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Monday, August 27, 2012

Shades of...

...not gray - though I know you were hoping. Hee.Mostly, it's shades of BB 10, where Dan lays extremely low, while the house declares war and calls him Judas.

It's 9:35 in the BB house, and Brit has come in to chat with Dan in the arcade. At first they joke a bit about things she's been saying.

Dan: I figured it was like, give you a massage, with spikes on my knuckles.
Britney: It was like that. I went on a bit of a tear in the backyard. It was pretty mean.

Britney: I don't know who to be mad at..
Dan; You can be mad at me.
Brit: There's like, so many options.. that all lead to the same result. But I'm pretty comfortable with it now.
Dan: I think you're a really nice person, and sometimes in the game, it's not a good thing.
Brit: I thought you were really nice. I was wrong. Maybe you're nice outside of this house though. I'll reserve judgement. You're a really good alliance partner, a really bad person not to be against.
Dan: I trusted you 100% when we were together.
Brit: I was willing to go on slop for the rest of the summer for the group. To save us.
Dan: I wasn't upset until I saw you crying..
Brit: If I had waited just a second longer.. I remember thinking..


Brit: I'm just really confused. I guess you're in an alliance now with..

Fish (Dammit, hot tub crew, stop talking about whatever you're talking about!!)

Brit: she could have not used the veto and you go home and no friction. She caused major ripples because Danielle trusted her and she was acting so disgusted with you after the meeting..

Fish. (Augh!)

Brit: From his perspective, it was a smart move. Everyone was coming after him next week, and it's shifted perspective. I've lost this game before, it's not that difficult to lose. He made a move, a smart one. I know that I'll be so mad at myself if I lay down and die and accept that I was leaving and do what I did last time, but.. what am I gonna say against Danielle? The one person who's been so good to me in this game. Like what am I gonna say against her.. I don't know. Puts me in a weird spot. This is my brother's worst birthday ever.

Dan: So Frank thinks he's safe next week?
Brit: He thinks he's covered, but he was just in the backyard and Ian was like you got duped, and he was like I didn't get duped, but now everyone is after Dan not me. He was like yelling at Ian and I was like everyone calm down, Frank I understand, Ian relax. Frank told me last week that you have an inflated ego in this game and you think you're better at it than you are. So when I was sitting there saying look at what he did, he turned it around, he really is that good at this game, this is why he wins on a 7-0 vote and I could just see Frank starting to boil.
Dan: If you end up going home - I'll do whatever I can to send him right after you. That's the only way I'll get people on my side again, and he needs to go anyways.
Brit: He doesn't like to be told he's not the best player in the house. He wants everyone to think he's the best player to ever play the game. What he did was smart, it was a good move. I'm not gonna go be sour about it and say it was dumb, because it wasn't. It might suck for me, but, it wasn't dumb.

Frank comes by:
Frank: Damn, dan, you haven't moved all day!


And we come back to a sleeping/resting Shane.The hot tub crew - Joe, Dani, Ian and Jenn are talking about competitions, and the one Ian tried to throw

Ian: I thought about putting 69 for the laughs. or 1337, which is a little message..
Jenn: Leet!

In the arcade - dan's left Frank and Brit alone.
Frank: As soon as the camera cuts off it'll be I hate that guy!
Brit: I hate that guy

Brit: I can't wait till Sept 1.
Frank: why?
Brit: Because it'll be September. It'll be awesome.
Frank: It's crazy.
Brit: Just to know it's September and you're that much closer to real life..
Frank: real life.
Brit: Real life is amazing. My life is perfect.
Frank: Mine would be perfect with a little money. Might not have to work.
Brit: Might not have to go to Mars?
Frank: A lot can happen in a lift off. Does JOe really think I'm an astronaut? I think he does..
Brit: When I leave, I'm gonna whisper to him "Frank really is an astronaut!"
Frank: (laughs)Oh man! I think I might be too young..
Brit: I'll tell him your lying about your age too.
Frank: (laughing)

Dan returns and they talk about the Infamous Swim Shorts that he has never washed since he brought them into the house in BB10...

Dan: I'll never wash them!
Brit: you're gonna make Frank throw up now..
Frank: That's disgusting...
Brit: This is who you left in the house, Frank.
Dan: Chlorine washes anything.
Frank: Have you SEEN that hot tub?
Dan: These are four years old and never been washed and probably the most worn article I've owned in my life..
Frank: Disgusting..
Dan: Disgusting, yet awesome at the same time.
Frank: Dirty ass swim trunks..
Dan: No! They're just faded..
Frank: The white stripes are brown!
Dan: easy on the shorts...

