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Monday, August 20, 2012

The Overnight Report

Good morning, BB lovers!  Happy Monday!

It was quite a Sunday  in the BB14 house.. The PoV Ceremony is today, and Boogie and Frank haven't stopped working on getting Dan up as the Renom.. In lieu of Dan, they'd like Joe to go up..  Shane has been giving them ear-time and lip service, but I believe Shane's solid with the Quack Pack, and Jenn will be the ReNom today.

Boogie and Frank will likely spend the morning in Shane's ear.. and after the PoV Ceremony today, I believe we're in for some more explosives on the live feeds..

Before you dive into the Overnight Report, have a look at... Lessa's Late Night Jam!  I pick up shortly after she left off.. 

FYI - BB Collectibles Fans... There are just 2 days left on Janelle's BB14 Bag... And 5 days left on  JoJo's BB14 Bag. How high will they go?? 

Friendly joking around..

Dan: You two backdoor me..
Danielle: Shut up..

Brit: We're gonna put up Danielle.. She's too emotional of a player.
Shane: We were talking about that earlier.
Brit: I didn't wanna tell you this, but Dan was gonna trade you week one..

Dan: Shane's coming into his own..

Shane: By the way, I'm a pro athlete, according to Ian, just so you know..

Danielle: Is Ian coming?
Shane; No, he's in bed because of his ankle.
Dani: His ankle isn't bad at all..

Dan asks Shane for a rundown of who came to him today and what they said..

Shane: Even Jenn..
Dan To her defense, I think she's being a ouppet..
Shane: Clearly.. They've all been told what to pitch me.  Ian came up her for like 15 minutes, just to show he was doing what he's supposed to do.. Do you really think I should say that during the speech tomorrow?
Dan: If you want fireworks, yeah, but I wuld not advise it.
Shane: They're all pitching the same thing,.

Brit: Boogie didn't even really talk about you today.. He spent the bulk of his time trying to convince me he was a good guy.  He even got teary eyed.  I was thinking to my self, if you're such a good guy, why do you have to do a costume change every time you go to the DR?  Chilltown: Population 2?  Maybe if you weren't yelling t me 23 hours ago saying F off Britney.. Like, you're a 42 year  old man...
Dani: They were calling you Father Dan this afternoon..

Shane: His pitch to me today was..Dan was the cancer of the silent 6. he's the reaon we're on the block.. why don't we cut him out and roll 5 to the finish..
Dani: And he was pitching final 3 to me today..
Shane; Doesn't he know we talk?
Brit: He gave me the nice guy speech today too.. He was like, my reputation in this game is what's been tarnishing my game in this house..

Dan: Is that why you spiked your hair out?
Brit: With your baby ponty tails? And his tube socks pulled up to his knees?  And chilltown gear?  OK, changed man!

Dan: Since I've been in the house with him, I've realized, It's not Chilltown, it's Dr Willtown.. He's just the janitor.

Dan: Did I tell you about what Frank said about tainting the jury?
Brit: It's always about tainting the jury.. When it comes down to it, I don' tthink the person he is is who he pretends to be for the cameras.. That's how we have to treat him.
Dan: If we waited one week, he'd just be dogging us in there in the dr.
Brit: He's all, we're not really close outside the house, but I was invited to Dan's wedding, i was invited to Dan's bachelor party.. 

Dani: Ashley was like, so how do you feel about Dan?  She was like, I just don't really care for Dan right now, because he was selling you out?  And I was like, I don't believe the lies..  and she..
Dan: Does Ian know they made out?  I don't think he should..

They say no..

Dan: To some extent, do we bring Joe in?  Cuz he gives us a buffer?
Shane: Maybe you and I should work on him..
Brit: I don't want him to know about the 4 of us..  There's enough from Frank attacking him in the kitchen today for him to put Frank up.
Shane: Absolutely.
Dani: How are they buddy buddy after that? They're so bullyesque.. but then when they need somebody, they turn on the charm..
Brit: That's gonna go away when they start campaigning against Jenn.. IT's gonna piss off Jenn and Ashley..
Shane: The funnies thing Boogie said before he left was about his money situation.. He's like, I just had to close like 5 restaurants..
Dani: Such bs.. He has 2 restaurants in Huntsville..

Shane: I have 100% faith in everyone in this room.
Dan: Same here.  I hope you guys realize..  I feel the same way as I did about the alliance I was with last time..

Re next HoH
Brit: I was talking to Ian, and I said, Frank is what stands between this alliance getting to the final 5 or not..
I was like, do you think it's been easy on Dan?  Having to protect you all week long?  And take his crap?
Dan: I feel he's gonna vote the right way.
Brit: He'll vote the right way.. I just don't think he wants to be the one to put him up.
Dani: I'll put him up.  I don't care.  Throw it to me.
Dan: It would be such a waste if he doesn't go next week, and we win.  If we get Frank out of this house?  We're gonna steam roll..
Dani: And that's why Boogie's trying to get the girls to tell me you've backstabbed me..

Talk turns to Boogie's undercutting of Dan's personal game..

Shane: I'm surprised Boogie and Frank aren't up here now.
Brit" They're downstairs.. Frank said to me earlier that they're wrangling the outsiders.. That's gonna go to hell tomorrow when Jenn goes up.
Dan: I wonder if Jenn's gonna come to us for votes.
Dani: She has no idea she's even an option to go up.

