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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Overnight Report

Good morning, BB Lovers!  Happy Tuesday!   It's Uber Awkward HoH Picture Day in the BB14 House... But first, let's see what our HGs got into during the wee hours of the night.  If you were out and about or early to bed, you'll want to start with Lessa's Fab Coverage.. I pick up in this post shortly after she left off. :)

 FYI - BB Collectibles Fans... There's only 1 day left on Janelle's BB14 Bag... And 4 days left on  JoJo's BB14 Bag. How high will they go?? I'm always curious.

Shane and Joe

Shane: Joe, I trust you enough.. If you wanna tell them they got your vote? .. and then come Thursday?  Blindside em?  I'm ok with that.

Joe: I don't wanna pretend.  Too much energy.

Shane: I love the way they did the trees with the balls in here.. in this room.. coming from an interior design feng shui look.. 


Boogie: She's voting against me.. Winner..
Frank: All I can allude to is the banana costume belongs to me..
Boogie: Please vote my way, it's in your best interest, Nurse Murphree.. I'll skull f*ck her with my eyes.

Frank: He's usin' every excuse in the book of dumb excuses..
Boogie: Everybody went to bed? I've never stayed up as the last person.
Frank: Britney and __ are asleep.  Jenn and Ash aer asleep.  WTF.. Joe did say he felt uncomfortable earlier, and maybe that's why he's hiding away a little.. I assume they're like, please go the f*ck downstairs.. but they're gonna play cuz they want his vote.
Boogie: They don't want me stayin'' I'm gonna raise a ruckus up in here.  They're gonna show that part where I erase my answer, lose the pov, go for the 10 k in the hoh..
Frank: Well you didn't change yur number..
Boogie: I took the round part of the 8, changed it to a 2.. then I realized f*ck.. why change this early.. and then I changed it to.. and they got me..
Frank: Even if I woujld've dumped that HoH to Brit.. The thing is, they might've pulled it..
Boogie; Who knows?  We had no way of knowing this might've happened..
Frank: You could drive yourself crazy lookin' into hindsight in ths house


Shane: At least  we know Ian's with them..
Joe: Let's just knock it out.. We gotta go for it..
Dan: It's not like the percentages aren't in our favor.
Joe: I know you and me are gonna be dyin' for HoH this week.. If it's endurance, we gotta pray Danielle and Brit can pull that out.  If it's just smething mental, where I have to stay put.. I can do that.  And Frank has as good a shot as any.
Dan: We gotta beat him.
Joe: We gotta beat him. If it's crapshoot or America says.. We just gotta play our game..
Shane: Hope for the best.
Joe: Let the chips fall where they may..

Shane: Is Brit outside talkin' to em?

Danielle enters.

Shane: Are they all outside?
Danielle: It's just Frnak and Boogie outside.
Joe: Did you tell Ian about the bed?
Dan: He actually offered it up to me.  He's a nice kid.. that's why I was suprised by him today.
Shane: If he wins HoH, Frank's gonna tell him what to do.

Dan: If I win, I'll do that.
Dani: When you win, I'm gonna tackle you like you did me in the water.  You picked me p, right Shane?
Shane: I kissed you, I picked you up, then I threw you back down.  Then I thought.. I better pick her back up.
Joe: That scene..
Dani: I just remember Dan's face.. and you were like, grab onto me, and I was like, I can't move.. then I got up, and fell back down.. I'm frozen stiff..
Dan: I don't think you're gonna be getting any late night visits tonight, Shane..
Joe: I thinnk tomorrow I'm gonna go to em, you know that Deal, No Deal show?  Hey guys.. No deal!

Dani: I don't think you're gonna get any JC time this week, cuz there's gonna be too much footage.
Shane: I always talk to Julie.
Dan: I can see you talking to Julie..
Dani: I hope you do.

Shane: I would love for our side to win Have Nots and see Frank and Jenn be have Nots.. If they win HoH, one of us is gonna have to be on their team, and throw it.. so we guarantee..  The mood Jenn's in right now?  Can you imagine if she's a have not.
Dani: Been there twice.
Dan: Me too
Dani: You have never.  You've never even tasted slop.
Shane: Boogie neither.

Dan: What time is it, Joe, do you know?
Dani: It's 1 o clock..
Shane: What'd you do with your bag? Sold it?
Dan: What'm I gonna do? Bring it on a plane? Hey everyone, I was on Big Brother..

Joe: Do we ever get any access to the pictures we take every Tuesday?
Dani: All of em.  I asked.
Joe: Be a lot of pictures tomorrow.. I'm getting at least 2 with Boogie..
Dani: How're you gonna do that?
Joe: I'm gonna get one with you and Jenn together..
Dani: Please don't do that.
Shane: Even better, me, you and Jenn.
Danie: hehehe


Boogie: The F'in MM JA suitcases will be in the storage room.. unbelievable..
**Mike Mallin, Jenn Arroyo
Frank: There's such a list of people I want to..
Boogie: I know..
Frank: And Jenn's one of em!
Boogie: I know.
Frank: I'd love to send Danielle, Britney, Dan..  I'm so sick of Danielle.. F'in suck your cheecks in, stare in the mirror..  Ash and I were talkin' about it today.. She told me Danielle told her, if you stand there and look in the mirror, they take still pictures of you..
Boogie: Danielle, you maybe, maybe are gonna get an article in your local hometown newspaper..
Frank: You won HOH and you did what we talked you into..
Boogie: We could've been so deadly in this game, if we'd just found another couple of reliable people to work with.. Ian was useless, Ash, useless.. The Silent 6 was done in a week.. Dan is f'in Dn.. Just we never got anybody to roll with.

