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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Big Brother 15: The Overnight Report

Good morning, BB Lovers!  Happy Saturday!

It's PoV Day in the Big Brother house, and it's quite possibly a win or go home situation for nominees Elissa and Helen.  If you'd like to see the earlier evening post from lovely Lessa, please have a look at  To Have or Have Not & 2 on the Block.

Now let's dive right in and get this Overnight show on the road. :)

Cam 3 and 4
Have Not Room
Helen and Elissa

Elissa: They'd make us chop it off..
Helen: Who knows what they'd do.

Elissa: We have to win.
Helen: We have to win.  There's no ifs, ands or buts..  Have you talked to Amanda at all?
Elissa: A little.. She just said you have to win, if you want both of you to stay..
Helen: Spencer thinks he's safe, which is fine, because if he thinks that, he wont try hard to win the Veto.

Elissa: I can't believe we have to sleep in here again.  It's the worst.
Helen: We've been here 8 weeks, and we've been HNs 5 times.
Elissa: This is like our bedroom. Maybe volunteering last week wasn't the best idea.
Helen: Ya know, it seemed like a good idea, because it would help Andy's game to not make more people mad at him, and we hadn't been HNs for a while..


Helen: Because Amanda wasn't coming after me.  Judd had to go first.  Jessie doesn't understand the game.
Elissa: I feel like Jessie would have put up other people beside us.
Helen: no way.  She told everyone she would put us up.  She wants us out.  This is the one person Candice told me before she left to trust.  I love Candice, but she does not know this game.  She was right about the boys alliance, but she was never on to Judd.. She had no idea what was going on in the game.. and then she tells me Jessie is the one person I can trust in the house?  Over Andy?  She was like, Andy's working wuth the boys.  She had NO idea what was going on in the game.
Elissa: That makes me feel like I don't know what's going on.  I guess, character wise, I like them better than people who are here.
Helen: Look at how Jessie trashed us..
Elissa: But she didn't say derogatory slurs..
Helen: She called us C u  n T's.  She has no character.  I like her.. but I would never recommend her for a job.. It was like she was 12 years old having a temper tantrum on national tv.  She doesn't have good character, she doesn't have good judgement..
Elissa: I think it's the fact she said it to me, and I never heard her say anything about you..
Helen: She basically tried to taint everyone against us, after she apologized. She's the type who's really nice to your face, and talks behind your back.
Elissa: i just feel like I have nothing in common with.. Aside from you and Andy, it's just awkward..
Helen: Fake it til you make it.  It's a game.
Elissa: I need to.  It's just so hard.  It's crazy.

Cam 1 and 2
Living Room
Aaryn, Spencer, McCrae, Andy, GM

Aaryn: It is oil absorbing pads.. and you have your compact.  and you just touch up so you don't look shiny.
Spencer:  You don't ever do that?

Andy is the only one who didn't know that they each have an anti shine kit in the DR.. The HGs tease him about it, then move on to..

Spencer: What artist or Actor would you not give a F*ck if he didn't wake up tomorrow?  For me, Will Ferrell, and as far as musical artist?  Coldplay.
McCrae: I'd like to give a f you to Paul Newbayer.
Spencer: I'd like to give (a shout out to one coach and a f you to another)
Andy: I'd like to give a SO to Andrew Scharm, who loves the show and is probably the best teacher I ever had.

12:18am Skippy flips the quad to Helen and Elissa..
Helen: ..You have to think about what's best for my game too.
Elissa: Amanda gets in fights with people every day, and 1 day I get upset.. I wanted to see my littl eboy, I want a yoga mat..  When we get in the comps and they ask those questions, I just freak.
Helen: Well, what can you do to not freak?
Elissa: I could ask for an anxiety medi..

12:20a Skippy flips us back to the living room.

Andy: The house just seems so empty without her.
McCrae: That bed seems so empty.
Gm: This pic doesn't even look like her.
Spencer: The Mom Squad.
Andy: Jeremy got detonated by the mom squad.
Spencer: It would be awesome to have a super power.

