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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Boogie's last late night...

...awwww. It's Boogie's last visit on Late Night with Lessa, and he, for one, is broken up about it:
The above picture was a rush to the DR, where he seemed to be crying in his towel as he grabbed his luggage. He has been pretty down this evening, and Frank has been his steady companion in the Pity Party. What they have forgotten in all their complaining is that they were going to do the same thing at the next opportunity, and are angry for others doing exactly what they were going to do - they just did it first. Didn't some wise person once say something about geese, ganders, and what's good for both? Juuuuuuust sayin!

Currently, at 10:22, the Downer Dudes are on the patio with Ashley, and Ian. Jen, Dani, Dan, Joe, and Brit are in HOH. Trash talking all the way around.

Britney: Unbelievable.
--Lessa: DINGDINGDING. It is. In so many ways, all the way around. Heh.

Britney: You'd think that when you're given five minutes to practice something and there's a cube with a questionmark on it, you'd take the opportunity, just in case.

Boogie brings up a DR he did on Jenn being a "rock star" and we get fish.

I'll be hanging around for a bit in case some Game pops up - or something else tickles my fancy. :)

Frank: Is that a band? I've never heard of it!
Boogie: exactly. I love how people are lying about what they do
Ashley: Yeah, like who cares?!

Upstairs, Shane is pretty:
Boogie: Britney misses her husband? STFU. She's in a great position. Tomorrow she'll be all about her birthday.
Ashley: yeah, she was saying this game is so much harder and her season she didn't do anything
Boogie: No shit it's harder, you have to actually do something. I'm just glad I've grown up.
--Lessa: excuse me a minute... BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. ahem.
Boogie: 5 years ago? I would have been you know he's out fucking some girl... I mean, you can crush someone. He loves you but his buddies took him out and the alcohol made him second guess this marriage because you've been gone for half of it. I sit here saying them to myself, it's theruputic. They're just mean people. So mean.
--Lessa: ....reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally.
Boogie: Dan's the worst, he's a party to it, but he'll never. I know because when we were cool with each other he'd get me riled up and he'd act like he was embarrassed but in reality he loved it. He's an evil person too. He's doing the exact same thing he did 4 years ago

Ashley: And its working.
Frank: It helps that they don't know the game. He has the catholic school boy so they believe everything he has..
Ashley: Father Dan is playing all of you.
Boogie: You gotta take him out.. I can't wait for tomorrow night to see if you can do it.
Frank: I was telling Ian that we won't have time, so we put Dan and Shane up because more and likely Dan goes home, it'll split the votes.
AShley: Yeah, that's huge.
Boogie: I almost feel if Joe comes out here, we say its private.
AShley: i don't want him out here. F'in Joe. He went up there and said you didn't take it well, and made Ian cry! I was like that's a lie..
Boogie; i just can't wait for the beginning of October, gets on the plane, goes home, everyone is all fifth place isn't that bad..

Frank: He's got 15 fans hitting him up for recipes and its over..
Boogie: he has nothing waiting for him
--Lessa: except for a loving wife, four kids, and a dream. Get over yourself.

Frank: his turkey burgers aren't that good, yo.
Boogie: Nobody's listening.
--Lessa: huh? did you say something?

Boogie: I could have helped both of them. I f'in won it, and didn't get anything out of it.
Ashley: So ungrateful.

10:40 - checking in upstairs: Jenn and Dani
Jenn: At first I was insulted saying I looked like some dude she dated and she was like no, no, super sexy!
Dani: You think she's (mouths) bi?
Jenn: (giggles) I don't know if she was joking or not, but she said she'd swing for the right person... oh my god... I remember her saying JoJo and I were saying how sexy you are..
Dani: JoJo for sure... did she...
Jenn: oooooooooohhh..
Dani: Then I'd get vibes, and she was all heeeeeeey.. and I was all JENN! Where is Jenn? I need her to go crazy on someone!
Jenn: She ran at me one time and I caught her, and I was like oh wow, I can just pick you up and she was all yeah you can! Joe was always she's totally into you! But I would never..
Dani: Why not? Though she drove me nuts..
Jenn: She drove everyone nuts!
Jenn: I felt she just perpetuated the stereotype.

Boogie; I promised myself I'd stop saying these types of thing, I mean, I know she's a young girl, and when her metabolism starts to slow down, and her lack of working out... her extent of working out this summer was to kick her leg up and see if anyone thought it was cool. Britney might get 5 years because of her petite thing, but she's not so young... Joe, 2-3 years, mid 40s, he'll be a tub of lard... he kinda is already, but he'll be home smoking eating crazy again and not exercising. I like it when these people come in here, I didn't smoke- you didn't bring any cigarettes!

Boogie: It'll be interesting to talk to our mutual friend Memphis. I don't know what this was made to look like on TV. I might go to the final episodes first, the last week of this bullshit, make sure Dan really did say what we thought - can you imagine if he never said it? I know he did though..
--Lessa: and again - BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. ahem.