Brit: He said, we might need your vote to save Boogie..
Shane: Tellem what they want to hear. I don't care.
Brit: They're gonna figure out they don't have enough votes.
Dan: But vote out Jenn over Boogie?  Who would do that?
Brit: They're gonna try..

Dan: Look who Frank's going to battle with..  Ashley and Jenn..  and he think's he's got Ian.. If we can't beat those 3.  How's the girl's alliance thing going?
Brit: It just shows major fractures already, because Ashley doesn't trust Jenn..
Shane: Really??
Brit: She's skeptical about Jenn's vote.
Shane: You couyld tell she was fumbling over hr words because she had something memorized.. and Ian said, this is what I have to say, in order.. So Boogie's telling them exactly what to say..  And Ian told me that last week, like 15 minutes before eviction, Boogie threw out your names as who to put up..

Brit: If it's an endurance and it comes down to you, me and Ian, you and me should jump off.
Dani: No! I'll hold on and put Frank up..
Dan: If he doesn't win, someone's gotta win and pull him off..  That's why frikkin Ashley.. You cannot tll me you didn't understand that game.
Dani: I truly believe she's doing it on purpose.
Brit: If I get outa here and I'm wrong, I'll eat my words, but I really don't think she's smart,,

Dani: Ash was saying tonight, I've been with Boogie's entire family - Boogie, Frank, Ian and Jenn.. like she's had some secret thing with Jenn.. just like all of Boogie's team and her..
Dan: But she was like that with Janelle too.
Brit: She was.. Every time Janelle would turn her head, Ashley would make a face at me abt Janelle.  You really don't ever know what this girl's thinking.. She would ask Janelle to do things, and then she'd make fun of Janelle for it later..

Dani: In my gut, I think Ashley really likes Frank.
Shane: Put Frank and Ash together next week.
Dan: Or he's the next Janelle that's gonna protect her..


Brit: Coming from the girl who likes to eat spooge out of a can.
Dani: (exasperated)
Brit: She expressed her affinity for spooge taste..
Dani: No!! This is so embrassing.
Brit: I said I don't like the taste of spooge, and Danielle was all, Really???

Dan: Can we please change the subject?
Shane: Want some man chowder?
Dani: Shut up, Shane.
Shane: Purple headed yogurt slinger?
Brit: And you having your salad tossed.
Dani: And you, Miss judgemental..  sitting here thinking about giving your husband a blumpkin..

Brit: I'm not gonna say what the subject was, but i want you to know Dan that Joe used the word "clitorial."
**Clitorious too.  that cracked me up.

Shane: Choad.. google that. It's like as wide as it is long.. like Italian sausage..

Talk turns to googling..

Shane: There might be one photo out there.
Dan: Nude?
Shane: no, banana hammock
Dan: Yellow?  Pink?
Shane: Leopard.
ALL: hahahaha!
Dan: People are googling that right now.
**in a few minutes.

Shane: We gotta do our Quack pack thing..
Brit: Ian's gonna be so upset that he's missing this airtime..
Dan: He cares about airtime?
Brit: Not just that.. He cares about not napping for the live feeders..

Brit: By the way, Boogie's gonna out you (for being a nurse).

Shane: So Frank's using the Veto, taking himself off, and I'm gonna replace him with Jenn..
Brit: Take 2.. feed him the line again.. this is embarrassing..
Shane: Jenn City's going on the block, to secure the votes.
Dan: What do you think, Britney?
Brit: I think it's a wise move, because they're going to piss off Jenn and Ashley, because it'll show their true colors when they're cmpaigning against her.
Dani; I agree.. I just know that when we put Jenn up, they're gonna explode.. because they're expecting Joe..
Dan: And what are you gonna say?
Shane: Just a little something..
Brit: I think just be nice..
Dan: Are you gonna give Jenn any reasoning?
Shane: Not during the speech.. I'll grab her right after. She might ask me why Ian didn't go up..

Dan: I want her to come and ask for a vote.. We might be able to get something out of it.
Brit: She's probably not gonna ask you why not Ian.. because it's a little awkward.. You can say Ian's been more communicative with me..
Dani: I wouldn't say that..

Talk turns to future speculation..

Dan: I think our most realistic option is to get me up against Joe..

Brit: How is Jenn not two-faced when she's up here trying to throw Dan under the bus?
Dan: You're gonna have to have a good reason why you're not putting ian up though, because Frank and Boogie are gonna be asking that too..  Wht if you said that shes the closest to Boogie out of everyone on the game.
Shane: Boogie threw Ian under the bus to me this morning..
Brit: Boogie just mentioned to me that Ian always wants to play games with you.. and that pisses me off..
Shane: I'll just say, you came to my room and you kinda threw Ian under the bus, but you never mentioned Jenn's name..
Dan: I think that's the safest bet.. Just say you felt she was closest  to them.  But I would not tell her she's safe.  We need to get something out of her.

Talk turns to Joe..

Shane: I think you and I should go to Joe and approach him for a final 3.
Brit: If you tell him that, he'll run saying Dan and Shane apporached me for a final 3.
Dan: Gah.. If Frnkwon, I would love for him to put up me and Joe.  That would be perfect.  Noms stay the same.  let's go.
Shane: We win PoV.
Dan: Even if we don't.. I'm up against Joe.