Andy: What's everyone's least favorite thing about the BB house?  I would say mine is when they make us turn all the lights on in the morning when we still wanna sleep.. or the very serious moment right before nominations.. The very serious moment that lasts for 3 hours..
Spencer: They act like they've only got one camera.  I'm just glad that whole MVP thing's over.
Andy/Mc : Agree.

Spencer: I can't think of any place in Africa I'd like to go.. Egypt is cool,but it's so unstable now.. South Africa looks beautiful.. It seems like if you went to South America, 1 little bug could bite you and kill ya.  I'd really like to go to Mongolia.. Ghenghis Khan is like my hero.. Uniting all of China and making it one country is badass. He f*cked so many women, 1/3 of all people in China are related to him. And he lived to like 70.. didn't even crap out early.

Spencer: Hey McCrae.. Do you like Hot things? I challenge you to eat 5 Habaneros in a minute.  I bet GM could do it.
GM: No.  I don't like spicy things.
Andy: I like spicy things.
Mc/Spe: An-dy.. An-dy..
Andy: That's not gonna work
Spencer: ♫And every time we touch..
Spencer: What the F*ck?!

Andy reminisces about other times BB has yelled at Spencer..

Spencer:  You know how there's like 100s of characters in Chinese.. What does a keyboard look like in China?

Spencer: Elissa, have you ever got in trouble for sayin' fart in the DR?
Elissa: All the time.  They're like Elissa, watch your vulgarness..

Andy: So, do you guys wanna get lunch tomorrow or something?
Spencer: Sure...
Andy; Where's Poopy?  Is she just masturbating in her room?
Spencer: She invited everybody up, now she's just waiting.
Andy: Let's not go.  hehe.  ♫As long as we've got Each other..
**Fishies - aka, time to highlight the names and fix the typos.

Cam 1
Helen and Elissa
Facewashing, etc.

Elissa: I hope our husbands have gotten together.  That would be Soooo cute.  What if our kids have gotten together?

Cam 1 flips back to the living room, where Spencer is giving big shoutouts to Kurt Russell..

Andy: McCrae, I hope we get invited to Hoffoween.  You can come stay with me.
McCrae: Heck yeah!
Spencer: What's Hoffoween?
Andy: Matt Hoffman throws a big Halloween party every year.

McCrae gets called to the DR...

Andy: I haven't been called all day. I'm irrelevant again.

They ponder if jumping from the HoH landing would be enough impact to kill them..

Spencer: In Whoville, is there any judicial system?
Andy: There'a a mayor.. Oh my God.. I just had a mind blowing epiphany.. I just realized the Who's are the same people in How the Grinch stole Christmas, but there's a mayor in Horton...
**you're not stoned.  They are really having this conversation. It gets much trippier - watch the flashback at 12:40am on cam 1 - I haven't had enough coffee yet.

Cam 1

Helen: That's definitely my favorite time of day..
Andy: I love that they Boo at bedtime.
Helen: Yeah, so.. My kids are well read.  I just wonder what they look like right now.  Has he been cutting their hair?  They could have McCrae hair.  I just miss their chubby little faces.  I'm dying to know what everyone thinks of this.. They probably think I'm going thru a mid-life crisis.  Maybe I am.  My old co-workers probably think I've lost my mind. She quit her job to be on a reality show?
Andy: I went on a lark.
Helen: Me too.. I'm no one special.. And now I'm sitting in front of the nomination chairs.

Amanda: When I walk outside, there's a Big Black Box.. It's Big and Dark and Scary and it Smells funny, kinda like Howard.  I can say it, cuz I'm not racist and I'm Jewish.
**oy.. Amanda..

Helen, Spencer and Andy reminisce about the time right before they came in the house..