Boogie: I want to watch the last week, but I certainly don't want to go on the internet. No. They dig up my mug shot...
Frank: is it bad?!
Boogie: REAL bad.. I was face down, I'd been drinking since 11 in the morning, it happened at like midnight.. my team just won the world series, then they left me in a drunk tank, a criminal tank with a bunch of people, and my hat fell off so I had major hathead, AND I decided half asleep that it would be cool to smirk in the migshot. It's creepy.. That gets dredged up, all my past gets dredged up, people hate on it.
Frank: Haters.
Boogie: I don't care, there's enough to assimulate to real life.
Frank: I'll be like mom - how good is it, how bad is it? She'll be like 50-50.. 80-20 and I'll be like that's all I need to know.
Boogie: Will, Joe and Kim? They'll tell me straight up. I can call them and they'll know. They were with em for the last one, they know how bad it was last time. I was so frustrated, it was 11 years ago, and I had a guy just like Joe vote me out of the game. So frustrating. I love that they're leaving me alone out here.
Frank: It's nice.
Boogie: I wish we got this threesome going sooner..
Frank; The coaches twist fucked us as far as picking people up early from other teams. The line were so drawn. Having to work with people in the beginning that maybe we wouldn't have..

Ashley: that's what I bitched about all the time.. they kept saying there's no team, but you're forced on a team!

AShley: if we had gotten Dan and Danielle out - you guys wouldn't have even come into the game..
Boogie: I want to see if Janelle pushed that button...

11:00 Upstairs, Britney;s in trouble! Hehe - she was wrestling with Danielle and...

BB: Sorry BB?
BB: Britney, please exchange your microphone...

Just Dani and Shane:
Dani: OMG if I tell you something you can't tell anyone else in the whole house! AShley isn't...  and neither is JoJo.. that's what we were talking about!
Shane; I'm not surprised.
--Lessa: i believe she means 'straight'. *L*

Britney joins..
Dani: Emotions are involved with both - she's not... you know..
Shane: Blank as an arrow,...?
Britney: so she was emotionally attached to Jenn?
Dani: and there's someone else that wasn't straight too!
Brit: Doesn't surprise me.. this house is so much more steamier than myself!
Dani: you didn't hear this from me! I will deny all day long!
Brit: she just told me last week she didn't like Frank. She was all he's so douchey and he makes me like Ian..
Dani: But now that she's an Actress... so, that's why I'm not buying it. I knew her and Frank had something, she cried the night in spin the bottle is that she didn't get to kiss frank, that's why we pulled her out and were like Frank Your Girl!

Brit works it into Jedi Training for Before and After...

Dani: this house is nuts!

Brit goes out to exchange her mic again for her repaired one...

Dani: What I said doesn't leave this room!
Shane; Doesn't matter to me, doesn't affect my game.
Dani: One of the things before I got on the show is that I was homophobic!
Shane; you are?
Dani: I was. Just with Girls. She was like I'm not attracted to straight girls at all..
Shane: If you need a vote..
Dani: I will smack you in the mouth.. That so goes against my religion, you don't even know.

11:10 Britney returns and returns the convo to Jedi Training. I love you, Britney. I want you to be my heterolifemate because it's sad when I'd rather listen to Boogie and Frank...

Boogie: at 4:54, I'm gonna pull Danielle aside and pull an acting job of all acting jobs and drop that hammer. You know I never asked you, how did it go with Jenn..
Ashley: She kept going you were gonna roll with those guys and I was like yeah, and she said she couldn't, they were gonna trade me, and I was like you gotta get over it sometime. I was like I'm not trying to be mean, you've been with these guys the entire time, but you're gonna choose to jump ship because its your ego, you have to let go of your ego and she said it was personal, tehy attacked her personally.. but she wouldn't say anything..
Boogie: i heard her laughing though, like you were ok..
Ashley: We were laughing about something stupid... oh, snacks, and she started laughing. And she kept saying, and oh she said you're not gonna vote for me why would I work with you, and I was like I got Danielle, she has my back, and she said something like your relationships are flourishing with Frank and Ian and i'm like ok..don't even go there..
Boogie: i love how you stand up for yourself. I didn't say one bad word about her.. every single person who weve been against lied to the people and said we said things we didn't say. I literally don't need to speak to her tomorrow, and I'll never see her again. I'm not even going to invest the energy. Obviously you might need her for a vote, but she's commited in that direction. See how committed she is if on of you wins.. her and Joe will come running so quick. They all will.That might make me go to those websites where they write everything they say? Because I can read where you say.. that's not what they told me... If I stayed I would love to have won and say HOH is invite only. Fuck them. Jenn. Personal. I didn't say one thing about her. Why do people believe this?
--Lessa:... hmm. lemme scroll up a bit... go back a bit, read through.. hmmm... Heh.