Brit: It wouldn't be a lie for us to tell Joe, look, they were trying to start up this major thing..  I wish someone would go downstairs and patrol what's going on.
Dan: I'll go.
 **me too.

Joe: He just came down the stair..
Frank: Did he?  Good.  Maybe I wont be up too long then..

Frank's doing his laundry..

Frank: Superpass.  I always call it Express pass for some reason.
**yes dear, I know.

Shane chastises Danielle for taking everything too personally.  She's offended.

Danielle: I haven't played personally this entire game..
Shane: I'm sorry...
Danielle: Who else would I talk about it to?
Shane: I know...


Joe: You were in the room when Boogie said what he said.. Voting with you guys.. I'm the 5th guy.. But it also does on the other side..
Frank: I understand what you're saying..
Joe: I'm 5th on either side.  I'm just tryin' to get a better placement, if it makes sense..

Dan tells them Joe is downstairs with Frank.. "Let's see if he brings it up tomorrow."


Frank's working on Joe for a vote out Dan vote.. and/or a keep Boogie no matter who goes up..

Frank: You're playin a good call waiting til tomorrow..
Joe: If they don't put Dan up, it don't matter.
Frank: Yeah.
Joe: It oculd be me, iot could be Jenn or Ian..
Frank: I'm pushin' for Dan..

There's game talk on all feeds.  My head is going to explode.. brb.

Joe and Frank finish up.  Joe comes inside and they watch his progress, thinking he's on his way up.  Nope.  Frank!  Shane ducks into the shower.

Frank: What's goin' on guys?  I'm the last one up downstairs.. Jenn and Joe were the last ones up..

Chatter about Ian's ankle..

Frank: What was the funny line he said?  I'm just a good athlete.
Brit: No.. It was about Shane. "He's just too good at sports."
Frank: Ian is pretty good though.. He was getting some nice hits..  WOuld you hand me those braised nuts?  I'd like t try one.  Are they good?
Dan: Do those make your whole body hot?
Brit: These? No.
Frank: They make my whole body hot just watching you wear them.
Brit: I can't wait to see the 1st episodes.. What was it again?  Raybans!

Brit: When he came in and said designer.. Janelle was like, Gucci? Louis Vuitton?  He was like, I don't know.. it's just designer.
Frank: Janelle literally told me, "No offense, but my backup backup luggage is nicer than that.

Brit: I'm gonna go get some tea.

Brit pulls Joe into the storage room..
BB: Joe, please put on your microphone..
**completely busting them.. 

Dani: Who's up right now?
Frank: Nobody.
Dan has laid down on the HoH bed with the headphones on, leaving Danielle to entertain Frank.


Joe: Nothing new.. It was just the same, trying to get me on board with putting Dan up, assurting me he wasn't throwing my name around.. and they would even consider throwing Jenn away for me..

Brit: Nice.  Loyal people.
Joe: I was just very non-committal.
Brit: I think they're saying the same thing to everyone..
Joe: The only odd thing was.. I kinda thought he knew I'd drawn the line in the sand?  I don't think he knows.
Brit: Well they're trying to get votes.  Earlier they were talking about calling you out in the kitchen.. and then I saw you had words with him..
Joe: That was all just about the HoH (**poV) cheating.. and they wouldn't let us in the DR because they're still reviewing it.  He was like, you still didn't have to throw me under the bus.. I said, I'd throw anyoneunder the bus I thought was cheating.  Anyhow.. I just wanted to let you know I'm not wavering. If anyone wants to talk to me, I'll be up.
Brit: I'll see you at 3am for porkchops.
Joe: haha

Britney return to the HoH.. Joe crawls into bed for a bit..

Talk in HoH is about after Brit's first season.. and the nightmare that was.. with the fire, etc. 

Brit: It just feels like a rubberband snap.. You've been in your life a lot longer that you've been here.  Like, remember how upset we were when Kara was leaving, and now we barely even remember Kara even being here.  The first 4 people to leave, basically, you hardly even remember them being in the house.

Shane rejoins..

Frank: Mike said earlier, "I've worked more in this game so far than" he ever had to work his entire season.
**cough.. Dr Will. cough.
Danielle; Sh*t's about to get crazy.
Shane: Tomorrow's Monday right?
Frank: I had this weird dream, and I saw Boogie walking out and I was like what was that announcement, and he was like, what are you talking about?
Shane:I haven't had a dream that hasn't involved the house.

Jerky appreciation chatter.. Sleep.. Weather..

Frank: I go to a little Jerky outlet store in Naples.. and they get big bags of good flavors..
Brit: What happened to me oging to bed at midnight tonight?
Frank: I keep wanting to go to bed early, so I can get a morning workout before it's too hot outside.
Shane: me too..

Shane: Im gonna go downstairs and see what's up.
Frank: Everybody's asleep.. That's why I cam eup..

Shane and Danielle go downstairs.  Frank laughs..

Frank: I just don't know..
Brit:   It's been an eventful day..

Food chatter..

Frank: I'm mad at you for bustin out those Lays earlier.  I ate almost half of it.  I'm on a low carb thing.. except for the chips you made me eat.
Brit: A little carbs are good for you.  You don't wanna be constipated like Joe.

