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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Late Morning to Early Afternoon

Following Frank's morning monologue, he gets straight to work on Danielle, and rolls a semi over Dan.  Also included in this post are Danielle's follow-up conversation with Dan, and Dan's subsequent conversation with Frank..

Buckle your seatbelts, BB Lovers!  Frank will not go softly into that good night..

I grabbed as much as I could of these conversations, but as always I recommend you watch these key moments in the flashback area of the live feeds.  Time and camera numbers are supplied..


Feed 3

We join this conversation in progress..  Frank is talking to Danielle about a final 3 with him and Jenn.  She's all ears.

Danielle: I'm not opposed to it.  Does that answer your question without me having to say it?  I don't want those words to come out of my mouth.
Frank: I like Dan but he plays these crazy game.
Danielle: I know..

Frank: Can I tell you something without it going any further?  I know that he said that to you at the funeral, because he thought Britney had gotten into your ear..
Danielle: That's what he said?
Frank: Yeah.. He said when he came upstairs..
Danielle: I would've taken that hands down. I knew Avocado, Carrot and Shower before anyone else..  I know how Dan works.. For him to have said something like that, he would've have to have offered you a final 2 deal.
Frank: he thinks we have one.
DAnielle: I know how he works.
Frank: I'm the one who told him to come smooth things over with you..
Danielle: You've gotta tell me exactly how the conversation went.  So he really said he was mad at me, and that wasn't an act?  He only came down beciase you told him to?
Frank: I think he was going to anyway.. I said, why would you approach her like that?  It makes you look like a bad guy.. I think that's how it went.
Danielle: Oh.. Ok..

Frank: We just need to keep this on the DL.. We don't need him to know that you know this.  And Shane wants him out, so we'll be able to get him to put him up.  I'm just telling you..
Danielle: I know I keep asking this.. He told you he really was mad, but that he was gonna tell me it was just an act?
Frank: he didn't say it like that.. He said that when he saw you and Britney whispering that he knew he was alone in this house.. It wasn't til half way through our conversation that Joe came up and said how upset you were.  The main reason he was up there was to get the heat off of him and onto Ian.. I just wanna clue you in on it..
Danielle: SO he still doesn' ttrust me and all this is fake.
Frank: I don't know.
Danielle: Well, I'm glad you told me, Frank.
Frank: I was gonna wait and tell you Wednesday or THursday..
Danielle: I'm glad you told me now.. Later, I would've thought you were just coming to me for a vote.
Frank: You know Jenn and I love you to death and wanna keep you in this game.. ANd Shane feels the same.

Danielle: You sure you don't want me up Frank?  That you haven't said I should go up on the block?
Frank: Who said that?  Joe?
Danielle: I'm not sayin' names.
Frank: Sometimes I say things just to get votes.. Jenn knows the whole truth.. and you know most..

Frank: You're good at putting on a face.. I think just having this nformation will just make it a better run for us at the end..
Danielle: Yeah, you're right..  You shoulda told me earlier, and you woulda had an answer earlier.
Frank: I didn't want you to think I was trying to manipulate you.
Danielle: There's no way you would know the information you know.. unless Dan told you.  Well, don't worry, Frank.  I wont say anything.  I'm just gonna be a little ticked off for a bit.  But it's not at you.
Frank: Do you realize if we have 4 people together going into the 6, it looks really good.  I know you're gonna be a threat at the memory stuff.. and I want that threat on my side.  I think you're sharp as a tack.. Even the way you caught on to that little cup game.
Danielle: you're very observant, Frank.
Frank: I just know the comps are gonna steer away from physical and become more about what you know.
Danielle: I know.  It's about to start.  Don't worry.. I'm not opposed to it.  I just need some time to soak in what you said about Dan.  If you see me talking to him, it's not that.  THat son of a bitch..

Frank: Certain things he says just make me worry.. Like last night, he said, I wonder if JOe can win the next HoH... I'm like wait a minute..
Danielle: hmm.
Frank: So I'm like, if I've got this information, and I can get Danielle to pull the trigger on Dan and Shane, why wouldn't she work with me?
Danielle: Why would I pull the trigger on SHane?  He's done nothing but be there for me..

Back to the PoV comp..
Danielle: The fact that I was even gonna throw it shows how much I did care.. Did you and Britney have a deal?
Frank: No.  She came to me after the double eviction.. after i won the HoH.. and she opened her arms up for a hug.. "We can't send you out, so we gotta work with you.."  And after that Veto, Dan went up to her and said, we have 2 weeks to get him out.. and she denied it.. I wanna work with people who are honest.. cuz I've been honest in this game.
Danielle: Come on now, Frank.  Let's not pretend you don't manipulate some words.. and tell some fibs.. Don't play holier than thou..

Frank: I think I've stayed as close as possible in this game.
Danielle: So ya'll were never gonna trade Wil?
Frank: That would've been Mike's decision.. 

Danielle: So you and Dan have a final 2 deal..
Frank: I didn't say that.
Danielle: You didn't deny it.
Frank: (Smiles)  You didn't wanna sayt the words.. I don't either..

Danielle: I know exactly what you're saying.  He knows he can't beat me at a mental comp.  It all makes sense now. Hm.  Thanks for tellin' me, Frank.
Frank: Can you talk to Shane when you get a chance?
Danielle: Yeah.

