and Boogie and Janelle downstairs
Joe: he likes to play fast.
Boogie: He's gotta go, just for the comfort of living in here
Joe: no doubt about that.
Janelle: I know Shane and Ashley are gonna work to keep Kara, I saw them up there already
Joe; Dan's up there now
Boogie: Dan's a weasel.. we can knock him out of this game if we get Kara out. Danielle isn't winning this game, one fuckin vote... Ashley is pretty tight with Willie
Janelle: But she'll vote with us..
Boogie: so Wil is gonna do what Willie wants after he made fun of him for being gay?
Janie; We'll we don't know, we haven't talkin. She has a chance now..
Joe: he told her if she had a chance he'd give her his vote, and now she has a chance.
Janie: Yeah.
Boogie: Are shane and jojo that stupid? that's who you want to allign with? someone who shows his ass on day 8 or whatever? Britney needs to go to work!
Joe: or you
Boogie: all I'm going to work!
Joe: Wait, it's not your game, your just here..
Boogie: yeah, just here to miss my son and kowtow to your ass - nah that's not gonna happen.

Janie: it's not gonna happen though - Shane wants Kara to stay.. because of Danielle..
Joe: Oh yeah, I forgot about that angle
Boogie: he likes Danielle?
Janie; they got this flirtmance going on. Votes are pretty much 4-4 right now. Dan's really good.
Boogie: thing is though - it probably would ahve been fine...
Joe; Frank was staying had that not happened...
Janie; Why did that happen?
Boogie: Frank went to WIl and said Willie was making fun of him, but I don't know why.. I was like there's now ay Wil was voting her out... they're best friends..

Boogie: I will spend every waking moment making sure Willie's next.
Joe; it's just uncomfortable..he's already came up and apologized..
Janie; and he hugged me in the storage room
Boogie: I got nothing to lose, I'll tell Shane if your gonna do what he wants this week, I got three strikes? That's fine. You really think this is the best way to go? That means I'll ahve to actually start talking to people, I've done a good job avoiding that.

Frank joins
Boogie: It doesn't look good, man... it's 4-4 right now. We have to get Shane or JoJo, that's our best bet..
Frank: I worked her a little earlier...she's like, I am not a part of this...

And upstairs we have Kara and Danielle and Willie - back up there we go!
Willie; I know you can stay this week, and everything changes and Dan is letting you play your game, and the thing is, if you stay, ya'll will have my interests next week.
Kara: I told you before, and I have never lied to you.
Danielle: you believe what i told you now?
Willie: Yeah, I made a huge mistake, a bad judgement call, and I just know we don't make final two, final three, I've just got to get the heat off my back this week. You're gonna vote for her to stay, and all you need is three more and I can swing that...
Danielle: We win if she stays and you're good
Willie; Not on the block at all
Kara; yeah

Willie; I got them down there twisting what I say and making me look bad, and I clarified the miscommunication with Dan - I don't want him to stay in the house and if I have ya'lls ok, at least give me a week.
Danielle: you're fine, Willie, but are you gonna come after us the next week?
Willie; no, I got other targets, I'll keep you the next week, and we'll go from there..
Danielle: dan's never told us what to do - maybe you'll believe me now
Willie; i definitely believe you, and if you give me that solid, there's no need for him to stay in the game, and  I'm gonna love it if I'm the tiebreaking vote.
Danielle; If one of us wins, you don't have to worry. But next time, if one of us is gonna go - don't just switch
Willie; I'm not gonna do that, I just told Dan this back and forth stuff has got to stop. There are some people that are being told to do things, and I think he's opne of them, he was told to slander me.. it makes a lot of sense and I think that's why this went down.. I will get ya'll the votes to stay - I got three I think, and you, and I'll be the tie breaker and your staying.
Kara: Thank you.

Downstairs, Dan and Brit anre chatting - checking in there:

Brit: everytime I had a conversation he said I think his word is good. I don't know, I'd be willing to have any conversation, but I think you have both of our votes. If I know anything more solid, I'll let you know. You have Danielle, you just need one more, adn I think that one might be tough.
Dan: I just don't see anyone trusting Boogie..
Brit: yeah, but now he'll say we're going after Willie, not you... Franks going after willie.. poor Kara in the balance..
Dan: yeah, almost nothing changed for her
Brit: all this drama and nothing changes
Dan; but I think your right, she's closer now.. thanks to him. That's why I like my players - they're steady, not liars, and will be loyal
Brit: I think Willie wanted to be loyal, no one will convince me he's bad, I talk to him all day every day, I know he wants to be tried and true go to the end - I feel like he got himself into bad circumstances. Its unfortunate.