Boogie: You and I just never got to chill
Frank: Up on the block.
Boogie: Every f'in week..
Frank: 4 times..
Boogie: and you're still here.  Maybe there's a way you can still snake through..
Frank: If it's a f'in fast fwd.. If me n you pop off HoH, send Dan and Shne home..
Boogie; THen it's a new game.   I think Ashley may have an HoH in her.
Frank: I think so too!
Boogie: I never would've said that a week ago..
Frank: If we can get Ash.. It would be so much easire with you here.  If we can get Ash to win one, and then it'd be down to 8 people.. I still wouldn't be able to play in every pov, but the odds would be better.  If I can get Shane and Dan out..
Boogie: Well, fk, if you can get the 2 of them out too, you're not gonna be nominated every time. 
Frank: If I can get them out, I can get Brit to work for me.
Boogie: You might be able to get her, if you can judt get SHane out.
Frank: i'd love to f'in backdoor his ass next week.
Boogie: Which one?
Frank: Shane. 
Boogie: Yeah.  If you're able to do something good, that you'd know I'd love.. just drop my name in there, so I can be at home goin' Aahhh!!
Frank: I'll rock your name every chance I get.  I'll wear the Brady shirt.  It'd just be so much more fun with you in it.
Boogie: I know.  But I'll be here in spirit.  Who knows?  Maybe me being gone will be the best thing for you.. Look what happened with Rachel.. When Brendon left, it was the best thing for her.  Jordan, 2 years earlier.. When Jeff left, she won.  When you're solo, it takes the heat off..

Shane: Do you have Dani Donato's number?
Dan: She'll probably be at the wrap party.
Dani: Tha'ts ok.. Hayden'll be there.  Me n Hayden'll go out.

Boogie: It's so annoying having to work with this guy.. Look at all Shane did.  Put you up in the nomination seat when he said he wouldn't.  You would've been evicted w/o the twist.  Every single chance he got to be a solid dude, he turned into a bitch.  I mean, I hate em both immensely, but Shane..
Frank: At least Dan knows what he's doing..
Boogie: I'm mad at his play.. He olled the dice.  I wondered why he sat and ate breakfast all morrning.. F'in shane.. makin us go up there and do a dog n pony show..
Frank: I don't think this is what Dan wanted..
Boogie: At least say it.. Man up.. You ruined it.. and I think you ruined it for the both of us.  I'm gonna go home and I'm gonna enjoy it when you get knocked out and have to go to the jury house away from your wife and family.. He can't get to the finals..
Frank: If he's up against someone like Brit, I tdon't think he will.
BB: Frank, please go to the Diary Room.

Frank goes.. Boogie gets up..

Boogie: Big F'in Brother.

Kicks Room
Ash, Brit, Ian

Lights out enthralling convo about getting gum out of your hair with peanut butter..

Brit: Do you guys have stickers in the yard?
Ash: Sitckers?
Ian: What are stickers?
Brit: I knew it! Ya'll don't have stickers in the north! Stickers are like everywhere in Arkansas.
Ash: Sounds painful.  I though tyou were gonna ask if we had sticker books..
Brit: No, but I loved the ones that came in the highlights books.
Ash: Me too.
Brit: Have you ever played with those new toys for kids called AquaDoodles?
BB: Ashley, please put on your mic
Ian: Yeah, Ashley, get out.  Or get in my bed.
Brit: Don't be pervy.

Ashley gets back into bed.

Ian: Wrong bed, Ash.

Ian: Do you guys remember seeing commercials.. Marvin's Magic Art Board??
Brit: Yes!!
Ian: Di dyou ever have it?
Brit: No..
Ian: Good.. cuz my best friend hadit, and it was the biggest piece of sh*t ever.

 F1 and 2
Shane, Joe, Dan, Danielle

Flashback to this.. it's funny!

Shane: You will not see a thing.
Dani: Oh yeah.. Huge make out sessions... every night..

Dani: What's a drive by?
Joe: You know.. Just a quick. 

Dani: I don't think a guy has ever just done that..
Joe: In highchool..   Giving a massage?  Side Booby?  When you're 15, side booby's enough..
Shane: Or you can take the hand and put it down farther..

Dani: You're so mean.. 
Joe: Don't give him the keys to the porsche.
Shane: I can't even get the keys to the minivan..

Dani: What esle have you learned?
Shane: If you hook up with a girl, or see underwear on the floor, you should never tell her you found her underwear, cuz it might not be hers.. 

Shane: Have you ever taken off a guy's boxers and seen shit stains?
Dani: oh my gosh.. 1 time.. killed it all..
Dan: alright.. I'm goin' to bed guys.. good job today, man.  When talk turns to doodoo marks, I'm out.

Talk continues to penis sizes..
Joe: As long as I'm warm in a pool, I'm ok
Dani: What do you mean?
Joe: Have you seen a man's penis in the cold?
Shane: Or in a Have Not shower? Mangina.  That's why I hate the weather in VT.

