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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Overnight Report - Too Many Key Slots!

Good morning, BB Lovers!  Happy Tuesday! It's time for the Overnight Report!

So as Not to bury the lead... At 2:50am on feed 1, Brit spilled the beans to Willie about her and Janelle's suspicions that they'd be joining the game.  At 3:20am on feed 3, after staring at the memory wall, Willie believes that confirms it - There are enough Key Slots to bring the Coaches into the game, and he wants Britney to bust the game wide open Tuesday morning with the whole house. Go directly to 3:20am on flashback  - feeds 3 and 4.  As thorough as we try to be, there is no replacement for watching it with your own eyes on the live feeds.. or in the flashbacks section of the live feeds.  If you'd like to try them out for 3 days free, here's the link to make that happen. :)  You're gonna love em!

Last night at midnight, the Have Nots came off food restriction, but they still have to sleep on the torture devices BB is calling beds. Before you read the Overnight Report, please make sure to read Late Night Lessa's aptly titled post, It's Flip Floppin' Monday!

And a little light BBDish Housekeeping... if you'd like to add me "DishchickCarolyn" as a friend on facebook, I'd be honored. If you prefer, you're also quite welcome to join the BBDish Facebook Group or Like Us. And while I'm throwing social links around, we can't forget the @BigBrotherDish twitter!  And last but not least, or newest entry @BigBrotherDish on Pinterest!   Who says you can't do 37 things at once? ;)

1:30am BBT
Feed 3
HoH Room
Willie and Ashley..  Then Brit.

We join this conversation already in progress.  Willie's solidifying things with Ashley, and though she doesn't know it yet, Janelle's on the outs with Team Brit/Willie for a multitude of sins.. mainly speaking with Dan, and trying too hard to save Kara over Frank.  It appears they've also managed to pull Ashley, one of Janelle's team, over to Team Britney, as Ashley feels she hasn't gotten enough attention from Janelle, and Willie's told Ashley he wants her with him to the final 2. 

Ashley: What do I say when Janelle asks me what I was doing up here?
Willie: Just say me n you were flirting.  Say you fell asleep on the couch..

Britney enters...

Willie: She's never gonna want us to talk to you..  I'm surprised she's not looking for you right now.

Britney says she was looking for her earlier.

Ashley: All of a sudden, she wants to be workout partners?
Britney: It's like, why am I not cool enough.

On to Willie..

Britney: She's gonna smear campaign you, and tell everyone you havea  deal with Frank.
Willie: Every one of em have dropped the ball, except you, and you're supposed to be the weak one. I think, if it happens, she will vote Janelle out next week.
Britney: My big fear with Janelle.. I know that he and Janelle supposedly hate eachother..
Willie: I know he'd like nothing more than to knock her out..  All that matters is getting to the next week.
Ashley: I feel like I've seen it from the very beginning.
Britney: Me too.  I feel like, why am I having to make you like me.. Why am I having to work so harrd to make you like me?  I'm not so bad.
Ashley: No, you're not.  You're so wity and funny.. When you're in a room, everyone's laughing..
Willie: And she doesn't have that sense of humor..
Ashley: And every time I would laugh at you, she'd give me a look..
Willie: She needs to be the center of attention.
Britney: And then she went off to play chess with Dan..  In a group, she never laughs at anything anyone says.. Like you can tell the most amazing story, and she wont laugh.  It just sucks.. I really did want to work with her..

Willie: So what're we gonna do next week?  I want Danielle out.
Britney: I think as soon as Dan is gone, she'll go to Boogie.. And she's gonna go where ever the grass is greener..  Why do that?  TO a group of people who wanted to be good to you..
Ashley: It doesn't make sense.
Britney: It's so hard for people to stick together in this game.. I don't understand.. I guess it just comes down to selfishness.  And I feel like you all should be a lot more cut throat than us.. You're playing for 5x as much money.
Willie: It's ego.
Britney: For me it's not money.. I need the 100k.  For Boogie it's ego.  I try to be so nice to her..  I have to be smarter than that.
Ashley: Me too.
Britney: Cuz that's what happened to me in season 12.. I wanted to be one of the guys so bad.  I feel like Dan, Boogie and Janelle all have something I don't have.  They just know each other.. I've felt like an outcast in the coaches circle.
Willie: It's gonn abe so funny.  It's gonna be me n you at the end.  We just have to stay true to each other.  Uh oh.  Here comes Janelle..