Danielle: Where's Ian at?
Frank: In bed.
Danielle: I figured he'd already be tweeting.  you know it's picture day.. That's why I'm putting makeup on.
Frank: Yeah.

Talk turns to working out.. and tanning.. 

Danielle: Are you excited about working out?
Frank: I'm more excited about our little talk we just had.  Shane's such a loyal guy and Jenn's such a loyal girl.. We really couldn't pick better people to work with.
Danielle: Oh, I know..
Frank: But.. what a day.. what a week..
Danielle: Frikkin' Dan.
Frank: I know.  If he comes to you, and is like, let's vote Frank out, tell me, and let him think you're voting me out.
Danielle: Ok.. As long as you don't make a scene about it.
12:11pm - Fishies.. briefly..

Frank: He might be being completely honest with me, but.. I'd rather you know too..
Danielle: Yeah.. I agree..  No Worries.  THe fact that you knew all that information.. He said it.  There's no way you would have known.
Frank: Knowledge is power in this game, and you and I just got a little more knowledge.

They hear someone moving about the house, and topic change to Frank's hair..

Ian's on the hammock.. Dani's in the bathroom.. Frank's jumping rope..

 ***FYI - I'm going to keep this post going til 1pm BBT

BB: Ian, please come to the Diary Room...

Ian anf Frank acknowledge it's blog time.. Soon to be pics.. and tweeting..

Danielle: You know what this is for, dontcha?  You're gonna blog first..

**I'm taking 5-10.  brb. 2 for the Frank fans, first..

Dan joins Danielle in the bathroom.
**one of those thank goodness I checked the quad moments. 

Danielle: He said you two had a final 2 deal..  I told him, I think you're good..
Dan: I told you I slipped last night..
Danielle: He said, it scares me, because if dan can do that to you..
Dan: You don't believe him, do you?
Danielle: No! I think he only told me.. He goes, you need to know, because he's not gonna work with you.. THe only thing that ruffled my feathers a little was because I felt like you genuinely were mad at me after thew veto competition.. And then he was trying to take credit.. and I just played dumb.. He goes, the only reason Dan came down here and made peace with you is because I told him to.. He's like, you gotta keep this between you and me.. and I'm like. OK.
Dan: Duh..  I was gonna be nice in my goodbye message, but..
Danielle: He was almost tryin' to threaten me.. I have to be super nice to him now.. He's like, people don't realize how smart you are.. He's like, I have to watch what I say around youm becaus eyou pick up on everything..

Danielle: I do trust you.  He's told me, It's not he really was mad at you, he really is mad at you... But I knew that he was just using it when he told me about the final 2, because he wouldn't say it, but you'd already told me about it.

**OK, Frank fans.. Danielle just offered all this information.

Danielle: So now he's tryin' to get me and Shane against you.  He's gonna try to get me and Shane to try to work with him and Jenn.  I think I'm the one person, he's not gonna tell anybody as long as he thinks he's stayin..
Dan: Jenn loses trust in me because of him, you'll find out.  You just need to find out what he says to Jenn today..
Danielle: He's like, "Danielle, I'll get out whoever you want to get out.. If you want I'll get out Dan next and then Shane." I'm like.. You're not that smart.
Dan: DO you think I should tell them that I made a f2 deal with him?
Danielle: No.. I don't think he's told anyone.  He didn't even want it to come out of his mouth..
Dan: When did he tell you all this?
Danielle: Like 30 minutes ago.  (**not even)  He's outside working out.
Dan: I'm trying to think how I can prevent anything from going to Jenn.
Danielle: I don't think it's going to Jenn.  He knows it would pss her off.  Because he has a f2 deal with her.. and she wont get it..

Danielle: You can tell Shane that Frank tried to get me to get you and him out.
Dan: I just want you to trust me.

12:39pm Danielle and Dan pledge their allegiance to each other once again..

12:42pm Dan heads out back to do damage control with Frank..whom he refers to as a Bull in a CHina Shop.

BB: Frank: Please put on your microphone.
Frank: Done talkin'.
Carolyn: In that case, I'll take those 5 minutes I was wanting before Dan sat down with Danielle..

Dan and Frank

Dan tells Frank he checked in with Danielle, and it looks good for him with her vote, and that it could even go 4-0.  Frank tells Dan he got to speak with Danielle too.. Frank feels good about his chances for staying..

Each thinks they are toying with the other.. Like snakes in a cage..

Dan: I know things are gonna get crazy over the next 2 days.  I want you to know you have my vote 100%.  I know you can be paranoid being up there.  I just hope you don't question me.
Frank: Paranoia just sets in.. and my problem is I read into DRs too much.  They tell me that all the time.
BB: You are not allowed to talk about your DR sessions..

At one point, Dan asked Frank what he should tell Joe to keep him at bay, and Frank replied something to the effect of  "toy with him, just for fun.."  With that in mind, Dan proceeded.. I wonder if it'll be a part of his goodbye message to Frank, along with the fact that he was going to be faithful to their final 2 until he got wind from Danielle that Frank had completely thrown him under the bus, broken their trust and was offering to go after him for her..  

**ok.. Seriously.. 5 minutes.. this time I mean it.  Spark up your feeds, folks!  See you in a new top post!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Long time lurker first time comment.

Is it just me or does frank look like the joker from batman with out makeup?

September 4, 2012 at 7:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is is just me or does frank look like the joker from batman with out make up?

September 4, 2012 at 7:31 PM  

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