Dani: What's the worse type of sex for a guy?  What makes it just terrible?
Shane: A girl just laying there.. not doing anything..
Dani: Oh my gosh.. If a guy did that to me?  I'd be like, I can take care of myself.  I'd be bored.
Shane: If i buy the wrong condoms, it cuts the restriction off.. If you buy too small, it sucks.
Dani: I have the Marina thing..  I had problems getting severe UTIs with condoms.
Shane; So did my sister.
Dani: I was done.  Done with that.  And I knew I wasn't sleepin' with anyone else.  If you get in a serious relationship, do ya'll stop using condoms?
Shane: Yeah.
Joe: I've never used one.
Dani: Never??
Joe: In my era, STDs just weren't a thing.
**are you kdding:? same era, here.  AIDS started when we were in highschool.
Dani: One time, we went so long, the condom dried out.
Shane: Or when they pop.
Dani: Does it feel the same?
Shane: No.. I hate using them, but with all the shit out there...

Frank and Jenn

Jenn: Well, alright.. but the Joe I know just takes every little thing and runs upstairs with it.. And he didn't go up instead of me?  I'm more dangerous than Joe?!

Frank: I was like, loook Shane, you are my number one target.  What I hate for you buddy, is that's what Dan wanted and that's what you created for yourself.. THen he said something about.. 1st he was apologizing or yoyoing me n Mike all weekend.
Jenn: He straight lied to my face,
Frank: That's what we were just saying.. Every chance he's had to be honorable, he's blown it.
Jenn: What'd he say abou tputting me up?
Frank: He didn't even really have an excuse for it..
Jenn: It just makes me sick.  He was so cool to my face.
Frank: That's what pisses me off.. Everybody at home.. he's not a nice guy.
Jenn: No, I'm gonna call him out tomorrow..
Frank: What I told Joe.. There's 3 people in this house who run their mouth too much - it's you, me, and mike.. They may be tellin' you you're safe, but.. I'm tryin' to ride or die him.. He said he's tired of the back n forth.. He said, I wanna know if you guys are ready to fdraw a line in the sand.  What do you think we did this morning?!  Obviously, I'd like to go into HoH 5 on 3..
Jenn: Oh my Gah.. It just makes me sick.l to do that to my face..

**I'm sittin ghere truly amazed. Jenn. Wake up.  You are the most obvious pawn in the history of the game. What the hell are you thinking??

Shane: I was gonna tell her she's a pawn, but..
Dani: You're the ultimate pawn.  Why are you so mad?!?
Shane: Coming up here, she was like, I hate Boogie..
Dani: I wonder if she thinks that I told you that information about her.

Jenn: Beginning of the week, I was the 1st one to talk to him, and he was like, You're 100% safe.  Who knows.. Maybe I was in the back of his mind the whole time.
Frank: Who knows what that guy was thinking.

Boogie returns..

Boogie: I've done 3 DRs tonight, and it's all just talking shit.

Skippy flips..

Dani: Oh my gosh.. I can never imagine sitting beside one of you on the block..
Shane: Dani, you have to do what you can.
Dani: Speaking of Dani.. You just threw Dani Donato out there again tonight..
Shane: I was looking right at you when i did.

Jenn: I know you've gotten yourself out of real sticky situations..
Boogie: I've never been this sticky before.  I've only been once before and I was out.  Just the amount of time he's spending up there, he's doing what they want..  You should talk to him,
Jenn: I just know whatever I say to him, he's gonna rn up there and tell him.

Boogie: It's so funny how much they all can't stand him.. They're all up there gritting their teeth..

Jenn: Yeah, she was a great shield for that one.. I was joking with Dan.. I was like, before you go to bed, just remember to vote Jenn City.  He was like, Just remember Jenn, I really like you.
Boogie: F*ck that.  he got you nominated.  Just as much as Shane did.
Jenn: He said it was between me or Ian.
Boogie: Don't even talk about Ian.  ian's not even a factor in this game.
Frank: Ian has just baffled me at how useless he's been.  F'in just fraternizing w.the enemy on the reg..
Boogie: And not winning anything.
Jenn: Not even showing an effort.
Frank: Memory game shoulda been his competition.. Even the counting game shoulda been his..
Boogie: He shoulda known not to risk it.  And the perp..
Frank: he toldme he threw that. I was like, please son.. He was like, as soon as Shane and JoJo were out, I knew I was alright.  I was like, I saw how upset you were.

Jenn: What's up with Britney?  She hasn't been up there a lot today.
Frank: I think it's while, Shane, Dan and DNaielle can put on a fake face for Joe, Britney Can't.  She's like, F this.  Also, she sees the lines drawn, so she's gonna keep her self open.. so sh doesn't go up.
Jenn: I tlked to her twice today.. and she was tearing up.  She's like, I know how you feel.  I said, I'm pissed.. yeah.  If I got a concise reason, I'd be less pissed, but he's all Well, I herd this... and uh.. your friends.

Frank: I can't believe I'm having to f'ing recruit Joe right now.

Lights off in HoH..

Shane: I just hope Brit's not getting too comfy down there with everyone else.  It's tough to think she has my best intentions when she's going down there with Jenn and Ash.
Dani: For me too! She's hanging out with Jenn and Ash.
Shane: And her going for safety last HoH said a lot too.. But Jenn and Ashley were going for it... so she was going for it to make sure no one else got it.
Dani: I went straight for it..
Shane: Dan actually went for safety 1st too..  What scares me is Frank is always up there too.