Dani checks in - her hives look better.
Frank: AC. Awkward city.
Dani: I was like what? It's cold in here... Did I interrupt?
Frank: talking about his dirty ass swim trunks.

Frank: I love how his logic is the same as a 6th grader that doesn't want to shower after the pool...

Dan: Britney thinks me you and Jen are working together - so I told her I was sending you out right after. Why does she think that?
Frank: She's grabbing for anything.
Dani: Ian told me I don't get his vote, I was like I figured..
Frank: I think we have Shane and Joe
Dani: You sure about Joe?
Frank: I've been spending time with them.. obviously Joe has a mancrush on Shane. Whenever Joe gets me alone he tries to get me to say Shane's out so he can tell him that, so I don't say it. I'm telling him we need to get Shane in, and pull Jenn in too. I told him we three need to talk, and they want too, so that's good. I'm having to tell some porkypies to some people but we have to get them to believe we're not working together.
Dani: They have no idea about me..
Frank: absolutely none.
Dani: Zero.
Frank; I've been telling them that Dan did us a favor by seperating from Danielle.

Someone comes in the door, they change to talk about her hives...

Dan: I know your pissed, but how pissed you think your family is?
Dani: Ooooh. He'll be looking for blood..
Frank: Rip those dirty ass swim trunks off you son!
Dan: Make me eat em!

Dani: Ian's out there starting his own bandwagon against you. Says it'll be a bumpy ride..
Frank: i'm not worried - Joe doesn't trust him, Jenn doesn't trust him.
Dan: What does he think I told you?
Frank: only thing he really knows is what you told Britney at the POV.

Joe is talking to Jenn on the patio - selling out Shane.

Joe; For the first time today, he said something - he called her my girlfriend, and I'd never heard that before. And the way he said it was, I have to send home my coach or my girlfriend, which is very telling. Looking at the big picture.
Jenn: I told you, don't worry about it Chef Joe, no one's touching you..
Joe: Not for two weeks.
Jenn: had to do it for me..
Joe: And it helped me too! No one's touching us for two weeks.

Joe; I really hope shane.. he sounded open to it today
Jenn: Who knows what's going on in that mans brain. Take your time, take your time.
Joe: We all sit down together, I think it'll be fine.

Joe: if Danielle or Ian win, they'll put Frank and Dan up.. but Frank will probably win POV.
Jenn: We'll figure it out.
Joe: I trust he'll win the POV, and we'll have to put our trust in
Jenn: Anyone can win the POV.

Joe: My coach or my girlfriend.

Speaking of the 'girlfriend' - she's telling dan she's still upset.

Dan: It was an act..
Dani: I know, but you can't say that and expect it to be all better. For over an hour I thought it wasn't...
Dan: it's all BS. If you told me you hated me, then five minutes later you told me..
Dani: Say an hour later, after I broke your heart...
Dan: and you came in here smiling, I'd be angry, I'd probably throw a pillow at you, but then I'd be excited that you didn't turn on me.. your mad at me because we've not been able to hang out, which sucks..
Dani: When are we gonna be able too? Now I have to pretty much be a bitch..
Dan: We can be cordial..
Dani: ok. And the carrot boy, does he have a final two with you?
Dan: (nods)
Dani: He's outside.. makes me nervous... then you keep blinding me! I can't see what's coming..
Dan: I blind you, then give you lasik surgery so you can see clearer then ever!
Dani: (laughing in disbelief)
Dan: You just became the number 8 target in the house, and they won't put us up together.. and if that means your mad at me, and we get to those final two chairs, it's ok.
Dani: When do we get rid of him?
Dan: AS soon as we can backdoor him with 100% certainty..

Someone's coming - and she goes into the family being pissed at him again, following his lead.

Dani: what if you were a dad and this thing happened to your daughter.
Dan: I wouldn't let my daughter go on reality TV.
Dani: you didn't have a choice
Dan: So she went, some guy is mean to her and she breaks out in hives?
Dani:  Someone pulls a stunt like you..
Dan: I'd just ask the guy to do it in private.

They murmur - then go back into their 'fight'.

Dani: I hope this is gone in the morning
Dan: So then you'll forgive me?
Dani: you think so?