Cam 3
Gm and Aaryn

Aaryn: I just don't know how he's doing without being able to talk to me.
Gm: Your country is like my Cristina.. I love my daddy too, and I love my stepfather too.. cuz they're both awesome guys. I know your dad is proud of you.. I know he's proud of everything you do in life..

Aaryn: I think I'm pretty much like, me and my dog are pretty much his world.  I think I'm what he pretty much lives for.. so not being able to talk to him is hard.
Gm: My mom.. I know she's pissed about the Candice thing.  She's probably like, you shoulda smacked the F'in bitch and come home.  I hate that girl so much.  Piece of shit she is.  I hope you can't see my twat out of these shorts.
Aaryn: Someone's definitely seen my twat by now.

Gm draws a bath for the 2 of them to relax while their masks are on...

BB: Andy, please go to the Diary Room.

Fishies.. Lots of fishies..

Cam 1 and 2 - Living Room Chatter with Helen, McCrae, Spencer.. Helen imagines that there will be babies named McCrae now.. and McCranda.. Juddessie.. Coward..  Helen calls it a night at 1:16am

Up on 3 and 4, Aaryn and Gm are fascinated by the fish, and concerned that one is dying.. or mating.. they're not sure.

Spencer: Let's think of something funny to do to Andy when he gets out of DR.. We could toss water on him..
McCrae: We could balance a cup of water on the doorframe..
**fine ideas, but neither of them get off the couch.

Done brushing her teeth, Helen passes through and says goodnight.

Cam 1
Helen, Amanda, Elissa

Helen: Welcome, Ladies, to the Have Not room..
Amanda: Thank you..
Helen: I'm not sure how we got here.
Elissa: I'm just gonna sue this blanket til you give me another one. Please don't yell at me.

Lights out.

Helen: Goodnight..
Elissa: (talking to BB)  Please don't get mad at me.  My body just hurts.  I can't sleep without a blanket.

Helen and Elissa get to sleeping.  Amanda was just in there to set up her bed, so she would'nt wake them when she came in later.

Cam 1
Spencer's trying to save enough milk tops (?) so he can play checkers with Ginamarie, as she's always asking..

Cam 3
Upstairs, Aaryn and GM watching the spy Screen

GM: F'in Spencer, shady f*ck.  I'm watchin' you f'ers.  Why did Spencer vote out Nick?  What did he say?
Aaryn: Oh, because Helen said she had the votes and that if he didn't vote him out he'd be the target.  Whenever Elissa's photo goes dark, you're gonna be alone.
GM: I don't mind.
Aaryn: Can you imagine
GM: Dude, that's the best Big Brother history ever.  Who's laughin now?  We're laughin all the way to the bank when we cash our checks.
**chas v challila
GM: I decided to use the PoV on none of you motherf'ers.. But to respect my Bunny's wiches and leave you both on the block.. This bitch is adjourned.
Aaryn: You should say that when she walks out the door.. This bitch is adjourned.

Cam 1/2
Amanda: Elissa's got like a down comforter in there and no one has said anything.  I'm gonna bring one too.
GM: Me too.
Spencer: Hey Gems.. I'm saving bottle caps so we can play checkers.
GM: Awesome!   Where'd Andy go?
Spencer: He's f'in up things in the DR, so they're keepin' him in there longer.

Andy comes out of the DR.. Amanda tells him about the down comforter.. The down comforter becomes the conversation in the kitchen.  GM pipes in about how hard ass they were with her when she so much as tried to cover a dirty pillow with something so it wouldn't touch her face.

1:37am -- Fishies -- Stretch!

Ginamarie, Spencer, Aaryn and McCrae crawl under the big table.. and believe they've found the little table..

BB: Shut it down.
Aaryn: What're they gonna do?
McCrae: Come n get me.

Ginamarie and Spencer wrestle.. Aaryn tells Gm she should lick Nick's pic.  She does.

