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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

And waiting... and waiting...

Hey dishers! We've been waiting all day long for Joe to draw the promised line in the sand. He's said all day that he's ready, he's getting ready, he's about there... and we've gotten the big fat goosegg. Boogie and Frank are starting to catch on, but they still think they have Ian and Ashley and that they have the votes. reading and listening and honestly, I'm not sure WHO has Ashley.

Jen has finally woken up to the fact that she needs votes, and has started talking to the girls at least, and Joe has promised her his vote. Unfortunately, she told Ashley who told Boogie and Frank, who asked Joe, who told Shane, who told Danielle and Britney and...

Whew. Anyone feel like BB is just one giant game of Telephone?!

Anyway - it's 9:30 in the BB house, and we have Joe once again asking Britney's permission to tell Frank and Boogie that he's not with them, so that he quits getting cornered, and throwing Ashley under the bus some more, because she keeps telling him she won't leave Ian and Frank and Boogie. Jen and Danielle are bonding in the back yard, where they're not even pretending to work out anymore - they're just showing Skippy (and us) their bums.

Brit: Jojo offered you cigarettes and Boogie's offering you restaurants.
Frank: We're the headhunters by the way..
Brit: I heard about that..

Ian walks by:
Joe: He caught me with Jenn, he's gonna go tell them I'm talking to you..
Britney: I bet they're regretting the decision to tell everyone they're gonna call you out... that pork chop was awesome by the way. I don't freakin get it, Joe..
Joe: My worst nightmare is we get rid of him and they put him back in the game..
Britney: No way, there's too many people here. Three people make it to Finale, and 7 to the Jury...

BB: Frank to the DR

Britney dashes off so as not to get caught talking to Joe.  Checking in with Danielle:
Jenn: If I could just stay this week.
Dani: I don't want you to feel alone.

Brit joins.
Jenn: it's hot out here. Fighting for my freakin life.
Brit: You shouldn't have to.. I'm sorry. Snowflake is ok.
Dani: what was my name?
Jenn: Lollipop. Snowflake and Lollipop - sounds like the sexiest candy store I've ever walked into..

She wanders in to get a drink.

Brit: What's going on?
Dani: Joe told her Ashley might vote against her.. so she was asking if Ashley came to me, and asked if I thought Boogie and Frank were playing dirty and I wouldn't say, but they haven't talked to me. I was like Jen you just have to look at the facts. I said who keeps saying all this, and who's voting to keep you?
Brit: Frank won't even consider it. Her team is turning their back.
Dani: What I feel bad about is it's gonna be a five 2 vote, and she'll think Ashley voted to save her..
Brit: But it'll piss off Frank cuz he'll think that too.
Dani: Umhm..
Brit: And that covers Ian.  And now Ashley is on Joe's radar and if he wins HOH he'll put up Frank and Ashley which is perfect.
Dani: I'm just worried if Frank wins.
Brit: If Frank wins we're all screwed.
Dani: It's not gonna happen. There's so many more of us.

They make plans to take a bath together.

Britney whispers that she saw the doctor in the DR about her neck - she was told it was muscular pain. We, of course, go fishing.

Meanwhile - Dan and Ian play pool

And - tonight's bit of Irony:
Dani: She's jealous. She's really jealous person. Whenever you talk to Ian she comes over and sits down.
Brit: of Ian?! He's like my little brother.
Dani: She wants all the guys. She calls Shane Shaners and I'm like knock it off, and she comes up and lays in bed between us.

Brit: I think she's an actress
Dani: I think everyone is someone
Brit: Except me, I'm Britney from BB12. Hit reality show star, hit cbs show, you might have heard of it.
Dani: What am I?
Brit: Nurse practitioner.. Boogie's on to you too.
Dani: No, I mean my claim to fame.. the pagents? Maybe it was the Harley calendar that got me here.

Dani: but I really do think Ashley is an actress, the way she talks
Brit: But she plays it up, the dumb thing
Dani: How do you do math super fast if your dumb, and knew if she folded.. I guess she didn't think we'd think... she and Frank are whispering.