Janelle: Hey guys!
ALL: Hey..

Ashley: What's going on down there?
Janelle: We're talking about past seasons.. Every  time I mention something, Ian corrects me.. Do you know some jerk named Shannon from Survivor?
Willie: Shannon Elkins.. That's my boy.  One of my best friends.
Janelle: He's a f'in a'hole.


Janelle: They need to fix it.  I need to hear from Drake.
Britney: Every week, I think they have your loved ones submit a new letter
Willie: As the season moves on.

Janelle: For the call from home, I chose to have someone from week 2 call me.. That made the house SO mad.

Janelle leaves.

Ashley: That's weird.  She's not close with her family?
Britney: (deadpan) That was a hilarious story.  I'm gonna crack before she does.  She hasn't cried since she's been here, and she has a baby at home.  I wouldn't expect her to be too torn up over her husband, because he can watch her, but she has a baby at home..
***low. blow.  Reeeeeel that Ashley in, Brit.


Ashley: I don't think she would do that.
WIllie: If she did, I would focus all my attention on her.
Ashley: It's gonna blow up.
Willie: It's gonna explode when she has to put herself in a situation against Britney.  But it's gonna be too late, cause we're gonna be 2 steps ahead of her.
Britney: I hope so.  Part of it upsets me so much that I just wanna lay down and die.. And another part just wants to go head on.

BB: Brit to DR.

She goes...

Willie: Oh please let one of us win HoH!
Ashley: If we can stick it out just one more week.. I hate the fakeness, but..   As soon as Kara's gone, Wil's gonna wanna be all besties with me.. But I don't forget sh*t like that.
Willie: I want you at the end with me.. I don't wanna tell that to Britney, cause she's gonna think I'm neglecting my team.  You're the most valuable asset of this team. 
Ashley: Janelle sucks.
Willie: Janelle does suck.  We're all on the same path.

Britney returns.. and drops a bombshell.

Britney: Guess who's downstairs in the bathroom whispering with Janelle?
Willie: Kara?  Dan?
Britney: No. Danielle.
Ashley: Where's Danielle and Shane.. I wanted to just go to bed with them.. But now Danielle's talking to Janelle?  WTF?! Everything's so weird right now.

Time check: 2:05am...
Willie: Just do what you gotta do.  Everything else is gonna be fine.
Ashley: I'm just gonna go back to complaining about my bed and being clueless...  It's so assinine.
Britney: It shows no loyalty, and I'm not gonna say anything yet, but the minute she turns her back on me, I'm gonna make it known.  Why can't you let the team that's in power go on the power trip?  I'm so over it right now. 

We're gonna join Janelle and Danielle on Feeds 1 & 2.

Feeds 1 and 2
Janelle and Danielle

Janelle: He says that he didnt make up his mind yet, but it's very clear what his intentions are.

Danielle: Really?
Janelle: mm hmm.  And I just don't like people to get mad at me for hanging out with you.. or Kara or whatever..

Talk between Danielle and Janelle turns to smalltalk about jewelry..  back up to Ashley and Brit on 3 and 4..  Britney's successful campaign to demonize Janelle to Ashley is ongoing..

Ashley: Why would she even spend time with Danielle?
Britney: She knows that you'll never turn on them, so she's like, why waste time with Ashley?

Britney: So that everybody can follow Janelle's agenda.
Willie: Don't worry.

Janelle enters.

Janelle: It smells like BenGay in here.
Britney: Ashley just left.
Willie: I cannot believe Shane lost 12 pounds. (on slop)

Janelle: (re Danielle) She's sweet..
Britney: She is sweet.
Janelle: I had to ask her how she got the ring.
Brit: What'd she say?
Janelle: She said her dad ended up buying it for her. 