Ian joins.
Dan: How about Ian's line... Anyone want dijourno?
Ian: Will go up there with "anyone want cake"?

And Skippy decides that I should listen to Boogie and Frank some more... but it seems they're talking about the clearer water in the hot tub. Thank god - maybe my fingers can rest for five bloody minutes!

Or not - Willie and JoJo, and she gives him the lowdown on her chat with Frank
JoJo: And Before he even said that I thought that, and I want to stay with you, I really do
Willie; Look, just, baby we have to stay together. I had to do that. If we can make it through next week all this will be forgotten.
JoJo: Who do we have now? Me and Shane and.. Ashley... did you talk to her?
Willie: i'm gonna talk to her later
JoJo: can we talk all three of us..
Willie; yeah.

Willie; And Boogie said that?
JoJo: Yeah, he was trying to scare me, I'm not buying into that, not listening.. andhe's like Willie said that he lost those votes, what you and shane? and I was like no, we had more than that.. I said that, Frank was safe. What are we gonna do?
Willie; gotta stay with me.
JoJo: I want too. I know. Jen's not saying shit.
Willie; i think we have potential for next week too
JoJo: I think there's more your not telling me with the you can't get home next week and I know this game and there's things you wanna tell people and they cant
Willie; No see theres..
JoJo: please don't take me down with you
Willie; I'm not gonna - they have three votes.
JoJo: you don't vote..
Willie: Tie breaker, and I want to say that...
JoJo: Me, Ashley, Shane, you sure about shane? It works to his benefit because what, he's scared of frank?
Willie; maybe, but its not benefitting you to keep him in the house
joJo: i don't trust him now... he said you were making deals, but we had the 6 and then the 5 thing
Willie: the 6 Janelle messed up, the 5, he did. Did I mess any of that up?
JoJo: no, and he was like Willie was taking a big risk..
Willie: by trying to save his ass?
JoJo: I told him, looked into his eyes, and told him he was safe and I told him I don't know anymore, and he was trying to convince me and trying to make it like he'll protect me..
Willie; He'd protect you as far as you can throw you - I was protecting him and you saw what he was doing to me, and he's gonna protect you?

Dan comes out and joins - sporting a backwards viser. Oy.

Willie; this whole game is fuckin stupid...

11:51 - and fish. STRETCH them Fingers, Lessa!

11:54 - and we have feeds, but no sound. Dan and Janie are talking on the patio... and Kara joins...then Joe, then Shane...

Meanwhile, Ian's in the other room chatting with boogie.

And Willie and Shane head to chat.. and I still have no sound.

12:00 BB time, and Willie, Ahsley and JoJo head upstairs,

while Boogie is now holding court with Frank... 

12:06 - Britney has the right diea...
Of course, her solitude doesn't last long as Willie brings her into the conversation...

12:10 - alright Skippy McStuckPants, get off the music button! Even JoJo is concerned!
12:14 - SOUND, we finally have sound! I'm kinda disappointed,a s I was gonna start making up the conversations. heh. leaving HOH to follow Shane and Frank to the hammock

Frank: My thing is, that little blow up was bad for me, bad for Willie. If I don't go home this week, if you don't win HOH, you and willie are going up. I wante dto trust Willie..
Shane: I did too, but you can't blow up on people like that...
Frank: I know, and I was like if he'd risk this - I mean, he promised me second day, I'm not lying, that I wouldn't go on the block. And if I stay, I still want to work with you and trust you
Shane: And I'm honest, I trust you, you shook my hand it means a lot, and coming into this game..
Frank: i won't ask your vote right now
Shane: truth is, i'm 50-50 i need to sleep on it. I mean, we were in an allaince and do I want to be with someone who blows up all the time?
Frank: and the reason he brought us in there was because he still thought you wanted to vote Kara..
Shane; paranoia, and you know, if

(Pause a moment - I'm distracted... HES SO PRETTY...)

