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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Overnight Report

Good morning, BB Lovers!  Happy Tuesday to you!  Today in the BB15 house, in addition to Amanda-mania and Howard and Spencer-manipulation attempts, Aaryn will be doing her HoH blog and tweets.. I wonder if her tweets will be shown this time.  Then she'll get the camera for HoH picture time. :)  

Let's dive right in and see what our HGs got into late-night Monday on the live feeds. :)


Cam 1/2
Judd, Howard, Candice, Spencer

Non-game chatter.. 

Cam 3/4

Aaryn: I really feel, after talking with Helen today, very solid about it.  Like Howard's going home.  So now we have 5 more weeks.  GM, Judd, Howard, Spencer, Candice..

McCrae: I still wanna make a deal with her.
Amanda: With who?
McCrae: Gm
Andy: I think it would be best if you, me and Helen went to her together..
Aaryn: But what if it gets to a point where you're HoH and you can't stick to that deal?

Andy: They are just freaking me out.
Amanda: He's even trying to pull McCrae into a deal
McCrae: Like, how pissed would you be if Amanda left?
Andy: We just have to do the same thing we did with Nick..

Amanda: Aaryn, how about this.. How about we make a final 4..
Andy: Helen's too emotional.. I feel like, I genuinely trust you.  I am loyal to the death.
Aaryn: I'm down, but please don't make any fake alliances with me. 
Amanda: You know, I've been loyal to you for weeks now.  That said, Judd's been in a final 4 with us for weeks now, but he f'd up being a shady f*ck.
Andy: This morning, I was like what?!
Amanda: From the moment Judd lied, he made up the Kaitlin thing..
Aaryn:  I knew.  He was like, I came up with something to keep you.

Amanda: This is it.  No other bullsh*t.  Any other fake outside alliance deals, you tell your alliance.  This whole thing downstairs, I feel like he came up with it to Howard and Spencer.  He's thinking too far ahead and too selfish.  You have to think final f'ing four.
Andy: He wants to get you out before jury even..
Amanda: This is huge.  This is real.  I have no other real alliances.

Andy confirms.

Ginamarie enters..

Amanda: Hi Babybooo!
Ginamarie: It's cold outside..
Amanda: Has Howard approached you yet?
Andy: Did I tell you I made him say names last night?  He was alluding, and I played dumb..

Ginamarie: He said he'd rather have Candice stay here over him,,  I'm like, is that reverse psychology..
Amanda: I thought he was telling people to vote me out.
Andy: That's what they'll do right before the vote.  No matter what, no matter who says anything to you, Vote Out Howard.

Ginamarie: If I win HoH next week, I'm putting up Spencer
Amanda: Candice too.
Aaryn: I have a feeling you will win HoH next week too.
Ginamarie: Thank you.

Andy: Just know, no matter what, we're voting out Howard.
Aaryn: We're so invested in this game..
Andy: It'll be an easy vote.
Amanda: Has Judd filled you in on anything?
Ginamarie: This morning, he said people are gonna talk to you about a (fake) alliance.. He said just listen and don't promise anything.
Andy: I trust you..
Aaryn: When you say something, you do it.
Ginamarie: To quote Scarface.. I got my word and my balls.
McCrae: You are probably the most trustworthy person..
Andy: Can we all agree?  Elissa has been so funny the past few days.  It's making her seem more like a person.

BB: Ginamarie, please don't quote lines from movies.

Talk returns to Elissa...

Aaryn: She actually came up here just to chat with me today.. and she was legit nice..

Speaking  of Elissa..

Cam 1
Elissa and Jessie

Topic: Candice

Jessie: I feel like she'd out him before everybody.. and now she's come back to you guys and made nice again..

Elissa: mm hmm
Jessie: I know she apologized to Helen, but she didn't apologize to me. And we got in an argument today.
Elissa: What was your argument about?
Jessie: She cornered me in the bathroom, and asked me if I'd vote Amanda out.
Elissa: I would never vote anything for him, because he doesn't acknowledge me.
Jessie: He's a nice guy, but we've never played the game together.  Why would I keep someone in this house who doesn't see the value in my game?  He just wants to use me for a vote.  That's what his game is.  I don't know.  I just feel like something isn't right with our relationship.. me and Candice's.
Elissa: I feel like he's being dishonest for sure, and I feel like he nominated me.  He wont even look me in the face.
Jessie: If that's how he treats Candice's friends..  I mean, I love her as a person, but I don't like the way she's been playing the game lately.
Elissa: I think it's him.
Jessie: Yeah, she'll probably be better once he leaves.

