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Monday, August 19, 2013

The Overnight Report

Good morning, BB Lovers!  Happy Monday!  The PoV Ceremony is Today, so as you can imagine, it was a game filled Sunday night on the live feeds..  Helen went into overdrive.. Aaryn's got a lot to consider, and while I think she'll remain loyal to 3AM, she is such a convincing liar, I'm really not sure.

Let's dive right in..  Let me know what you think she'll do once you've read through..


Loose lips sink ships..

Aaryn: So I was right.. They want you to go before Spencer.. Andy pretty much told me right now that they are targeting you, and I just lost it.  The fact that anyone even brings up your name.. How is that fair?  Amanda and McCrae would never harm each other.. and they emphasized how I had to refer to you and I as a team in my nomination speech..
GM: They're scared. We hold our own and they don't. So the whole 5 deal?  They're not serious about that?
Aaryn: I thought they were until now.  If I put Amanda up..
GM: Do you want her to go over Helen? Cuz you know that breaks up that duo.. You have couple a, couple b.. One goes down.. If you put up either one, then you're gonna break up at least 1 team.
Aaryn: But the thing is, right now, I don't have McCrae coming after me, and if Amanda goes home, I have McCrae and Elissa coming after me.
GM: Unless you really talk to Helen, and say, if I save your ass.. You have to make a real deal.. Because you're definitely killin' one of the f'n queens.

Aaryn starts counting names..

Aaryn: If I told Spencer, if I don't put you on the block, would you work with me?  What if I asked Spencer to work with you, me, Helen, Andy..
GM: If Amanda was just f'ing normal and was serious about a 5.. But she just wants you to herself.
Aaryn: No, she doesn't want me to herself.. We are a power duo.  Or.. If I put McCrae up..
GM: Who do you trust more?
Aaryn: I trust neither.
GM: The Queen would be dead.  I think if you really talk to Helen.. I'm just givin' you options and you gotta do what's best for you.. If you get rid of Helen, at least you can win over Amanda.. You just gotta put thing in a basket and see what's the best decision.. I believe in you.  I know you'll do the right thing.  Whatever you do do has to be done in a few hours.

Aaryn: If you see Helen or Spencer organically, tell them to come up here.. But just one.

Chair Room
Cam 3
McCrae: If you're pissed off at me, you're not pissed off at her, so maybe it's better if I don't back you up.
Amanda: Ok.

GM passes through on a Helen/Spencer hunt.. The meaning of the word organic completely lost on her.  Then she heads outside.. Then into the bathroom, where Helen follows and heads up to HoH.

Helen: Hi honey, you feeling better?

Aaryn: OK.. Sooo.. I wanted to talk to you because.. This has to be between us..
Helen: I talked to Amanda.. She said, I know you tried to flip the house on me.. I just wanted you to know we talked.


Aaryn: ..and she wants me to put Spencer up as a pawn, and everyone vote to get you out..  This is Amanda.
Helen: I figured it was Amanda. I told her, look, I felt like you were coming after me.. I didn't think this came from you.  I figured Jessie got to her.
Aaryn: I 100% wanted to work with you, because I trust you more than Amanda, McCrae.. everybody.  She's basically been trying to make everyone go against you.  I just wanna make sure I'm telling you everything. So everything was cool between you and I until I heard that you wanted McCrae out and that you wanted McCrae to get me out.. They're playing the house.
Helen: I've even told McCrae, I don't know that I could take her (you) out.. you might have to do it for me.. Like with Judd, you were white as a sheet that night.. You'd already done Howard. So when you put me up with Elissa, I knew it wasn't you.
Aaryn: They also pushed the power couple thing.. They're threatened by you and Elissa, they're threatened by me and GM.. They want everyone to go after each other and leave them at the end. GM's the only person who would'nt put me up for anything, and they want her out.  Same with you and Helen.  They have Andy.. I know you think you do, but you don't.
Helen: That's shocking to me.
Aaryn: If this gets back, I am f*cked.  I think they have SPencer and Andy.  If I put Spencer up, they are gonna vote you out.  If I put Amanda up tomorrow, she really really f*cked me over tonight.. and it frustrates me.. Helen would never talk to me like this.. I don't trust Amanda and McCrae because they have deals with everyone in the house.  The deals they have with me are fake.. If I put Amanda up tomorrow, would Elissa vote her out?