(ok, I'm back)

Frank: Truth is, I shouldn't have repeated (the Wil comment) but I was fighting for votes.
Shane: It sucks it happened this way, but its not over by any means, I'm 50-50, and to be honest your a better ally in this game. Kara isn't a threat, but she'll come after me.. if your here, your a big physical threat.. but I'll be straight up with you and let you know tomorrow. Obviously Willie met with me, and I gotta decide tonight if I'm gonna stick with him. It sucks because this was your team, but you can stray away. It makes you realize what kinda person your dealing with, picking on a gay person, and I was like that's not right, it's not
Frank: And Wil's such a nice guy, and to be honest, thats someone we can work with
Shane: and we don't need Willie, it's up and down and its switched five times between you and Kara
Frank: and I knew that... and I think part of it is he's trying to get out of this shadow of his brother..
Shane: i didn't even know about it - brit was like who do I pick next and I was like he's a physical player. I mean its not a big deal as its a different game and he's a different person.. and I think they knew..
Frank: I don't think they knew ahead of time, Boogie just found out
---hahaha. ahem. Boogie knew immediately. *L*
Frank: ...so I think he was just paranoid... I just want you to know I'm not roping you into the same catagory as Willie
Shane; and yeah, and to know he didn't trust me with a vote..
Frank: and he said you were just thinking with the wrong head..
Shane: and JoJo pissed me off too, catching me talking to other people, it's a game with other people, and I can't deal with that..
Frank: and youve got physical players, but they're hotheads..
Shane: She blew up against sauce! But Im gonna talk to Britney about straying from them, she has to belive I'm her best chance at the 100grand. 

Frank: He kept telling me I don't know if I have JoJo and Jen.. and I was like no, I got Jen!
Shane: Yeah, it's a cluster, if you want to just meet up tomorrow.. and we'll talk.

And Shane's headed to bed - and Frank continues his rounds...
Frank: Aw man. tryin to work the angles, yo.

Meanwhile, Wil, Danielle, Kara and Janelle are stealth whispering in the game room
Janie: Everyone in the house heard what went down because Joe told me and I told you, and it's a game of telephone.
Wil: Frank's saying that he's gonna put up shane, willie and me, and then comes..
Kara: Did willie want me out because he had an allaince with Frank and Shane?
Janie; yeah - they had this band thing, take out the girls
Kara; did they try to get you into it?
Wil: I'm just one of the girls, no. The only one that's approached me was Joe, and he just said I got your back
Kara: I really like Joe.
Janie: We always thought the target was Frank, so you were safe, then Joe figured out that Willie was always together with Frank.. It as so obvious that it should have been Frank to leave
Kara; I knew it, I was like why was it even a question, so I knew then..
Wil: We gotta wait and see what happens next, I still think he's the best person to get out
Janie: I agree, but I'm not voting.
Wil: I think tonight was good for you
Kara: I hope so. And we talked to Willie afterwards
Janie: What did he say, because now he's like trying to say lets work a deal ladies...
Wil: I don't think you have too
Kara; We'll see what happens...
Danielle: He wasn't letting us to talk to anyone
Wil: I couldn't even talk to her because he was like your in an alliance
Kara: You can't control everyone in the game.
Janie: He thinks he can...
Wil: gotta get those weasels out first. rebound hard
Kara: hell yeah. I gotta stay first.
Janie; if shane wins HOH, he'll do whatever Willie says..

Enter DAn and Shane and Ashley... and Kara asks something about production, Dan answers, and Skippy sends us on a lil fishing trip.

12:32 Checking in with Brit and Willie in HOH

Willie; if I could just make it through the next week or two - I'm startin to see where I'm making mistakes..
Brit: You talk to much. That's been your downfall since the beginning.
-- And that would be why we DishChicks are workin our fingers to the bone!

12:35 And with that - I'm out for the night. Ya'll be good, and mind the critters! Be sure to check back for Carolyn's Overnight Report, As well as Sam and Zinger, and the ice bath they all will definitely need for our typin fingers...



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Is willie an olympic swimmer? Whats with the shaved arms and legs?

July 17, 2012 at 10:42 PM  
Blogger Becky aka tata! said...