Elissa: So you think like Aaryn should go to jury, not Candice?
Jessie: I think Aaryn's made more effort..
Elissa: Aaryn's definitely so adorable, like the cutest girl ever.. I mean, if she hadn't said those things about Candice?  Game wise?
Jessie: I think it comes down to who has more potential..
Elissa: Has Aaryn been consistent with you?
Jessie: Not throughout the game.
Elissa: My concern with her is what she said about people she was with after they left. I think if she had the opportunity to get on her high horse again, she could totally go there.
Jessie: But I feel like Candice has been on a high horse too..

Elissa: I'm gonna be interested to see what happens with her when Howard's gone.
Jessie: Yeah, me too.

Speculation about Howard's love life outside the show ensues.. Elissa bets he has a girlfriend who's calling production on a daily basis.. 

Jessie: I loved that you were asking him questions earlier.  "Was it love at first sight with Candice?"
Elissa: And he wouldn't answer.. He's so sketch.  I brought it back up when Judd came over..  He's so weird.  I mean, he lost everything in my book.

Moving forward..

Elissa: We know Spencer, Ginamarie and Aaryn are next.. I just feel like Aaryn's a little unpredictable.. Like she would vote for Amanda in jury. I don't think it would be a fair vote.  Like, I know Spencer would be an awful vote.  Do you know where Judd's head's at?
Jessie: No.  We don't have an agenda that we're pushing together.  We're friends that flirt.  We have all of the stigma of a showmance, but none of the benefits. 

Cam 3
Amanda, McCrae, Aaryn, Andy, Ginamarie

Andy: I think Judd is fine for now.
Amanda: Ok, but, when did he tell you about.. He didn't tell us the truth.. He told us in a 2 hour long conversation..

Talk turns to Candice and Jessie's habit of slamming doors when people are sleeping.  Then having to do retakes in DR sessions..

Then back to the vote this week..

GInamarie: How come no one talked to Judd about putting Howard up?
Amanda/Andy: We did.
Amanda: He wouldn't do it.  And before that, Helen was supposed to put him up, and she wouldn't, and Elissa was supposed to put him up with the MVP, and she didn't.. 

Aaryn: There's a Jew and Candice and Howard on the block, and I'm the racist.
Amanda: Oh shut up.. But you know Candice'll use that.
Aaryn: She will.

Amanda explains to Ginamarie what's been going on in the house..

Amanda: She's over it.  I've only been loyal to her (Elissa),  and he's only betrayed her and voted against her, soo.. yeah..

12:45am HoH descends into gossip about Candice..

BB: Amanda, please go to the Diary Room.

Amanda leaves, Judd enters..  Chatter.. McCrae enters and reports on everyone's whereabouts downstairs..

Judd: Ya'll been scheming my demise?
GM: What's that mean?

Judd: I had water on my ass, so I changed my shorts, but I still had my underwear on, so the 2nd pair got wet, so I went to the shower to change my underwear, and I almost tripped and those underwear got wet.. So. I been wet all night.

McCrae leaves to go eat  salad.

Aaryn: I wonder if tomorrow is the day I blog.. (**yes)  I wonder about all the stuff I'll write about.
Judd: I wrote more about the whole experience.

Ginamarie leaves..

Aaryn: Juddy..
Judd: What's going on?
Aaryn: Amanda's freaking out.  She thinks they're gonna get the votes..
Judd: From who? Me?
Aaryn: No, they trust you. I think because Spencer said if he feels like it's going wrong, he's gonna stand up and give a speech duiring the live show.
Judd; Well, she needs to stop freaking out, cuz she's gonna freak other people out, and there's still a couple days.

McCrae Returns..

McCrae: Whaddup?
Aaryn: We were just having sex.
Judd: Thanks, McCrae.

They start guessing at the Have Not food for next week.  Judd bets it's Mushrooms and something..

Judd: If you got married to Andy, your name would be Aaryn Heren.  I love that picture of you.. with the margarita... 
Aaryn: Are you gonna try to win the next HoH?
Judd: I don't know.. Yes, of course.
Aaryn: Those are 2 totally different answers, Judd.

1am Talk turns to Spencer's girlfriend..   Ginamarie returns..

Judd: I thought they were broke up..
Aaryn: They were.

1:02am Elissa enters HoH..

Judd; ♫E-lissa..  It was supposed to be Melissa, but your parents were drunk.
Elissa: My mom might sue you.
Judd: Did she sign a release?
Elissa: Not for you.  They didn't sign it the first time Rachel did it.
Judd: They didn't?  Who was her letter from?
Elissa: Me.

Judd: Is your family really that involved when you're in here?
Elissa: Yeah.. they talk to them at least once a week, tell them how you're doing..
**in special instances, bloggers have been known to call with breaking news too. ;-)

Talk turns to parents.. Aaryn does an impression of her mother.. thick accent.. Judd joins in.. then proclamations of love from boys in highschool..