Spencer: Dude, I hope Judd is f'in the shit out of Jessie right now.
McCrae: I bet he is.
GM: Nicolas! I'm gonna steal Spencer's Bahamas trip and take you with me, and we're gonna take Candice and drop her in a hole (1:49a)

Gm and Spencer resume the game of tackle..

Aaryn: And on Thursday, God created the Miller Lite.

McCrae: I'm gonna give you to the count of 10 to get your filthy self off my property.. 1, 2, 10..
Aaryn: Do the other part.. That part was MacCauley Queerboy.
McCrae: Maccauley Queerboy..
Aaryn: ♫I'm gonna get in trouble..
GM: From who?
McCrae: internet.
Spencer: Think we can cook meth?
Aaryn: How do we act like this completely sober?  No wonder they don't give us alcohol.
Spencer: Let's just have one big sing-a-long..
Amanda: ♫And I had to tell myself.. ♫I didn't want you around..


McCrae: What is Andy doing?!
Spencer: Let's go f*ck with him.
McCrae: you got a pretty mouth.
Spencer: You sure got a pretty mouth..

Spencer and McCrae go up to the HoH landing, flip off the camera, moon it..  They enter HoH..

Andy: I don't know if you guys saw what happened..  Clownie killed himself.
Aaryn: Does it smell like a spa in here?
Spencer: It smells like (racism against Helen)

Spencer: Now that we've got the orange team up here, wanna talk about how much we kicked ass in the Have Not Comp?
Andy: You mean Poopy and the C*nts?  They let me call us that in DR..

Aaryn: (complete with head motions)  It's my mouth, I'll say what I want.  It's my mouth, I'll say what I want.. It's my mouth I'll say what I want..
Andy: It was "my mouth, my words."  If you're gonna make fun of Candice, quote her right.
Aaryn: I instantly get annoyed when I realize I can't do anything I wanna do.. Like Sing.. Talk about production.   Helen thinks Zingbot's coming tomorrow.. I'm like, Helen, He's not coming for 2 or 3 more weeks..

Talk turns to BB14 Frank, who they hope will be a guest host..  Aaryn more than anyone.

Aaryn: Gems, I love and hate you so much.  You're so inappropriate.
Spencer: Let's think of something awful to do to Amanda when she comes out of the DR.
GM: ok.
Aaryn: We could get the bread wet and make dough balls.. or we could make it rain bread..
Spencer: I don't wanna do anything that's gonna require clean up.  What if Joe Pesci is the guest host tomorrow?
GM: He would come for me..

They joke that GM's step father Freddy will come.

2:06am -- Fishies.

Spencer: What if we evict Helen, Elissa leaves and Gm falls over the rails.. We're all of a sudden the final 5.

BB: Aaryn, Ginamarie, Knock it off.
GM: Aww! I'm feedin' the pigeons.  Never eat the bread anyway.

Spencer rides the HoH Bed Animal like a bull..

BB: Hey!  I said to knock it off.
Spencer: I thought of a good name:  Men Stroll. (menstrual)
Andy/Mc: hehehe
Andy: That is a good name.  There's no way Julie would say that either.
Spencer: How bout, "We wanna bang Julie Chen" -- that's too long.

Amanda's out of the DR.. Climbing on McCrae..

Amanda: Will you go to the kitchen, so I can keep an eye on my candy that's never gonna harden?
**spy screen.

They wish there was zoom capability on the spy screen.  Talk returns to the anti-shine kits in the DR.. They believe it was Jessie tossing the pads on the ground.

Amanda: Did they call us into the storage room to get a blanket?
McCrae: no.. He was like, uh, can you bring this to Elissa?
Amanda: oh, he did.

Fishies!  --Stretch!


While Helen and Elissa get PoV Sleep, everyone else is up in HoH chatting..

