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Friday, August 16, 2013

BB15: The Overnight Report

Good morning, BB Lovers!  Happy Friday!  It's Aaryn's 4th HoH...  Whoda thunk it? 

It's looking very much like Helen and Elissa will be taking the nomination seats later on today.. Aaryn's target is Helen, although after everything that happened tonight, no one in the house would mind seeing Elissa leave.  They'd just prefer her to self evict following Helen's eviction by vote.

Early Risers:  Much of the Overnight Report revolves around a conversation Elissa had with Helen right around 11:45pm, so I'm going to dive into flashback and include that as well.  After that,  I'll be adding pics to the post.. So, please pardon my dust, but I want to have this up for you at 6:30am Eastern as promised, and tonight on the live feeds was non-stop!

Helen and Elissa
Camera 3 and 4

We join this conversation in progress.. 
Helen: It's just advice..
Elissa: I just feel like she's not trying to.. She's not someone I felt I would ever talk to if there was something wrong.. Wouldn't you think it would be her responsibility to come to me and say, "so n so said you didn't want to sit by us on the couch."  I mean, I told you that in confidence, but..
Helen: Yeah, but I didn't tell her that, so somebody else told her that.
Elissa: I told Amanda in confidence.
Helen: Well, whatever, it is what it is.  Do what you're comfortable doing..
Elissa: I just feel like, if someone said you were upset with me, I would come to you.. I wouldn't ask someone else to.
Helen: I did that on my own.  I just didn't want her to be mad at you befor ean HoH comp.
Elissa: Well, someone obviously was stirring the pot.
Helen: I just didn't want her mad with you going into a comp, knowing how often she wins comps.
Elissa: Well, I'm not going to fight with her.  You can't fight with someone you have no personal relationship with.  I didn't want to sit next to them, because I was upset, I missed my family, and I didn't really wanna sit by anyone.  I wanted to be by myself and read my bible and try to get control of my thoughts.  I know I get nervous before comps, and I was upset thinking I would not do well at the questionnaires..  You go to school for years and years..  I can't change the way I think because I'm in the Big Brother house.  It's probably luck.  She was meant to win that competition.

Helen: I want you to win one.  and I'm trying to prop you up, and I don't want you to hurt your game for something you can control.  Getting in a tiff with her before an HoH comp..
Elissa: It wasn't a tiff.  I was just upset. I totally miss my son.  I realized last night that I'm not gonna be there for his first day of 3rd grade.  That's a big deal.

Helen: I totally agree.  I'm in the same boat as you..I agree.  It's hard.  It's very hard.  I'm just trying ot be threre for you.  It's hard.  It's going to continue to be hard.  The one thing you don't want is for your son to think you're a quitter.  You can't let this game eat you.
Elissa: It's not eating me.  I honestly will not think about these people 1 thought..
Helen: But but but..
Elissa: ..When I leave here..
Helen: But you've gotta attack these competitions.  You're frikking so smart.. Why don't you attack them?
Elissa: But you don't go to a college test and have 2 seconds to answer.  This is not how it is in the real world.
Helen: This isn't the real world.
Elissa: And this is all she thinks about all day.  I think about how I have a husband running a frikking huge company that I'm away from..I think about if my child's safe.. I think about if my family's safe.. I think about whether or not my son has school supplies.. whether or not he's signed up for baseball on time.  I have a lot more to think about than a frigging 22 year old with no responsibilities.
**and as such a mature woman, perhaps you should also be better equipped. You all get the gist.. I'm gonna cut to the punchline..

Helen: I'm not gonna be there for my kids first day of school either... but you are strong.
Elissa: yes
Helen: You knew going in that there was a possibility you may not see them until the end of September..  You've made it far.. OK.. I'm done.  I can only do so much.  I miss my dad, whose going through chemotherapy, every day.  I miss my kids.  I do the same thing..  but if I break down, who's gonna help you?  So I don't break down.. So I need you to not break down for me..

Helen: If you're gonna be here, make the most of it.
Elissa: I didn't say anything to her.. someone went behind my back and told her.. I told you and Amanda.. I was trying to be by myself.. I don't care if I sit with them.  I wanted to be by myself.  We were doing the voting.
Helen: Ok.. look.  We gotta get it together.  We miss our families, but we have each other.  And we would rather be here than in the jury house with all the crazy people.  So let's try to avoid the jury house.

Elissa: Yeah.  I'm not going there.  Like, I'm going to go.   If I get evicted, I will be.. home.  So..
**and Helen's BB world came tumbling down..

Helen: Soo.. If I were to make it to the end, you're not there to vote for me?  If Andy makes it to the end,  you're not there to vote for Andy?
Elissa: I mean..
Helen: Think about that.  I would stay, because if you made it to the end, I would want to make sure you got my vote.  Think about that, Elissa.
Elissa:  Well..

Deeply moved, Elissa goes to brush her teeth.  Helen heads up to the hallway outside HoH and cries quietly.. for a couple minutes..  then she goes into the HoH Room.

Or you could just watch the flashback. ;-)

Cam 1
HoH - Everyone but Elissa.

Andy: How's Elissa doing?
Helen: ok
Andy: Are you ok??
Helen:  I'm sad.. Just sad..
Andy: What's wrong..
Helen: Just.. I can't help her anymore..  Sorry, I don't wanna cry..

Helen gets up to leave..

Ginamarie: Stay, Helen.

Ginamarie gets up and goes to her..

Helen: I don't want to cry on camera.
Andy: Do not leave this room.  You're with people who love you and care about you.

Helen: (cries quietly while GM comforts her)
Andy: Just realize that you have been such an amazing friend to her and this is nothing on you.
Aaryn: What happened?
Helen: I realized I just can't save her anymore.  She said that if she gets evicted, she's not going to jury.. She's just gonna leave.. and I'm like, I mean it's the end.. You're not gonna just wait and stay there to give us your vote?  I mean, like, after I've carried you so far in this game?  And she's just like, I don't know.. I try to practice with her and keep her spirits up, and she's just gonna leave?
Aaryn: That's because Elissa only cares about herself.
Ginamarie: That's right.  And she always will, baby.