Checking Cam 1
Helen, Andy, Candice,  Spencer

This has potential...

Chatter about water parks..

Never mind.

Cam 1 flips to Andy and Spencer on the bathroom couch.. Judd emerges from the bathroom.

Andy: You blew it up?
Judd: Thanks for putting it out there on national tv.

Spencer: You had a good day?  For the portion of it that you were up?
Judd: I guess a boring day is a good day.

Andy: I didn't have to poop, but I did sit down to pee, cuz I thought I was gonna poop.

Cam 1
Amanda, McCrae, Judd

Chatter.. Spanish words.. The meaning of Boca Raton - Rat Mouth .. Judd gets up to grab a slop cookie..  and returns..

Amanda: Judd, you need botox.
McCrae: That's rude.
Judd: The Rat's Mouth.  Who the hell named that town?
Amanda: Someone stupid.. who hated Jewish old people.

Judd: Ya'll remind me of Brendon and Rachel from season 12.
McCrae; Except she's the Brendon.
Judd: No, she's the Rachel.

Camera 3
Aaryn and Elissa

Aaryn: I've been keeping GM close, but..
Elissa: Shes very flaky.
Aaryn: Judd I can't read.  I think he's gonna vote to keep Amanda, but I'm not sure.  I wasn't worried about it at all, but then you heard about how the guys were talking late night in the cockpit.. Spencer and Howard were trying to get them to flip the votes.. and they were trying to give them false hope, so they'd stop making things up.  We have enough votes.  I don't care what Spencer says, Howard's going home.
Elissa: Have you ever seen Jessie and Judd talk game?
Aaryn: No.  But I kinda feel like he wants her to go far with him..
Elissa: She's kinda sneaky in the way she'll throw people out there for her benefit.. Like, try to convince you to do what she wants, because it's best for her game..
Aaryn: I feel like, if he keeps me I'll be loyal to him.. But the fact I've already heard he wants Jessie to be there with him.. I don' t  know.
Elissa: I don't know.. This is the season of girls.. Like, all the girls are hot and catches.. and we seriously outshine the guys.
Aaryn: I feel like we definitely control things.  It's definitely gonna be 2 girls in the end.
Elissa: The girls are great.
Aaryn: Candice kind of upsets me.. But I think all the other girls are great.

Elissa: I'm getting tired.. I love McCrae.. I think he's super smart.
Aaryn: Of all the guys, I think he's the smartest.
Elissa: Spencer's just creepy.
Aaryn: True.  I don't know how he got here.

Elissa: If I was Jessie, I would be so offended.  He's so gross.

Aaryn: They should bring you and Rachel back for another season.. together.  That would be fun.
Elissa: That would be fun.

Talk turns to the potential other people in the house being relatives.. Aaryn tells Elissa she's a superfan of Rachel's.  Elissa thought everyone in the house hated Rachel.  Aaryn says no way, huge fan.

Cam 3 flips to the Cockpit - It's a party
Judd, Andy, Ginamarie, Jessie, Amanda, McCrae

Amanda jokes saying she's 3 weeks pregnant.. McCrae is playing around with super Scandinavian names.. 

Aaryn and Elissa
Cam 3 flips back to HoH..  Aaryn is explaining (her version of) what happened on the night she flipped Candice's bed.  She feels she got caught up in a mean-girl role, because people were against her.

Elissa: I don't even know what to say.  I didn't have any feelings toward you.  I just didn't want to be around someone who was going to make me look bad.  It was scary to me to be around someone who was a loose cannon or a flight risk.  So I wanted to stay totally away from you..  I'm glad we could move past it.  I'm willing to put it behind us.  Getting into confrontations with women is not something I'm interested in. I don't know you personally.  I only know what I've observed in this game.  I think we can move forward.  I think we can turn it around.
Aaryn: I do too.  Just having a conversation like this, I see you as a person, not just someone I'm competing against.. The more we've talked, I have grown respect for you..

1:43a Helen Enters..

Aaryn: We were just having a good conversation.

Talk turns to how sleepy they all are, and how they want to plan something fun for tomorrow.. Helen and Elissa say goodnight, leaving Aaryn alone in HoH.

Timecheck -- 1:45am -- Stretch!

Cam 3
Aaryn, McCrae, Andy, Amanda, Ginamarie, Judd

Happy times..

Cam 1
Spencer, Howard, Candice

Chatter about work outside the house. McCrae comes out for a smoke..

Candice: I wish I knew what the live feeds looked like.  I mean, can they zoom in and see every pimple on my face.

Judd comes out for a smoke too.  Talk turns to Ginamarie's gassiness..

Candice: She eats a lot of ice cream.  I wonder if she's lactose intolerant.
Judd: She can't digest water, so she has to have soda.
Howard: That's what she says.