Helen: Oh my God, yes! If I don't go up tomorrow, I will give you the 500,000.  You've gotta get Spencer and make the deal with Spencer.  He doesn't go on the block and he will vote however you want..

12:32am -- Andy comes up..

Andy: Are you doin' ok?
Aaryn: Yeah, I was thinkin' about tomorrow..
Helen: I'm scared about going home this week.
Andy: It's basically gonna come down to McCrae and Ginamarie.

Aaryn: If I do not put Spencer up on the block, and I put someone else, would you do what I wanted?  If it was what the house wanted?
Andy: Yeah.  Who would you wanna put up?
Helen: If you have my back, what I need you to do is whoever Aaryn puts up, I need you to vote them out..
(tears.. ) If  you love me.. If she puts Spencer.. whoever.. I don't want you to not vote me to stay, cuz I would never do that to you.

Aaryn: I don't know what I'm gonna do yet, but you know all these people have your back, and you know Amanda and McCrae have each other's back.  IF.. If I put Amanda up, and you know the people who would have your back.. and the only person who wouldn't would be McCrae.. But if I don't get Spencer, then I'm gonna be f*cked.
Andy: Who's voting?
Aaryn: Spencer, you, GM, McCrae and Elissa.. I think Helen and Elissa have your back more than Amanda and Spencer.
Andy: I believe this woman has my back more than anyone in the house.
Aaryn: I know this could f me..
Andy: If Amanda was up, I would vote against Amanda to keep Helen here.
Helen: She's gonna have 3 days to talk everyone out of it.. We have to stay strong..

Aaryn: F8ck..

Amanda: Can we just squash this right now?

Helen and Andy leave.

Amanda: I wasn't even mad at you.. I was mad at McCrae.  This is so stupid.  We're talking about something that happened a month and a half ago..
Aaryn: I know.  I'm not even mad about that.  I was making a joke, I wasn't trying to attack you.. He said that the words are cunty, not you.  He thinks you're the jewel..
Amanda: I just don't want you to be up here turning against me..

Aaryn: I also know that you're gonna turn against GM..
Amanda: I'm the one who's been pushing for you in final 4.. Andy didn't trust you, McCrae didn't trust you, and I've always stuck to you being in the final 4.  Always.  And no, I don't want GM to go before Spencer.

Aaryn: Between you and I, Andy said you were targeting GM, because she's loyal to me.. Over them.
Amanda: No.  Never.
Aaryn: I'm scared of losing GM..
Amanda: I confide in you way more.  I don't know why he said that to be honest with you.  I don't feel that way at all.  At all.  It kind of shakes me a little that Andy would say that to you..  That's a f'in bold faced lie. Elissa eats this up, which annoys the f outa me.. Helen eats this up..
Aaryn: How do they even know?
Amanda: Because McCrae and I are fighting..

12:44a Cam 3

Amanda: I genuinely care for you on a personal level.. I don't see that with anyone else besides Andy and McCrae.. That's why it upsets me.  Why do we have to rehash the Jeremy thing?
Aaryn: We were just talking about that because Andy didn't know the full.. And the way you see it and the way I see it are just different..
Amanda: You don't need to get defensive with me.  Out of the 4 of us, I'm your biggest ally.  I am the one who brought you in, when they were wary of you.
Aaryn: I still feel like McCrae is skeptical of me.
Amanda: McCrae is skeptical about me! Even me. I would not take that personally.
Aaryn: But it scares me, and Andy scares me too..
Amanda:  He's trying to set it up so if there's a F2 situation, you'll take him..