Britney: I have a knot.
Willie: You want me to massage your neck?
Britney:  No, that's just where I hold all my stress.  There and my feet.
Willie: you want me to massage your feet?
Britney: No.. They're very ticklish.

***Hey, Willie, my name is Carolyn, You may massage my neck..  I'm the one who's been transcribing your non-stop game talk. Yes, please and thank you! I'll be at the wrap party in Vegas. I'm sure there's a spa at the hotel there. Feel free to book me a Swedish... or 3.

Talk up in HoH turns to Survivor and Skippy New Pants keeps sending us fishing as Survivor Alumni names are mentioned... Dipsh*t.

Time check - 2:20amBBT
Checking in downstairs, Danielle's readying her have not bed to sleep.  Shane's already sprawled out.  Ashley's slowly making her way to laying on the floor, lest she fall off the bed again.. and it's probably much better for her injured back anyhow.

As long as Janelle's present up in HoH, it's purely bs talk.  She leaves to grab something from the kitchen, and runs into Dan...  He heads to the Lounge.  She joins him.

Cams 3/4
Janelle and Dan

Janelle: What're you doing?  Reading the Bible?  Britney's rehashing her season, so I'm like.. ooh..

Dan: I'm gonna get that vote, just so ya know.
Janelle: HOW??  I think Will and Joe have a great shot at winning HoH.
Dan: What's gonna happen is Wednesday.. later on.. Danielle, Ashley, Joe and Wil in a room, and this is exactly how it went down with Keesha.. And tell them, if you'r enot part of the decision making process..
Janelle: It's week one.  Then we're gonna have all of them coming after us.
Dan: Who's all of them?  There are 4.
Janelle: But Dan.  Have you thought about other possibilities in this game? (He hasn't)

Dan: I'm just telling you, I'm gonna get that vote.
Janelle: But if it doens't work out, thenFrank's coming after us.  Who do you think you're gonna get to turn?  JoJO?  She sleeps up there and rubs his back.
Dan: The way it's gonna work..  She's gonna go into a room with 6 people saying we need you..
Janelle: It's week 1.  I'm not doing that.

Dan lays it out.  It's 2:36am on feed 3.  Watch this on flashback!

Dan: I'm not gonna cause any drama to put you, Joe or Ashley into harms way.. but on Wednesday, I'm gonna..
Janelle: It's too big a risk.  If something goes awry with the vote...
Dan: We have 4 votes.  We only need 1.
**you may not even have the 4.
Janelle: JoJo's thinking she's got a final 3 deal with Willie.  I caught Willie in a lie today, in front of Joe.. I asked him flat out, in front of Joe, and he said he'd never been approached about Boogie's Brigade plan.. never even heard of it.

Janelle: I'm not gonna do all of this, and put my team in jeopardy, just to get Frank out.  We're safe this week.

Dan's going after JoJo's vote.  Janelle warns him she's gonna lie to him..

Time check - 2:43am BBT
Dan: I'm gonna get her vote.  I know you don't wanna put your jeopardy...  If we can have 6 on 3 in the HoH..  The misfits looking out for each other.
Janelle: I don't know.  I know everyone on my team wants Frank out, but they're not willing to stick their necks out.
Dan: I'm very talented.  She came to me today.  She's feeling ostracized by her own group.  She feels intellectually inferior.

Janelle: I have to think about it.  It's too early.
Dan: No, it's not.  Monday's too early.  Wednesday's perfect.  If Joe had a guaranteed 5 votes, I think he'd do it.  He loves Kara. Danielle and Kara are gonna be more than grateful..  My goal with my players is to protect you as a team next week.  Both are loyal, both are smart.
Janelle: It just makes me look like the bad person though. Cuz I've been up in the HoH room..  And what's the deal with Boogie?
Dan: He's.. a maniac.

Janelle: I don't think he cares about his team at all.
Dan: He doesn't. 

2:49am BBT, feed 3.. cont'd.
Talk turns back to JoJo.. Then the Boogie Brigade plan.. and Frank's non-stop deal making all week.