2:02am -- Aaryn makes her way outside..

Aaryn: Just had a conversation with Elissa upstairs.  It was going really good, then we had to get into past stuff.

2:03am -- Cam 1 flips

Chatter about Have Nots and how much weight Candice has been losing.  Andy joins.. Talk turns to drinking breast milk on a dare (Candice did), then breast milk as an excema cure and crazy earrings..

Cam 1 flips to the Small World Room
Andy, Judd, Jessie

Andy: We were saying how awful, and by awful I mean fun, it would be to steal Nick's hat and put it on Candice's head..

Judd leaves.. Talk turns to the vote this week.

Andy: Howard is the much bigger target, but if Candice doesn't get HoH next week, she's gone.  Everyone is totally solid on getting Howard out.  And then Candice.  I promise you.  As long as she doesn't get HoH next week, she's gone. I like her, but from a game standpoint?  Good bye.  Howard is going this week.  I don't think anyone's gonna flip.. If anything does, please tell me.  It should me 7-1 or 8-0.  When we sit down for the live show, I'm gonna pull Spencer aside and tell him, we don't have the numbers.  You have to vote out Howard.

Jessie: I just feel like we're getting close to Jury.. and people are torn between Candice and Aaryn.. Who do you think?
Andy: I think Candice and Spencer.
Jessie: OK.  I'm totally on board. I'm just worried about Candice.
Andy: Don't worry about Candice.  She's gone.  I've got your back.  Til the end, I've got your back.
Jessie: Thank you.

Andy leaves.

Cam 1
Helen, Candice, Elissa

Helen: How are you doing today?
Candice: Good.  I just don't want to be backdoored..

Helen: You wont be.
**nope, not even if you're voted out, because you played for pov, hence no backdoor.
Candice: Howie is really sad.  He's really sad.  I think he wants to go home.
Helen: You think he's just done fighting.  I love him to death..
Candice: I think he's a really cool sweet guy.
Helen: Do you think he'll be our friend after this?
Candice: Yeah.. I just want to be there for him.. He was there for me on one of my hardest nights..

Helen: We support you.. Amanda supports you, which brings McCrae.. Andy..

Cam 3
Ginamarie, Howard, Spencer

Howard makes his pitch to Ginamarie.  She farts.

Spencer: I'm no punk bitch, and I'm not gonna go around this house suckin' balls.. They're a bunch of schemin' scoundrels..
Howard: And none of em win nothin.. Helen and McCrae won one HoH a piece, but.. You doin the same shit.  You threw Jeremy outa here.  He just had some growin' up to do, but he had better social game than they did..
Ginamarie: If they just woulda gotten rid of Elissa week one, it would been a whole different game. I tried to go against them 3 weeks already.. and I can't get past it.  Besides you guys, I don't have my crew with me.  I feel like I got f'in nothin.  I'm a loner besides Aaryn. 4 of my crew went.  Nick woulda won that express thing over Helen.. then it woulda went right to Aaryn, right to Nick.. We woulda been f'in always in power.  Judd's HoH was pretty much f'in pointless.  He didn't do no big moves at all.  He put up 3 little girls.  So tough.
Spencer: I wish Aaryn would not have listened to them.
GM: But she was scared.  She had to buy herself another week.  Amanda campaigned for her.
Spencer: Amanda didn't really campaign for her.. All she said was Kaitlin's coming after me.

Spencer: This week, what we got to do is what we got to do.
GM: Alright.
Howard: You're not safe.  They don't care about you.
Spencer: After this week, it's all over.
GM: Unless you put 2 against each other.
Howard: They're getting rid of people who call em out..
GM: And Elissa and her husband have all this f'in money and she's still here.  I still live with my parents.  They should give it to people who need it.

GM: I'm not gonna talk to anyone else til Wednesday night..

Ginamarie goes on a rant about Amanda et al, laden with hard feelings about thing people have said about Nick and the memorial they wanted to have..  Howard and Spencer are, of course, supportive.

Howard: If I win HoH, Helen try to come talk to me, I'm gonna put my headphones on..

Candice rejoins Howard, Spencer and GM on the backyard couch.

BB: Amanda, please do not obstruct your microphone.
Spencer: But if you'd like to obstruct your air passage.

Cam 1/2
Aaryn, Andy, Judd, McCrae, Amanda

Chatter about looking like a slob in DR..

2:41a -- Ginamarie joins.  I wait for her to confess what just went down outside..

2:42am -- Skippy thinks he's cute. He flips Cam 1 to the kitchen with Spencer and Andy.

Andy, McCrae, Amanda

Andy questions Aaryn's loyalty.  Amanda says she's 100%.