Dani: How would Memphis had handled that?
Dan: If he didn't know it was coming? He'd have gone off on me. But - he knows the kind of antics I pull, so after about two hours, then he'd understand. You understand, no one thinks we're working together anymore.
Dani: I know.
Dan: And after this week.


Dan: This is what I do.
Dani: I hope you mean just me and you at the end, Dan.
Dan: I swear! Its all bullshit antics.
Dani: you said you'd never do it again! I got t-boned by a freight train!
Dan:  I took you out of the car and put you in the front seat
Dani: Annie thinks he's in the front seat!
Dan: He's not even in the booster seat...
Dani: If you hurt me again dan, it's gonna be bad.
Dan: Give me a code word - so if I have to do it again, you know..
Dani: you sit here and think about that! (little smile)

Jenn and Dani giggle at the table, Joe, Shane and Frank chat on the patio.

Frank: From what I've seen of these (BBAD) I wouldn't watch them.
--Lessa: hahaha.

Frank: I don't know about you guys, but if I got beat by that m'f'er, I'd be pissed.
Joe: Oh yeah. He was all going on in the hot tub, saying you better get on the Ian bus or be road kill!
Shane: comedy gold..

Jenn joins.

Shane; i'd be more pissed if Dan did his mind tricks.. he fucked me..
Frank: Final five, it's close, yo..
Shane; Glad I got the coup d'etat this week! (laughs)
Frank: I need one!
Joe: Wish I had a special power!
Frank: Me dos..
JOe; I want a letter..
Shane: They should do a prize where you get a letter..
Joe; I'll just have Jenn write me a letter and sign it from Sara..
Jenn: (laughs)

Frank: The comps will start being geared toward Ian.. when the memory comes in?
Shane; That's where I'll start to struggle...

10:35 Brit is back with Dan in the arcade.. talking about... nails.

Brit: Everyone likes me so much they're gonna vote me out on Thursday. My heard is warm.
Brit: poor Ian. He hasn't settled down since I was put up. He thinks it's his fault. If he hadn't won the veto he would have been there. At least that's what Frank said. Who knows if it's true.

Dan; You gonna get wasted?
Brit: Can't. No alcohol.

Brit: she's so traumatized to be on the block next to me. I feel bad. It's total stress. Total breakdown. She said last night that she felt like she was breaking out in hives.
Dan: placebo effect. Think something is gonna happen and it happens. I know shes under a lot of stress. Would you ever go back to that?
Brit: Yeah, I'd go back to my old job if it was open. I'd be hesitant to go back to a new company because of how intense the training is. It's long. Away from home, and I don't want to be away from home for a long time when I get back..
Dan: You're a self started, highly motivated..
Brit: i want to find a way to make money from home. I feel bad it puts the burden on my husband if I don't make money right away. I was hesitant coming here because of that.
Dan: Doesn't sound like you're like, blowing money..
Brit: No, we don't go above our means.. when we applied for our loan we only used his income, knowing I'd be having a baby and staying home, so we would only have his income.

General talk about savings and such - Jenn to the DR.

Frank: We'll control the votes as long as two of us aren't being put up. Even if Ian wins..
Joe: Never know what he'll do. So unstable.. you never think..
Shane: Yeah, he blew up then 20 minutes later..
Joe: And if it's cool for tv? He'll blow up his partner..
Shane: and I thought he was in the running for America's Player? But, getting boogie out... It'd be like me sending Britney home by my hands. No way I could do that. I'll let Frank do it for me.
Joe: (laughs)
Shane: I'm kidding. I'm just in a tough spot and my mind isn't made up, I know you want Britney out. She came to me though and said she didn't want it to be awkward, she's played the game twice, let Dani have her chance, she just asked that I tell her to her face if she's leaving..
Frank: I want that fucker going into the HOH feeling completely alone.
Shane: exactly.

Frank: if we have to make nominations on the fly again, I'd put up Ian and Dan.
Shane; That's exactly what I'm going to do.

Brit: you know what sucks? I leave one week later than Boogie and he got to go back to his life, to Brady. I stayed one week longer, got back doored, and have to go to Jury. The ultimate face slap.
Dan: But you still get to do nothing and get paid for it.

Jenn has found out she doesn't get to eat the america's choice food...
Frank: That's not right..
Jenn: I was like what?! But you know, big girl, it's cool.