Brit: She's over there canoodling with Frank.
Dani: she used to talk about how she wanted a showmance so bad.
Brit: She looked up at us, right after she laughed.
Dani: She's making fun of us. It's classic making fun, 101.
Brit: What are they gonna make fun of?
Dani: I dunno.
Brit: exactly.

Meanwhile, Joe and Shane are talking in HOH. And just because:
Dani: she's all about the hippie love..
Brit: long skirts, see thru blouses, dancing between the fig trees..
Dani: It's weird.

They head in to go to the bath. Frank is out of the DR, fresh from his goodbye messages.
Frank: I almost broke down in there, son! Almost broke down out here thinking about it
Boogie: I appreciate it. I thought I wasn't doing them this week, didn't even think about it.

Jenn goes upstairs - she's gonna hang with the girls. Shane gives her a hug:
Shane: the whole point of you going up was as a pawn, hun!
Jenn: You could have told me that when I came up here before!
Shane: I know, I know.
Jenn:Its just Boogie is so good..
Shane: We put you up because we have the votes locked. I swear.

Brit joins:

Brit: You doing something?
Jen: No, no, I'm just decompressing.
Shane: It sucks because your against Boogie I know
Jenn: And he's not even doing the work...
Joe; and wacky wednesday is coming!
Jenn: it's gonna be wacky and I've done nothing but be good with Ashley, so it sucks..
Shane: Feel free to roam around the bathroom, do a face mask, do whatever..
Brit: My opinion doesn't matter - but it sucks that your team that you've been on for 40 days won't even consider voting for you. It's not even an option to split it?
Jenn: They don't think I've rolled with them the entire time...
Shane: You've given them every vote you've had!
Jenn: I was like, You know, I understand that you might not vote for me. But still..

Shane: Is he even campaigning?
Jenn: no! He's just sitting there being pissed on the couch, it's all Frank. And it gets me down - I'm getting the poop end of the stick here.
Brit: It's not even cool that they won't split the vote for you.
Jenn: Yeah

Gratuitous Britney Pretty Bikini Shot:
The duo in question:

Jenn: Being on the block certainly lights a fire under your ass.
Shane: I know it's tough to hear that you're good and all, but..
Jenn: and he doesn't have to be so mean about it..
Shane: It shows their character when they use personal attacks.

Shane; it's two on one, and I didn't think of that. It sucks for you. And Frank's been ruthless.
Jenn: Yeah, man I appreciate it.
Shane: You are more than welcome to stay up here all night if you need to get away. I hate to put you in that situation
Jenn: I understand, I know it was me or Ian..
Shane; and it was 100% me. I made it based off..
Jenn: you just told me I was 100% safe..
Shane: Before nominations, but things changed with POV. I know it sucks, and you can hold that agianst me. It put you in a bad situation.
Jenn: The thing that bothers me the most is the two on one, it's not fair. And the badtalking is just unnecessary. I'm using facts. His restaurant grosses 100 mill, and he goes for cash here.
Shane; I didn't see his season, but I hear he was ruthless
Jenn: he is - he gets one person, and rolls with them. He has Frank.
Shane: Sucks you were on their team.
Jenn: I think he's just really PO'd that it's me against him, like I'm leaving before this chick? His ego is the issue.

Jenn: His main thing is he didn't want to go out looking like a punk on TV. He didn't want to be played
Shane: I kinda already did, from what he said about his drs before noms..

Brit: I never once said Dan's name, and he's taking all the heat. I'm taking who it was to the grave.
Shane: He'll be shocked. Watch the season.
Joe; His thing with Dan is he made a move before him - that's why he can't stand Dan. If Dan did this, he moved first.
Shane: We heard Boogie was coming after us - Brit and myself. We brought him up here and he admitted that he said it - that's why you're on the block!
Jenn: Yah, I know why he's nominated. We were in the arcade laughing about it. What goes around comes around. They were just liiiiiiviiiid...

 Downstairs: Frank and Ashley googly eyes..

Frank; You know if it's the three of us and I win the final HOH I'm taking you. I'm not giving up hope, I'm not gonna lay down, you know?
Ashley: No way... you can't... I'm gonna go put this away, then come sit next to you because I can't hear you.