Andy: Judd's acting weird.  I think he realizes he f'd up.
Amanda: He's acting guilty. He made up this fake alliance.  For what point?? How would he like it if I did that while he was on the block?
Andy: I wonder if I'd have been privy to it, had I not walked in on it?
McCrae: I doubt it.
Amanda: Cuz he'd know you'd come back to us with it.

Talk turns to future plans.. Who gets out who.. Then back to the present.  They want to stay on top of everyone this week...  McCrae says it's important she doesn't work on her own behalf, because it'll make her look as paranoid as she is, and that'll work against her.

2:56am  Andy leaves.

Amanda: I love him.
McCrae: me too.
Amanda: We're doing all we can do. 
After a brief snuggle-smooch, game talk resumes..

Cam 3

Aaryn: What should I say in my blog?
Spencer: (asks for a shout out to Marylin)
Ginamarie: (asks for a shout to Nick)

Aaryn: What if I just do a tweet that has farts?

Aaryn: So.. I was HoH..

Cam 3 flips briefly to Andy and Spencer heading for bed in darkened rooms..

Aaryn: And then I saw pictures of Judd's family, and heard his letter and it made me cry..  and then watching Jessie bring all her shit up to the HoH room like it was hers.. and then I survived the block, and Kaitlin didn't even hiug anyone cuz she's a bitch.. And then I won HoH and Judd and I consummated our love in the HoH shower..
Judd: I'd get a penalty.. (have not)
Aaryn: I think they would give you a power if we did it in there.  Then me and Amanda decided we would scissor in jury, and that's not a joke, and Ginamarie started smiling again, which is awesome, and ten I formed and alliance with Judd's balls.. And my tweets are gonna be.. Shoutout to Judd.. who I'm going to marry.. Shoutout to Gm.. Shoutout to Jeremy - Jokes on you, motherf'er.  Shoutout to Kaitlin - Get your sh*t together.
Ginamarie: She invented Get your shit together, and she's the only one who never had hers together.
Aaryn: Hashtag Clownie.. Shoutout to my family and my girls back home.
Ginamarie: I wish I could do a facebook post, instead of twitter.

**No word from GM yet..

Aaryn: So do you think I should do a tweet that says white power or no?
Judd: No.
Aaryn; Obviously! That was a complete joke.  I wish I had a white hoodie.
Judd: I didn't know rebel flags were racist.  I didn't mean it racist.

Ginamarie: Why is it racist?
Aaryn: Basically, you can't do anything.  You can't breathe, or you're racist.
Judd: I'm glad I didn't bring it then.
Aaryn: Me too. I can't wait, I can't wait til I can say whatever I want to say.. (about Candice) When she walks out the door.. Remember that time you said you weren't scared of me, boo?  Well, you shoulda been.  Saddle up and shut your damn mouth.

Judd goes to bed..

Ginamarie: Howard and Spencer really, really, really want Amanda out BAD.. And they think I'm voting her out.  I'm not.
**And this concludes the overnight report. iKid.

Aaryn: I want Candice out so bad.
Ginamarie: Can we just switch?

Talk turns to Amanda.  They don't like her, they view her as a necessary evil to staying in the game.

Aaryn: She's so condescending.. Remember that night when Helen won HoH, and she came in there screaming at me? She called you a loser.  She came in and she was like, You're a racist in this house.  And that made an episode.  I had to talk about it.  That is not cool at all.
Ginamarie: And now you're HoH and she's kissing your ass.
Aaryn: She's been the same with me for a long time now.  I think the best thing for us to do is think, what do we need to do to get through this week..  Things always fall into place for me, because I have faith..

Aaryn: The game's gonna reset.  Amanda never wins anything. Helen's not stupid.  She's not gonna take Amanda to final 2.  If Helen takes me or you to final 2, she can win.  I just know that if we can be here, after where we were, we can do anything.
Ginamarie: I can't trust anyone else.
Aaryn: You have to be fake best friends with everyone here.  And the way to get loyalty from Amanda is to tell her everything.
Ginamarie: But I don't wanna be a rat.
Aaryn: I know you hate rats, but you're in a perfect position to be one.. and rats win.  Look at Ian.   We're gonna be fine.  McCrae and Amanda love you. I really think Gems, we could at least be in the final 5.. You , me, Helen, Amanda, McCrae, Andy... The other 6 are gonna go home first.
GM: I hope so.
Aaryn: Know so.  If we make the finl 6, I am happy.  At least I made it to the end with people I respect.
GM: I just wanna be me and play hard.  I just wanna win HoH.
Aaryn: If you believe you can, you can.  Like when you're in the HoH comp, and you feel like you're in pain or you're gonna fall, that's a lie.. it's all in your head.  Just be like, I don't care about pain.  Pain is temporary.  No one has that mindset but me and McCrae.  All the guys who were on the popsicle are gone.  It's just you, me and McCrae now.