Amanda: Know what sucks?  Aaryn has not gotten a letter from her mom or dad.
Spencer: I agree..
**mm hmm
Amanda: Stop losing, you're embarrassing me.  Ansd stop wearing bandaids around the house.
Spencer: Did you know Candice put Nick's hat on and danced around doing an impression of you.  I miss Nick.. He's my Boo..
GM: Shut up.  Liar.

Spencer: One time I took her underwear and wadded it up like chew..
Amanda: How can you be so attracted to a person like her.
GM: She doesn't even have a nice body. She looks like a pterodactyl.
Spencer: She is about 6 months past her prime.. like it's all downhill from here. 24-25 is about prime for a woman.. about 90% of women.. after that, it's like hang on.. it's gonna get bumpy from here.
Amanda: You're a dick.
**mm hmm

Talk turns to movement behind the walls.. Spencer jokes that they're setting up a pandora's box.

Spencer: We'll have to host a beauty pageant for Candice.
GM: Is that where she got crabs?
**hatred is about the least attractive feature someone can possess, Ginamarie, and you are full of it.

Spencer's ready for bed, but he doesn't want to go til Amanda and McCrae do, so they wont wake him.

Spencer: I hope you get a hosting gig after this. I'd love to turn on the tv and see you.
GM; I'd love to be on f'in Access Hollywood..
Spencer: I'd love for you to have a segment called GM Minute..
GM: Like on Leno?  Is he still on?

They wonder if Jimmy Fallon has taken over yet.

Spencer: What if tomorrow we have a comp called VelVeto and it's all cheese?
GM: OMG.. The whole f'in Have Not Comp was Elissa screamin' because she didn't wanna touch shit.

Aaryn: I'm so excited about the PoV.  Helen has no idea.
GM: So don't say anything, Spencer.
Aaryn: He wont..

Aaryn talks about her order of keys.. Amanda and McCrae come back in.. Spencer asks about her candy, and it got ruined because she prepped it on the cutting board that had the head cheese and habaneros on it.

Spencer: The contents say it's made of pig tongue, pig snout..
GM: I guess everything on a pig's head.
Aaryn: I wanna put head cheese in someone's pillow case.
Spencer: Elissa would freak out.

Talk about the comp..

GM: If I cover my face, do you think they'll notice?
Aaryn: They hear and see everything.
Amanda: Where's Andy?
Aaryn: I freaked him out so bad.  I told him that we're getting penalty noms, because they've asked us so many times to stop..

Talk turns to Jessie and various offenses against all the women in the house relative to their men..  The the MVP, which Aaryn jokingly says was America, to needle Gm and Amanda..

Amanda: The 1st time you get nominated is hard, because you think you're going home..
Spencer: But the 5th...

Spencer: You make everything sexual.
Aaryn: Because everything is sexual
Spencer: Ya'll are a bunch of lionesses..
GM: Like on Charlie Brown??
Amanda: hahahaahah!!

They explain it.. GM still doesn't get it.

Amanda: This is why I love her.

Spencer: Marilyn gave me a hall pass for a showmance.  She said if it'll help your game, go for it..

Spencer leaves..

Aaryn: That explains a lot.. 1st week, he didn't even mention her.
Amanda: And now he's already concocted proposing to her.
Aaryn: Boys will be boys.
GM: Nick's a good guy.. Nicolas, I'm gonna f*ck your brains out.  He's so scared a me. He was gettin' closer and closer to me..
Amanda: Did Dave have a big penis?
Aaryn: I don't know.  He was only here 13 days.
Amanda: And how long is that in Big Brother time, GM?
GM: Like 3 months.

2:58am Andy enters..
Aaryn: We were talking about Nick.. and how one month is like a year..
Amanda: So we've been together for 2 years.
McCrae: Feels like it.
Amanda: F*ck you.  McCrae's the only man I've been able to be around this much without wanting to kill him..
Andy: It's 3 am.  Isn't that crazy?
**yes.  go to bed.

Amanda: Why are you laughing?
Aaryn: Cuz Andy's a f*cktard.