Aaryn: It made me not trust you guys when he said that.  I do now.
Amanda: Spencer has been going after me this whole game.. Why would I keep him?  Who came up to you 2 days ago and said, I want Spencer gone, I want Elissa gone, and then Ginamarie.. I want you in Final 4.  But.. when you do this, and you're ranting to GM about me.. I can tell when she walks by me that she doesn't like me right now.. and Andy's always playing Mr Nice Guy middleman.. and I'm taking my anger out on McCrae, and he thinks you're putting me up tomorrow, and I'm like, she wouldn't do that. It's stupid for her.

Aaryn: It does frustrate me when you say I'm always victimizing myself..
Amanda: I'm saying in that situation, you knew what you were doing was causing a rift. I'm just saying own up to it.. No one funneled wine down your throat, own up to it. (re jeremy) The point of the conversation is, you and I can't do this.. We can't have these fights and then start influencing the people around us.
Aaryn: Everyone in this house is going against me.
Amanda: That's where the issue is.  You're not trusting the 4.  We were just sitting up here talking about how solid we are.. But you can't air issues in front of GM, because she acts like she's 17.. I can tell by her air when she walks by me.. It's taken me a long time to get close with her.  We can't do this.  We can't.
Aaryn: I agree. When you and I have conversations, I feel like you..
Amanda: ..like to have the last word and be overbearing.

Aaryn: You make me feel kinda stupid sometimes..
Amanda: I'm sorry.  I look at you like a little sister.. and that's how I talk to you.. and you can say shit to me too.  But we have to remember this is a game, and we have to work it out between us and not let it spread.  I'm telling you, the reason you are in this final 4 is because of me..
Aaryn: But if it wasn't for me, you wouldn't have had the people out that you wanted out.
Amanda: Absolutely.

12:57am - This is ongoing.. Meanwhile, downstairs in the Cockpit, Helen, GM and Andy..
Helen: I love you
GM: I love you too.  Things change every day..

Aaryn: That's why I'm nervous of McCrae and Andy..
Amanda: I want Spencer or Elissa to go next week..
Aaryn: I feel like McCrae and Andy have Spencer's back over me..
Amanda: Definitely not.

Amanda: Spencer's just happy go lucky floating along.. he loves all these fights because they take the attention off him.
Aaryn: You know you have a stronger personality than me, you know you have more support than me.. You've always known what was going on and what was going to happen, week to week, and I haven't.  It feels like I've just gotten here because I was carried here..
Amanda: No on thinks that.. You carry us, we carry you..  We work more social, you work competitions.. That's why our dynamic works.  No one thinks you've been carried here.
Aaryn: I always feel like, I'm just on the outs with it.. and it's hard.  I know I'm on the bottom of it.
Amanda: I would take you over Andy.. I don't think I could win over you, but I'd still take you.
Aaryn: You get mad at me when I act like a victim, but I feel like I was a victim..
Amanda: I heard Spencer say on camera to Cndice that he hopes I choke on my spit and Die.. I heard Jessie call me a slut and say that McCrae only likes me because I have big tits..
Aaryn: I'd give anything to have someone call me a slut rather than a racist.

Aaryn: I know you're joking a lot, but I'm not trying to victimize myself..  I feel like McCrae and Andy still question me..
Amanda: McCrae wont go against you, because he knows I trust you.

Aaryn: I wanna trust this final 4, and I do, but it's like panicky.. When stuff like this happens.. (still crying)
McCrae hasn't trusted me in the past.. Andy has broken my trust.  I'm sick of being told I'm only here because of x,y or z..
Amanda: If McCrae hadn't gone against the moving company, I wouldn't be here right now.  If I hadn't trusted you, you probably wouldn't be here.  I will not go against you ever.  Ever.    I trust McCrae and Andy.. I don't know why he said that to you.. Maybe he was a little buzzed.

Andy: Can I come in? --no, not yet.

Amanda and Aaryn continue..