Andy: That sucks.  Like, there are so many people who would kill to be in jury.. Like any of the 5 people who left before jury?
McCrae: So selfish.  It's a slap in the face.
Aaryn: Yes it is, and might I add I tried to get her out 2 weeks in a row, assholes.
GM: Can we have Nick back?  He wont even play.  I'll just lock him in my closet.
Andy: I just think it's such bad sportsmanship.
McCrae: It's a big F*ck you to anyone who ever wanted to be here.  She doesn't need the money.  She doesn't care.  She'll just walk.. All the people who came before..
Aaryn: I need every week of that money..

Helen: This is not to badmouth her at all.. I just don't have that many votes and she was 1.
McCrae; They'll talk her out of it.
Aaryn: She was gonna self evict the first couple weeks because of her pride..
McCrae: I don't think she would self evict.
Aaryn: Oh yes, she would.

Camera 1 and 2

McCrae: I think they wouldn't let her.. I think they would talk her down.
Aaryn: There's no way she would do that, Helen.
Andy: If she's your friend.
Aaryn: But she's not Helen's friend.  She's not anyone's friend.

Helen: I'm not trying' to throw her under the bus at all, but I'm just like, What if Andy makes it to the end, or like all your close friends who've helped you through the game?  Like, you can't leave.
Aaryn: I know.. I thought the 1st times you found out about Elissa's lies you'd be over it.
Helen: This is the 1st time I've heard she wont go to jury.

Amanda: Look at it this way, if Elissa doesn't go to jury, that gives someone else who fought to be here, the chance to win 25k.
Spencer: She didn't even go to hotel sequester like we did.
McCrae: You woud get all of Rachel eilly's fans by default.
Andy: I think she'll go to jury.  I think it's a threat.
Mc: Exactly.
Aaryn: Helen, you've protected hr for 8 weeks.  I just don't think she has any intention of protecting or being there for you... Everyone else in jury is already a vote for you..
Helen: I miss my family too, but it's not like I'm mean to everyone else about it..

Amanda: I have to be honest with you.. You play an amazing game.. It would kill me more if she walked away with 25 grand than jury..  25 grand is a vacation to her.  You have to realize, you came into this house by yourself, and you will leave this house by yourself.  You take what you've learned from everyone, and you do what's best for you, no matter what.  If someone doesn't help your game, then you do what you need to do.  If you would give the world to someone on a silver platter, and they wouldn't do the same for you, then..
Andy: Good riddance.

Amanda: Don't play this game with your heart, play this game with your head.  That was the number one thing I thought coming in here.
Andy: Yeah.  What'd she say?  She said she flat out wouldn't go to jury?
Amanda: i told you she wouldn't.
Helen: I was like, what if I made it to the end?  You wouldn't stay for me?  I would.  I signed up for September 25th.. Why wouldn't you just stick out a jury for your frirends?
GM: Because she don't care about anybody else..  She's better than everybody else.. She needs to have her own separate house on her own, like she's queen f'in sheba.  No one's better than nobody..
Spencer: Do you think she's just havin' a bad day?
GM: She always walks around with a stick up her ass?  No, everyone woke up the same.. What?  Maybe she can't take a shit?  Gimme a break.  Please.
Amanda: THe way I feel about Elissa.. Candice too.. The people who just fell into place here?  I f'in fought to be here.  I fought to be here.  I did everything I could do..
Helen: I quite my job..
Amanda: Your 2 year old.. Everyone wants to make it to jury.. but let me tell you, it's such an honor for me to be here with all of you.. If I don't win, I wanna be here to... (12:12a)

Helen: I wasn't here to badmouth her in any way..
GM: Wont sit next to me. Fuck you.  So stupid. Like Candice.  To be yellin' like that.  Such a frikkin' idiot.  Cuz I'm Rachel's sister.  F you and ya sister.  You're nobody.  When you're the f'in president, come holla at me.  That means you're somebody. 

Aaryn: Helen, do you like Miller Lite?\
Helen: Yeah, I do.
Aaryn:Well, you're gonna have one cuz that'll make me happy.

Helen: This was not to badmouth her.. If she wont stick it out to jury?  If she's not gonna do it?
Aaryn: I told you that this was z publicity stunt..  to get elissercise and endorsements off the ground.  This was not to play the game.
GM: She has the world.. What the f you doin' here?  Go suck his dick.  Please.. Go be with him.
Aaryn: She's been worried all day..
Helen: I'm crying more because .. that would be the one jury vote.. Jessie's gonna taint the jury on me..
GM: No she wont.
Aaryn: Helen, if you make it to final 2..
Helen: I totally agree, but why work toward something you know you're not gonna havea shot at?
Aaryn: If I can work toward where I am today from where I was?  You know that anything is possible.
Helen: I know.  Which is why I love this game.
Andy: If she decides to walk, it's on her.  If she walks, it's gonna make her look bad and you look good.
Aaryn: Why do you think America freaked out about MVP?  They were outraged that she continued to win..
Helen: Thanks, everyone.
Aaryn: I know what it feels like to trust people who couldn't care less.  It's the wost feeling in the world.
Andy: And you never know what's gonna happen with jury.. It's gonna get out that I planned on getting Jessie out from the beginning.
Aaryn: This game is 50% gameplay, 50% luck, in my opinion.  Cuz anyone can say anything and people believe them.
Helen: I hate crying.
Andy: Did she go to bed?
Helen: Yeah..  Maybe she's just saying she wont go to jury.  She better go to jury.. It's not fair.  I'd be mad at any of you guys if you walked.
Aaryn: I wanted to walk when I was being treated like an amoeba.  (long 12:21) And I'm still here.

Amanda returns..

Amanda: How would you feel about Rock, Paper, Scissoring another beer?
Aaryn: I'll split another beer.
Helen: I just can't believe she wont go to jury. 
Andy: It's the biggest slap in the face to everyone who's helped her here.
McCrae: And everyone who voted her MVP.

Amanda: She doesn't give a crap about the game.  She doesn't give a crap about the money.
Helen: I hoped she gave a crap about me.
Amanda: But Helen, you don't need her. 
Aaryn: I legitimately feel that everyone in this room cares about you more than Elissa does.

Helen: (still weepy) thanks.
Aaryn: I mean, that's kind of like, really sad, but true.

Andy: What would they do if she did walk?
McCrae: America would get a vote.

Amanda: The thing that annoys me.. Judd auditioned 5 frikkin' times.. He will be the hardest person I've ever evicted from this house, because I knew houw badly he wanted to be here. His jury vote will mean a lot.. because he knows this game.
Andy: I feel like his vote should count for 3, compared to Candice's.