Boogie: three times Joe has come to this window and made eye contact. Fat bastard. I didn't want to make it a theme but we saved him! Piece of Shit. Maybe I should work that into my speech tomorrow. Most people speak in generalities.. but I'm gonna speak to you Joe. You were in deep trouble...
Frank: Who tld you you were safe?
Boogie: We told you, they didn't. You're family is watching, what are you gonna do? What an absolute fuck this guy is. POS. Ingrate, working with those four.
Frank: Such a f'in joke.
Boogie: Joe-Ker.

Britney: if one of them wins, Dan is 100% going home BECAUSE of Ian. I'm sick of him throwing competitions because he's scared. i'm done! You're with us, or you're against us!

11:22 - late night munchie run. Joe made cookies.
Boogie: I think I'm gonna end this day. This has been the longest day. I'm tired. Dishes, I'm not gonna do them. Backyard, peace!

Frank: He said goodnight to the backyard. Hurts me, yo.
Ashley: i'm done crying. I feel bad for him. I feel Jenn doesn't want it as bad as he does.
Frank: Of course she doesn't. He loves this game!
Ashley: as much as he talks shit, I see right through him. Everyone hates me, Frank.
Frank: They don't hate you.
Ashley: they all, you know. Don't want to talk to me. Don't even care.
Frank; The lines are drawn, they know what side you are on. The smart side. Thats what it is, they're mad they couldn't dupe you.
Ashley: the underdogs always win these competitions.
Frank: It has to happen.

Frank: and everyone talks so much shit... says such things about him!
--Lessa: (head. desk.)

Frank: There's some people that don't deserve to be here. Makes me ill.
--Lessa: you have no idea. (blarg)

11:45 - and with that latest sense of entitlement, I'm out for the night! I just can't anymore tonight with these guys. Currently, they play with clay inside, and praise at the alter of Boogie outside. Mind the critters!



Blogger Brandon said...

Good evening Lessa!
Nice work with the dish tonight. I'm enjoying your commentary. :)

August 22, 2012 at 11:15 PM  
Blogger Lessa said...

Thanks Brandon! I just.. can't even with these guys tonight. *L*

August 22, 2012 at 11:26 PM  
Blogger Izzy said...

Hey Lessa! Just catching up on my way to bed. Your interjections never cease to amuse me!!

August 22, 2012 at 11:41 PM  
Blogger Lessa said...

Thanks. Izzy! The kids are laughing at me because I keep literally banging my head on the desk..

August 22, 2012 at 11:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Lessa and dishers. Did I miss something? Why all the bitterness towards Ian? I thought in order for this to be successful he had to play this part. Him winning an HOH or a POV would pretty much force him to declare his side wouldn't it?

August 22, 2012 at 11:42 PM  
Blogger Lessa said...

It would force him to choose sides - Britney is just worried that he'll choose the other side. She's doing her weekly before HOH freakout. *L* This week it's Ian's turn. He makes her nervous, that's all. And we know Brit is never one to be quiet..

August 22, 2012 at 11:46 PM  
Blogger Brandon said...

I think Ian wants to keep working both sides so he doesn't get any blood on his hands and won't be a target. However Britney knows he's doing that as well. Both of them know the Quack Pack is their first priority and with fewer people (and chances of Frank's side winning HOH), Britney wants Ian to actually try to win HOH so that there's 4 (of the QP) against Frank instead of 3.

August 22, 2012 at 11:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lessa loving it, your on fire tonight. Hard not to be with all the whining and pity party of the two village idiots, Boogie and his bitch Frank. Not breaking any rules, Boogie calls adoring followers bitches so was just trying to get it right, lol.

Thanks for hanging tonight.

August 22, 2012 at 11:59 PM  
Blogger Justinjason123 said...

Frank should win this hole thing! All the rest are snakes they rat they don't get there story's straight they lie I understand its the name of the game but I just think its the name of Brittanys game she jumps on the person who can win then sets up lies all around the house, cattiness stuff if you ask me! And frank has been loyal when nobody else has and wont... quack pack is fake don't people get that there using Ian there's 4alot big wigs Dan, Danni Shane and Brit can't Waite untill they turn on eachother sadly enough frank dosnt have a chance watch everybody crumble.

August 23, 2012 at 2:53 AM  
Blogger Kimberly Schultz said...

Kudos to you for making it through all that "I deserve it more" entitlement! Goodness! Some people sure have short term memories! ;o)

August 23, 2012 at 5:26 AM  
Blogger Kimberly Schultz said...

Kudos to you for making it through all that "I deserve it more" entitlement! Goodness! Some people sure have short term memories! ;o)

August 23, 2012 at 5:26 AM  
Blogger WendyBBFanatic said...

Lessa, I am such a Boogie/Frank fan but I still love you and your snark :)

August 23, 2012 at 7:01 AM  

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