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Monday, August 27, 2012

Early Morning with Dan

Dan's up before the bell!  Let's join him..

If this is your first time on the blog, make sure to read these 2 posts:
EPIC game moves on the live feeds from Dan last night.  He may well have saved himself.. You must watch the flashbacks!!

7:14am Dan's up!!
Feed 1

Dan: Earliest I've been up all season.  It all comes down to what Jenn City decides to do in about 3 hours.  This season's been a long road.  I don't think it's quite over yet for me.  It's real cold out though.. I'll lay down inside.

Dan moves into the Arcade Room, then decides to go back to the bedroom get some jeans on.. He dresses in the bathroom.

Dan: Can't believe I'm up at 7am.
**me neither, darlin.

Jenn enters the bathroom..
Dan: (whispers) Sorry did I wake you up?
Jenn: (nods no)
Dan: Yeah I did.  I'm sorry. 

Jenn uses the bathroom.  Dan moves on to the kitchen..


Dan: Can I get you anything this fine morning?  Coffee?  Beer? Back massage?
Jenn: hehehehe (and back to bed)

Dan: Alright.. Here we are.  You n me.  Me n you. All comes down to probably the next 4 hours.. Let's make sure the rat's not around here. If you missed my handiwork last night.. I called a house mtg.. dubbed it Dan's Funeral.. Went around the room, said something nice about everyone except Danielle.. TOld her she was dead to me.  Wild chaos ensued.  Went upstairs with Frank.. I talked my arch nemesis in this game into a final 2 deal with me.. pending the Veto is used on me this morning.. So fast forward a little bit.. Jenn was a little pissed I didn't ask hre.. But when I went to bed last night, it was looking like she would.  Good morning.  It's amazing what 24 hours alone can do.. I think I slept 20 hours in there.  So the real question is.. If this goes through, am I gonna stay true to Jenn, Frnak and Danielle?  The answer is yes, I am.  For someone to take me off the block at this stage of the game is huge.  So.. the big question is, if I'm coming down, who is going up in my place?  Ian's right hand girl.  Indirectly she's thrown me under the bus.  frank shed a little light on it.  It all comes down to Jenn City.

Dan: Goodmorning to my beautiful wife Chelsea.. She's probably like, why is he up this early?  Why?  Because I spent 24 hours locked up yesterday.  Like John Gotti in a cell.  I have to say, after  my funeral meeting yesterday, people were enraged. Ohh.  There's a bird down here. That's the lowest I've ever seen a bird down here.. Down by the pool.. Could that be a good sign?  I'm grabbin at straws..

Dan: Good morning, to Sue Gheesling.  I know she probably hasn't slept in 3 days.. If you can tweet my mom, tell her not to worry..  I can only imagine what Chelsea's been thinking.  She's not been through the BB experience before, and I'm not sure she's seem me act like this either.  Ya know what?  I kinda like getting up early.. Kelly.. She had to know I wasn't gonna give up.  Never. Have. Never. Will.

Dan: If she doesn't take me down, I can definitely say I went down swinging, while sending the entire house into a tizzy.  What else am I thinking?  Let's see.. Thinking if I survive this veto and get taken down, I will celebrate my 29th bithday in this house on September 1st.  Do I respect Fran?  yeah.  He's been a comp beast.. and he saw the light last night.. I definitely feel better about working with him now that Boogie;s gone.

Dan: Last night, Jenn City had some reservations about using the veto on me.  I had to tell her you're right.. Also, in this game, she wanted to protect the girls.. I had to convince her it didn't matter..  Eagle Eye Joe, thought there was something more to my meeting.. Always scanning everything..

Dan: These are going to be the longest 4-5 hours of my life.. In the BB game.. or not..  possibly life in general.  If you're watching this right now, and you want me to survive this veto meeting.  Dan@DanGheesling.com is where you can share the love.. or tell me you hope I burn and don't survive another week in this game.  Either way, it's been an amazing ride the 2nd time around.. Much more difficult than the 1st time.. I guess, lookin' back last time.. I always played from behind.. I had to struggle.. I was tellin' Danielle last night, I prefer it when people hate me in this game, cuz that's when I'm most comfortable.. Cuz when people hate me in this game, they're unaware of what I'm capable of.. FOr a 5'9" kid from Michigan.. I've survived 8 evictions and I haven't won a thing.  I hope the carrot man wakes up soon..