Joe: She asked me to blindside you so that you wouldn't be mad at her all week, and little does she know I'm tighter with you than her. Boogie's in her head. And I'm supposed to be waiting till tonight to give them my answer if I'll be with them or not.
Jen: I know.
Joe: They want my answer, and flung ashley at me tonight with that. I'm going to tell them no, and probably get thrown under the bus in every way possible when they know they can't win, and they can't win without me. The vote's done. Locked. It'll make Boogie throw a fit. I was the swing vote.
Jen: Right.
Joe; They believe they have Ashley 100% and sent her to tell me that this morning.
Jenn: Wnhy does everyone hate my ass so much?! (Laughs)
Shane: no, I don't think it's personal..
Joe: This house will break you - don't think that way..
Jenn: yeah, I know, I just been nothing but cool and stand by my word, it gets yo no where in this house!
Joe; Yeah, I been on the block - I understand! And I had a coach that was playing us both...
Jenn: With no good reason.. I mean when I'm upset I tell people fuck you to their face, I'm pissed at you, gonna let you cool off, me cool off.. I'm just not gonna be a jerk like that. It's not me! I can't fake it like that...
Shane; Yeah, I know.
--Lessa: hahahhaha. Ahem.

Brit and Dani enter the HOH - Jenn to the DR
Jenn: I'll be back..
Shane: You're welcome anytime.
Dan: You told her?
Joe; yeah. I told her Ashley wanted me to go with her and get her out...
Brit: you could tell she was hurt..
Shane: She said she knew something was up

Joe; it might get nutty in here tonight if she goes to them.. they'll know that I used what they did against them. I think the No will be out...
Shane; It'd be funny if you took one step outside, said "No deal!" and walked back in.
Joe: it's out now.
Brit; Cat's out of the bag.
Shane: So we only have to worry about Frank Ashley and possibly Ian.

Brit: They could at least do one and on vote and let the house decide.. you've had a solid team, four deep, for weeks and you don't even split your vote?! She kept Frank in the game week one, and he won't even return the favor. It's not right.  Doesn't matter what I think, I'm just kinda soapboxing.

Downstairs - Ashley's still making googly eyes at Frank...

Joe: Then he was out of this house and the game saved him! He was supposed to be out of this house.

Frank: I don't look at you as just a number. I just want you to know that.  He's (Joe) worried about hurting Shane's feelings I guess. He afraid to pull the trigger for that. Sometimes we think we're jumping off a ledge but we're just taking a step up, but it's hard for us. I do think he thinks it's the best decision, but they're trying to talk him out of it. He's worried about messing that up for whatever reason. I think we can get him to do it though. Then going forward let Joe be with us. Ian doesn't care a lot for Joe, but doesn't bother me.

Ian - in the background: squeek squeek squeek squeek squeek.. (rocking in the hammock. hehe.)

Ashley: they're all gonna do that - Britney, Dani..
Frank: Yeah, I had conversations with Britney that she trusts me - not mike, but me.
Ashley: who would she put up then?
Frank: Joe. I'll just say look, you can put me up but doesn't mean I won't play POV and win. Maybe if you turn your sites the other way, me and Ashley won't look at you and Shane. Do me a solid and put Dan up. If Joe doesn't tell us, I'll hold a grudge, but if he tells us and picks a side, at least he picks one. But of those three, she's the best case scenario for us.
AShley: they don't like the way Jenn acted. I know she's being nicey nice now.. but..
Frank: I'd love it if they put up Jenn and Joe. Better than you and me. Me and Jen maybe.. I don't know. They might put you up against me..

Ashley: because they know I'd definitely vote for you.
Frank this weeks HOH is crucial. I don't want it to be Mike, then me. If I get put to the jury, I know I put up a good fight. I've scrambled and worked pretty hard.
Ashley: you've worked really hard. There's four weeks left! There's so many people.
Frank: Before I forget this - this is obviously wishful thinking, if it comes down to you and me on Thursday for Hoh..