Brit: Why are you voting me out, anyways? Because you think I'm good at this game?
Dan: I don't know, lets hear your pitch.
Brit: i shouldn't have to make one, because it doesn't make any sense to vote me out. I guess it does if you think I'm good at this game, but it'd be your only reason.
Dan: yeah..
Brit: Danielle's beat me in every competition.
Dan: I was like, you must not think you need my vote if you were pissed at me
Brit: Well yeah, I'm gonna be pissed. I'm on the block.
Dan: Hey, i'd expect you to get something together.
Brit: There's something I'm not seeing here. There's a reason that it behooves you to get me to leave
Dan: Then why would I tell you to come up with something..
Brit: it seems that you want me to leave, which means your voting with jen, and working with Frank..
Dan: you're assuming. You know I'm always open to any possibility in this game no matter what.
Brit: it was pretty evident that I didn't have your vote..
Dan: because why...
Brit: You wanted me up on the block. Your angle could have been anything else, it could have been Joe... you campaigned to get me up. You're voting - obviously made a deal with Frank and Jenn
Dan: He wants me to take out Ian next week. Since he saved me this week, that's what he wants me to do. Doesn't mean I have to do it.
Brit: Yeah, he asked me if I'd put up you if I won hoh
Dan: same thing. Didn't have to do it. I don't have to do anything in this game, I can do whatever I want.

Brit: So you made a deal with Frank and Jenn that if they keep you safe, you keep them save..
Dan: He asked if I'd take out Ian. I said yup. Doesn't mean I'm gonna do it.
Brit: Danielle obviously hates you.
Dan: Clearly. I was surprised you got so upset..
Brit: Because I knew you put me up!
Dan: Does that mean I want you out?
Brit: Yeah. you could go any other angle and keep you on my good side.
Dan: I could keep you here and do the same. If I didn't come down, I was going home. You have time.
Brit: Joe's all over the map. He went from the person I wanted out to the person i awnt in final two. I don't understand why Jenn did this. you must have promised her the world..
Dan: Only deal was to get Ian out next week.
Brit: why, why why would she do that just to..
Dan: Did you ask her?
Brit: no
Dan: I'd be interested to hear what she says.
Brit: she had people that trusted her.

 Dan: if you came to me with something.. I won't be the second vote though.
Brit: Why
Dan: I want my vote to count
Brit: You want Frank to think you did what he wanted
Dan: I don't want to waste a vote.
Brit: Why - because you want to reconcile with Danielle if I leave, you want Frank to think you did what he wanted...
Dan: it's never good to stand out against the house
Brit: I guess. There's more to this story.
Dan: Think what you want - just telling you where I'm at.
Brit: i'm tired of being an idiot dan.
Dan: I don't think anyone thinks your an idiot
Brit: The 7million Americans that sees the POV ceremony will
Dan: I don't think so.

Ian joins, Britney leaves - silence in the arcade.

Dan: on a scale of 1-10 how drunk were you?
Ian: five. just goofin stage.

11:20 - everyone is out on the patio... random chitchat. Brit calling out Joe on masterbating!
Joe: You have lost your mind!In the have not room?!
Brit: I was in the nline of fire! I heard it!
Joe: line of FIRE?
Brit: It was so loud, then you tried to cover it up with a cough! It was so loud!
Joe: I'm too old for that..

Brit: I'll be honest, I didn't know if it was you or Shane, until you coughed! and i was like, it was Joe!
Shane: And you were using the HOH purple blanket joe!
Joe: (nods!)
Frank: Oh god! I don't use that blanket!
Brit: if I caught you - there's no telling how many times I haven't caught you!
Joe: 8 times a day like Wil!
Brit: i'm so glad I got that off my chest.
Joe: I'm thrilled.

Dan: How'd we get on this subject? We were talking about batteries!
-- Well, that would do it! It's quite amusing... a very welcome gigglefest and release of tension. Flashback!

Britney: i want to sleep all day tomorrow!
Shane: Get batteries, back to bed. Dr.s back to bed
Brit: We'll make a pact! No one gets up till 5.
Ian: No freakin way I could do that. No way.

11:37 Joe entertains by doing Howie Mandel's Reverend DickyDonk - which no one else remembers. Shane didn't even know he was a comic. Oh, whatever shall we do with the youth today! Pfft! And it's almost time for me to go, so  I'm out. Britney's headed to bed, and so am I. :)



Blogger Sandra B. said...

Hey Lessa, Looks like Brit has a chance of staying. Joe and Ian are trying to turn Shane.