On to the wonders of Avocado.. and Chipotle.. and Southern BBQ supremacy..

Brit: Barbeque's never good if you're not in a southern state.
Frank: I agree.
Brit: Billy Simms needs to be the Luxury Comp host and come in here and cook us all BBQ.

Checking the quad, I find Danielle and Shane out back with Joe..  Joe's telling them what Frank was just saying to him, and Shane's assuring him he's golden..

Joe: I've heard everything.. Frank's saying everyone's telling him that I've persnally attacked him.. then I found out it was the cheating aspect..
Shane: But you weren't the only one.  Even his own teammate.. Ian..
Joe: If it's not Dan, it's me.. and he tried to sit out here and assure me he'd never mention my name.
Shane: Boogie's said your name more, but Frank has too..

Joe: I still think you should do the look.
Shane: I'm debating it..

Shane: I'll stand up behind ya, if I need to..
Joe: Frank apologized.. and he was like, "I just want you to know, I've never said your name upstairs.."

Shane: Boogie's gonna flip out when Jenn goes up..
Dani: Do you trust them?
Joe: No.
Shane: I'm beginning not to tust Ashley.  Boogie and Frank plotted.. they told everyone what to say to me.. Ashley, Jenn and Ian all came up and said verbatim.. THey're obviously puppets..
Joe: Jenn and Ashley do nothing but absolutely love each other. Whether it's platonic or not.
Dani: Do you think there's something there?
Joe: Who knows.. maybe it's Ashley's game.. All I know is that there are 4 people I trust in here..

Joe: As I've said before, and I'll say again, i will die with you guys.. I will never even consider anytrhing.  They can offer me the world.  He just offered me 3..
Dani: Final 3?
Joe: No.. 4.. He wouldn't throw Ian out, but he threw jenn out. I'm like, whatever dude..  You guys gotta know.. I think I would go further for you than you'd ever imagine.  I am fine going to jury working for you guys..
Shane: If we make it to 5.. then it's every man..

Joe: But if we make it to 5, and I'm outa here, don't think I'm not workin' for ya'll.. Tell you this, you will be extremely happy when you see the film..
Shane: You might not be so happy weeks 1, 2 and.. the time Janelle was here.  I never said anything personal, just the "whole house is against me..."

Timecheck.. 2:28am

2:30am Smalltalk upstairs in HoH has turned to Birthdays... Britney's is this coming Thursday..

She's doing her job of keeping Frank busy so Shane and Danielle can check in with Joe...

Brit: We've only seen 3 people's HoH Room.  Usually we see so many people's pictures.. You've gotten 2, Shane's gotten 2 and Danielle's gotten 1..
Frank: Mike tried to keep his picture of Brady.. He hid it, but they called him into the DR and took it.
*aww! mean!
Frank: And I've had to pack my bags every week.  This'll be the 1st week I don't have to..
Brit: Cuz of your pov win..
Frank: I'm getting my 1st vote on day 48..

Brit and Frank are rehashing the season in a very friendly, non-threatening manner.. Dan is still present, blocking Frank from accomplishing much of anything..

Frank: What's happenin' down here? You got back u, Joe.. 
Dani: I feel a true endurance is either sit or stand, and they always do 2 of those..
Frank: I agree, but I think since last one went over, this'll be a short one.. either a and b..
Shane: Are you going to bed, Frank? I don't wanna prevent you if you wanna talk.  I just came down her eto eat something.
Frank: We can talk in the morning..
Shane: Whenever you want.. Either way, I wanna touch bases with ya.
Frank: Absolutely.

Danielle goes inside.  Joe, Shane and Frank remain.

Britney's brushing her teeth on f3.. In the backyard, talk turns to the PoV comp..


Brit: And obviously Dan being up there threw a huge wrench in it.
Dani; Yeah..  Dan said he wasn't leaving.
Brit: And Boogie's in bed sleeping peacefully.. And Frank's up fighting for him.. How screwed up is that?
Dani: If Boogi ecan't stay up and fight for himself?
Brit: Yeah..  I know.

Brit: What did Joe say outside?
Dani: Frank told him he'd take him to the final 4..

Joe enters..

Joe: I let them set out by themselves.
Brit: Why?
Joe: Cuz he's not gonna go to sleep until he gets to say something.
**out we go.


Shane: Keeping you guys in the game would obviously be a smart move for me.. I'm just gonna lay up there on my own and think about things..
Frank: There was this one thing when we were trying to get Janelle out.. He was like, ok, I've got $100.. sell me Frank.  I'm like, is he serious?  Sell me Frank?!

Shane: That's super sketchy..
Frank: Just like the other day when he swore on Chelsea..
Shane: That really opened my eyes..  And Ian made some good points tonight.. and Jenn.. THey were like, you've only been hearing one side of the story.. He's obviously pitched to me a little.. And I've gotta take into consideration the rest of the house is coming to me with this too.. It's not just you and Boogie.. But I also have to take Danielle into consideration.. I told her, this is an option.. and she was understanding about it.
Frank: It's good for her.  Us 3 are getting put up before her.
Shane: She's good with it.
Frank: She's a smart girl.
Shane: I gotta good speech for you tomorrow.  I'm gonna give you props.  I'm still mastering it.