Aaryn: I just have a bad feeling.. If I lose GM..
Amanda: I don't want to lose GM.  I think she can go to the 5.  I feel comfortable with her going to the 5, 100%.  Andy and McCrae want GM to go before Spencer..  Why would I want GM gone?
Aaryn: I feel like Andy's making a deal with everybody..
Amanda: He does, he is, that's why he's the agent.
Aaryn: But who does he mean it with?
Amanda: We'll figure it out.
Aaryn: I'm fine.. I don't wanna look back and think I've done this and this and this for these people, and now I'm gone, and their hands are clean.  He just, in front of me, to Helen, lied to her, and it looked like the most believable thing.. That's scary.
Amanda: It is scary.. but I have to trust him.
Aaryn: When Helen came up here, Andy reassured her she wasn't going home.. right in front of me.. THere are so many lies, it get me paranoid, like am I the one being lied to too.

Amanda: No, you're not.  You and I together are the perfect player.  That's why we have to work together.
Aaryn: I know.  I'm just afraid I'm disposable.
Amanda: You're not. It's all about loyalty.  That's what this whole game is about. And I'm not bs'ing you..

Timecheck -- 1:17am

Cam 3
Andy, McCrae, Spencer.
McCrae: Something petty.. I'm tied to that.  I'll go up and I'll go home.

Spencer: She's just got to STFU and stay away from these arguments.
Andy: I agree.  She just needs to shut her f'in mouth.  Hopefully they're smoothing everything over right now.. I walked in and everything was ok..
Spencer: And while Amanda's smoothing things over, GM's stirring shit up down here.  That's the thing with GM - she don't forgive and she don't forget.

McCrae: If I f'in go up..
Spencer: You wont.. When I go up there, I'll tell her just to stick with the plan and put me up.
Andy: I'm gonna go up there too.. Try to talk sense to her.
Spencer: And you know GM was up there just gettin' her hyped.  I want it to be September the 19th and us sittin out here talkin'.. F'in fast forward.

1:24am -
Cam 1 - HoH - Amanda and Aaryn have just been joined by McCrae
Cam 3 flips to GM talking to Helen in the Cockpit.. Topic: Amanda.

**Sorry.. gotta Stretch!

Andy and Aaryn

Aaryn: She's starting to catch on.. She's like, I don't think I have Andy.  I think she realizes she's going home.
Andy: She's onto it.. that's fine.  As long as she's not onto this.  I guess this week, I can distance myself..
Aaryn: She's definitely grasping at straws.

GM comes in.

Amanda: Heyyy.  Did you try my candy?
GM: Yup.
Amanda: Anything good goin' on downstairs?
GM: I talked to Helen a little bit.
Amanda: Is she still trying to backdoor me?
GM: No.. we're just talking about family and cars.
Aaryn: This is such a hard week to be HoH..
Andy: Even with Jessie, I was crying.
Amanda: That's when you have to step back and remember it's a game.  I don't even think about money yet.  People do crazy things in desperation.. I love how Helen sits down there and says I'm not gonna do anythign against you, and then the second she sees a rift..
Aaryn: I think there's just a lot of things I control and hold back, and just sometimes it gets set off.
Amanda: I think alcohol plays a role too.
Aaryn: Definitely.. I guess I'm the kind of person who lets people walk on me, and when I drink, I'm not that person..
Amanda: I'm the same way.. I go crazy..
Aaryn: But just like we were talking about earlier, it's different to be in this game now, having had loyalty from the beginning, than having had a scary f'ing journey. That's why it's scary for me.  Every move you make in this game is scary.
Amanda: Just keep in mind, Helen before you wanted HoH, wanted you gone, and wanted Ginamarie gone, and Elissa was saying just today, it would kill her if GM was here longer.. I told her to her face, I'm not voting for her to stay.  You know I love you..

Amanda leaves.

Andy: So where's your head at?

Aaryn: I'll know tomorrow.  I don't wanna make a move that's gonna f*ck me.
Andy: As someone who's been with Amanda and McCrae since the beginning, I know they're loyal...