Fishy timecheck: 10:44

Frank: It'll be whoever's closest - and it'll be a high number, so I'll write down a one, and you write down a two.
ashley: you're so smart!
Frank: I told Ian the same thing, if I'd throw it to him if it gets down to a tie breaker. One and Two. I'm a little nervous there, but yeah.. and if Mike's gone, I'll have the same conversation with Jenn. I'll be like look girl, everythings up in the air, if it comes to a tiebreaker, I'm not worried about you.. I think Jenn would make the right decision, but at the same time.. I don't forget what Danielle did I want her out and ugh... you know the smart move to make.
Ashley: She'd put up Danielle and Dan... that's the best case scenario..l
Frank; Or Dan and Shane. When the time comes, we'll deliberate. If we put Dan and Shane up, one of thems going home, and if it's Shane great, we don't have to compete against him. If it's Dan,we can work with Shane. At least one of thems going. If we get SHane out, we can rope britney in.
Ashley: For sure. I think so too.

Upstairs, Jen says she won't talk to Ashley tonight - she's not interested in starting a fight, or in Wacky wednesday even..

Jen: I'm not looking to start a fight, but if someone wants to start some shit, I'll be like guys, you suck!
Shane: He went for the 10k - and just doesn't care!
Jen: And now he's worried about looking like a punk on tv? Just wait. Just. Wait.

Britney and Ashley chat in the kitchen
Brit: It'll work itself out.

Frank checks in with Ian:

Frank: I think there's a chance.
Ian: I'm like 50-50 if he pulls the trigger
Frank: Ashley is like 55% - so a little optimism.
Ian: And yeah, like I told her, if it's a tiebreaker between me and you too - one two.
Frank: and I'll have this talk with Jenn too.
Ian: Jenn's gonna work with us, she's said this?
Frank: I'll talk to her tomorrow.
Ian: I worry about that.
Frank: I'm not worried about it. She told Ashley that she had to make some moves on the downlow, because she didn't want to upset me and Mike...
Ian: does she assume I'm voting for Mike?
Frank: Yeah. Obviously we don't want Jenn to leave..
Ian: Both scenarios suck, yeah.
Frank: It will kill me if we need one vote and I can't get it. It's killing me right now, he worked so hard for me and if I can't..
Ian; He worked hard for you. For me too, gave me that safety first week. I'd have been a bigger risk than you against Kara.
Frank: we're not gonna lay down even if boogie goes. especially if he goes this week, hoh is cruicial! we can do it, even if Joe goes against us.. it'll still be 4 on 4 in the HOH. They have some strong competitors... I don't give Danielle a whole lot of credit on the questions..
Ian: if it's actual questions, its done. if it's who shits in the pool... might be majority rules..
Frank: how does it get down to one?
Ian: tie breaker...
Frank: Before or after?
Ian: Done deal. I know if people scratch their nose before they wipe their ass. Done.
Frank: If we get shane out, we can pull britney in if mike's gone.
Ian: possible. lets not think if mikes gone, lets just try to not think that. I think Joe is gonna fuck us..
Frank: you're telling me not to say it but your saying it!
Ian: True. I just really fear for that shit. He's slimey. I don't like him!
Frank: You gotta calm down about that..
Ian: He can consider himself lucky he sucks at challenges, he's not going far if he fucks us. I can call a truce if he doesn't.. but on thursday.. if so, it's over.
Frank: He's told us he'll tell us yes or no beforehand. If he says no, we say he chose sides, we won't hold it against us.
Ian: if he says yes and then boogie goes? done. Done deal.

Frank: I'm not gonna shed tears now, but thursday...
Ian: We just gotta power through no matter what..

Time check: 11 pm. Is it bad that I want to smack Frank about the head and shoulders? Ugh. So. Entitled.

Frank: I don't want to play that kind of game! He's gonna see what Britney's done! Frank was honest, should have gone with him, if you don't! Obviously if he goes our way we'll owe him a couple weeks.
Ian: Time lock it. 6th place at best.
Frank: Shane and Dan have to get out.
Ian: Danielle - 4th, I'd be good with that. If mike goes, final three, me you n ash?
Frank: absolutely.
Ian: then Ash..
Frank; Of course, and it'd be epic for me and you to be final two.
Ian: that'd be cool - i'm not saying final two deal, but that'd be neat.
Frank: oh I know. I want the final three to be us three. If we can string 2 hoh's together, get Shane and Dan out, rope Britney on, she wins and sends Joe, we win, send Danielle home.. it's not crazy for us to be able to do that, it's just the next two HOHs gonna be
Ian: imparative.