Amanda: Long story short, we all really wanna be here.  I don't feel afraid any more.. (having made jury)
Andy: Same.
Spencer: Same.

Andy: Let's play our favorite game.  How did Judd and Candice react to each other walking into the Jury House?
Helen: It will be interesting at the jury house when Judd asks Jessie, what the hell?
ALL: Laugh

Talk turns to The Talk.. and the final 3 appearance..

Amanda: Oh, Jessie told me before she left that she had a sex dream about you..
Aaryn: She told me too.
Spencer: Any details?  I love my baby, but someone has a sex dream about you, that's pretty cool.
Aaryn: How much does a Spencer mustache ride cost?
Spencer: Pretty cheap.
Amanda: That's a lot of traction there.
Aaryn: Do you rub your beard on Marilyn's Sprinkle Star? 

GM: Can I say, It's my birthday, bitch?
McCrae: Sure.  Janelle said Bye bye Bitches Season 6..

Amanda: I would kill a bitch for a cigarette right now.

Aaryn: I LOVE Janelle..
Amanda: you are almost at Janelle comp level now..  4 HoHs, 1 pov..   I won MVP twice.. (lol)
Aaryn: What if I get a Pandora's Box nd it releases a Diamond Power of Veto..  and watch frikkin' Elissa get it.

12:33 Janie record..

Aaryn: If I win this veto in 2 days, I'm tied!!!
Amanda: I just wanna host it.

Talk turns to sex dreams while in the house.. 

Amanda: Did you pait your toes..  blindfolded?
Aaryn: Yeah, I did..
Amanda: Is that like a competition you play with yourself?

GM goes nasty about Candice.

Amanda: We all know that you were in a secret alliance with Candice..

12:37a = Rehashing Candice's eviction week.. (**stretch!)


Helen: If I get voted out next week, I wold stick it out in jury, just to watch one of you beautiful people win this .. It does hurt.  She didn't give up enough, I don't know.  Can't you stick it ut to the end? This is not like Survivor with mosquitos everywhere..  This is Big brother..
Aaryn: Jury is paradise.
Helen: In my mind, I signed up to Spetempber 25th.. It kills me that she doesn't want to be there til the end.  And I've protected her.. But I mean, you're right.  I came to this game myself.. I'm gonna leave it by myself. I think part of the reason I was cast was because I'm a mom, and she would need someone.. I don't think they've ever had 2 moms on one season, with little kids.

Talk turns to Libra, who had 6 month old twins when she came on..

Aaryn: When I have children, 6 month olds, the only casting I'm gonna do is for a babysitter.
Helen; Whenever the opportunity comes.. I'm sure America's talking about me leaving a 2 and 4 year old.
**no, they're far too distracted by the racism this season.

Helen: I'm really good at compartmentalising my responsibilities in life.. I come here and I focus on the game.. I'm always thinking about my kids, but what am I gonna do about it.. I'll never leave them for this again though.
Amanda: I wont listen to music in here.. It takes me out of the game too much, and it reminds me of home..
GM: But you have to have some release.
**She does. That she does.

Talk turns to the bathroom carvings.. Gm is bitter about Elissa calling them classless..  Chatter about rumors coming into the house.. Helen participates.  They have successfully calmed her down now. 

Helen: You need  hair cut.
Spencer: Nahh..
Amanda: Spencer, Sheket b'vakasha (☺Hebrew: shush, please).  He needs a hair cut.

While Everyone is joking around her, Helen is just barely holding it together, looking left, right, left, right..

Andy: I just hope the Zingbot comes while Elissa's still here.  I want her to get zinged so bad.
Helen: I'm giving her the biggest speech tomorrow..  I'm giving her a you quit this..

Spencer: I wish they would bring Quantum Leap back..
**Such a great show.
Helen: I'm so old.. What were you doing in 1996, Aaryn?
Aarytn: I was 6.
Helen: I was a sophomore in college.
Spencer: Tell us a story, Gramma Kim.

Talk turns briefly to Elissa and her living situation, child, step children, etc..

Amanda's trying to sneak up on everyone in HoH.. doing a worm crawl to the door.. What she doesn't know is they can see her, and are watching on the spy screen.. Camera 3 flips to show Elissa in her bed downstairs.  3 cameras remain in HoH.

1:09am - Fishies

1:10am Helen's still on the edge..

Helen: GM, you cannot lose tomorrow, otherwise you're gonna be a have not on your birthday.

They figure 2 teams of 4, since there are only 8 of them left.. Aaryn will play only to even the teams. 

Talk turns to the details of the comp this evening.. for purposes of jedi training.  Then the PoV where Enzo had to give up all of his clothing to charity.. and then didn't win the veto.

GM: Who did 2 Drs together?
Spencer: Howard and Candice.
Aaryn: About things that never happened.  What were the DRs about?
Spencer: Probably about James Earl Ray flippin' the f'in mattress.
**James Earl Ray assassinated civil rights and anti-war activist Martin Luther King, Jr.
GM: I had a DR with somebody.
GM: Someone's on a happy trigger finger today.

1:20am  -- A couple of critters are starting to fade..

1:25am -- Helen heads downstairs to bed.. McCrae is down there..
**the clocks just sketched out  and went back to 1:05am, but the conversations are moving forward.  And back to normal..

Cam 3 and 4
Helen and Mc

Helen: I think she's gonna put me up against Elissa.

McCrae: It's pretty much a f*ck you to anyone who's ever played this game or wanted to. If she walked out of this game...
Helen: I gotta stop playing for both of us and play for myself.
McCrae: The way she acts, I can't play for that.  She's almost a Jeremy.  You have to win Veto and take yourself off..
Helen: But I don't want Andy going up..
McCrae: That's a worry..
Helen: If I can't win it, then next best person would be her, because she would keep noms the same.
McCrae: She's been winning so much lately.
Helen: She definitely wants that comp record.  ogh God.. She was at the end.. Just click HoH.. 40% chance you're gonna get it.

Amanda: (off camera) Why did nobody else by me have to do a DR right now?
McCrae: What?
**Skippy loves fishies and wants me to stretch. I shall comply. 

Cam 3 and 4
Andy and Amanda

Andy: I'm sleepy as hell!  I had a big ass day.
Amanda: Alllll right.. No one's judging you.
Andy: Christmas shoes got me so amped up I couldn't sleep.