 Frank: Theyir f'ing power is over this week.  Do you understand that?  They can't change their mind and put you up, Joe. You know what, production...

**Instead of sending us to fishies, skippy flips us to HoH for a minute.. He's been doing that all night whenever HGs sing, talk about DRs or prod'n.  I appreciate it. 

Shane: You're never gentle!

smack, smack.. They're comparing ass firmness. Shane's being very polite.

Dani: Ok, you rub my back, I rub yours..
Shane: Ok.. Don't fart on me.

Shane: Do you have a bra on?
Dani takes her shirt off.

Shane: I'll make a deal with you.. If you win HoH, I'll give you a back rub 7 nights straight next week..


Boogie: Why didn't they just put up Joe and we could all be happy?
Jenn: That's what I wanna know, and I can't get a straight answer.. I talked to Britney.. and I think she doesn't know.

Boogie: Grerat, you'r egonna let the guy who doesn't know anything make his own decisions?  Let him be Dan's bitch instead of yours?
Jenn: She was like Damn, you out up a girl?  Danielle, you let that happen?
Frank: No loyalty on that side of the house..
Boogie: What these kids don't get is that only one person is leaving happy.
Jenn: Ian..
Boogie: He needs to get nominated.  I'm gonna sit at home and root for him to get knocked out. 

Boogie: We called him out on it.. How did you say it?
Frank: I said, we're at war.  It's alright to be cordial.. but over there bein' buddy buddy.. you look like JOe.
Jenn:Oh he hates JOe.
Frank: He was like, It's a game, I don't wanna cut myself off and be mean.  I said, it's a game, but it's a game 24 hours a day.
Jenn: It's like, take your little naps and stuff, but you gotta go around and be seen.
Frank: Fraternize, but then go upstairs and find out what Joe's saying and report back.
Boogie; He's useless.
Jenn: He could barely look at me.  He knows I'll go all Brooklyn on his ass.

Frank: He was in there with a sh*t eating grin on his face.. "I don't like all the bullying."
Boogie: Why, cuz you're trying to suck up to Dan right now? 

Boogie: Wait til he keeps ignoring me and I throw (his bible) over the wall.
Frank: Would probation get onto you for doing something like that?
Boogie: They might go get it for him.

Downstairs, they're suddenly amazed by a very large bug.. Frank points it out for the camera.

Frank: I'm on tv, ma!

Boogie, Frank, Jenn

They see Joe walking downstairs with his shirt off..

Boogie: Keep the shirt on, dog.  You might be suckin' his dick, but you aint cut like him.

Boogie: Let's name that roach, Dan..
Jenn: No, Jenn, I really like you.
Frank: F*ck that.  I wish he'd say some shit like that to me.
Boogie: No sh*t.
Frank: What's he doin' in there f'in shirtless?
Jenn: Watching us.. so he can report back to his boss.

Frank goes inside..

Frank: What's up with the bandana, bubba?
Joe: For sleep..

2:40a. Quad Check...

Frank: Oh man.. I need you to saddle up with me, Joe.
Joe: Saddly up n ride..
Frank: Obviously, I would prefer for Mike to stay, but even if Mike gos, I would like you on our side..
Joe: How's Jenn holdin' up?
Frank: She's hatin' it.
Joe: Gonna be a fun day tomorrow?
Frank: It might be.. SHe's mad at a couple people over there.  I still don't ever think they would vote..  Do you really think they're questioning it?
Joe: How can you tell now?
Frank: you can start up team diversity again.. I just gotta keep repeating the fact that where I say I'm gonnabe.. I'm gonna be there.  THey've stabbed me in the back twice.

Upstairs.. it's Shane's turn.. 

Joe: As I said before, I will not string you out.
Frank: You know how I am when people have my back. 
Joe: I know.
Frank: I mean, I'm not even on the block right now.
Joe: You're comin'.  You're comin to win.
Frank:When i come outa these tight spots.. I come out pretty good.

2:45a Jenn enters.  Then Boogie.  Bed time for Bonzo..

I joining this conversation is progress..  Boogie and Frank are pitching to Joe.