Brit: I know it sucks, but everyone's been through it. My team lost two in 6 days.

Outside; Frank talks to us

Frank: Superpass, yo, if there's some vote to give someone a power, give it to me! I need it BAD.. I need it, i need it. It's probably too early for that. Can't believe I'm out here begging for some special power...
--Lessa: Me either.
Frank: Why can't people just ride or die till the end? Everyone scummbagged us. hope everyone at home sees we've done the right thing, been honest, played an honest game, especially Mike..
--Lessa: oh, baby. We see so much more than you...
Frank: People just keep snaking us, and snaking us. Hope I'm getting some love for being on the block four times. Some love.. I wanna get a lot of love.. Nana if your watching, know I love ya, everyone else too obviously.  I'm going inside too, see if they got any cookies..

Upstairs, Joe's talking about Boogie offerng him restaurants..

Joe; really, making my dreams come true?
Jenn: That's where he's att. But dude? I'll give you my last pair of white socks..
(everyone laughs)
Joe: For real, though, going after my dreams..
Jenn: Yeah. I was worried he'd do that.
Joe: The world will still be there - I'll do it on my own.

Joe: We'll do more cooking shows next week. he never sat through one
Dan: Do it tomorrow - lighten the mood!
Danielle: A real cheesecake?
Dan: Pancakes.. I can get down with some pancakes.. oh that frutada! (sp)
Joe; That'd be good!

Ian says hello to those watching in the HOH room:
Everyone laughs.

Ashley kisses the oven mitt..
Ian: That's flirting. Put on an oven mit, make it talk, that's sexy.
Ashley: I like it. Work it for Britney...

Ian: I like the perverted oven mitt better.
Ashley: I like the cute and innocent one better..

Joe just finished telling them he was staying up there to wait frank out..
BB: Joe, please go to the Diary Room.
Joe; Aw man! Call me out! He'll be waiting outside the door. But I'll tell him. Done deal. Jenn. Done deal.
Jenn: Thanks.

He goes.
Jenn: Oh god, Danielle. See, when the reset happened I pulled away from them immediately. Their olive branch was not making me a have not, and they're like don't forget that. I was like on my own, and they're like we've had your back and I'm like no you haven't! You don't think i noticed? You only care about Frank..
Danielle; can I tell you something that never leaves us? Before fore the veto, they tried to make a final four with Frank me and Ashely.
Jenn: Ashley too?!
Dani: Yeah.. they thought I was the better option.
Jenn: what was AShley done for them?
Dani: Frank's trying to showmance her!
Jenn: oh!

Downstairs - much to Dan's delight.. it's Karate Kid practice:

Ashley: Wow! You got some height on that one!
Britney: That's right. I'm good at ninja moves!

Dan throws some cabbage for her to kick:

She nails it on the second try. Fun and games in the kitchen. :) While upstairs-

Dani: They're DOUCHEBAGS. I'm sorry but they ARE
Jenn: Oh I know, you don't have to explain it to me!

Jenn: Like I said, I was more mad about you and me, than Shane putting me up.
Dani: I was like last night, Dan, i have to talk to Jenn! I can't have her mad at me!
Jenn: I aws coming to get you for sure this morning, I just had to wake up, started campaigning yesterday, had to lay it low so the guys don't know.. so they don't twist it or who knows.
Dani: i just know that you don't owe me any apologies or anything, because I'm not mad at you being mad, and Dan was upset too, and it's been killing him having you think he was a bad person. And I was like how could Boogie do this? One of the winners has his ego hurt so everyone else has to go down? I can tell you though that Dan's not said a bad thing about you. If you do, I think I'd go up beside you. That's how, you know.
Jenn: yeah..
They hug it out:

Jenn: I need a tissue! You tug on the heartstrings girl!
Downstairs - they're playing pass the... fruit..?