Shane: Britney obviously, that scared her.. the whole situation this morning.. I know Mike wanted to talk to me too..
Frank: I'm not even gonna be on the block, but I'm still workin'.. That's the way I do for the people I'm with.
Shane: I know Dan's gonna get   my ear too.. My biggest thing is, I don't wanna go home, pop in the season, and be like, wow, Dan's rippin' me apart in DR.. Why didn't I?
Frank: Without even watchin' the footage, I'm in the position of, I've had 2 chances to send him out the door.. and why didn't I?  Even if he doesn't vote you out, he'll go around the house and make sure there are the votes to send you out.  He threw so many comps in his season.. I know you and I can beat him, but do we need him in thhere to poison the jury house?  THis is our 3rd chance..
Shane: I wish I could write stuff down..

Frank: That's why I wanted him gone last week, cuz I know he's scared of me.. and you..
Shane: If you figure, a week or 2 from now, you, mea nd boogie are gone, he's running to the finish line..  Nothing against Jenn and Ashley, but I'm not handing them or Joe 500,000 dollars.
Frank: Exactly..   And I love Ian, he's a good kid.. but he's not really playing the game, he's just enjoyint ght experience.
Shane: If I'm on the jury, you've got my vote.
Frank: That goes both ways..

Loyalty, integrity..
Frank: i'm not trying to just dog Dan, but I feel like he comes in this house and all rules are off.  I don't play like that.
Shane; I wanna be able to go back and show my (future) kids this season and be proud..
Frank: I think the only way a coach will win is if they get there with a Jenn or an Ashley..
Shane: Exactly.. (paraphrasing) and that's why Dan wants me to get your and Boogie out.. He's such a good talker.  He knew things abut me week one that I don't even remember telling him.  Like, he knew I flip houses.  I don't even remember telling him that.
Frank: That's his game.
Shane; I don't know the social aspect.. I know how to win comps..
Frank: There's so many layers to it.

While Frank and Shane are talking on 1 and 2.. Danielle and Dan are touchuing base on 3 and 4..

Shane: It's a month away from the finale and there are 10 people in the house!
Frank: It's crazy. This has been a crazy season..
Shane: And probably there's more stuff to come.. with a fast forward..
Frank: And that's probably gonna happen this week.. and then soon, we'll be down to 5 or 6 people.. I'd rather take the chance of going to the finals with you and Dnaielle, than have to pick between 2 floaters..

Shane: Can you imagine?? Me, you, Boogie final 3?  Can you imagine the tv?  Balls to the wall.  The top 3 competitors..
Frank: Makes me get excited and pumped..

Shane: This game is so unbelievable..
Frank: I did bust his chops a little bit today.. I said, just on a game level, do you think you pulled the trigger a little early?
Shane: Upstairs, it made me so frustrated.. I'm like, Frank and Boogie brought up some good points.

Shane tells Frank that Dan's method of play shows cowardice.. Frank agrees.

3:15am Danielle comes outside.. Talk turns to Alabama's 14 national championships.. and BB being in season 14..

Frank: You didn't play any football, Shane?
Shane: I wasn't allowed to.  My dad's __ broke his neck playing.. died right on the field.  I played soccer though.. That's why I've got these thunder thighs.. I shold be blessed with the body God gave me.
**we are all blessed with the body God gave you, Shane. 
Dani: That's a good outlook.
Frank: Many women out there would be blessed to have your figure.
Dani: (paraphrasing) They mostly want tny little girls.
Shane: I don't like teeny tiny girls.
Dani: Really?

Shane and Frank agree they dont like bony girls.. they need to have booty. Talk turns to bodies.. all of them are complimenting each other..

Frank: I always preferred a taller girl.  I've always wanted my kids to be tall, so if you chose a mate that's tall there's a better chance of that.

F 1/2
Danielle's telling about her back injury from falling 15 feet off a vine.. and how her dad cut down every vine for miles, because they thought she was paralyzed..

They move on to Ian's hurt ankle and the medic.. and then begin rehashing the 1st endurance comp.

**go to bed! I wanna shoot sunrise this morning. grrr.

Shane: I can't wait to watch the season to see which coach actually pressed it.
Danie: I think Janelle did..
Shane: Maybe Britney too..
Dani: I don't think Boogie did..

The yawns begin.. and they all decide to head inside..

Shane: How is America gonna like our side compared to the other side.. You and I, Britney, most popular in hrer season, and Dan, who won hios season..  Frank and Boogie are probably funny in the DR, but they're also probably jazzing everyone in there. Even if we don't win, we pribably have a good cahnce of winning America's Player.
Danielle: You do.
Shane: You're the only girl who's done anything.  You took Janelle out!  Who did Frank get out?  JoJo and Wil.  Who did we get out?  Janelle and Boogie.

**That says it all. This conversation is ongoing, but that Boogie reference caps the night..

Shane: I told Frank, cuz he's in a bad place right now, I told him, if you get to the final 2 (with a floater), you've absolutely got my vote.. He said you've got my vote, and he said Dani does too..  I said, man to man, you survived 3 times.. I wanna give him some positive hope.  It's tough when your closest alliance is leaving the house.
Dani; I know the feeling.
Shane: No offense to you, but that was week one.  We barely knew Kara.. THey've been together since week one.  And maybe he'll come on board with us..
Dani: I wouldn't do it.
Shane: You're in the best position.. You're on the lowest end of the totem pole..
Dani: I don't understand how..
Shane: It's me, Dan, Frank, Britney, then you..
Dani: Whatever.. I'll win again and save all ya'lls asses.. If I hadn't hung on and won the endurance comp, there's no telling where we'd all be right now.