Cam 3 and 4

Aaryn: Look at all those black pictures. She's putting a pizza in.
Ginamarie: (calls down) Amanda, are you making a pizza?
Amanda: yes.
Gm: Everybody wants a slice.

McCrae: So you all know, Helen is trying to figure out how to throw you under the bus so she doesn't go up.
Aaryn: Who does she think I'm gonna backdoor?  I don't know why she doesn't hink she'd go up as the replacement.  Spencer, you have to win that PoV.
Spencer: Are you kiddin' me, it's on.  It could be f'in Mandarin Chinese, ding dong ding dong ding, and I'ma win it.
McCrae: That reminds me of Kill Bill.
**Fish. Grr.

Amanda: I can't say that I would be upset if Elissa walked.
McCrae: We have to designate one person to take all the luxuries.. and everyone else go as hard as they can.  Like.. GM..
Aaryn: At this point, I'd rather win than take luxuries.
Spencer: I'ma be pumpin' that mfer..
McCrae: i'll take confinement.. I want Chumbath.. I'm the Chumlord.
Amanda: As long as you're not handcuffed to me..
McCrae: I wanna be handcuffed to you.

Aaryn: only one person gets the points.
McCrae: The one that's toughest to plan for is this one.. The last time I've seen the hour one was 12.
Aaryn: They did it in 13.. Ohhhh.. guys.. I think we're gonna be on the balance beam.  Good thing I'm light on my feet.
McCrae: me too.
Aaryn: Hey Gemsie, we might be running back and forth on a balance beam tomorrow.
Gm: Cool. I'm good at that.
 **Aaryn and Amanda imitate Janelle (not BB) and Kiefer- a reference totally lost on me. 

Spencer: ..miserable for her.. I'm like, come here, I'm gonna f'in eat your butt hole, bitch!
**1:56am --context would be lovely, but I have none to offer you due to surrounding fishies..

Cam 1 and 2
Spencer, Amanda, McCrae, Aaryn

Spencer: I think it might be better for one person to take allll the f'in punishments. Or if you split em up between 2 people.. Like you n me. (you being McCrae)  I'd like to be on the prize side..
Amanda: No, you already took the bahamas, fly yourself to the punishments.
McCrae: Just take the shave you head one..
Spencer: I'm gonna be interested to see what Helen says about me.
**re getting him on the block.

2am - Fishies.. Skippy has a fish fetish tonight.

Aaryn: I would like you to take that key and shove it up your bung hole.

McCrae: I just can't wait til Helen's gone, and the next HoH, and as long as it's not Elissa, I'm gonna go f'ing crazy.  Just like.. Doesn't matter.
Spencer: Like, me and you are gonna be f'in Heckle and Jeckle..
McCrae: Yeah, exactly. Dude..
Spencer: Like, I'm gonna wake up every morning with fart noises and my ass in her face.  "Ewww, stop."
Aaryn: She'll self-evict.
McCrae: I think she might.
Amanda: I hope so.
Spencer:   By Saturday at 3..  is my bet.  The following Saturday at 3.
Aaryn: Are you guys gonna have sex or what?
Spencer: Dude, I'm gonna beat off on her bed and see if it breaks out her skin.
Aaryn: It probably wont break out her skin.

Cam 1 and 2
Aaryn goes downstairs to help Gm with the pizza.. 

Spencer: Look at Aaryn.
Amanda: I love her.  I love her racist ass.
Spencer: You shoulda heard Ginamarie earlier.

Aaryn returns..

Amanda: How did you feel about the final 5 I drunkenly proposed to GM?
Aaryn: Fine, but she's gonna be nominated many times.. And not by me yet.

McCrae kisses Amanda. Then she wants more.. 

McCrae: Stop assaulting me.
Aaryn: I like it when she does that, McCrae.
McCrae: I don't.
Aaryn: Well, that's why her and I are ending up together and not you.

Aaryn: You guys need to help me with what to say during the nominations..
Amanda: Say "Na Mas Go"
Spencer: Say, Elissa, I'm nominating you, because I hate moms.
Amanda: Say, Helen, I'm nominating you because you're in Mensa..
Spencer: She didn't say she was in Mensa, she said she had Mursa.. in the hospital.

Aaryn: I'm nominating both of you because I'm a 22 year old child..
Amanda: And because you're racist.
Aaryn: That doesn't make sense.  Racist people aren't racist against Asians.
Spencer: Ask Mark Wahlberg.  he has a pretty lengthy record due to violence against Asians. (fishes)
Aaryn: You know how you get America on your side?
Spencer: And how you said the Brenchel Army was a bunch of morons.
Aaryn: I wanna say, I fully support Brenchel, but I do not support you.  You obviously hate America..

Amanda: Rachel said Floaters Grab a life vest..
Spencer: Quitters grab your suitcase..

Talk turns to Elissa's vast wealth..

Spencer: Why don't you Elissercise you ass out of this house..
Aaryn: You think you're better than everyone here, and this whole thing is beneath you, why don't you go back to where you came from, because we're all thrilled to be here.  You see this entire experience and disposable and beneath you, which you remind us every day, but the rest of us here are living outr dream.  So, since we all wanna be here, I'm gonna give you the oppportunity to go home, since that's what you wanna do.
Amanda: You've been riding people's coat tails all the way here..
Aayn: I'm sick of you riding coattails.. It's time for you to step up, win the veto.. and maybe I'll respect you.

McCrae: i just wanna meet every single complaint she makes..

Amanda: I would bring up America's Player..
Spencer: Exactly.. You're f'in playin for toilet paper, and this would change our lives.  I wonder what would happen if she walked before Veto.
McCrae: We could make that happen.
Spencer: Easily. Easily.

2:25am - Fishies! Geez, Skippy! My feet are getting wrinkly already.

Cam 3 and 4
And how do we know Helen wasn't faking her tears earlier?  She's cleaning at 2:30am.. Gm too.
**honestly, I didn't doubt her tears at all, but someone who texted me did.
GM: Oven is clean..
Helen: Dishes are done.

Spencer passes through and says goodnight.

Meanwhile on Camera 1, McCrae thinks and waits for Amanda in the Cockpit..

Amanda: Ooh, we have a new position.
McCrae: You have something in your hair.. I just don't want this thing on me.  It's too hot.