I hope she starts fighting soon. She is trying to be so nice to Dani and Dani is crying up a storm and laughing on the inside. I just want to shake her! Wake up Brit!

August 27, 2012 at 9:59 PM  
Blogger NaturalGrace28 said...

Strange that you got fish, it showed on BBAD. Brit said I guess you're in an alliance with Frank and Jenn.. WHAT? Frank who was your sworn nemesis **what I can remember** and now you're in an alliance with him? and Jenn went from being invisible in this game to making this move..(which leads to the comments about ripples)

August 27, 2012 at 10:16 PM  
Blogger rob tan said...

Remember when Brit was talking about the "mist" and everyone laughed?

August 27, 2012 at 10:18 PM  
Blogger NaturalGrace28 said...

Also, I'm sad that this happened, I love Brit. But all I keep thinking is WOW. just wow. If Dan makes it to the end there's no flippin' way he loses. I just don't see how he could. Of course, if he works with Frank to final two, well, he might just lose. Crazy game..and it's why we all love it so much.

August 27, 2012 at 10:18 PM  
Blogger Michigan Man said...

Hey Lessa,

I got home a bit ago and been in flashback ever since. Crazy, crazy day. Going to be a wild week.

August 27, 2012 at 10:18 PM  
Blogger NaturalGrace28 said...

I'm also secretly hoping that Brit stumbles upon the perfect thing to flip the whole house and get Dani out. I like Danielle(probably the ONLY person around that likes her, but hey, it's ok)most of the time, but I'd rather have Brit stay and work some magic so that she and Ian can be sitting at the end.

August 27, 2012 at 10:22 PM  
Blogger Michigan Man said...

Britney is going to figure this out by Thursday. I'm betting on it. Will it keep her in the game? Who knows.

August 27, 2012 at 11:01 PM  
Blogger Michigan Man said...

Night Lessa

Brit's not in bed yet. People need to watch Shane the next couple of days. I'm really not convinced he will vote out Brit and this convo between he and Brit is why.

August 27, 2012 at 11:48 PM  
Blogger GaYToR said...

hey Lessa and everyone. Checking in to see what is going on.

So far Isaac is a big bust but likely to change in about 12 hours. I'm trying to keep phones charged as much as I can so for now I'm on laptop. At least I will have a backdoor to the Dish. ;-)

I'm reading the late night now but Lessa might slip away before I finish.

We are safe here, or safer than in the city. Maybe here we won't loose power while in the city it's a sure bet.

I'll be checking in tomorrow when I awake and when fear of storms permit.

STAY SAFE everyone else on the northern Gulf coast.


August 27, 2012 at 11:55 PM  
Blogger Sam said...

Hey Dishers, I'd love to see Brit stay. I've really enjoyed her this time around. Dani isn't very entertaining except when Dan wound her up. Shane has not studied the game and I don't know how he will vote. Should be interesting to us at least.

August 28, 2012 at 12:08 AM  
Blogger NaturalGrace28 said...

I hope so! Dani practically gave herself away, laughing and joking all night. I'm pulling for Brit

August 28, 2012 at 12:16 AM  
Blogger Stacey said...

Hey lessa! (if ur still here) and everybody!

I know dan must have a reason for it because he's so brilliant :0) but why does he not say to brit "I'm not HOH...I didn't pick the renom"? Of course he had to get himself off the block...she's acknowledged that much now...he's said he agreed to target ian for them but that doesn't mean he will (cya) but couldn't he have gone a step further and said I suggested joe but said ultimately ur decision big guy, just glad to come off....sorry its u but certainly not MY fault!
Again, in his superior wisdom I'm sure he knows better than humble I, just wondering if anyone has an opinion....


August 28, 2012 at 12:20 AM  
Blogger Cynthia Barr said...

Hey hey!
What a day on the feeds... almost as exciting as a double evict show. I am really sad Brit is leaving. ): I would much rather Dani leave I feel like in every conversation she turns it to make it about herself. I don't know who will sit around and listen to her whine/complain once Brit is gone.
On another note, Dan is amazing! You cannot count him down .... EVER. He some how heats the knife before he sticks in your back. Lol.
Thanks Lessa!!!

August 28, 2012 at 1:04 AM  
Blogger nancyk89 said...

I really think dani will go on Thursday I actually like dani I just wish she could stopped having to have people stroke her ego and go to work on votes if not she will go home and Dan better win next hoh...

August 28, 2012 at 1:31 AM  

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