Dani: It's those two. Those two!
Jenn: Yeah, they were like encouraging me to blow..
Jenn: Joe was like I hear you hate me - and I was like when did I ever ay that? i didn't even say that about Jannell, I said I hated what she said, but wasn't like, i hate that broad!
Dani: I just love people's hearts and I love your heart and you know, Dan does too, and that's why we connected so..

Jenn: We connected and I hoped that he would pick me, but I was takling to jojo.. and yeah, they were banking on me going off.
Dani: Let me go HOH - I will have the most epic nomination speech! your key is first, and I'll pt Frank up and his little girlfriend up next to him!

...round and round they go...

Downstairs - it's keep away/football/fun with Dan, Ian and Britney:

Brit talks to Jodi:

Brit: What do you do, Jodi? What do yo do! So happy. No idea what's to come.

Brit and Joe touch bases, then..
Joe; I'm gonna go tell him.

Joe: what are you doin?
Frank; reflecting. Praing.
Joe; I regret to inform you its a no. I wanted to be man to man with you. I've done some digging and investigation, and so far today, Ashley has flipped three times.
Frank: i don't think she has. I think if you trusted her... she's told you
Joe: Three hours she was iffy..
Frank; She said she told you 100%..
Joe; She said she was iffy. I don't feel comfortable with it, with her. I feel safer going the other route.
Frank: I just talked to her on the couch! I'm 100% with her! When you told me you'd tell me I wanted to be in your ear as much as possible. I know they have been too.
Joe; I've just come to the conclusion at this poinnt, it's not even up for debate. It just doesn't feel right. It has nothing to do - and I know I can't get this across to you - but it has nothing to do with you. It looks like Boogie's gonna be going, even if I vote for him, the vibe I'm getting.. i don't want to out ashley, but as little as 20 minutes ago, she told someone she was 100% jenn.
Frank: I just don't think she wants people to know. Thats why i wanted to have the convo with the three of us..
Joe; Frank I just can't do it.
Frank: If you knew.. I don't think its just that..
Joe: AShley fucked me against Wil, she voted against me, she wouldn't tell me the Janelle story, there's three things I don't have trust in. I just don't trust it. I trust and like you, no in depth thing there, but odds wise it's gonna be tough. I think you can win this week.
frank: I respect the fact that you like and trust me, I know its nothing personal against me, but.. at the same time, I feel if I got you to believe I have Ashley's vote.. this is end game without Mike.. I've been on the block 4 times..
Joe: i'm aware of that, and I know it's selfish.. I just know my odds are better.. Ashley has done so much that I don't know what she'll do - look at her track record.. she flips, but not even just with power, but the vibe of the house, and she has to sell me that she'd never flip.
Frank: you did with power too
Joe: With my coach, Janelle.
Frank: I took your word, even when Shane and told me different. I asked you and you told me it never happened, but it did...
Joe: But I'm the person, I still don't understand this, your accuser has to face you, how is it in this house they don't?
Joe: I agreed with janelle.. I fought with her 2 hours before about doing it..
Frank: I believe you, but the people you are gonna roll with are the ones that did that..
Joe; I get that, but I'm telling you - to finish this and make it clear, not voting to keep boogie doesn't mean I'm on their team. they made me no offers.
Frank: then why..
Joe; i've played many scenarios in my head. It's better for me if Boogie leaves.
Frank: I don't think so. They didn't offer you anything..
Joe; You two will win this f'in thing together. I know how good boogie is and I believe your better than him. In tandem you'll kill!

Frank: I know where you're coming from. If boogie stays, this won't be the first time we're on the block.. more than likely.. I just feel like, look at Jeff and Jordan, Brenden and Rachel, the odds are stacked against me and Mike going to then end, and if you stick with us, and I think you me and Ashley talk, we can get the votes! I absolutely know the odds of him and me making final two are slim to none.. if he goes this early, my chances are slim to none.. you freaking go with us and there's a chance you me and Ashley make it final three! I know one of us ain't gonna make it.. I know, and I want people.. we just wanted one or two other people that would have our back no matter what.. Ian ahs our back but hasn't helped us out.. he fraternizes with them which is ok but I wish he wouldn't throw it in Mikes face..
Joe; I'm an absolute no.. there's two days, and if you come up with something I'll listen, but right now...
Frank: 'm telling you I'll make a deal with you.
Joe; i'm scared of Ashley. Anyone can talk to her for two hours and she'll tell them she has her vote.
Frank; I believe she'll vote our way. I really do.