Kissy noises..

McCrae: I feel sick.
Amanda: You do?  That sucks.  Why, cuz you ate too much?
McCrae mm hmm.
Amanda: Do you just wanna go to bed?
McCrae: Kinda..  Stop that.  Stop tickling my stomach..
Amanda: Let's just go to bed.
McCrae: I just don't wanna throw up walking there.

McCrae's nervous he'll become a have Not tomorrow.

McCrae: That was the end of it today.. When she snapped at me?  I wanted to be like, I don't appreciate anything you f'in say.  I had to walk away.  She's really.. I like her.. I'll probably talk to her a little bit outsside of the game.. but.. She's a f'ing elitist.. The fact that she doesn't want to sit between Aaryn and GM..
Amanda: it's childish..
McCrae: It's f'd up.

2:44am - Cam 1 Amanda and McCrae head for bed.. They pass Gm who tells them she's gonna sleep upstairs with Aaryn.. All say goodnight..

Cam 3
Chair Room - Dark
Andy, Spencer, McCrae, Amanda

Spencer: I was about to go clean the oven and the dishes..
Andy: Oh my God.. I'll kill you.
Spencer: I was about to go take all the dishes out of the cabinet.

Spencer makes an armpit fart noise and tells them it's his nutsack, and that's how he grosses out Marilyn..
McCrae: Don't look me in the eyes when you do that.

Andy: Where's Helen?  Did she go to bed?
McCrae: Maybe she's cleaning the bathroom?

Ginamarie runs through.. then back out.. 

Cam 3
Helen: Goodnight, guys..
ALL: Goodnight, Helen.

Cam 1
Ginamarie and Aaryn are giggling up in HoH.. Talk turns to game..

Ginamarie: (says lots of words)  This is the time for Elissa to be up there .. and leave..  I can't wait to see this bitch go before us.  She always had an advantage over us.. Now Bitches, MVP's over.. Everyone's
like scared a her.. I'm not.
Aaryn: Thanks for riding BB Airlines.  Here's your flight home.  Bitch.  And she wont go to jury, cuz she's too good for jury.
Gm: I know.  Unbelievable..

Back to chatter..

Gm: Dude, I can't believe you won another frikkin' HoH.. I feel bad for Amanda though.
Aaryn: I legit debated giving it to her for like 10 seconds.. but when she didn't hit the button, I was like, c'mon..
Gm: You deserved it. 

 Talk turns to Spencer..

Gm: We gotta watch out for him, dude.
Aaryn: Next week, who's he gonna put up?  Helen will be gone.. If Elissa takes herself off, one of us goes home.  You and I need to alternate HoHs.
Gm: if it's another Endurance, I'm kicking ass at it.  I'll break my arm.  I don't care.
***Give the history of Returning HG Night, it makes 100% perfect sense that it would be endurance..  Think Kaysar, Crazy James.. It's a night where the returnee knows they MUST give all, or they're walking right back out the door.
Aaryn: I feel like they would rather have Spencer here than us..
GM: Really?
Aaryn: Cuz every time I bring him up, they don't respond.

Aaryn: What do you think the Have Not Comp's gonna be?  I think it's gonna be really hard.
GM: I think I don't want Amanda on my team.  She overthinks things and she wants to take control.
Aaryn: I don't wanna be on Amanda's team. I wish it could be me, you, McCrae and Andy.. but it won't be unless it's random draw, because McCrae and Amanda wont be on separate teams.

GM: Next week is gonna be hard.
Aaryn: Next week is scarier than I relaized.
GM: Who do you think Andy would put up?
Aaryn: I think Andy would put up you and Elissa.. and then Spencer..
GM: I thought Spencer liked me, but he put me up 2  times in a row.  He's like, you were on fire.  I'm like, I answered one question, dick.
Aaryn: He probably put you up, because you put him up, and he was scared you would again.. like for noms..

Aaryn: I'm kinda surprised how well I'm doing at comps.  You beat Helen today, and she's the smartest person here, so you can no longer say you're not smart.
Gm: Yeah.  I'm kinda proud about that. I was calm.  I focused..

3:06am... This talk is ongoing, but not gamechanging, so I'm going to hop into flashback and get the Helen/Elissa conversation that happened right before the Overnight began.. and DROVE the entire evening.

And this concludes the Overnight Report!  See you when BB wakes the HGs!



Blogger Sharelle Milo said...

Good Morning Carolyn,

Janelle and Kiefer are on MTV's Teen Mom 2. Janelle and Kiefer are both drug addicts. Kiefer is her boyfriend and not the father of her child.

I don't really understand the big deal with Elissa not wanting to sit next to someone. Sometimes, I don't like sitting next to one of my brothers...that doesn't mean I hate them or have any ill will toward them.

This BB house can be so petty.

August 16, 2013 at 4:41 AM  
Blogger Karen Caskey said...

Good Morning Carolyn :)

Not sure there is any nice way to say what I am thinking but I feel that is very selfish of Elisse. If she knew coming into this game ahead of time she had no desire to go to jury then why come in the game at all :( Which she has said many times from the very beginning. Very selfish in deed !!!

August 16, 2013 at 5:20 AM  
Blogger Nancy said...

Good morning. Thanks for the stellar report as usual. If Elissa is going to self evict I'd like them to vote her out and then there will be one less person competing against Judd to return!

August 16, 2013 at 5:36 AM  
Blogger A Slay said...

I didn't know that the people with the least money deserve to win the most.

Sure Elissa's attitude is annoying, but she's having a meltdown because she misses her kids. She even stated this would happen last week if she didn't win HOH.

I'm not an avid Elissa supporter by any means, however I just think instead of just saying, "Oh Elissa's annoying...", the houseguests are saying things that are really personal and defamatory. That isn't close to justifiable.

August 16, 2013 at 5:37 AM  
Blogger OLDERandWISER said...

Hello Carolyn and Fellow Dishers!!

Hmm… Aaryn wins HOH!
This is going to be interesting. She should have thrown this HOH to Amanda and let Amanda back up all of her big talk with some eviction action of her own. McCrae is actually playing it very smart in the comps. He plays hard until he knocks out anyone he doesn’t trust and then he lets one of his “people” take it. He didn’t care if Andy won the previous HOH or that Amanda/Aaryn was going to win this last one.
The 3AMs will want her to take out Helen, but she would be a fool if she does it. Why, you ask? The only reason the 3AMs have formed an alliance with her is so that she can win the comps and take out their big targets. She has all the blood on her hands and they have none. She knows they won’t take her to the final four because she might beat them in the comps and possibly win the game. As soon as Helen is out the door, I believe they will get rid of her.