Boogie: To us, we just think, we haven't told you 1 lie.. We know you have a good raltionship with them.. You're up in the room a lot.. As far as Ashley.. I had a conversation with her, and there was somebody in there..
Frank: And a gamer!
Boogie: We just started working with Ashley, if you can call it that... and Ian is useless.  He's not gonna vote with them, but he refuses to draw the line and just be with us.  THe beauty of this battle is, Joe, it feels safe with them, but one of these guys get sit this week, and it's gonna change.
Joe: What I'm tryin' to say is, we all look out for our best interest, but I also want something that says.. When I talk to them, I know they've had an alliance for several weeks now.. What I'm sayin' is.. who I do choose to stick with.. I'm ready to go at it.. and if we loose someone we loose someone..
Frank: It's a casualty of war..
Joe: I don't wanna be wishy washy.. Either side and that happens..
Boogie: You know you don't have to worry about that with us two.. and the 2 other players.. Obviously Ian is not the best game player..
Frank: We've seen how loyal you can be..
Boogie: That's all him and I have looked for since the beginning.. and as soon as we find some, they turn on us.  I was telling him, the last time around, 4 weeks in a row, the alliance won the thing, but it has to stop.  They wont all make the final 4.. but 2 will make the final 3, and then you'r ein position.  If you step up and pull this f'in trigger.. You could do it with Jenn, but I think you'd rther do it with me.  You know for a fact you've got  free week.. You're not gonna be at the forefront.
Frank: Dan's sumbagged us.  Shane?  As nice a guy as he seems to be?  (frank lists Shane's betrayals)
Boogie: I even count  today.. It wasn't a promise, but..
Joe: They led you to believe..
Boogie: It was so unnecesary.
Frank: He didn't have to tell us what he was gonna do, but he also didn't have to tell me last night, I want you to be the last one in my ear..
Boogie: You hold all the cards.. You have the 2 coaches and the 2 players.. Yu're not guaranteed if Jenn stays either.. I don't know that she's your biggest fan.  Frank and I have depersately looked for other people who wanna take it far... But there's absolutely no chance if there's a strong alliance of 4, and the other people don't band together.. If we pack up as a 5, and there's 4 people on the jury?  That's the whole win. That's a powerful thing.  They're counting on that.
Frank: I would like to have a little convo with us 3 and Ash..
Joe: I'd like to have a one on one with her too.
Boogie: She's smart!  She actually grabbed me.. She's like, Boogs are you quitting like Wil?  I said absolutely not, it's bene a long day.. She's like, oh, ok.. I wanna fight for you, and i wanna make sure you still wanna be here.

Boogie: These guys scumbagged us.  I wanna pay them back.  I like our odds 5 on 3.  Not to mention, how composed are Danielle, Dan and Brit gonna be if it happens and 5 minutes later we're playing HoH..  Houseguests, the power is up for grabs.  THink about it.  Sleep on it.
Joe: Like I said, tomorrow by noon, you'll have an answer.  I will have to talk to Ashley.  I will need a clear answer from her.  I will need to know she's not gonna turn.
Frank: She knows if she goes with them, she's out 5 or 6..
Joe: I've been with Ashley the whole game.  She watches the vote verrry carefully.. I need to know she's not  gonna turn.  We need to know you touch her mind.  This isn't a one week deal.  This is a resolution.  There's 4 weeks left..
Boogie: Not to mention, there's no doubt in my mind, 2 people are going home next week.
Frank: Maybe Thursday.
Boogie: We could roll this and then send one of them home.   She surprised the hell outa me today.  She knows I'm gonna be morehelpful than Jenn in this fight.  Not only am I gonna be more of an asset in the fight, I'm also gonna be more of a target. That's never gonna change.. and I'm fine with that.  My alternative is watching you guys on the couch..
Joe: And you'r enot gonna switch sides..
Frank: are you kidding?
Boogie: I'm sorry it got uncomfortable, but I an unequivocably blaring it fom the rooftops..

Joe: The uncomfortable is me.. My bloodpressure was off.
Frank: There's no turning back towards them, ever.
Boogie: That was not game play.  It's personal now.  Shane has f'd us over 3 times.

Joe: Alright.  I'm goin' to bed.  Really, all I need to make my decision is Ash.. I need to know what her permanent stance is.
Boogie: Joe, just don't be fooled by dan.. He's really good.
Joe: I haven't even talked that much to him..
Boogie: One thing they can never sell is top 4.. You see how close they are.  THey've been that way since the begining.  Ian's been ith us, but..
Frank: You probably come in before him..
Boogie: Let's f'in get an army and go after them. F'in stick it to them.  Let's have the restauruant alliance..
Joe: Alright.. I'm goin'.. THe big thing is to really.. Ashley.. she's gotta be 100%.
Boogie: She's -pulling me in to have conversations.. It's 3 o clock?

Joe goes in..

Joe: 3:15
Boogie: Damn
Frank I wish we could talk the DR into giving us some booze.
Boogie: Man.. this is..
Frank: I'm tellin' you bubba.
Boogie: We gotta get to Ashley early. The more we sell that line in the sand, the more he has to come with us.
Frank: Yeah.  When he said earlir, you guys wanna draw a line in the sand?  I was like are you kidding me?  We dug a moat earlier.. threw allligators in..
Boogie: Callin' mfers out when they're readin ght ebible..  I'm gonna bury those cats if you f'in keep me.  oh my God.  God, please let this happen.  They thought they had it figured out so perfectly.  That there was no way I could get the votes.  Then we will walk out and win that HoH..  I'm due.
Frank: F'ing Dan will shit a f'in brick
Boogie: Ashley needs to do the best job ever.  She needs to address the issues too.. If she says the same things that resonate with him..
Frank: That rah rah shit gets him goin.
Boogie: You still have the pom poms?  I will rah rah with the best of em.  The truth is, he could move up in the pecking order.  After me n you, we don't really have one.
Frank: Ash could soldier up too.
Boogie: If we tell her in the morning...
Frank: Sell it hard.. She knows it too.. THat's why she's willing to vote out Jenn who's her f'in homie.. Like Wil did.. We get mfer's to vote out their best friends..  

Frank: If we get Shane out, we can get Brit.. May even put.. Aw f' it.. we;ll send Brit home.. The great thing is.. Let's say we pull this off.. We win HoH, send Dan or Shane home..

Speculations galore..