Dan: There's a guy in this game who's been hell-bent on destroying me.. and 24 hours later, I'm able to talk him out of wanting to come after me at all. Oh my gosh.. What's wrong with me?  But to be honest with you guys, I probably feel 50 50 right now.  It's all at the mercy of Jenn City. Until.  The.  End.

Danielle was pretty pissed at me last night.  Pullin' that shenanigan on her.. Tellin' her she was dead to me in front of the whole house..

Dan: Oh man.. Never seen a bird on the hammock before.. Time to feed it.  

Dan goes inside to get some bread for the bird..

Dan: Oh, he's gone.. Hope you come back, buddy.

Dan: Someone tweet Memphis Garrett..  Tell him his boy might get out of a jam again.. This is like deja vu.. Last time, on my birthday, this time a couple days away from my birthday..

Dan: If I don't come off the block, I know you'll be disappointed, but I probably wont do much campaigning.. Sometimes you just gotta wait to mke your move.  Some people Strike while the iron's about to burn the whole place down.  I told someone in this house they were dead to me.  No insults.  No personal attacks. People like to hate me in this game.  Probably because I play on their emotions.. I needed some tears to make it believable.  I literally couldn't fall asleep last night.  I was so excited for today.  Excited for a 50 50 shot to say alive in this game.

Dan: Janelle, if you're watching, I'm sorry.  I really wanted to play with you. We could've steamrolled through.  Especially the floatation devices..   I wonder what she thinks.
**She's thrilled!

Timecheck - 7:50am

Dan: Mom, I'm eating for you right now.  Stop calling the Big Brother house.  They're busy.  This is a slop cookie made by Joe Arvin, and I'll be eating this.  Maybe I shouldn't.. in case Jenn wants it.  Matza.  May not taste as good as Joe's slop cookie, but it wont piss off Jenn.  THi sis hilrarious, by the way.. Tell me this doesn't look like a pee wee herman saltine cracker.

Dan: Let's talk about Ian.. Do I like the kid?  Yes.. But.. I've been covering his ass for.. I've been covering Ian for 25 days.. and for what?  TO have him tell Danielle to F off during the PB?  Try to dupe me in the PB?  What irks me about ian is that he always tries to have every base covered.  it's not possible.

Dan: I'll tell you this.  He has changed from day 1 to day 50.. Kinda similar to how I did when I found out I was AC. I tried to not get cocky with other people.. Just the cameras.. Shout out to my uncle Glen Gheesling.  That's my uncle.. my number one dude.  He got in trouble last time.. cuz he watched the feeds too much.

Dan: Throw your matzas in the air, if yous a true player..

Dan: Dr Will, man.  I tried to work with Mike Boogie.  I wanted to.  Coulda been a beautiful thing. 

8am Dan's all about shoutouts to non-family and non-bb...

Dan: I wonder how Kelly's candle business is going.  She's real passionate about it.  Kinda like I was passionate about coming on this show.. I hope this wasn't my swansong guys.. I hope I got at least 1 more week in here to make some magic happen.

Dan: During Dan's funeral yesterday, Shane was the 1st to tear up.  Shane is a good guy.  He's definitely learning the game.  He's a little behind the 8 ball though, because he's never really seen the show.  Don't know how that happened.. I do like him.  Gonna try to protect him as much as I can, because I do like him.

Dan moves on to his impressions about Danielle..

Dan: She'll be alright.  I guess you could sy I'm her Miyagi.. It was pretty funny last night.. talking serious strategy with a man dressed as a carrot.  Only n the bb house.  Does America think I'm scum this time?  I don't know.  No idea.  The one thing I try to play is not maliciously.  I've been swearing a lot this season.  I don't know why.  Mom's like, I don't know why either.. why have you been swearing so much..