Frank: at least your on the inside of a group of five and not on the outside looking in.
--Lessa: awwww. poor baby. (rolls eyes)
Frank; I'm not on the block, and you see how hard I'm working..
Joe; and Boogie's sleeping. You wanted an answer tonight, I wanted to be the man and tell you before I went to bed. My gut instinct says two things, don't trust ashley, and its a danger to keep Boogie here.
Frank: Don't you see us as two body sheilds if you keep us here?!
Joe: Dan and Shane are too.
Frank: If I win HOH tomorrow, who you think they're gonna want me to put up - Shane and Britney will be like put Joe and Danielle up, and I'll be no, Dan and Shane, I won't change my mind on that.
Joe: play it in your mind like your me - if you win HOH, and boogie is not ehre, you put Shane and Dan up, and Dan goes home
Frank: or Shane

Joe: And I'm sorry, I know it's selfish, but I think then you'd need me more than you need me now.
Frank: Absolutely not. If I win, and I get one of them out, I can't compete, and I'm going on the block.
Joe: I know you don't think so, but I can win some HOHs.
Frank: If we had Mike and another one competing?
Joe: You guys are tighter than you and me will ever be, you were birthed together in the game, I can't compete with that. I don't want too. It's just a fact of life. It's just waht you do. I feel that. They don't have that even. It helps and hurts ya. You got that, but you got that. You know? All the seasons I've watched, it doesn't look like it because there's so many people in the house, but this is where a big move happens. We're coming in to four weeks - and for me to have the four most powerful people in the house isn't good for me!
Frank: One of themse going home next week
Joe: It could be a double evict..
Frank: And you'd want Mike fighting for you!
Joe: And I thought about that.
Frank: The odds of us getting to the end are not in our favor.. but at the same time,b ecause of how tight I am with mike, if you don't vote to keep him, I won't be able to work with you. I'm not gonna bs you. I'm not gonna come back and say I'll work with you. You don't want any more flip flopping. You cut me off, you can't expect me to.. I just can't do it. I just want you to see its in your best interest to go this way.
Joe: You understand where I'm coming from. I couldn't go to bed without telling you. I obviously I'll leave the door open, you have till thursday night. Shit can change five times in one day. But the biggest issue is AShley.
Frank: I would love for us all..
Joe: I'd be up for that, but..
Frank: Obviously i'm gonna talk to her and I want us three to have that talk.
Joe: I'm fine with that, but I've thought of every scenario possible, and I told you I'd tell you, and it's no. I know it's not what you want to hear, and I don't want to BS you, but the answer is no.

Frank: Even if I get ASh to tell you - you're still not 100%, is that what your telling me?
Joe: I have to feel it, not hear it.

-- And it's midnight - and though this is ongoing - its my cue to go pick up my kid. Mind the critters, ya'll!



Blogger Pally said...

Hi Lessa*
Just tuned in and poof, magic you're here!
Happy Dancing....

August 21, 2012 at 9:47 PM  
Blogger Lessa said...

Hi pally!

August 21, 2012 at 9:49 PM  
Blogger curlerchick said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

August 21, 2012 at 9:50 PM  
Blogger curlerchick said...

Hey Lessa, Good Evening,

Maybe we should call him Chicken Joe :)

He's like Heinz Ketchup, anticipation it's making me wait, and wait and wait .....

August 21, 2012 at 9:51 PM  
Blogger curlerchick said...

Hi Pally, haven't seen you for a while, how are you?

August 21, 2012 at 9:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Lessa,

I am not usually here at night as I am a morning person, but I wanted to stay tonight so I could tell you how much I enjoy your posts..I sit and giggle throughout the whole thing. I have learned not to drink my coffee while reading you or Carolyn's post..

Have a great evening and thanks for all you do for us...

OK enough of the gooey stuff..I am soooooooo disappointed that Joe hasn't said anything yet. I think with his blood pressure up, he just wants a little quiet time and is kind of regretting opening his big mouth in the first place...hehe

I am trying to stay awake, so I am hoping for a few fireworks tonight...