She should probably pull the same stunt that Andy pulled and play it safe for HER game. She needs to get rid of Spencer before he weasels into her F4 spot. Most of the HGs (that want to play it safe) would put up Spencer and GM. However, GM is the only one that might be loyal to Aayrn till the very end and I believe that if Spencer and GM stayed on the block, that GM would get voted out. So…. what to do….what to do…?

Ahaaa, put Andy up as a pawn next to Spencer. No one will vote Andy out and Spencer goes home. If anyone wins Veto but Aaryn, she would have to put up Elissa and Elissa would be evicted. Either way, Spencer or Elissa goes home (which is one less threat to her game). Now comes the tricky part. The 3AMs will probably turn on her for not taking out Helen and for sure Amanda will have a meltdown. But hey, Helen would still be there and I don’t think the 3AMs will not “openly” turn on Aaryn until Helen is gone.

My, my… Big Brother…what a game!


August 16, 2013 at 5:44 AM  
Blogger ET said...

What does Brent Slater do that Elissa thinks he is floundering without her?

On a side note, in Googling to try to find out, I found their wedding website. They've just been married over a year, which I had idea about. I must have totally missed that.

August 16, 2013 at 5:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good Morning Carolyn,

Good Morning Fellow Dishers,

Just Popped in to say hello....

OMG....HELEN....throwing Elissa under the bus like that...shame on you..

OK..I am going go read the TOR..


August 16, 2013 at 5:51 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

Good morning Carolyn

Someone from last night asked a question about what Julie had said about the twist. (I think TripL)

"For the first time ever, someone will compete to come back from jury."

I was also confused remembering that Brendan had competed to come back. But then I remembered-that year the evicted HGs were in sequester-NOT jury.

Now, on to my happy dance. I was afraid Aaryn was with Helen. Apparently not since she tried to hand the comp to Amanda on a silver platter. Aaryn said something along the lines of, "At least now it will be easy to put Elissa up. Who talks shit to someone during an HOH comp." I haven't started TOR yet. I am hoping to find out what Elissa said.

I am thinking I may sit back with a beverage and a bowl of popcorn for the 'after nominations viewing party.' This is more exciting to me than an endurance comp. It could possibly be the best day ever. And what could make the best day even better? If Helen is evicted, is immediately told she has a chance to come back in to the game and then loses to Judd. I am already smiling just thinking about it.

Yes, I know my mean side is showing. Why try to hide it when you can embrace it.

August 16, 2013 at 6:22 AM  
Blogger Jumbo said...

I just watched the live show. I feel like The jury comp will have to be somewhat physical because candice and Judd wouldnt be prepared for questions which is good news for Judd as long as its not clown shoes

August 16, 2013 at 6:43 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

Let me get this straight.

If Elissa gets evicted she will be sad and refuse to stay in the jury house and go home.
Helen will be sad because that means she won't have anyone to vote for her.
It's quite a conundrum and I can only see one solution-make sure to evict Helen first.
That way Elissa doesn't have to feel sad and quit and Helen doesn't have to worry about votes.

August 16, 2013 at 6:44 AM  
Blogger Jumbo said...

Helen sits in HOH and tells everyone that Elissa is one of her votes when she is final 2? What goes through her mind to think its smart to voice that?

August 16, 2013 at 6:52 AM  
Blogger Mappy said...

Thanks for taking another one for us Carolyn!

I don't get Elissa. She has proven once and for all she is not a BB gamer.

Do you think she's really there to promote her Elissacize?

Rest well Carolyn :)

August 16, 2013 at 6:59 AM  
Blogger K Byrnes said...

So what did Elissa do? Did I miss reading it?

August 16, 2013 at 7:03 AM  
Blogger Jumbo said...

Do we still think Elissa would win Americas favorite? That would be a travesty

August 16, 2013 at 7:24 AM  
Blogger GaYToR said...

GURL!!! You earned your pittance today. You went into overdrive covering all that. Carolyn, I don't know how you do it. I bow to the great and all-powerful Wizard of Dish.

From The Overnight Report™:

Helen: This is the 1st time I've heard she wont go to jury.

This is one of my biggest clues that her tears were fake or at least easily turned on which she does so well. It would take me until next season to find it in the blog or on the FlashBacks but I am sure they have had this same, maybe similar conversation before. As many times as Elissa has talked about not going to jury to so many people I am sure Helen has heard this and if not directly from Elissa, then from "The House" because "The House" knows everything. Helen was, in essence, trying to get Elissa voted out over herself. She knows they are going up or has a very good feeling they are, so it's never too soon to start working on votes for next Thursday's eviction.

I want Helen gone but it would be so much more just for Elissa to be evicted and then the Jury Member Comp to renter the house would happen and hopefully Helen would be there to see the return of Judd the Studd. I think Judd knew before the vote that it was Helen that led "The House" to evict him. It would truly be sweet revenge for Judd to come back in with her still in the house and to let him be the force that leads to Helen's eviction.

But... I shouldn't get ahead of myself. Let's just cross all our body parts that Judd is the successful one in the battle to return.

I don't think it is unreasonable to hope that AGP has put the jury members together in sequester. To give them an even (re)start, they should be allowed to talk to each other to know what has gone on in the house.

This day should have come weeks ago. Helen and her "The House" brainwashing tactic to get her choices evicted every week. You would think "The House" was its own entity, and if it is, and Elissa walks, giving America a tie breaking vote for F2, then I am voting for "The House" because it has survived 15 seasons. :p

Enough babbling for now. I'm guessing that BB will be waking them up in about an hour if they are having a Have/Have Not Comp today.

Who would I like to see on slop for the week, you ask? Aaryn can't be so I've lost one there. We don't know if there will be 3 or 4 Have Nots this week but I'll go with 4 in order of who I want most to the least. Amanda, Helen, GinaMarie and Elissa. Maybe Spencer if I have to add a male in the mix. He could go up instead of Elissa since she is a waste of space anyway.