Aaryn and McCrae tease Amanda that they're going to sleep together.  She's not amused.

Aaryn: McCrae thinks I'm a demon child.  Even if you weren't here, he wouldn't come near me.
Andy: I wonder how Jessie was portrayed in DR.

Cam 1
Andy, GM, Aaryn, McCrae, Amanda

Have Not negotiations regarding the placement of GM's bum for the evening.. Amanda requests it not be facing her.  Talk turns to the coming PoV comp.. They're fading fast.. They start making Wake Up music requests.. Judd having angry sex with Jessie.. Amanda wanting make you ache sex Soon.  Aaryn  getting together with Andy when he's drunk.. Spencer?
**i'm secretly pumping sleep inducing chemicals into the room.

Spencer returns..

Amanda: Spencer, Aaryn says she wants to f*ck you.
Spencer: I don't doubt it.  I just beaned Andy with a roll of toilet paper.
Aaryn: Why don't you ever get a stop that?  Because you're the old man of the house, and I'm a supple young blond.

McCrae: When are you going to sleep?
Amanda: When my xanax hits.
Aaryn: You took xanax?  That's so bad.  I'm so jealous.  How did you get it?
Amanda: I'm prescribed it.

Andy and GM go to bed.. Talk in HoH returns to the Lioness/Linus flub..  Then to the PoV comp.. And more negative comments about Candice.

Amanda: Did Helen say anything to you today?  Any updates?
Aaryn: No, no one came up and threw anyone under the bus.
Amanda: Helen and Elissa got in a fight today because of me.. Because I told Elissa that Helen came up here last night.. And I told Elissa to her face that I hope she walks because then someone else has a shot at America's Player.
Spencer: I'd rather see anyone other than her get America's Player..
ALL: Agree.

Amanda: By the way, us in Vegas is gonna be so much fun..
**It's not happening this year..

3:18 Chatter about Brenchel..
Still up in HoH

McCrae: I'm gonna convince her (Elissa) to walk next week.. "You're gonna let these scum evict you?  I would just leave.. Not even go to jury.."

They talk about Elissa having a five hour DR session today and speculate that Elissa got a phone call home today because she threatened to leave..
*Skippy flips the quad to the darkened  have not room.

HoH Cam 1

Amanda: Come on, Elissa, push through..
Aaryn: I have a good feeling that Spencer, GM or I are gonna win the veto.. Spencer's attitude makes me feel like he's gonna win.  I could see Helen winning it to though..
Spencer: No you can't.  I don't care.. I'll take some heat if she wants to make me the asshole.
Aaryn: Helen?  She already hates you.
Spencer: I know.

Aaryn praises his performance in the HHN Comp..

Spencer: What motivates me most when I'm in a HHN Comp is Andy's stress face.
Aaryn: What does my stress face look like?  Show me.
Amanda: My jaw clenches and I purse my lips.. then I get nervous and I cry..
McCrae: We need to figure out what we're gonna do.
Aanda: Anal.
Aaryn: There is lube in the condom box.
Spencer: What do you want to figure out? About the comp tomorrow? Which punishments we're gonna take?
McCrae: Yeah..
Aaryn: Would it be completely obvious if I got HGs Choice tomorrow and chose Spencer to play?  Yes.
Andy: If you get HGs choice, do not pick me..
Aaryn: If GM's already up, I'll pick McCrae
Andy: Oh shit.. If Helen or Elissa get it, I'm definitely playing.
Spencer: You can just lay there and not take anything..  I don't need a reason not to use it.
Andy: I'm the only person who would look like  dick not to use it.
Aaryn: So you have to throw it.

Spencer: If it's the time thing, I'll go out right after Helen. Someone needs to go way early, and Andy'll go way late.

It's 3:37am.. Speculation about which comp it may be continues, but they've worked out the plans.. So.. This concludes the Overnight Report. :0)  I'll see you when BB wakes the HGs!