August 21, 2012 at 9:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pretty sure Ash votes for Boog unless its pointless. I was very sure Joe was voting for Jenn, until he kept putting it off, and the public no became a private no

August 21, 2012 at 10:06 PM  
Blogger Lessa said...

Hey ya'll!

Thanks Pam - I aim to please. :)

August 21, 2012 at 10:09 PM  
Blogger ronap said...

Good evening - I haven't stopped in this "late" in a while. Thank you Lessa - you blog very well and keep us up to date, love the little comments - snark is great. I haven't really been watching or reading the Frank & Mike vileness, I just couldn't handle it. So I skip over, and read back and watch flashback only if necessary.

Joe is all steam and no heat - but we will see. Curlerchick your ketchup analogy fits it best.

I am glad to see Jenn calmed down, I like her and was starting to dislike her inclusion into the bashing with Mike & Frank.

You all have a great evening - will catch up in the morning!

August 21, 2012 at 10:24 PM  
Blogger garfield said...

Did anyone else notice Shane's slip when he was counting Jenn's votes and he included Ian.

August 21, 2012 at 10:27 PM  
Blogger HanHaysMom said...

It just breaks my heart seeing Ian swinging like a mad man on the hammock all by himself. Poor baby just needs to march up to HOH & not worry anymore about FrankenBoogie!

August 21, 2012 at 10:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Evening all!!! Thanks for the updates Lessa! Looking forward to wacky Wednesday tomorrow and no more Boogie Thursday!!!

August 21, 2012 at 10:37 PM  
Blogger Lessa said...

Ian mentioned it earlier today - Dani asked him if he was rocked as a baby so it's comforting? But he said no, it's just his Stimming, and part of the ADHD... it also helps him get tired so that he can sleep.

though I agree - I totally want to cuddle him and make it better. *L*

August 21, 2012 at 10:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I feel a little bad for Boogie and Frank just because they are so hopeful and desparate, but at the same time everyone on the block experiences that

August 21, 2012 at 10:50 PM  
Blogger Rubyrooo said...

Hey Lessa,

Thank you for being here and blogging for us ordinary folks :)

August 21, 2012 at 10:53 PM  
Blogger Rubyrooo said...

Frank and Boogie are being major dumb asses for two intelligent people. If Joe was voting for Boogie he would have said so by now. The only reason for avoidance is that the other person isn't going to like what you have to say.

August 21, 2012 at 10:58 PM  
Blogger rick said...

Is it just me or does Ashley look and sound as coherent as she's ever been right now (12:24 BBT) while talking to Joe and Frank?

August 22, 2012 at 12:24 AM  
Blogger Flower said...

I had a thought about the whole Pandora's box thing. What if inside Pandora's box is the option to send the coaches back to being coaches. That would be an awesome twist. That would bring the numbers down to where they should be.

August 22, 2012 at 12:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

@BLUE you crack me up..Im sitting here catching up & reading the comments & I spit out my drink on my lap top.

Blue said...
Boogie just said "Nigga" at 8:18p.m BBT on cams 3/4.

That is all.

August 20, 2012
HA!HA! Its not funny he said it but the way you reported it was random in the comments & got me laughing. Then..

Blue said...
Uh oh.
Frank just had a very friendly/non-game-talk exchange with Danielle.
Hold for later tonight when Danielle spins it to Dan/Shane/Brit how mean and bullying and threatening Frank was to her. And she starts crying again.
Looking forward to that.
The same way I look forward to paper cuts, stubbing my toes, and burning my tongue on hot foods/liquids.
August 20, 2012 8:55 PM

LMAO!! You ALWAYS make me laugh. I look forward to your comments as much as the updates & blogs.
On another note, I read ur comment back when Wil was up on the block & I saw that when Boogie made gestures with his hands & did a girly voice mocking Wil. It was right before showtime ended. It was way worse than what Willy did & Frank didnt even flinch. It made me sick & I see what a dirtbag he is.

August 22, 2012 at 3:37 AM  
Blogger Lezbionic said...

Still saying Frank FTW...he has to do it alone. :/

August 22, 2012 at 4:28 AM  

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