Frank: The key is, we get this to work, then..
Boogie: We gotta win the next one.  We gotta tell him too.. If we win the next one, we control the vote.  We also have to play a bit that Ian's expendable..
Frank: We do tht and we do pop off this HoH?  It looks good for me n you goin' down the road. 
Boogie: And with Shane gone, we don't have to worry about the pov.
Frank: Exactly.  At least not so much.

Fantasizing about the How much do you want it POV and racking up prizes..

Boogie: Please, Joe.. He basically said, if Ashley's in, he's in.
Frank: He basically did.
Boogie: I wanna get to her before he does, so we can coach her.. If he snows them all week, and keeps me?  They will f'in shit a brick.  Joe like to be the guy who makes the big move.  We gotta sell that too.  They're gonna hear that 4 to 3 and think they're ok.. That would be the best time to hear, Mike, you're safe.
Frank: And then we can salt it all week..

Boogie: Ya never know with Joe.. I wont get my hopes up too high like this morning, but.. It's hard in these streets.  It's hard work.
Frank: How do you do this every night, janelle?
Boogie: No shit.  She would put in the hours man..

Frank's brushing his teeth..

Frank: What would really ice this badboy too is if Jenn blew up on him.
Boogie: We have to instigate a confrontation between him and Jenn.
Frank: hehehe

Upstairs in HoH, snuggles..

3:30 Boogie heads to bed.. Frank follows a minute later..

3:35am End of snuggles.. Dani gives Shane a kiss on the cheek and gets out of the HoH bed..

Then he sits up for a hug and she's out the door..

 3:38am Sweet dreams, houseguests..



Blogger Krystal_Danielle said...

PLEASE ANSWER THIS QUESTION!!!!!: Why is Ashley now sleeping in the same bed with Britney and Danielle?? I thought only Britney and Danielle slept together in the same bed. :"(. But why is Ashley all of a sudden sleeping with Britney and Danielle???? :"(.

August 21, 2012 at 4:56 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Good morning, everyone! :)

I'm off for a bike ride while the critters sleep.. See you back here before they wake up.

August 21, 2012 at 5:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Carolyn,

Hi Everyone,

I haven't read TOR yet, wanted to say HI!!!!!!

Why is it when you are loosing, the other side is lying and backstabbing you and you and your team have NEVER EVER done that before. I keep listening to how honest F/B/A/J are and they have played a good game...these HG's are supposed to be great fans(except Shane) of BB..lying, backstabbing, running back and forth between teams, lying, scheming...THIS is what BB is all about..

Have a great ride Carolyn..:):)


August 21, 2012 at 6:29 AM  
Blogger Sharelle Milo said...

Good morning all!

Is Ian really going to vote to keep Boogie? If he does give Boogie a sympathy vote, Boogie will stay in the house. Ian wants to come out smelling like roses no matter what he does. In the BB house that is impossible.

August 21, 2012 at 6:40 AM  
Blogger justpinchme said...

OMG Boogie's ousting CANNOT come fast enough!!! What a horrid spoil sport.

August 21, 2012 at 6:46 AM  
Blogger Shi Shi said...

Good Morning everyone.

I didn't think I could dislike Boogie any more than I already did but I was just way wrong! Dan can take the abuse they hurl his way and actually kinda enjoy it but I can't take they way they are treating Ian.

Ashley needs to leave Ian alone and quit all the flirting because I think he really likes her and doesn't have enough experience to know that he is just being played.

Ian definitely has my vote for the $25,000.

This will probably be another day of lather, rinse and repeat with Frank and Boogie. Frank is actually getting on my nerves worse than Boogie but together they just feed on each other's spite. I wonder what kind of game Frank would have played without Boogie? Sadly we'll never know.

August 21, 2012 at 6:56 AM  
Blogger lee said...

Thanks for all of your work, Carolyn. To help make it easier, I suggest you just "wash and repeat" (in your words) the late night report in the HOH bed with Danielle and Shane. ;) Ugh.

August 21, 2012 at 7:00 AM  
Blogger Michigan Man said...

Morning Carolyn, everyone

Have a great bike ride.

Wonder what kind of crazy Frank and Boogie will try today.

Have a great day everyone :)

August 21, 2012 at 7:11 AM  
Blogger Blue said...

Good Morning, Carolyn!!!!! Hope you had a glorious bike ride this morning! Excellent TOR!!! Thank you.

Morning, Dishers!

I'll be back later.

August 21, 2012 at 7:14 AM  
Blogger Shamrock said...

Morning Caro !

I wonder if B/F talk has any effect of Joe. I don't know what is Joe's best interest, to "roll" with F/B or be #5 (actually #6) in other side .... but he also knows if he sticks with Dan/Dani/Shane/Brit he is almost guaranteed to remain in the house for 3-4 more evictions.

Siding with F/B puts him on the block beside one of them, or the PoV replacement for any/all of the next 3-4 walk-outs.

This house .... these people !!!

August 21, 2012 at 7:24 AM  
Blogger Jen said...

So is Ian just playing frank/boogie now or has he abandoned the quack pack? I can't keep up with all of the happenings!

August 21, 2012 at 7:27 AM  
Blogger Cindi said...

G'morning Carolyn. TOR was as exceptional as it always is! Thanks so much! I cannot believe how stupid Jenn is playing BB. Like someone said (I'm too lazy to look back and read it), she is the ultimate pawn. Someone from the QP needs to explain that to her (not that they should have to, but geesh, get a clue Jenn)!