Aaryn: Helen is gonna die tomorrow when I put Spencer up.  She'll know she's going home.
Andy: That's the thing that scares me.  I love Helen and Elissa to death, but I think they will go after you before Amanda and McCrae would.

**Gm's head is spinning. lol. at last, we have something in common.

GM: So now my name..
Andy: Helen played the untrustworthy card first..
Aaryn; There's just something about Helen.. I feel good around her.  I'm on board with what we're doing.. but I have to think about it a lot.  I don't want this to be the moment I regret.

GM: So who do we have to worry about winning HoH?  Spencer and Elissa?
Aaryn: Yeah
GM: So you don't think we have to worry about Amanda and McCrae.
Aaryn/Andy: Not yet.
Aaryn: It makes me nervous that it was even talked about..  That they'll find out.
GM: We're not sayin' nothin, so..

Aaryn: I'm so nervous about this.. I know you are too (Andy), because you know she thinks the world of you.

1:44am -- McCrae enters HoH.

Aaryn: I did not mean for that talk to turn into this. I'm sorry.
McCrae: You do not need to apologize to me at all.  At all.
Aaryn: I love being HoH, but this is the part that wears on you.

1:46am -- Helen enters, to listen to music, kinda.  Aaryn goes downstairs to grab a snack.

Checking Camera 3..

Cam 3

Amanda: I want her (Helen) gone so badly..
Spencer: (agrees)

Amanda: Everyone say she plays such a great game.. I don't think so..
Spencer: Sounds to me like she plays a combination of Judd and Jessie..
Amanda: And right now, she's Jessie.  Loyalty's my #1 thing in this game.  I know you're not going around saying Amanda's gotta go..
Spencer: I think we're a pretty good time.
Amanda: I think we're the only two who play with no soul.
Spencer: I do not give a crap about your tears..
Amanda: Exactly.  You cannot sit here one day and say Spencer, Spencer, Spencer, and then the next day be all Amanda, Amanda, Amanda.. and then "I love you."  No you don't.


Amanda and Spencer move into the kitchen and continue talking, in much lower tones.. before bringing the conversation to neutral territory.

Spencer enters HoH..

With such a mixed crew, talk in HoH is now non-game.. All about Sasha Cohen, aka Borat.  Then GM's taste in movies..

Andy: I'll be right back.
Spencer: No you wont.  That's how you get killed in horror movies..

Talk turns to the PoV Comp, and noises made..

McCrae: I hope you get Pandora's Box tomorrow..
Aaryn: Yeah.. If I get a Diamond PoV, I'm gonna f*ck shit up around here.. Just kidding.. Even if I get something crappy, you guys'll get something good.

Pandora speculation continues..  Meanwhile in the backyard..

Cam 3
Backyard - Couch
Amanda and Andy

Andy: It makes me wanna gouge my eyeballs out that I'm being so dishonest to Helen, but I understand that's whats best for my game.  I think all is well..
Amanda: Oh yeah.  We had a really good long conversation.. She just can't drink.. That was all alcohol induced.
Andy: I think we're all playing a very smart game, and I don't think drunk emotions are gonna ruin it.
Amanda: And even if I did go up?  I think I have Spencer's vote.
Andy: Spencer was like, I think it would be much smarter to keep you than Helen. I played dumb.. You guys know where I am..
Amanda: Yeah.. I just don't want a little girl's emotions to make the decision.  I know you don't wanna hear this, but I cannot wait for Helen to leave this house.
Andy: That's how I felt with Judd.. so uneasy.

Amanda: Like, I already feel uneasy.