Dan: Tell Jun not to bash me anymore. It's ok.  It's what she does.  She's funny.  Rob Cesternino, see you at blogworld expo in vegas.  Hope your podcast is going well..

Dan: It's all coming down to this.. Is Jenn City gonna pull the trigger and save me with the veto?  I'm taking a passive approach with Jenn, because I'm not a hard sell kinda guy. And I don't think she'd like it. She's gotta figure out for herself that it's in her best interest to keep me and get little blondie outa here.   Jenn.. The only one who saw rightthru my funeral.  knew exactly what I was doing.  That's good.  Smart.  I just hope her music is good.

Dan: Who else can I talk to you about?  Britney?  Good person.  Incredible stink eye. In this game, she's in a great position.. Check that.  She was in a great position.  I respect her more now than when I saw her in a previous season.. Everyone has their own game to play.  People bag on floaters.  Myself included.  Sometimes that's the only way they can play the game.  This is Jenn's time to make a move.  You will not hear me call her a floatation device if she makes this move.. Ashley was a floatation device.. Joe Arvin might be the very deifnition of a floatation device. That's why he's gotta go soon.

Dan: Only person I didn't talk to after the funeral last night was Shane.  The Shane Train.  I rode that train for a little while.  Thing about Ian is, the kid had a chance t make a bold move and he went wishy washy on it.  He threw the live show veto.  Make the whole move.  Once you make your move, there is no more middle.  Sorry mom, if I embarrassed you guys this season.. especially if you saw the Pandora episode.  Sorry to my little cousins.. I lost my cool.  I don't take that lightly when I have little cousins watching, and i'm acting like a 2 year old..

Dan: Definitely enjoy this house with less people in it..

8:32am  Dan's doing non-bb shoutouts.. I'm saving my wrists..

Alright live feeds, let's make a bet.. Who's gonna be up 1st.  I'm pressing the Frank Eudy button.  I'd love to talk to him this morning.


Dan: (mocking production voice) Hi guys.. We've got the veto meeting this morning.  (back to normal) I feel like someone on trial.  The judge is making their decision at 11am.  No control.  My lawyer feels good about it.  It all comes down to the judge, jury and executioner: Jenn City. (pause) Kudos to Robyn Kass for a wild..

Dan: Chelsea, we're not gonna go see The Dark Knight rises right away.  I think we're gonna have some catching up to do.

Dan: Hey guys.. It's time to get up.  Time to get up for the Veto meeting.

Dan: Let's get some sun.. We got our basketball net back.  That's a plus.  Nothing was stirring.  Not even a mouse. Man,  I got a mullet.  It's ridonkulous.. but luxurious in it's own way.

Dan: Jenn City, what are you gonna do?

**now he's talking to the pool..

Dan: You've always been there for me.. provided me that cooling safe haven.. and Shades?  You'r eever present in my big brother life.. Pool, thank you for everything you've given me.. It's been fun.. I hope to have a pool just like you.. To the pool, I pour out some, and I say, Thank you.

Dan: Oh outside world.. You're so close.. Only a fence away, but so far away.. and I don't wanna see you any time soon.  At least not until after the finale.

Dan: What does the future hold.  One can only know.  I've enjoyed our morning chat.  Hope you have as well. I forgot to talk to you guys about faking my zombie illness yesterday.. When I came out from the solitary room, I wanted to seem a little brainwashed, and ..  I think it worked.  Was it necessary? I don't know.  I just wanted to make them think I wasn't thinking.  That's the reason for doing it.

**Extended fishies.. Wakey Wakey.. Look out for a new top post.



Blogger Blue said...

Good Morning! :)

I'm still in Flashback.

Sooooooo goooooood!

Oh my gah!

Be back later!

August 27, 2012 at 8:24 AM  
Blogger Andrea said...

Good Morning Carolyn!!! Moochies xoxo
Glad to hear all seems well on the Isaac front.
I am so pleased at what I have gotten up to this beautiful morning...Go Dan!!!!
Feeds are going to be fun this week ;)

August 27, 2012 at 8:29 AM  
Blogger Christine Elizabeth said...