August 21, 2012 at 7:27 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

Good morning Carolyn

I went to bed feeling incredibly nervous and on edge last night. It seems that sometimes the game sinks to a low and crosses a line that makes me wonder why I consider it 'entertainment'.

A soap opera is never any good without a villain and I guess we treat our reality television like our soap operas. The ddifference is, I can look at the actors when they are out of character and know that they are perfectly decent people. But when I look at the HG's, I have a much harding time figuring out who they are. That's why I look for all the little clues and the non game related moments when trying to figure out who a person really is.

I know that the majority of people that come to the BB house are perfectly fine. That doesn't mean I would like them all. Some people just rub you the wrong way. But not really liking a person is not the same as having a reason to DISlike them. Other than the fact that all of there faults are being recorded 24/7 and put out there for the world to see, I don't think I would really have any issue with them once they return to there real lives.

But then there are times when it all goes too far and certain people cross the line. It makes me feel so tense and uncomfortable that I really don't understand why I continue to watch. Sometimes I wonder if there is something wrong with me. I think I watch because I really do sit on the edge of my seat hoping for goodness to prevail. Then I get spiteful and hope that certain people will be introduced to karma when they leave the house. That leaves me feeling a little empty inside because I know I will probably never find out if justice was served. Then I think, 'What the hell is wrong with you? Who are you to decide who deserves justice and what that justice should be? Why can't you be more forgiving and tolerant?' Such is the turmoil that takes over my brain.

So I have decided to take a deep breath, have a cup of coffee, smoke a cigarette and clear my head before reading TOR.

P.S. Occasionally karma does work. I always thought season 9's Matty was creepy and borderline abusive. Well, apparently I was right cuz we all know what happened to him. And thank you TMZ! I always knew Boogie was NOT the trustworthy, upstanding businessman he makes himself out to be. I mean, if I was investing large amounts of money into a business, I sure as heck wouldn't want to hand it to a 42 year old man named after something that comes out of your nose.

August 21, 2012 at 7:27 AM  
Blogger David Lockner said...

Good Morning Carolyn!!!

Enjoy that bikeride, guaranteed FrankenBoogie is probably gonna keep you busy the rest of the day with all their insistent, broken record, everyone has already heard it before, pity me campaign...lol

August 21, 2012 at 7:47 AM  
Blogger BLKMagic3K said...

Carolyn - yesterday you mentioned bike riding Key Biscayne ... I lived in FTL , went to Key Biscayne many times. My drivers and I would spend lunch in The park at the very end. Andrew made it look like a box of toothpicks and the animals hung at the entrance for food daily. Soooo sad. Moved back north '99 and want to know if it came back as lush and beautiful as it had been.

Lengthy and personal, sorry, but so curious about my beloved S FL. 8^(

August 21, 2012 at 7:52 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Goooood Morning, Zany!!! Yum yum yum yum yum 20 extra miles yum yum yum yum! Thank you!!!!

Hi BLKMagic3k :) I'm so glad you shared that with me! Thank you! Well, rest assured, we're paradise once again.. :0) Go check out my pictures on twitter.com/keybiscayne :)) I just shot one from the park yesterday morning..

Good morning, DavidLockner!! :) Thank youuu!! :) LOL!

Good morning, Grendon! :) I feel ya.. all the hate completely drained me yesterday...

Good morning, Cindi!! :) Thank you very much!!

Good morning, Jen :) Yup - it would seem so. Ian is keeping Ian safe.. and seemingly doing a smashing job of it.. until someone rats him out.

Good morning, Shamrock! :) Amen! I think he'll side with Shane et al, but you can just never tell.

Good Morning, Blueeee!! :) I did! THank you very much!! :)

Good morning, MichiganMan!! :) THank you!! :) Have a wonderful day!!

Good morning, lee! :) hehehe! THank you! :)

Good morning, ShiSHi!! :) It was definitely a rough one yesterday.. it's funny.. when I'm transcribing, it gets to feeling like they're an extension of me.. and sometimes the abusiveness just gets too much.. like yesterday. As for Frank, I'm actually hopeful we get to see him play a bit minus Boogie.. I'm curious to see his game.

Good morning, JustPinchMe! :) horrid indeed...

Good Morning, Sharelle! :) Ian's vote is contingent upon Joe's.. If Joe votes to keep Boogie, then Ian will vote to evict.

Good morning, Pammmm!! :) Well said, my dear. Well said! Thank you!!

Good morning, My Other Mind!! :)

Good morning, Doubting THomas! :)

August 21, 2012 at 8:08 AM  
Blogger David BfromCanada said...


August 21, 2012 at 8:21 AM  
Blogger David Lockner said...

Sharelle, and Jen...

Ian is still a Quack Packer at heart, however he's not 100% ingraciated (sp?) with either side, both sides see him as expendable at some point farther down the road. However, what he is doing for the quack pack is a performance worthy of an Oscar, all in the attempt to try to make Joe think he's with FrankenBoogie...he's kinda the swing vote ensuring Boogie's demise no matter how Joe votes though.

August 21, 2012 at 8:23 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

Boogie: "Wait 'til he keeps ignoring me and I throw his bible over the wall."

later on...

"Oh my God. God, please let this happen."

Boogie, throwing someone's bible over the wall and then asking God for help is akin to burning a flag and then singing 'Proud To Be An American." In other words, your act ain't workin' for me.