Dan: Do you think Shane or Willie care about JoJo?  They didn't tell her about any of this dude stuff..

Dan: What makes sense is your 3 players.. and Danielle.. and I'll get the 5th.
Janelle: I don't see how.
Dan: You don't have faith in me?
Janelle: I do. You're really good at this game.
Dan: Once people are aware of what's really going on...

Janelle: The only thing with this whole thing is, it would screw up on me as a coach.
Dan: Why?  All 3 of your players are doing what they wanna do.  They're getting rid of a dude who's all keyed up.  I don't know how he didn't win the Veto. I'm just saying, if it all goes down.. It's Kara, Danielle, Wil, Ashley and JoJo.. all playing in HoH.
Janelle: JoJo's not gonna do it..
Dan: She may not.
**I wouldn't count on Ashley either.

Meanwhile, simultaneously on Feed 1 at 2:50am, Britney begins spilling the beans to Willie about what she suspects will happen in the game...
 ***really, Brit?  During the 3 minutes I spent listening to Dan and Janie??  Thank goodness for the flashbacks!

HoH Room
Britney & Willie
Feed 1
Britney: You can't say anything to anyone...  Janelle and I both think that the coaches are gonna come into the game.
Willie: yeah..

Brit:We think the twist on week 4 is that we're gonna come into the game and play for ourselves.  So what she's doing right now is screwing her own team, because she doesn't want them later..  She's building up her own alliance for when she goes into the game.  If we don't get rid of Danielle next week, Dan's gonna go into the game.  We think it's gonna happen week 2 or 3.  And Boogie thinks so too. That's why he's been sleeping for 2 weeks.  I've asked them about it in the DR a hundred times.  I've asked them for my contract, so I can review it. 
Willie: How would that work?
Britney: She decided that when no one here would get rid of Danielle next week, she knows Dan will still be here, so she wants to partner up with Dan.
Willie: Why would she f*ck this up?  She's got numbers on her side.
Britney: She's trying to line up a game for herself.  She doesn't care about her team.  That's exactly what Boogie's doing.  He doesn't even talk to his team.
Willie: But he can't win without a player in the game..
Britney: Oh no.  When we go into the game, We're goin' in it for the half million against ya'll.. We had to sign this thing in our contracts..


Britney: Are you disappointed now?
Willie: I'm so disappointed.  I'm not gonna make it in this game now. I was lining stuff up..

Dan and Janie wrap it up.  Britney comes down..  Janelle goes outside with Britney and Willie.

Feeds 1/2
Janelle, Brit, Willie

Britney: What have you been doing?
Janelle: hanging down here.  Looking in the mirror. Popping a pimple.  I'm friggin exhausted after this week.  I'm down to 4-5 cigarettes in this pack.


Janelle: What day is it today?  Tuesday.. it's after midnight.
Britney: Who's gonna watch Violet?
Janelle: My mom and the nanny.
Britney: What's your mom's grandma name?
Janelle: Just grandma.  It's gonna get really hot here.  I remember doing a food comp and it being like 105 degrees.
Britney: Yeah.. I remember when we did the wall.  We had to get taped on..

Chatter about comps from their seasons..

Willie heads inside.  Dan's passing through and they exchange a quick greeting.  Britney and Janelle continue past comp talk on feeds 1 and 2..

Britney: So we all had grease stains on our outfits from that frikkin mayonnaise.. They gave us goggles though.

On feed 3, Willie walks up to HoH and gets into bed, clicker in hand..

He's watching a mostly sleeping house for signs of life... and looking stressed out and pissed off.

Feeds 1/2
Janelle and Britney

Chatter in the backyard is non-game now.. Complaints about cable companies and the like.. and Britney's life in New York.

Agitated, Willie gets out of bed and stands on the HoH landing perch, surveying his kingdom..keeping an eye out for late night treason?

In the backyard, Janelle and Britney are talking about Janie's mom's Antique Shop and acquisitions..