Good evening Lessa!!
This house is on fire tonight! Ian and his comic relief has me in stitches!! I love that others are catching on to Willie!!

July 17, 2012 at 10:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I cant believe a half hour ago Dan was resigned to let kara go now shes staying for the tenth time

July 17, 2012 at 10:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear god... So who's staying?

July 17, 2012 at 10:47 PM  
Blogger Michigan Man said...

Evening Lessa

I'm seeing a patten over the last few days and surprised that the HGs haven't. Joe is the one who is stirring everything up. He is always the one who says so and so said this and so and so said that. All these conflicts are being filtered through Joe.

July 17, 2012 at 11:04 PM  
Blogger Kristin - GettingItTogether said...

Oops, posted under the wrong name:

This is the only thing that upsets me. It's okay to lie in the house, 100% I'm all for and understand the "Game" of lying. The problem is when you lie on someones morals that could affect them outside of the game.

Saying Willie used a gay slur or made fun of Wil being gay, when he didn't...that is wrong on so many levels. Shame on Frank.

July 17, 2012 at 11:12 PM  
Blogger Becky aka tata! said...

@Michigan Man...he totally is and I can't wait to see what happens when they figure it out!!

July 17, 2012 at 11:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree Michigan Man.... Frank is going to feel like the idiot for turning on Willie when he watches the tape..

I want Joe to leave like asap.. He pisses me off.

July 17, 2012 at 11:19 PM  
Blogger Heather Sides said...


July 17, 2012 at 11:30 PM  
Blogger HanHaysMom said...

There's some heat in the house tonite!!

July 17, 2012 at 11:36 PM  
Blogger Lessa said...

Sorry so slow on the comment moderation - just trying to keep up tonight! *L* good lord.

July 17, 2012 at 11:52 PM  
Anonymous Sandra said...

@kristin... Well all we know is that Frank told Joe who told Wil... I wonder if Joe threw in the homophobic slur.

July 17, 2012 at 11:53 PM  
Blogger GaYToR said...

Hey LeSSa!!!! Just barely got in in time to say hi. It's been wild night and now I have to catch up. I woke up at 10:30 BBT.

Hope to see more of you tomorrow.

Geaux Team Kara!


July 17, 2012 at 11:54 PM  
Blogger Lessa said...

And also - Hi everyone! :) thanks for hanging with me. I've been looking forward to Late night all day - a very very long work day indeed. Hee.

July 18, 2012 at 12:00 AM  
Blogger Izzy said...

Lessa....thank you so much for your magic fingers!!! Had a lot going on tonight and everytime I checked the feeds, something was going sideways (Willie and Frank - Ian pacing thru the rooms, etc.)

Off to read your posts - just wanted to say thank you in case you'll be signing off soon!!

July 18, 2012 at 12:03 AM  
Blogger Lessa said...

Thanks Izzy!

I'm gonna give it a few more minutes to see if I get sound back - and if not, I'll be signing off. Until it fixes, i'll hang with ya'll. :)

July 18, 2012 at 12:04 AM  
Blogger GaYToR said...

ACK! Skippy has lost what little mind he has. He must be sitting on the music button.

Lessa how was the hot date the other night. Happy Ending? :-p~


July 18, 2012 at 12:08 AM  
Blogger Lessa said...

Ah, he was a little young for my tastes.. alas - but I had much fun on the dance floor, and getting royally drunk. Took me almost a full day to recover - some of which was spent on a coffee date, that lead into dinner. No Happy Ending - but fun none the less. :)

July 18, 2012 at 12:09 AM  
Anonymous Sandra said...

Seriously.. this no audio on feeds is getting ridiculous

July 18, 2012 at 12:11 AM  
Anonymous Ken said...

Interesting night! Any chance of Willie and Frank working together again and getting Frank to stay because they realize they're screwed otherwise. Maybe wishful thinking.

July 18, 2012 at 12:23 AM  
Blogger Lessa said...

Night ya'll! mind the critters!

July 18, 2012 at 12:37 AM  
Blogger Mappy said...

Thanks Lessa!

July 18, 2012 at 8:10 AM  
Anonymous Tony B. said...

What time did the Willie/Frank argument begin? I didn't see a time stamp in the transcript. Thanks!

July 18, 2012 at 8:42 AM  

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