This is ongoing at 2:05am.. **Stretch!
(***go see what GM and Andy really said to helen in the cockpit)

Amanda and Andy

Andy: The 500,000 is getting really real to me.
Amanda: I can't even think about it yet.. You've always been so loyal to me.. That's why I will always protect you.  Even with McCrae here, (cries) sometimes I feel so alone..
Andy: I hear ya.. I don't think I tell you this enough.  I really value you being here.
Amanda: Thank you.  Same.  I feel like you're the reason I'm here today.  I'm sure being starving doesn't help my emotional breakdown.  Every week, when you know that your name is being pushed.. And the fact that my alliance member is even entertaining it..
Andy: I think you're fine.
Amanda: We squashed it.  I know I'm strong, and I come off strong.. I know it's not a personal thing.. but it feels like that sometimes.
Andy: I take it as a testament to how strong a game player you are.  We always get what we want, but you're more overt about it.

Amanda: I can't win any comps, but I feel lucky to have found you and McCrae.. 2 people I can legitimately trust.
Andy: Since the beginning.  I agree.  Like, I don't hink I would be here without you and McCrae.
Amanda: I think you would.
Andy: But thank God we were right about Nick.. I don't think we'd be here otherwise.

Amanda: Between you and me, Aaryn told me you went up there and said me and McCrae wanted GM out next.  Did you say that?
Andy: We were hypothesizing..
Amanda: That really freaked me out.. And it freaked her out.  I was like, we have to have this 4.. He was doing that to make Helen believe she had him.
Andy: Duh.
Amanda: but why would you think that?
Andy: From your standpoint, I think Gm's more aligned with her, and Spencer more with me..
Amanda: I think she thinks Gm will take me out or you out.. She made me swear to God I wasn't gonna tell you about the GM thing..
Andy: Don't worry.  I know that Spencer wants to keep you around.
Amanda: I trust that.  I do trust that.  For right now.  I might be sensitive.  That fight was so asinine.. And then goes upstairs and storms.. and mewmewmew.. and Ginamarie is so easily influenced.  Was she jumping right on board?
Andy: I think the worst thing she said was that you don't like it when the attention isn't on you.   Does my name come up?
Amanda: You and McCrae never come up, which is good.
Andy: As long as we stick to the plan.  No matter what you hear, know that I have your back.
Amanda: I have yours too..

Amanda: Aaryn was freaking out up there.. Seeing you lie to Helen's face, she was like really worried.. I was like, he has to do that.

They head inside.. Andy wants to check in and be social up stairs and then go to bed, because "they wake us up so early on PoV Ceremony day.. like 8am. "  Andy makes a zit-stop in the bathroom, Amanda heads back into HoH.

Amanda and McCrae head downstairs..
Andy heads into HoH.. joining Gm, Spencer and Helen.  Aaryn's in the DR. Movie chatter in HoH.

GM: What do you think, Andy?  We're trying to recast Police Academy.. (with Oscar winners)

Cam 3
McCrae and Amanda

Amanda's telling McCrae about the discussions of the past 2 hours.. Then she breaks down..

Meanwhile on 1 and 2, Helen and Andy have moved into the cockpit.  Helen's got the guilt-trip pumping overtime.

Helen: I wanna know how loyal you are to me.
Andy: I am.  You know that I'll vote out whoever's up against you, if it's Spencer or if it's Amanda. I just don't know what Aaryn is going to do and where other votes lie. Is Aaryn gonna do it?
Helen: I don't know for sure yet. I'm just trying to make sure I have votes.
Andy: Do you have Ginamarie?
Helen: For sure.
Andy: Ok.  I'm done.
Helen: I don't know what McCrae would do.. I said, if you're not gonna play your own game, when are you gonna start.