Brit: I love antiques..
Janelle: I love French Country.
Brit: Me too.. I love blues.. and minty greens.. I friggin love Frnch Country.. But I sort of mix it with a craftsman style..  more masculine.
Janelle: I would definitely say my taste is more feminine.. Like my husband has no say at all.

Brit's talking about her furniture.. Girl talk.. Heads out of the game.. aaah.

3:17am BBT
Willie comes downstairs and sticks his head outside to say...
Willie: hey, Brit.
Brit: What?
Willie: When you get a chance come in here.  I need to talk to you.

Furnishings chatter between Janie and Brit continues.  Willie waits at the dining table. I get the feeling he expected her to jump off the couch.


Janelle: I'm gonna go to bed.
Britney: Me too.

More talk about furniture, weddings, etc.. as both head up to HoH to go to bed.  Janelle goes inside.  Britney stays with Willie on the HoH landing..

Willie: When you look at that wall, what do you see?

***this is one of those wonderful BB live feeds moments that will simply never translate unless you've got the feeds. seriously.  if you don't.  use this link.  get the 3 day free trial. and head straight over to the flashback section.  all the times and cameras you need are  in this post.  Don't like subtle little hyperlinks?  ok, here's a great big click on me banner:

Britney: Don't talk too loud.
Willie: Why don't you explain?
Britney: I know you're upset, and I know Kara's really upset.. It's very likely.. I've asked a lot of questions.. and I'm gonna keep asking questions.. I went in there and I was pissed off. I like lost it.  It's like, dishonest.  I came in here for 1 reason.  And it wasn't to play the game myself.  I'm gonna have to keep the 2 girls.. And I need a guy with me.
Brit: Why the 2 girls?
Willie: They're my votes.  The thing is, if I keep Frank.. and they backdoor me next week?  And they're gonna backdoor me next week..
Brit: As I figure out more, I'll let you know.
Willie: Oh there's no doubt.  Ya'll pictures have key holes.  There would be no reason for that.  Why don't you think it would be good to tell everybody?  If I tell everybody, they'll think I'm f'in nuts.  If you tell everybody, it'll open it up.
Brit: I also think that Big Brother is listening to us, and what happens, and they're not gonna do it if..
Willei: You need to tell the house.  You need to say, we need to have a meeting.. The reason why all this craziness is going on with all these coaches is..
Brit: Do you see it?
Willie: Why else would everything be going to crazy the 1st 10 days?  You need to do it.
Brit: You're the only person who knows.
Willie: They wanna win the game.  They don't want you to win the game.
Brit: That's why Janelle wants to take out Frank..
Willie: You need to do that tomorrow.. When everybody's getting up.. Tell em, I want you all to look at that board, adn I want you to notice all the keyholes.. They're not in it for you.  They're in it for themselves.  And I'll tell you who's gonna be the targets off the batt:  Dan, Boogie and Janelle.  Let's go outside.

They move outside.

Willie: I saw her with Dan.  You're the bottom of the barrel, baby.
Britney: Every night, she's been telling me, we have to take each other to the final 2, or we're not gonna win this game.
Willie: Tomorrow, if you don't do that, we're all going home.  All the players are gonna leave their coaches.  And they're gonna appreciate you doin' that... And you and me can work together.. With the 2 girls.
Brit: Listen, Willie.. I'm not gonna win this game.  If i go in, I'm not gonna win.  But I want you to win.

Willie's spelling out to her what to say to everyone.. regarding the coaches playing for themselves, because they'll be going into the game.

Brit: Day 10.  Day 10 Willie!
Willie: That's why Boogie's thinking Brigade..
Brit: And she got upset today, because Boogie said if he was in last season, he wouldn't have worked with the vets.. And Janelle's getting worried.. She told me she's horrible at endurance.
Willie: You gotta do it tomorrow.  And it's gonna be in the open.. So everyone's gonna be talking to each other.  I would say, If I'm wrong , I'm wrong, but why the F8ck would we have keyholes next to our names?

Brit: I have been trying (in the DR) to get a solid answer every day..
Willie: It's goin'. It doesn't matter if you get a solid answer.  The twist...