Doing a happy dance!! I LOVE THIS GAME!!! Last night was an amazing night on the feeds and I am hoping today will be just as spectacular. Brit and Ian are NOT going to be happy if this goes down they way Dan hopes it will...

This Game This House These people...I love it! :)

August 27, 2012 at 8:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love watching Dan talk to us...it is like getting into his brain and seeing how it works...such random thoughts...back and forth...lol


August 27, 2012 at 8:41 AM  
Blogger lee said...

Oh Em Gee, Carolyn!! I am so excited for the POV and aftermath! Watched this plan in action last night. Epic move. Genius. My only dream would be for when Brit gets put up, Joe,Ian and Shane vote out Danielle! ;) Danielle is pretty confident that Shane would vote her over Brit, but I'm not so sure...If Danielle makes it to final 2 with Dan, I hope those people in jury realize it was Dan's game,not hers. He totally deserves to win again, if that happens.

OK. Done rant. I just have so much to say!!!! heehee

August 27, 2012 at 8:47 AM  
Blogger THE MINTON'S said...

So I was getting a bit discouraged this season and wasn't looking forward to watching the game with out my man Dan. Thought about going tv only so I didn't have to bear witness to Frank steamroll this thing. But then I woke up to this lovely gem and I'm totally obsessed again. I will be so ecstatic if Dan pulls this off!!! I'll miss Britney - but man! What a save??? Who else could pull this off??

Much love to all you dishers! Especially Carolyn and Lessa for all the hard work!

August 27, 2012 at 8:47 AM  
Blogger JadeDarkStar said...

lol im loving the dan manologe this morrning

go dan the man woot woot

August 27, 2012 at 8:48 AM  
Blogger jodda said...

I hardly ever post this season because I seem to never get the chance, but

Above all-
Carolyn, Gaytor, and anyone else in Isaac's path: I am sending be safe and calm weather vibes. I can't help but think of y'all as I see weather updates.

Caro and Lessa (miss you Lessa!!), thank you for your unwavering, consistent watching and posting.

What an incredible 12 or so hours in the BB house. OMGosh. My daughters' first day of school was today, but I had my earphones on as I went to sleep and must have woken up every 20 minutes and I would get wrapped up in what was happening.
Not a lot of sleep to be had last night.
I even dreamed I was in the house with Dan :D

Love it!

August 27, 2012 at 8:52 AM  
Blogger Hodge said...

Fishes, WAKEY WAKEY Houseguests!!!! Wish Frank woulda woke up before this so he and Dan coulda talked.

August 27, 2012 at 8:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We are all waiting with you Dan. Hopefully Jenn and Dani dont figure out there is a good chance Dani will go home

August 27, 2012 at 8:55 AM  
Blogger Marla Peverall said...

Morning Carolyn,

Finally someone besides Frank entertaining us with what's bouncing around in their brain!

I actually would love for Jenn to use it, but only because I love the drama I'm sure will ensue after the veto meeting as a result.

This has to be one of the best seasons yet.

August 27, 2012 at 8:55 AM  
Blogger Lupo said...

if Jenn uses the veto, Dan may get my top spot BB player of all time over Dr. Will.

I will have to see how the rest of the season plays out, especially if he gets Dani to final 2 or even himself.

August 27, 2012 at 9:02 AM  
Blogger Gerri Curless said...

o-m-g my head is still spinning from last night LOL - so glad I have this site to check out what I miss <3 glad everyone I know is safe from Isaac - now back to reading LOL

August 27, 2012 at 9:08 AM  
Blogger Gerri Curless said...

o-m-g my head is still spinning from last night LOL - so glad I have this site to check out what I miss <3 glad everyone I know is safe from Isaac - now back to reading LOL

August 27, 2012 at 9:11 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

Good morning Carolyn

I have been thinking very hard about what to say or if I even want to say anything.

I have heard other people comment over the years about stepping away from the feeds because of the negative impact it has on their lives. I could never imagine missing a moment of the drama.