Timecheck --3:30am

Aaryn: Do you notice how the cameras follow Judd everywhere he goes?  That's says something.  He's MVP. Don't tell him I said that.  Heeeee might not be who he says he is.
GM: He lets people walk all over him.
Aaryn: He lets people think they're walking all over him.. there's a difference. 

3:32am - Aaryn tells GM Goodnight and heads up to the HoH..

Cam 3
Judd and Ginamarie

In a nutshell..

Ginamarie: I'm gonna keep telling them it's ok.. I really want Candice gone, but I don't think it's gonna happen.
Judd: Amanda has a personal vendetta.  She needs to chill the f*ck out.  She's safe.

Judd: At some point in the game, we're gonna have to make some big moves.. I don't know if it's time yet.  I trust Amanda, McCrae and Aaryn the most, but some of these other people are shady.  I trust Andy, but I feel like he's really working with Helen.

Talk turns to GM's hypothetical HoH Win.

Judd: Don't let people tell you who to put up. That was my mistake. We'll talk tomorrow.  Just keep everything between you and me.

Cam 1 and 2
Aaryn, Amanda, McCrae

Their mouths are moving, but all I can hear is Samuel L Jackson...


Cam 1
Aaryn, McCrae and Amanda

Amanda and McCrae threaten to go to bed..

Aaryn: Hahaha! Can you guys write that into your wedding vows?  I will be with you, thru have and have not?

Aaryn: Why don't ya'll ever kiss?
McCrae: I'm actually Ragan Fox's boyfriend, but we can't tell Andy, because he'll freak out.
Amanda: People don't like seeing that.. How Jeremy and Kaitlin were?
Aaryn: But I've heard people say that.. Ya'll are so into each other, but they never see you kiss.
McCrae: We're actually brother and sister.
Aaryn: Eeew..

Aaryn: G'night munchkins..
Amanda: mmmmBaiee.
Aaryn: mmmBaieee.

They exit HoH..

McCrae: I was gonna go smoke.  Wanna come outside with me?
Amanda: Yeah.

Amanda and McCrae are still up, but since they're alone, nothing they say will change the outcome of the game this week.. So.. This concludes The Overnight Report.  I'll see you back here when BB wakes the HGs. :0)



Blogger GaYToR said...

Morning Caro. I can't quit laughing at the NSFW video you added. No one could have read it better than Samuel L. Jackson. Thanks for the morning laugh just when I needed it most.

Reminds me of the song by Randy VanWarmer – Just When I Needed You Most (But I like the Dolly Parton cover of the song even better.


July 30, 2013 at 4:33 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Good morning, GayTor :) I'm glad you enjoyed that. ;) It's what runs through my head every morning at about 6:30am eastern.

July 30, 2013 at 4:40 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Gone sleepies-------------->

See you back here in a couple hours.

July 30, 2013 at 4:43 AM  
Blogger CheySky said...

Where do you see the HOH tweets? I was looking for Judd's but couldn't find them.

July 30, 2013 at 5:52 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

Good morning Carolyn

I am almost hoping for a tie vote on Thursday just so I can hear Spencer call people out. I'm thinking it woud do more to hurt his cause than to help it. Mostly, I just want to hear Julie call him out and tell him to sit back down because it's not his turn to talk.

I figured out why Helen's game bothers me so much. She is so concerned about covering her arse with everyone that I am afraid it is going to come back and bite her in the same arse she is trying to protect. I mean, I'm pretty sure she has had deals with 15 people and so far 4 of those people have been voted out. If she's not careful she is going to be the only one left.

July 30, 2013 at 5:57 AM  
Blogger John11581 said...

I went away for a long weekend and haven't really been paying much attention to the live feeds, but I'm really hoping Howard is voted out this week. I believe him when he says he'd rather be voted out than see Candice go before him, which I think it insane. Why would you ruin your game for someone who seems to have zero interest in playing the game or even being in the house for that matter.

The only time I've ever seen Candice on the live feeds, she's been sleeping or talking about anything BUT game. I would go crazy if I was in the house and had to talk game 24/7, but not talking strategy or game at all makes it seem like she has none. I still don't understand why she wanted to be on the show since it appears she has no plan, no strategy, no game at all. As much as I disliked some of the other evicted houseguests, at least they were there to play and to try to get as far as they could. Candice is just a waste of space (much like Ginamarie). I don't know. Is it just me? Maybe I'm just not tuning in at the right times and am missing something that's obvious to everyone else.

July 30, 2013 at 5:57 AM  
Blogger Holli said...

Good Morning!!

I haven't heard who the HG think the MVP is this week. If they were to think it's America, they should ponder in why we chose Amanda. I know I would! I like Amanda but I'm just thinking game..not social.