So, I've got a free week of who I hope to see in F2 since we don't know who is being evicted and who is coming back to play some more. I'm going to be doing some voodoo this week for Judd da Studd to return and I know from past comps he most likely has to also win HoH to stay although I think he should get a free week in the deal. It wouldn't be precedent setting, for in Season 5, Natalie and Adria, the identical twins, were given a free week after they made it the 5 weeks switching out at a moment's notice and both playing the game as one person, Adria, I think. I've read the Wikipedia story of Season 5 but the free week wasn't mentioned. Anyway, if Judd happens to win I want him to have a free week. If not, then he needs to win HoH.

Sharelle Milo thank you for clarifying the Janelle confusion. I was scratching my .... something... all night trying to figure that one out.

Now to wait for the wake up call and see if I can get a better idea of who Aaryn might really put up. Last night she didn't get a chance to talk to anyone individually because no one wanted to leave the HoH room until someone else left so it was quite a standoff.


August 16, 2013 at 7:35 AM  
Blogger Adam said...

LOL Helen thinks she's going to make it past this week. Adorable.

Hold up, it's been an hour since someone put their arm around me and said it's gonna be ok - time to cry and cry!!!

August 16, 2013 at 7:40 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

I had the exact same conversation with my friend last night regarding next week being endurance and I also referred to Crazy James and Kaysar. We're on the same wavelength.

I really hope the comp to get back in the game is geared for Judd. The problem is, if BB does not tell the truth about MVP he will still be a target. 'They' screwed up his game. They need to tell the truth or at least give him a week of safety.

In regards to Elissa's behavior last night, it doesn't really surprise me. Being 100% honest, not being snarky just because I am not rooting for her, I seriously wonder what is wrong with her. I have never experienced someone so hollow of emotion, of common sense, of accountability. She lacks any ability to be rational. I know for a fact I could not have a conversation with her that lasted more than 5 minutes. The level of frustration I feel just listening to her makes me want to reach through the computer, grab her by the shoulders and say "snap out of it." It's like she has been walking around in a fog. I'm even starting to notice a haze on my screen any time she is on camera.

August 16, 2013 at 7:51 AM  
Blogger Pally said...

Good Morning Carolyn*
I watched Elissa and Helen last night.
The convo started because Helen wanted to give Elissa a heads up to why Aaryn and GM were upset. (not sitting next to them)
Elissa explained that she wasn't in a good place and didn't wish to sit next to anybody.
She also said that she only told that to people she trusted, Helen, Amanda, and McCrae, so she feels betrayed that one of them told Aaryn and GM.
Helen denied saying anything and then ran upstairs crying, never mentioning to Aaryn and GM what Elissa said about not feeling emotionally well and not wanting to sit next to anybody.
As I watched Helen cry, I felt like she was working for votes, knowing if she were on the block with Elissa she needs everyone to be angry at Elissa to vote her out.
Helen just betrayed Elissa by running upstairs and sharing their conversation, and, leaving out the explaination to why she wanted to sit alone.
Helen said herself (to the girls upstairs earlier) that Elissa was having a really bad day. How soon she forgot when she started counting her jury votes.

Happy Friday Everyone!

August 16, 2013 at 8:02 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

To slightly change what I said earlier about Elissa being hollow of emotion. I do believe when she was talking about missing her child that those feelings were genuine. She just seems to have no concept of anyone else other than herself having feelings or opinions.

You could sit down with Elissa and have a long, detailed, well thought out conversation. She would mmm hmm you the whole way through as if she understood what you were saying and as soon as you finished she would say, "Yeah, but..." and turn the whole thing around so it went back to The World According to Elissa.

August 16, 2013 at 8:12 AM  
Blogger Adam said...

Does Spencer realize this stuff is televised? haha I mean, he's a funny dude and *I* get it... but I would not be cool with the way I speak to my friends being available to everyone on earth.

August 16, 2013 at 8:15 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

To cry or not to cry-

I think Helen's tears were real. At least for the most part. But Helen is a very savvy game player. Once the tears dry she will waste no time using this as a campaign strategy for why Elissa should go and she should stay.

August 16, 2013 at 8:25 AM  
Blogger Mappy said...

@Adam Spencer certainly does. He's a HUGE Big Brother fan. He's just a pig.

August 16, 2013 at 8:32 AM  
Blogger Rob Proctor said...

Good morning, Carolyn! Thanks to your efforts, I know a few more details about Jessie's pre-eviction, scorched-earth strategy than just the Aaryn/GM implosion. I was hoping BB would show more of the "Elissa front" in Jessie's war against the HGs.

With regard to Elissa, I just want to put the following out there. First let me say I am not an Elissa fan, so this is not in defense of her. Her desire to possibly self-evict should get the HGs angry, but I think another way to look at it is that no one can know how they will react once they are locked in that house. The stress is sonething known only to HGs that play that game. I am sure that none of the "quitters" from past seasons felt during the audition process that the stress of the house would force them to want to bail.

The one thing I do support the BB15 HGs when it comes to their point of view on Elissa is about her attitude in the house. Elissa seems to not have the capacity to pick up on social queues, nor recognize how people around her are feeling. Perhaps she truly doesn't care. I tend to think it is a combination of both. Rachel seemed to have the same issue with not being able to make those around her feel comfortable. Rachel, however, was entertaining and a true fighter in the game. Elissa is clearly neither of those things, and I feel bad that production seemingly put alot of stock in Elissa because of who her sister was on the show. Bottom line, Elissa could stay where she is or self evict...the viewing audience probably would not notice the difference. What are you thoughts?

August 16, 2013 at 8:42 AM  
Blogger K Mac said...

Good Morning Carolyn and Dishers!

Grendon, as always you speak exactly what is in my mind more eloquently than I ever could. It's part of the reason I don't post more often ;) You do it for me :) This rant Elissa went on doesn't surprise me in the least, and it also doesn't surprise me that her fans will support and defend her no matter what she says or does. I'm sure they'll still vote her America's Favourite even if she self evicts (which won't be an option, will it?)

Thank you Carolyn as always for your hard work :)

August 16, 2013 at 8:42 AM  
Blogger Didds said...

I guess elissa never thought about getting to jury. I can't fault her for missing her kids and not wanting to waste her time in sequester for a month away from them for nothing - honestly I find it a bit warped that anyone that didn't need to (didn't want the money or 5 mintues in the spotlight) would want to. Why the hell should elissa care about helen more than her own child?? Why would helen expect her to?? Isn't helen being selfish?