Danielle relives her Janelle ouster that Britney and Boogie orchestrated..Then talk turns to Ian.

Danielle: You know what, ian.  You just got a free ride to jury.
Shane: We helped him out more than Boogie did.
Danielle: Ian just wants..
Shane; He doesn't want any bloodon his hands.
Dani: And that's what makes me mad.  That's fine. I'll take care of it.  I'll get rid of all the bugs in this house.  Gnats.. Flies.. whatever you wanna callem.  And all these Vetos.. I never get to play in em.
Shane: You and Dan are never getting to play in em.

Talk turns to Ashley.  Shane's still pissed at her for folding.

Shane: This is why I was in such a bad mood.  She was stuttering over her words so bad tonight.  You could tell it was scripted.
Dani; That makes me so mad.. That guarantees she's worjing with Boogie.. I just wanna destress.  Know what I like about you wearing your headphoines?
Shane: I can't hear you fart?

Dani: It's like pulling teeth to get you to be nice.

Shane: So do you think I really work for a beer and wine company?  Do I even really live in Vermont?
Dani: Can I tell you something else that pisses me off?
Shane: Can I guess?
Dani: If I was like, Shane, rub my back, you'd be like, you'r eso needy.  When do I ever ask you to do anything?  Do you really think I'm needy?  Do you think it's cute when I get pissed off?  You like it when I'm mad?  I should've let you get to me.
Shane: I'm actually helping you practice with your emotions..
Dani: Bite me.  I'm completely independent and self-sufficient..
Shane: The only time I say it is when you ask for  massage.

Danielle's squealing about Shane saying she was needy when she asked Britney to do her makeup earlier..

Dani: Do you really think I'm a needy girl?
Shane: No.  JoJo on the other hand.. 


Dani: And you jumpin' in with the comments today!
Shane: What?  The tossed salad..  I zinged on that in the DR.
Dani: No!  Really?

Shane: I said something about salad..
Dani: Just be nice to me for like 10 minutes then I'll leave you alone.
Shane: ok.. Do I have ot talk?  i can be very nice without talking.
Dani: How?
Shane: I'll smile.  Ow!  You're so not gentle.  you have the worst touch ever.

Dani: Ohh. my gosh.
Shane: See I can be very nice for 10 minutes with your back to me.

Shane: You better move.  I'll fart on you.

Shane: Up your butt..
Dani: I've never had anything up my butt.
Shane: Except a tongue.
Dani: Stop!

Danie: I might shove that cork up your ass.
Shane: I might like it.
Dani: Shut up.
Shane: I might be bisexual.

Shane: Are you really a teacher?
Dani: yeah
Shane: Don't lie to me.  It's not nice to lie to the person you have a final 2 deal with.. I'm not gonna use it against you.. You're probably a biomedical engineer.. following in your father's footsteps.
Dani; Take this off.
Shane: My pants?  Ooh! I just ripped my shirt. Good job at th pool today.  You're good for a girl.

Danielle's tickling his back..

Shane: Tomorrow's gonna be a shit show..I just hope one of them doesn't take out Dan or Britney.. I just hope that when Boogie knows he's going home, he doesn't say anything mean about you, me, Dan or Britney.  He's gonna die when he learns it was Ian.

Danielle: You're my best friend..
Shane: You're my best friend too.. I feel like the only people I have are you, Dan and Britney.. Joe's growing on me too.  I really feel like he's genuine. He's like, I'm indebted to you and Dani.  I really value what he said down there..

Shane: So is this the 1st conversation leading up to what you actually do for a job?
Danielle: I'ma kindergarten teacher.
Shane: I don't like when my f2 deal lies to me.
Danielle: I'm not lying.. You might have been a teacher for like a year.. in transition...

Shane: I'll find out in a month.
Danielle: Me dos.
Shane: Don't repeat what Frank says..
Danielle: He say that?
Shane: Yeah..

Dani: Roll over this way.. I wanna play with your hair.

Shane: Man.. you could use those things for floatation devices.. Thank you mom..
Dani; Mom doesn't have any.
Shane: I so need a haircut.
Dani: I love it.
Shane: Thanks.
Dani: Playing with your hair relaxes me..

Shane: Touche to the creator of this show. You hit it on the head.

Shane: I'm sure the viewers understand that I don't want to put a target on you by having a showmance.. I'm sure the viewers understand where I'm coming from with my DRs. Were Jeff and Jordan discreet about it?
Dani; not at all.  Everybody knew.  And it didn't get a target on their back.  I think them being together actually helped them.
Shane: I was honestly really thinking about knocking my HoH thing over.. cuz you were in 2nd. We've gotta study..

Danielle: I wonder what everyone thinks about us.
Shane: We'll know finale night.

4:30am.. this is ongoing.. if you'd like to spark up your feeds..

Danielle: If I win another endurance comp, am I gonna get a kiss?
Shane: You might get a full makeout..
Dani: I'd rather that be up here in a time like this..