Blogger ǝuoʎuɐzǝɥʇ said...

Why no Vegas this year?

oh, good morning Caro!!!!!! I'm around ,mostly jsut reading, not a lot of time for commenting, but I'm around.

August 17, 2013 at 5:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Carolyn...

Hi Everyone....

Watching BBAD then going to read the ever awesome TOR..;)

Have a GREAT day everyone and I hope it is fairly quiet for you Miz Carolyn...but I don't think so....


August 17, 2013 at 6:51 AM  
Blogger NaturalGrace28 said...

Random thought here...if Helen was as good a listener as everyone thinks, she'd realize that Amanda has a tell. When she's lying she uses wayyyy too many yeahs. She starts almost every sentence with yeah, yeah. She ends sentences with it. Almost every sentence in a lie will have "yeah yeah". I noticed it earlier, but really noticed last wee with Jessie, and she's doing it again with Helen. When Amanda is being an honest gamer, she's more assertive and inputs her own thoughts,rarely ever saying "yeah, yeah"

August 17, 2013 at 7:16 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

Good morning Carolyn

I think we are all assuming there will be an endurance comp next Thursday. I would love one since it is my last free Thursday before my kids go back to school. Unfortunately, it may not be in the cards.

In season 6, Kaysar was voted back into the house by the viewers. They immediately went into the torture cage endurance. In season 9, Crazy James was voted back by the HG's and they immediately went into the disco ball endurance. Both of them were voted back, they did not compete to come back.

In season 13, the skiing endurance took place after Dominic was evicted. He was the 3rd evictee. Danielle won and put Rachel and Brendan on the block. The next week, Brendan was evicted and Kalia won HOH. The following week Lawon was evicted. Then they brought the previous evictees back. Keith, Cassie, Dominic, Brendan and Lawon competed to return to the game. Brendan won.

After the show ended the feeds showed the aftermath of the reuniting of Brenchel. Some time before BBAD (which always starts an hour later on Thursdays) the feeds went to trivia. When BBAD came on, Dani had won the HOH comp. It was not endurance and we did not get to watch it on the feeds.

August 17, 2013 at 7:20 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Good morning, Zany!! What a nice surprise! :) I've been wondering where you've been! Baby Zany keeping you busy?? ;0) As for why n vegas, the person who's been organizing it for years isn't doing it, and no one else picked up the ball..

Good morning, Pammmm!! :) Thank you! I just hope they get the PoV started earlier rather than later! Everything's been trending later and later this week, and I have a thing i really need to go to tonight.. A dear friend lost his son a few months ago, and he's hosting a dinner in his honor tonight..

Good morning, Natural Grace! Nice catch! I never noticed that!

Good morning, Grendon! :) I was definitely thinking it would be endurance, but you make some good points. We shall see..

August 17, 2013 at 8:02 AM  
Blogger GaYToR said...

Good morning Goddess (and everyone else.) Hope you had a good nap. Can't wait to see the PoV results today. This may be the most important one so far this season.

I finished up TOR just now but pulled a few things that caught my interest to comment on. I could have something to say about almost everything they did, said, or didn't say last night but here are two that got my attention the most. First one for fun... and I do think it would be fun. :-p~
The 2nd one is a serious subject that led me to a rant. It felt good. I haven't had one in a few days, or is it hours?

Cam 1
Elissa: I hope our husbands have gotten together. That would be Soooo cute.

*** NO, that would be so kinky. I'd watch it. How about you?

Cam 1
McCrae: When are you going to sleep?
Amanda: When my xanax hits.
Aaryn: You took xanax? That's so bad. I'm so jealous. How did you get it?
Amanda: I'm prescribed it.

*** Is this the perfect commercial for "Just Say No!"? I know the demographics of this show is chock full of young mothers. Maybe it will lead to a wake up call for parents to deal with their children instead of running to a doctor and insisting on mood altering drugs for their prepubescent children so they don't have to parent them properly. Please don't stone me for this (unless it entails blowing smoke in my face) because I know there are cases when medication is very needed, but our society today has made it much too acceptable to medicate rather than educate and it's just wrong.