BTW-The list of offensive comments you have made is far to extensive to fit on this blog. However, I don't think God approves of a 42 year old man saying that he is going to skullfu*k a 23 year old girl. Nor do I think he looks kindly on someone saying that when he gets evicted he is gonna look up his rival's wife and fu*k her.

I'm not sure what God you pray to Boogie, although I wouldn't be surprised to find a shrine with a golden statue of Dr. Will in your bedroom. I don't think the God I know is going to be granting your wishes. There are a few more important things on his mind like, oh you know, people dying, wars, starving children, just all those little nagging chores he has to take care of.

Why don't you pray to AGP? She seems to be playing God a lot this year. She sure has thrown some divine intervention your way.

August 21, 2012 at 8:28 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

G'morning, DavidB! :)

August 21, 2012 at 8:32 AM  
Blogger David Lockner said...

Carolyn...great Job on TOR, one important thing though, and I may be reading a little too far into it...

Late last night in HoHit was Dani, Dan, and Shane, and they were discussing who stands where in the house...Talk turned to Brit, and how she's becoming really sociable with everyone, Dan dropped a few subtle hints in the conversation that suggests this may be the beginning groundwork for turning on brit...planting the seeds so to speak...Shane got the hint, but unsurprisingly, Dani didn't pick up on it...not sure a time or cam though, but it was sometime during BBAD

August 21, 2012 at 8:35 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Nice one, Grendon - I just made a tweet out of that comparison for @bigbrotherdish

August 21, 2012 at 8:38 AM  
Blogger David Lockner said...

WOW!!! So Grendon, why don't you tell us how you really feel? LOL

I agree 100%...So far Boogie is showing typical Kindergarten playground mentality...You won't let me play in the sandbox, so I'm gonna kick sand in your face...

August 21, 2012 at 8:39 AM  
Blogger Edie said...

Morning Carolyn and Dishers!
Thank you for all of your hard work Carolyn!

I think Ian did a great job last night when Frank and Boogie got on him about hanging out with Dan and Shane! I really think he will vote Boogie out. As for Jenn, omg someone needs to clue this girl in on how to play the game...lol I have a feeling her and Dani are gonna have some words today.

Gotta go get caught up some more, be back later.

August 21, 2012 at 8:41 AM  
Blogger Edie said...

I love reading your posts Grendon!!

August 21, 2012 at 8:43 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

Wow-finally getting a chance to read the comment section and I see that I am the queen of typos and misspelled (did I spell that right) words today.

See what happens when I let Frankenboogie get under my skin.

August 21, 2012 at 8:48 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Good morning, Edie!! :) THank you!!!

DavidLockner :) Thanks! If it was during BBAD, I'm gonna bet you Lessa has it in her report.. before midnight bbt..


NEW TOP POST!!! <-click on that

August 21, 2012 at 8:50 AM  
Blogger Briana said...

Is ian still with the quack pack?

August 21, 2012 at 8:51 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

Thank you Carolyn-I'm glad you liked it.

August 21, 2012 at 8:53 AM  
Blogger Sharelle Milo said...

@David- Thanks. Ian was just makin me nervous yesterday. I never caught the full convo, but I heard him tell Brit he really wanted to vote to keep Boogie which does continue to help the Quack Pack, because Frank will believe Ian is with him. The prospect of him voting to keep Boogie just scares me. Do they know Ashley is going to vote to keep Boogie? I got the feeling the Quack Pack doesn't know that info unless Ian/Joe told them.

August 21, 2012 at 8:54 AM  
Blogger Emrys said...

Morning Caro! Hope you enjoyed your bike ride!! It's 72 degrees here in PA an it's about the best whether you could ask for! I might just go for a ride myself!

Shi Shi / Grendon -

Totally agree about boogie. There comes a point when a hg says and does stuff that is beyond gameplay. Saying stuff about Dans wife, or about throwing his bible or any of the crap coming out of his mouth just goes to prove the type of nasty person he really is.

Like Grendon, even of I don't like a hg in the house, I would like to think outside of it, they are all good, normal people. I have no doubt in my mind that boogie is like this in either case. If he were really a nice person, spilling all this filth from his mouth would be a bit more difficult. Yet everything he says or threatens to do is worse than the previous.

It's actually pathetic and sad to see the, as he calls it, "great" mike boogie deteriorate like this.

I don't how DRs will be buy her being so pissed about being nom is the most ridic thing in BB history. Even if we was putting on a show, it's beyond dumb to put a bigger target on your back.

Ive mentioned this before but, Ians gameplay has impressed me the most. Hopefully if he can make it to the end of boogie without him figuring it out, it would be absolutely brilliant. He is the one who reported that frank was thinking of BDing Dan, which led Shane and co to do what they did this week. Excellent job!

August 21, 2012 at 8:57 AM  
Blogger Sherri said...

Good morning Carolyn, hope you had a nice bike ride. Your hands must be tried after yesterday. Looks like it might be another wild ride today.

Jenn behavior is something else. She being so mean. Grendon I agree 100% with your last post.

On superpass last I watching some of missy's interviews she said people have made threats to dan's wife. This is so wrong. I feel so bad for her.

August 21, 2012 at 8:57 AM  
Blogger mkpeters said...

Unreal guy that boogie

August 21, 2012 at 9:14 AM  

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