Whether it's because with each BB season I am another year older, or because I have children or because there have been some unpleasant real live issues that have stressed me out this year, it seems like this season has left me feeling angry, sad and depressed.

I am all but positive I am the only person who is not on Dan's side right now.

On a game standpoint I have no problem admitting that Frank has played an amazing game. However, his bullying tactics and hypocrisy have made it impossible for me to root for him.

Also on a game standpoint, I can say that this hail mary by Dan is probably the most amazing game move ever in the history of BB. However, I don't like it because I know the world of hurt that isin store for Britney and Ian. I don't even know who I was rooting for at this point. What I do know is that losing to someone who was never on your side is a game move you can get over fairly quickly. Having someone that you worked with for the whole game, someone that you trusted and considered a friend go out of their way to put a target on your back hurts in a completely different way.

The fact that Dan has made Brit and Ian out to be the most dangerous duo in the house in order to take the target off himself bothers me. I do know it's a good move and I do know he has every right to do it. I just feel like somewhere there must be someone that would choose integrity over money. I know, silly me.

The big, bad secret final 2 between Ian and Brit has suddenly become the most powerful thing in the house. Meanwhile Danielle has had final 2's with Dan, Brit, Shane and has ppromised to never vote Jenn out.

I don't even know what I am trying to say. I know it is a game. I don't feel that on a 'human' level Britney deserves what Dan has done to her. I believe that Ian's attachment and need for Britney has far more to do with a personal need than a final 2 deal which is something no one else in the house has had enough compassion to see. And I feel like on a personal and human level Dan was my last hope for a person who would do the humane thing instead of doing what was best for his game. I don't believe for a moment it was to get at least one more week and to push Danielle further in the game. I believe his decision was based on 20% greed and 80% ego.

As I said, there are outside influences in my life that may be making me look at this from a more emotional standpoint than I normally would. And I know at this point I am probably babbling and not making sense. So yes, I am in the minority. Yes, I can applaud Dan for being the best player ever. But I honestly wanted to hold out hope for someone to just choose to be a good person over winning a game.

August 27, 2012 at 9:27 AM  
Blogger Autumn said...

OMG I am so behind it is not even funny!! I thought I was going to be able to catch up Saturday but I ended up working.

So I am so thankful for BBdish!!!!

Love you Caro and Lessa for making sure I am in the know!!!

Well back to work and turning the feeds very soon!

Hi Dishers missed you all!

August 27, 2012 at 9:46 AM  
Blogger ChattyCat said...

I couldn't believe it when I read your blog this morning. Gosh Dan, if you pull this off, you deserve the $500,000! While I like Britney, lately I have seen where she is in everyone's ear telling them what to do, but she doesn't want any blood on her hands and is quite quick to jump from side to the other. I especially didn't like how she moaned and whined about Shane throwing her under the bus, and ruining her game ! The poor guy, could his head have hung any lower, being chastised by her. And he was right, why should he be the only one to have blood on his hands, when it was a group decision. If this goes off, kudo's to Dan and Frank !!!!

August 27, 2012 at 12:33 PM  
Blogger ChattyCat said...

I like Britney too, but it is true she has been in everyone's ear telling them what to do, then she whines and moans to Shane how he threw her under the bus even mentioning her name to Boogie & Frank. He was right, why should Shane be the only one to have blood on his hands, when it was a group decision. Britney is playing a good game, and funny as all heck, I will miss her, but let's not forget it took her about 1 second to turn her back on Dan. If Dan pulls this off - he deserves more than the $500,000 ! And hopefully will forever be known as The Best BB Player of all time . .

August 27, 2012 at 12:40 PM  
Blogger cheri mariotti said...

Dan has played this game very smart this season, and you know this is exactly how he won it last time. He thinks things through and he knows what he is doing. He definitely deserves to win this season. I haven’t been able to watch any of the episodes live, but I always make sure I catch it in the morning on my Hopper with the Auto Hop feature. It will automatically skip over the commercials for me, so it gives me time to get ready before I have to head into work at Dish. I cannot wait to see it all play out on Wednesday and to see their reactions.

August 28, 2012 at 6:48 AM  

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