Are the letters the HOHs recieve written well in advance or just as they win the HOH comp?

On a side note, if I were to ever be a HG I would learn sign language in hopes of conversing with my alliance and not worry abiut others "hearing" us. :)

July 30, 2013 at 6:11 AM  
Blogger Jumbo said...

I wish DR would cal in GM and keep her there for long periods of time. Everytime she is in camera its bad for the show

July 30, 2013 at 7:07 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

Yesterday someone tweeted, "For the fans who are done talking about racism and homophobia, you are racist and homophobic." I found that to be very offensive.

This is one of the few places that people have discussed both sides of the issue. In regards to everything else I have read, it's not a talk about racism and homophobia, it's a talk about Aaryn. It's not a talk about education and tolerance, it's a talk about punishing Aaryn.

As far as the BB forum, it doesn't make a darn bit of difference how much we talk about Aaryn or anyone else in the house because-guess what-they can't hear us. Also, if Helen, Andy, Howard and Candice are all wiling to work with Aaryn in order to advance their own games then who am I to complain.

If anyone wants to start a platform for debate and discussion and education, that's wonderful. However, don't preach about tolerance if you are only going to tolerate people who agree with you.

This is a world of ever changing rules and sometimes it becomes difficult to remember what is and isn't offensive. Sometimes people are simply not nice and it has nothing to do with race or sexuality. At my age, I have made mistakes in my life. It wasn't because I was being insensitive, it's because the rules changed. I referred to Asian people as Oriental. The whole family referred to my cousin with downs syndrome as being retarded.

Who knows what Aaryn was taught or what kind of community she grew up in. Maybe her parents are exactly like her. Maybe they never taught her why certain things were unacceptable because they never thought she would be faced with certain circumstances or they assumed she would have common sense enough to know right from wrong.

I specifically taught my children the meaning behind the 'N' word and the 'F' word at a very young age because I felt that I had no choice. They heard these words a lot and I didn't want them to think it was o.k. to repeat them. They did not live in a racist or homophobic community. They were not taught these words by adults.

My children went to a school where white people were the minority. The school was aproximately 50% African American, 25% hispanic, and 25% muslim, white and Asian combined. That is where they first heard the 'N' word. Boys would be calling each other that name in the halls and in the playground. It was not one race singling out another. A lot of boys of different races used this word as if it was a common nickname.

I also saw children, male and female, calling each other the 'F' word. These were young children, some no more than 6 years old. My guess was that most of them didn't even know the meaning of the word. These are the 2 most hate filled words and that is why I pulled them aside and explained what the words meant. I didn't want them repeating the words and hurting someone else or being hurt themselves as a result. But there are so many other words that different people take offense to while others might not give them a second thought that it does become hard to never slip up and to never say something that someone else thinks you shouldn't have said.

We can continue to blame the child (in this case Aaryn) or continue to point our finger at the parents but I am not pointing my finger at anyone until I know the facts. Aside from reality television not being a great influence, we can also look to movies and in a large part music. Two of the little boys that I heard throw some of those words around happened to be children I knew. They got it from Eminem.

Sorry for the long lecture.

July 30, 2013 at 7:15 AM  
Blogger Shi Shi said...

Good Morning Carolyn and Gaytor...just checking in before I read the TOR.

I'll be back later.

July 30, 2013 at 7:20 AM  
Blogger Jumbo said...

GMcant digest water? How can that even be possible?!

July 30, 2013 at 7:23 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

BTW-I was posting before I was done with TOR.

Samuel Jackson-love him. I think he is one of the most underrated actors of our generation.

Also, I have that book.

July 30, 2013 at 7:36 AM  
Blogger Doreen said...

Thank you for all your posts. I read them every day! Since I am too poor for the live feeds, you are my life line =)

Question.... how do we see their tweets when they are HOH? I looked around but I may be blind =)

July 30, 2013 at 8:01 AM  
Blogger Michigan Man said...

Good Morning Carolyn, all

Last night I was thinking that Andy is the only one who's been loyal the whole game. Guess that's over. We've gone from Goof Troop to F Troop, the F is for f*ck.

July 30, 2013 at 8:17 AM  
Blogger Adam said...

I'm actually hoping that Spencer wins so he puts up McCrae and Amanda. McCrae will win veto and Helen goes up as a replacement nom. Good riddance to one of two overzealous pains in the a55. They both think they're soooo smart and everyone is going to listen to them. Can't wait 'til their worlds come crashing down on them.

July 30, 2013 at 8:25 AM  
Blogger kimba804 said...

Good Morning Carolyn and BBDishers,
Carolyn, I wish you would do a blog everyday...after BB of course! I just love reading what you write every morning with my coffee. I love your opinions and funnies. You really make me laugh and I miss you during BB off season.