They get up to go inside..  Up to the HoH landing..

Brit: I'm scared!
Willie: (laughs) You can't be scared.  I'm gonna tell the players..  Remember, they said, This is your game.  Play your game, not your coaches game.
Brit: Who said that?
Willie: They did.
Brit: I'm scared.
Willie: you gotta do it.

Brit: I think Frank wants to play with Boogie.
Willie: Tomorrow, you gotta say it.  If you don't, I will. 

HoH Bathroom
 Feeds 3/4

Willie: I know you're scared.. but you gotta do it.  If you don't, they're gonna build this massive alliance, and we're f*cked. Don't make me start talkin'.  You gotta say it, and you gotta say it early in the morning.  Cuz then Boogie and them can't f*ck with their team any more..

Brit: What if that puts a target on my team's back??
Willie: It's not gonna put a target on your team's back.

Willie's working on convincing Britney.

Brit: Janelle was gonna go work with Dan anyway.
Willie: Who cares. You don't need her. She's a bitch anyway.  It's gonna happen.  Why else would they have key slots by y'all??

Doing a current body count..

Brit: 9 people start the jury and it always starts week 4, so there's 2 missing weeks.

Willie's offering to be her knight in shining armor throughout the game, complaining about the notion of having to play against the vets, and laying out a plan for her to expose it all. 

Willie: I know you're nervous, but I'll be there for you.  I'll say, just because she's being honest, you're gonna come at her strong? You're the f'in shady ones.  She's being honest.  You need to do this, Britney. First thing.  I'll be right beside you.

A couple minutes after 4am, all our critters are finally in bed.. Sleep well, houseguests.  You've got a very big day ahead of you!



Blogger Lezbionic said...

Caro...I just wanted to tell you....I haven't gone to bed yet. LOL

I also wanted to tell you Willie's stoic look is because Brit dropped a bomb shell on him...the coaches might enter the game.

I caught it on twitter. But I am on flashback w/Dan and Janelle so I don't know what time or what camera that went down on. Just wanted u to know!

July 17, 2012 at 3:46 AM  
Blogger Hey_Miss said...

Good morning Carolyn! I must say, I'm enjoying the return to days of yore with such immediate game play. Perhaps this coaches idea was a good one after all?

July 17, 2012 at 4:10 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Good morning!! :) Wow!!! What a crazy night!

I don't know why this surprises me in the least. But the topper was just plain excellent. :)

OK.. I'm off to get some fresh air while they sleep.

I'll begin publishing comments at about 7:30am BBT.

July 17, 2012 at 4:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow great post!!! I'm excited to see some good action going on in this house. I'm glad Willie has had this revaluation about the key holes why hasn't anyone e

July 17, 2012 at 4:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Else? It's definitly picking up and I'm not surprised to see Brittany up to her old tricks and talking lots of smack about people. Janelles baby though that's a new low for her!!

July 17, 2012 at 4:41 AM  
Blogger aaryn said...

Hi Caro.. the beginning of that bean spillage by Brit to Willie happened on feed 1 at 2:50 AM BBT... What you transcribed happened after this... just didn't want you to miss seeing this .. it is BB feed GOLD. Willie is speechless for once!

July 17, 2012 at 4:43 AM  
Blogger aaryn said...

sorry to keep posting but i never know if my comments make it... just wanted to add to keep watching thru the fishes,,,, the feed comes back and you can see where it really hits Willie after britney says " oh no we're coming back into the game to play for the 500 K with ya'll." then fishies again

July 17, 2012 at 4:51 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Meanwhile, simultaneously on Feed 1 at 2:50am, Britney begins spilling the beans to Willie about what she suspects will happen in the game...

***really, Brit? During the 3 minutes I spent listening to Dan and Janie?? Thank goodness for the flashbacks!

July 17, 2012 at 5:00 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Aaryn - Thank you very much!

July 17, 2012 at 5:01 AM  
Blogger aaryn said...

You are so welcome Caro! This is my first time posting here.. usually just a reader. But every year I purchase my feeds here and love reading the posts!