Dani: I guarantee you they have a bunch of youtube videos for us using the song "Kiss the Girl."
Shane: Now they will.. I never make the 1st move.

Danielle: Snuggle with me for a few minutes before I go to bed..

he complies.

Shane: Thank you for doin' that.
Dani: No need.  I liked it.

Dani: Am I makin' you hot.
Shane: no.. not now.
Dani give s Shane a kiss on the cheek and says goodnight..

Shane: Big day tomorrow.  I may need your support after.  Just win HoH next week..  
Danielle: I'll come up here right after..

Dani leaves the HoH room. She goes downstairs and has a seat at the dining table... studies the memory wall for a minute.. then heads to the bathroom..

...and this concludes the Overnight Report.  See you when the HGs wake up!  It's gonna be another crazy day in the Big Brother 14 house!



Blogger Lucky13 said...

Good morning Carolyn!!
Good norning Earlybird Dishers!!

I can't believe Danielle JUST left HOH. I seriously can't take her anymore. She forces her affection on Shane to the point of embarrassment. Well maybe forces isn't a good word because he doesn't stop her. WHY, why, WHY doesn't he stop her??????

Okay, morning rant done...

Have a great day!!!

August 20, 2012 at 4:57 AM  
Blogger nancyk89 said...

I watched this whole thing with dani and shane and I really do think he cares for.her and I.think if dani would back up a little and not be as needy shane would respond more to her this tonight was actually a sweet moment and at one point I thought he was going to kiss her....but they will never be a Jeff and Jordan...

August 20, 2012 at 5:17 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Good morning! :0)

I've got for a bike ride! I'll be back by 7:30am bbt..

August 20, 2012 at 5:47 AM  
Blogger Lucky13 said...

I agree nancyk89. Backing up would probably do wonders! But now, he just looks so uncomfortable IMO. And right again re: Jeff and Jordan. Their relationship developed naturally and was so genuine. This Shane/Dani thing is just... awkward. So not a good look for her.

August 20, 2012 at 5:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good Morning Carolyn,

Good Morning Lucky13 and nancyk89,

Good Morning to everyone that follows,

I hope everyone has a great day...:):)

I wonder if F/B will panic today????

I am going to read TOR and thanks Carolyn...

Thanks Lessa for the late night report..


August 20, 2012 at 5:54 AM  
Blogger Shamrock said...

"Dan: Since I've been in the house with him, I've realized, It's not Chilltown, it's Dr Willtown.. He's just the janitor."

If that line doesn't make it into the CBS show it's a shame. Best quote I've seen this whole season !

August 20, 2012 at 5:56 AM  
Blogger Geeech said...

Mornin Caro
Have a great ride. It gonna be a stoked day today. Get ready Brady, Daddys comin home!!

August 20, 2012 at 6:16 AM  
Blogger Ravenbelle said...

Looooong time reader (I am not sure how many years), first time commenter. I thought Danielle and Shane's final exchange seemed genuinely tender, too.

Thank you for all of your effort Carolyn! I should have expressed my gratitude before.

August 20, 2012 at 6:19 AM  
Blogger JadeDarkStar said...

good morning carolyn and sidhers good to see nothing changed and dani and shane are so cute together

August 20, 2012 at 7:05 AM  
Blogger Shi Shi said...

Good Morning Carolyn and all my other BB buddies.

I can't wait until after the Veto ceremony! Frank and Boogie won't give up though it will just be a bloodbath against Jen.

It's a good thing there is a lock on the HOH door! lol We just think we have heard swearing from F/B but I have a feeling we haven't heard anything yet!

August 20, 2012 at 7:10 AM  
Blogger ittehgaps said...

Don't know how Ian's ankle will feel this morning but he did roll it good last night 8/19 11:25 pm feed 4. I don't know how to do a screen capture. But he may wake up with more bruising than any of the other hgs will give him sympathy for. Hope it won't hurt his game.

August 20, 2012 at 7:15 AM  
Blogger ittehgaps said...

Also during the medic vist we see a different angle of 'fishies' but you can hear 'in the distance' Dan and others talking to the medic who is also named Dan. Medic asks if there was any loss of consciousness, wierd behavior...Joe responds wierd behavior... I'm the weirdest one of the bunch(laughter), Dan asks how the ratings are, did Zingbot have heat stroke, if its exciting for him to come inside the house, they are glad to see another person... Can Ian rejoin the badmitton game. However it helps his game Dan is clearly a 'People Person' and probably a really genuine nice guy in the real world.

August 20, 2012 at 7:31 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

I'm back! Lemme just hop in the shower real quick before any of them wake up..

August 20, 2012 at 7:37 AM  
Blogger Sharelle Milo said...

I think Shane really likes Dani; however, I think in the house it is what it is. He seems to be very practical...the long distance thing obviously doesn't appeal to him and he knows she not being completely honest. Plus it is game show. Their little exchange was so cute.

August 20, 2012 at 7:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Boogie screwed up when he didnt drop Frank to roll with Dan after the restart. Now he is paying for that decision

August 20, 2012 at 8:04 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Good morning, Lucky13! :) It has definitely been tough to watch..