July 30, 2013 at 8:28 AM  
Blogger Shi Shi said...

Carolyn that reading by Samuel Jackson is just hilarious!! I have been thinking that very same thing for weeks now as I know you have. rotflol

July 30, 2013 at 8:35 AM  
Blogger Celesta said...

If Aaryn knew how many people will be reading her blog and tweets?

If you knew what we know and you were Aaryn what would you say?

July 30, 2013 at 8:36 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Good morning, CheySky! :) Here's the link for HoH Tweets:http://twitter.com/BigBrotherHOH.

Good morning, Grendon! :)) That would be pretty funny. I think he's just blowing smoke.. more chest puffery, if you will.

Good morning, John! :) I think you'll get your wish.

Good morning, Holli! :) They're all over the place with it..

Good morning, Jumbo :) She is a special girl. lol

Good morning, ShiShi :0) Hugs!

Good morning, MichiganMan! :0) As long as hes loyal to himself, I suppose..

Good morning, Doreen :) Here's the link for HoH Tweets:http://twitter.com/BigBrotherHOH.

Good morning, Adam :)) If it's endurance and Spencer wins, that would be a miracle.

Good morning, Kimba :0) Awww! You're so sweet! Thank you!

ShiShi - Isn't it great?! Samuel L Jackson pops into my head every morning around 6:45am eastern. ;)

Good morning, Celesta! :) Good question!

July 30, 2013 at 9:19 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...


Now a large group of overly paranoid, delusionsl people think that Judd had MVP last week AND this week. It was all a plan to frame Howard yet at the same time, his alliance thinks he is turning on them. They think he framed Howard so Howard would be targeted and Judd wouldn't get the blood on his hands. They also think he is a genius and that he is playing a 'Dan' game.

July 30, 2013 at 9:21 AM  
Blogger Kegas76 said...

Grendon said...

I figured out why Helen's game bothers me so much. She is so concerned about covering her arse with everyone that I am afraid it is going to come back and bite her in the same arse she is trying to protect. I mean, I'm pretty sure she has had deals with 15 people and so far 4 of those people have been voted out. If she's not careful she is going to be the only one left.

But Helen didn't break any of these deals. The house decided to get the people out so she's in the clear. (at least that's her logic)

July 30, 2013 at 9:34 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

I really can't muster any sympathy for Howard and Spencer. I have had moments in the past but I am now officially done. Why? Because their entire selling point to flip the house is that 4 people are running things and no one else has a chance.

Now, let's rewind to June 26. Their entire game strategy was for 5 people (The Moving Company) to run things so that no one else had a chance.

Based on that theory alone, I guess they would have to say that McCrae has played the best game. He got to be a part of both groups that were or are running the house.

July 30, 2013 at 9:43 AM  
Blogger Michigan Man said...

If anyone wants to see where the Judd is MVP theory came from go back to last night 5:20pm cams 1/2 Amanda, Aaryn and Helen all say Judd's name at the same time. The build up starts at 5:17pm. Keep watching from 5:20pm and you'll see how Judd becomes the smartest person to ever play BB in these women's minds.

July 30, 2013 at 9:44 AM  
Blogger Shi Shi said...

Helen is driving me crazy!! I see that Elissa and Helen have been sticking to their plan to branch out and be 'nice' to the other girls to keep them apart and spread hate and discontent.

I also wonder just exactly where GM stands? She just mirrors whoever she is with at the time. I think she truly hates Helen and Amanda though because she gets so angry and perturbed when she is talking about them with Spencer and Howard and just goes on a rant. I feel like she would really rather align with S/H. Does anyone else think this?

Now Judd is a GENIUS! lol Amanda needs to shut up about this and now she is telling everyone about their Goof Troop alliance. What the heck! I have heard him many times (as early as late last night) ask McCray what a word meant and I think he really doesn't know! I think what is perceived as genius is really he is just running scared trying to cover all of his bases. He's so afraid 'Harold' has some special power that will replace all the nominees that he can't sleep.

Grendon I so agree with you about the comments you made earlier about Aaryn. That girl has some serious stuff to contend with when she is out. I believe if she is voted out before jury that we will not see her at the finale.

July 30, 2013 at 9:50 AM  
Blogger Shi Shi said...

I'm at work today and I have these irritating people (like my boss and customers) wanting my attention. Don't they understand I have to catch up with my Dish Chicks? lol

July 30, 2013 at 9:53 AM  
Blogger Adam said...

If it's an endurance competition, I have as much chance of winning it as Spencer does. "Oh, but wait, Adam... you aren't on the show!?" Yup. Exactly.

July 30, 2013 at 12:12 PM  
Blogger Holli said...


July 30, 2013 at 1:33 PM  

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