July 17, 2012 at 5:09 AM  
Blogger Seany527 said...

What a great overnight report. I love waking up to it completed!

July 17, 2012 at 5:19 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Aaryn - Well, welcome to the comment section and thank you SO much for the heads up, the time stamp and camera number!

July 17, 2012 at 5:21 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

And thank you, Lezbionic :)

Hi Brycemom! :)

Hi HeyMiss!

~~~ok.. cycling time! :) See you back here to publish more comments around 7:45-8am BBT.

July 17, 2012 at 5:22 AM  
Blogger lovemetender234 said...

Good Morning Carolyn!! Watching the conversation between Willie and Britney is wearing me out I can only imagine how your fingers are doing. They need to slow down a few gears its only week 1!

July 17, 2012 at 6:02 AM  
Blogger Shi Shi said...

Good morning everyone! Just sticking my head in to say hello...then I'm going to go back and catch up. See everyone in a little while.

July 17, 2012 at 6:37 AM  
Blogger Shi Shi said...

Hello again, I just caught up on the excitement from last night and I am just stunned! Why in the world would Brit tell Willie that they might join the team? She should know that Willie will not keep his mouth shut and go bats*it crazy. This should be a fun morning seeing him bounce from wall to wall. If Brit thinks this will remain secret she has another think coming!

Caro what do you think her motivation is? Why would she want to get Janelle on her back this soon?

July 17, 2012 at 7:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good Morning Carolyn,

Good Morning Everyone,

I wanted to say hello first..got my coffee and going to go read TOR..


July 17, 2012 at 7:40 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

Good morning.

I'm way behind but wanted to comment on a few things.

I don't normally point out typos but this one struck me as quite funny. Wil: "Willie says he wants to see me go fart in this game."

Willie is now talking game to Boogie and trusts that Boogie will keep him safe next week. Doesn't he know anything about past seasons. Chilltown strategy-Lie to your face and stab you in the back. And it worked. Both times they played the game a chill town member won. A leopard never changes it's spots. A kitten maybe. Someone like Britney, who was so young the first time around, may grow and mature and learn from her mistakes. But Boogie was a grown man both times he played. I don't believe a word out of his mouth.

Lastly-I don't like Janelle bad talking Willie. All the flip flopping has me completely confused. But she acts as though Willie started all of this by making deals with everyone and that is the reason he is suddenly pushing to keep Frank. However, if memory serves me correctly, Britney and Janelle were originally pushing to keep Frank and get rid of Kara because they wanted to cripple Dan. If your coach and the team you formed a partnership with keep changing their minds how do you not let paranoia set in and feel the need to start covering your own arse.

July 17, 2012 at 7:44 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

And since I'm not even half way through with reading, everything I just wrote may have already changed.

(Except the part about Wil farting.)

July 17, 2012 at 7:46 AM  
Blogger Michigan Man said...

Morning Carolyn, fellow BB addicts

It's going to be very long day at work today so have a great one.

July 17, 2012 at 7:50 AM  
Blogger Simply Sam said...

Wow. Just WOW! You are the BEST!

As for the HG's vs. the HG numbers? Duh. It's about time they started to ponder expecting the unexpected.

Silly hamsters!

♥ Dishy kisses all around! ♥

July 17, 2012 at 8:40 AM  
Blogger mdshander said...

It looks like Dan has some hope now. If Janelle knew what Britney and Willie were saying about her, she'd join Dan for sure! Hoping for a miracle that will keep Kara in the house. BTW: Thank you so much Carolyn for all of your hard work. I have the feeds, but I am unable to watch them all night long because I have to be at work in the morning. I always look forward to your recaps and flashback info. You're the greatest!

July 17, 2012 at 8:46 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Gaaaahhh!! New top post - click here

July 17, 2012 at 8:57 AM  
Blogger Mappy said...

Wow! Tganks Caro!

July 17, 2012 at 9:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Question.. I noticed you do not have a pic of Jodi with the rest of the hgs pic. Why is that?

July 17, 2012 at 10:58 AM  

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