Seeing these young adults still taking the medications says so much about the injustices out medical professionals are doing to humanity today. I remember back when you went to the doctor to ask him/her what you needed. You respected him/her as an educated and dedicated professional with your best interest foremost in his/her mind.

Now we search for a doctor until we find one who will basically hand you the prescription pad and let you decide what you need based on what your friends take and give their children and what you see in TV and print and internet ads. The doctor is only there to provide a signature. I blame the drug manufacturers first for putting all that money into advertising, then the payoffs to the doctors for hawking their wares, and I blame congress for allowing the drug lobby to have so much control over our laws, and back to the politicians for stuffing their pockets with money from these companies.

I could go on to fill the buffer for this comment section but I will end my rant here. I think I've given everyone food for thought. Do with it what you will.

Done for now. I'll be in and out today. There is a Daiquiri Festival today and while I should not be drinking I believe in supporting every festival so 2 or 3 can't hurt, if I can even handle that many. I'm such a light weight. I haven't had any alcohol at all in close to two years. I'll be a very light weight.

My lack of alcohol consumption came from no particular reason other than I just didn't enjoy it anymore and decided I didn't have to have a drink in my hand to enjoy being out with friends. Even my free drink tickets went unused. I find that so ironic now that I'm diagnosed with FASH. Maybe it was my body trying to tell me something.

But Daiquiris are different. I love that frozen concoction on a hot summer day, or night, or weekend... White Russian is my favorite, but I really love the seasonal flavors like Egg Nog made with Southern Comfort. My list could continue... I'll drink just about anything except a Hurricane.

Enough of my drinking habits or lack thereof.


August 17, 2013 at 8:15 AM  
Blogger GaYToR said...

ǝuoʎuɐzǝɥʇ !!!!!!

Glad to see you pop in. Do it more often. I knew we were missing someone who always kept us going.


August 17, 2013 at 8:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Carolyn, I am so sorry about your lose, you need to go tonight, that is so much more important than the kiddies...hopefully game play will take place early and even if it doesn't it will be there later tonight or tomorrow...


August 17, 2013 at 8:23 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Pammmm :) Thank you so much.. I know.. I just hope they do the PoV early, so I can go guilt free.. (((hugs)))

Hi GayTor :) I agree on the over-medication of America. Big Time.

August 17, 2013 at 8:42 AM  
Blogger Jumbo said...

How well read can 2 and 4 year olds really be?

August 17, 2013 at 8:45 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...


Not sure what you are referring to. Is it a trick question? My guess, they would be about on par with Ginamarie.

OK. I admit it. That one was a little mean.

August 17, 2013 at 9:08 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

G'morning, Jumbo :)

EVERYONE - New Top Post! :)

August 17, 2013 at 9:25 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

G'morning, Jumbo :)

EVERYONE - New Top Post! :)

August 17, 2013 at 9:25 AM  
Blogger Yasmin said...

Thx Carolyn for the welcome
*Alex Leo... had to do a double take....thought you wrote cannibals not Caucasians! LOL
*Grendon/ so right Helens ego is killing her game...
*Palley/ as I don't have live feeds I thought when Amanda and Mcrae started getting hot n heavy(AD) they cut to HOH , ah ha I knew something was up!:)

August 17, 2013 at 4:31 PM  
Blogger Yasmin said...

* Grendon
You said it best Hellens ego is killing her game....
So much so that in trying to flip the HS on Amanda( no votes) no support(Ding ding). , Andy kept saying not yet!??( his loyalty lies else where) You bought into a fake alliance.( Really) Went crying to the opposition in HOH about Elissa..throwing another HS under the bus( reveling your duo weakness!)
Game Over?!!

August 17, 2013 at 4:58 PM  

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