I just think BB should make better casting decisions... pick people who do want the stipend money or "fame". Enough with these gimmicks.

August 16, 2013 at 8:52 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Good morning, everyone :))

:::yawn, stretch, yawn:::

BB Friday's are my Monday.

August 16, 2013 at 8:58 AM  
Blogger lscott said...

rewatching the GM - Aaryn confrontation i came away thinking that even though Aaryn is prolific at winning comps, and some are hinting at the new janelle, she has no realability to deal with any confrontation. even going back to amanda pointing out her racism, she is and will never be a janelle.

August 16, 2013 at 9:02 AM  
Blogger Jerry said...

Elissa is a real piece of work. But, just the person you want to keep around, can't compete worth a darn, and would get zero votes from the jury. The only sensible game play in the last few weeks has been voting out Judd, the rest has been for no reason except "I don't like her". It looks like this week will probably end up the same.

Both Amanda and Helen seem shocked that someone won't sacrifice themselves for them. Two pieces of work that need to be gone.

The pawns seem to refuse to read the writing on the wall, the whole game has been played for Amanda and/or Helen, no one else has mattered.

I'm still rooting for one of the worms to turn and accomplish something.

They haven't showed any scenes from the jury house this year, so I guess that means they are in sequester and not in contact with each other.

For the competition, if it's about past additions of BB then it will be rigged for Judd. I hope it's something more random, or geared to this year, to give them all the same chance. I'm still rooting for one of the "little people" to get back in, Candice or Jessie.

August 16, 2013 at 9:05 AM  
Blogger Samalysam Sam said...

Hello Carolyn
I often look forward to your blogs in the mornings. I am moved to comment today because I am soooooo disgusted with Helen right now. She was once a favorite of mine but that has changed. She is not a true friend. I understand that everyone has to play the game for themselves but even in BB one cannot do it alone. Everybody has a weak moment in the house. Helen sells out all the people who are truly loyal to her. I will not be sad to see Helen leave the house as I was when some of the others were unfairly evicted. Can't wait to see her leave the house.

August 16, 2013 at 9:05 AM  
Blogger Tiffany-JadeDarkStar said...

OHHHH gooody Now it gona be another ellisa hateing week. Jezze. i

Good morning Carylon and dishers i may honestly skip the feeds most of thios week.

If one has to go be helen sadly, but she will come back in im sure.

However im so pissed that she went an ran her mouth to the whole house.
Ellisa wouldn't leave jury shes not gonna do that, shes upset some one took what she said out context and put worse words in her mouth

I bet it was stupid amanda who said it to aayrn so she could make sure if aayrn won ellisa and helen went up. Im so over amanda and mccra and andy

August 16, 2013 at 9:06 AM  
Blogger lee said...

Grendon...I think I said the same thing last night about getting Helen out and seeing Judd beat her back in! That would be the best moment all season, if that happens! Here's to wishing.

I do see other's points about Elissa, but there is just no pleasing her. Ever. She cannot see other views. When she signed up for this, she knew the situation. She knew how long she could possibly be away for. I know it's hard to be away from your children, I'm sure. But everyone misses their families and lives. It burns me up when people say things like that. Like they are the only ones to miss family.

And, sorry, I sound like a cold fish, but I couldn't muster any sympathy for Helen and her crying. She is crying cause she realizes her game could be over sooner than she thought.

August 16, 2013 at 9:13 AM  
Blogger lee said...

Oh, and Grendon again...I thought she'd go with Helen, too. So so so happy! And, I can cry on a commercial, so no sympathy or tears from me for Helen is serious! ;)

August 16, 2013 at 9:15 AM  
Blogger lee said...

Oh, and one more thing. lol

Earlier in the evening, Elissa was still making remarks about Aaryn's medication and that helps her. Puhleeze

August 16, 2013 at 9:17 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Psst! :))

New Top Post!


August 16, 2013 at 9:26 AM  
Blogger Diana Frazier said...

I just can't believe the house guest on BB this season. How they think they are really playing such a great game, when all everyone is doing when they get the HOH is following Mccrae and Amanda's lead. Andy is just pitiful, I can't believe he told Jessie he was carrying her through the game. Andy is one of the worst game players in the house. He and Helen are actually the rats that Ginamarie accused Candice of being. I really liked Jessie and believe if she could have won a HOH she would have made a big game play. Elissa is so sweet, these houseguest turn against everyone who has any kind of morals. These were the worst group of house guest I ever saw. There were all the racist remarks. BB next season please screen the people you bring in the house much better. I will not be watching if another bunch come in like this...I love the Mike Boogies, Evil Dick's, Danielle's and etc real game players. I don't remember any of them having such dirty mouths and making racist comments...True game players. My favorites from this season were all the underdogs. Jessie, Candice, Howard, Elissa and I like Judd. Elissa is right NO Class.

August 16, 2013 at 9:30 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Good morning, Lee! :)

Good morning, Tiffany! :)

Good morning, Samalysam Sam! :)

Good morning, jerry! :)

Good morning, LScott! :)

Good morning, Didds! :)

Good morning, KMac! :)

Good morning, Rob! :)

Good morning, Mappy! :)

Good morning, Grendon! :)

Good morning, Adam! :)

Good morning, Pally! :)

Good Morning, Gaytor! :)

Good morning, Jumbo! :)

Good morning, KByrnes! :)

Good morning, Pammela!! :)

Good morning, ET! :)

Good morning, OLDERandWiser!:)

Good morning, ASlay! :)

Good morning, Nancy! :)

Good morning, KarenC! :)

Goood morning, Sharelle! :)

August 16, 2013 at 9:31 AM  
Blogger Nancy said...

The world according to Elissa, the world according to Helen, etc etc. The only three that don't seem to be egocentric are Andy, McCrae and Spencer.

August 16, 2013 at 9:43 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Good morning, Diana :) Your comment has been posted. No need to resend the same..

August 16, 2013 at 9:48 AM  
Blogger Lulu (aka Stefanie) said...

Your scenario there is exactly the same one I hope for!

August 16, 2013 at 10:17 AM  
Blogger Lulu (aka Stefanie) said...

Your scenario there is exactly the same one I hope for!

August 16, 2013 at 10:20 AM  
Blogger brendarae7 said...

I agree with you 100% Tiffany.

August 16, 2013 at 11:14 AM  

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