Good morning, Nancyk! :)

Good morning, Pammmmm!! :0) Thank youuu!!! :0)

Good morning, Shamrock! :) I agree - Fantastic Quote! :) And the only one from TOR that I put up on twitter.com/bigbrotherdish.

Good morning, Geeech! :) Thank you!! Great ride :) If you wannt see.. go take a peek at http://twitter.com/keybiscayne

Good morning, Ravenbelle! :) Well welcome to the comment section! :) I'm so happy you decided to take the plunge! :)

Good morning, Jade! :) They were last night.

Good morning, ShiShi!! :) I know, right?! The feeds are gonna be NUTSO today!! :) Yayyy! lol

Good morning, Ittehgaps :) Yes he did - Lessa covered it :) = here: Lessa's Late Night Jam

Good morning, Sharelle!! :) I thought it was sweet too.. Nice for a change..

Good morning, RubyRooooo!!!
I missed saying hello to you during the viewing party last night.. cuz it was when the feed went down and I was scrambling for a new one..

Good morning, Blueeee!! :)

Good morning, GayTor! :)

Good morning, MIchigan Man! :)

Good morning, Emrys!! :)

Good morning, Grendon! :)

G'morning, David Lockner!! :)

Good morning, CurlerChick! :)

Good morning, David B! :)

Good morning, WendyBBFanatic! :)

Good morning, Greg Stirn! :)

Good morning, Ltcmek!! :)

August 20, 2012 at 8:12 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Good morning, RobTan :))

August 20, 2012 at 8:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Boogie is off and running...I can hardly wait to see what he does if Shane does put up Jenn...I think Jenn will fall apart.

I think I am the only one here that kind of likes Joe...some things are hard to take, but he is entertaining..I like him a lot better than Dani..if she can win an HOH this week (hopefully the first one so we don't have to listen to her all week) then I will be a little happier with her...hehe

Hi everyone...:):)


August 20, 2012 at 8:21 AM  
Blogger Kelly G said...

Morning! So, I live in Huntsville, AL & in reference to Dani's comment about Boogie having 2 restaurants in Huntsville. He USED to have 2, Ketchup & Dolce. They were located int his really nice outdoor mall. The restaurants opened in late 2007 and closed around 2010-2011, they didn't do very well. I never went to Dolce, but I went to Kethup a few times. Just struck me as a place that was trying too hard. And it didn't really fit in with the whole Huntsville vibe.

Anyway, my two cents. Sorry, Dani, but they did close.

August 20, 2012 at 8:22 AM  
Blogger Sharelle Milo said...

I forget to say Good Morning All!

Awesome Overnight Report Caro!

August 20, 2012 at 8:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is Missouri a southern state? Cause kansas city has the best BBQ!

August 20, 2012 at 8:28 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Psst!! New Top Post!!


August 20, 2012 at 8:30 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

Good morning Carolyn

I see movement in the BB house so I'm guessing there will be a NTP soon. I'll wait to start bombarding you with my thoughts on the recent activities. Just wanted to get my greeting in for the day.

August 20, 2012 at 8:30 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Morning, Kelly G

August 20, 2012 at 8:30 AM  
Blogger Shi Shi said...

Carolyn I want to thank you and Lessa for all that you do to keep all of us informed on every little thing that is going on in the house. I absolutely do not know how you do it.

My brother in law borrowed my laptop this weekend and all I had was my IPad. I was trying to keep up with all that was going on with only one source and it was almost impossible. There was so much going on this weekend on all feeds most of the time that I would have been pretty lost if I didn't have BBDish.

I have been a commenter on here since 2008 but I was a lurker before I figured out how to sign up for an account (I am old after all!)and I never even check out other sites.

I love all the commenters that come to your site as well as you ladies and I look forward to it every year.

Again, thanks so much.

August 20, 2012 at 8:39 AM  
Blogger David Lockner said...

Good Morning Carolyn, and Fellow Dishers Everywhere!!

rob tan...we'll have to agree to disagree...I lived in Memphis 13 years...Memphis BBQ beats all...it's even home to the World Championship BBQ Cooking Contest every May...

I have a feeling today is gonna be a mess... (wouldn't want your job to day Caro)

Thursday night's show will be soooo crucial to the future of the quack pack and noone in the house even knows it...Ian last night said he doubts it'll be DE this week, because that would mean sending someone to the jury house alone for an entire week, Frank thinks it will be a DE....however with it most likely to be a Q&A for the HoH comp, it may be Ian's to lose...yet still noone is planning, or even has a contingency for what to do if it is a DE..this may come back to bite the Quackers...

August 20, 2012 at 8:49 AM  
Blogger ChattyCat said...

Geez Boogie, you'd think you were the only person ever put on the block. Didn't see anyone else whining and threatening and pushing other people around. Try to act with some class and some brains . .why on earth would Shane tell you he's trying to get you out? Gotta give him props for playing you like a violin.

August 20, 2012 at 1:21 PM  
Blogger ChattyCat said...

ha, ha Boogie . . Shane got you! Looks good on you, still wearing old t-shirts from 10 years ago. Time to move on Boogie. You let Frank down when you wouldn't let him backdoor Dan, and you let him down when you played for yourself for $10,000 - maybe if you tried for HOH, Frank wouldn't be in this position, and you wouldn't be going home. Looks good to see you getting totally blindsided!

August 20, 2012 at 1:25 PM  

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