Andy: We just have to wait to see what happens in the veto meeting.
Helen: Regardless, you need to vote to keep me.
Andy: You don't even have to question it, helen.
Helen: You out of all people.  You and Elissa are the only people who can hurt me. Don't be a traitor, Andy.
Andy: Who's telling you you can't trust me?
Helen: I can't tell you.  That person will be in trouble.
 I find it very hard to believe.
Andy: It is.
Helen: I'm like, Andy's not a traitor.  That's the one thing he's not.  I would keep you over pretty much everyone.  If I find out I've been played... I know where to find you.  I don't know what she's gonna do, but.. You have to keep what Aaryn has said.. You have to take it to the grave.  I know Amanda's gona think I started it, but I didn't.  She called me up and told me. She's gonna go down in flames.  She doesn't even have Aaryn anymore.
Andy: yeah.
Helen: Anyways.. I've always had a thing about Spencer, and I've wanted him out for a long time, but this is Aaryn's HoH.. When it happens, if she decides to do it, there are 3 days of hell in the house.
Andy: Do you think she will?
Helen: You walked in on it.. She was just asking me to help her secure the votes.. And if you don't, people will know where your loyalties are.
Andy: I think Amanda is beneficial to me, but I think you're more beneficial.  If you have me, GM and Elissa, it's done.
Helen; I have Gm.
Andy: ok.  Then it's done.
Helen: Ok.. You're the one everyone's questioning..
Andy: I don't know why.. only that we keep how close we are quiet..

Helen: If I go out of here, I want to go out of here with grace, not horror.  I don't want to think of you as Andy the traitor.  I want to think of you as Andy the truster.  Out of all people..
Andy: You don't have to worry about me.
Helen: She's an amazing player.  No matter what she does.  Even if I leave, it's just a matter of time before she wins another comp and takes down all of you guys, because you didn't support her in this.   I can't say any more about it, but Thank God for GM.
Andy: You don't have to come to me anymore..  Just secure those votes.

2:43am--- End of Convo.  Andy heads up to HoH to use the restroom, and hopefully get the last word with Aaryn tonight.

2:45am Aaryn comes out of the DR and heads into the Chair Room to touch base.. Light chatter with GM and Spencer.. Andy returns to the downstairs rooms..

Aaryn: Is anyone still in my room?
Andy: I think Helen might be up there.

Cam 1
Helen and Aaryn

Helen: Andy says, if you do it, he's there for you.  It's all you.  You have to obviously think about it.
Aaryn: I know that if I do it, you would have my back, Gm and Andy would..
Helen: Elissa would probably love you..  Whatever deal you wanna make with ELissa..
Aaryn: McCrae would not have a chance but to work with us.. McCrae and Spencer might be able to rally Andy into that. It would be you, me, GM and Elissa. If that were the case, I feel like..
Helen: I think we need to go to Spencer..  and tell him, he needs to be loyal.  Shit.  Here comes Amnda.  I don't even know where to hide.
Aaryn: You don't have to hide.

2:51a  - Amanda enters.
Aaryn: Did you get called to DR?
Amanda: No.. oh f*ck.. is it about our fight?
*Fishies. --Stretch!

Aaryn: I literally just came up here.
BB: Amanda, please come to the Diary Room.

Amanda asks Aaryn to come outside for a second..

Amanda: Helen told Andy it was your idea to backdoor me.. and pulled him into the cockpit to totally guilt trip him.  Just so you know, she's telling people it was your idea.
Aaryn: Shocker.

Aaryn: She's on to it.

Helen sees the opening and continues the push, full force.

Helen: I think I scared him straight a little bit. He realizes they are a sinking ship.
Aaryn: Did you see how nervous she was when she came in here?  She said Andy just told her that I came up with this plan..
Helen: Oh my gosh.. Andy said that?
Aaryn: Why did he do that to me?  That means he's not gonna to it.
**If you think this is a done deal, Look at Aaryn's words carefully, and then back to Amanda's.  She's not being as up front with Helen as it appears.

Aaryn: Is it scarier to have Amanda manipulating people against you or Spencer?
Helen: I'm willing to take the chance.  Other wise, she'll never leave.  The votes will never be there.  Andy just told me downstairs, he's with me and he's with you.. Is it worth saving her and having all of us mad at you?
Aaryn: The only way I can put her up is if I have 100% confirmation, and at that point?  What is she gonna do?
Helen: She's gonna be crazy woman for 3 days.  I think Spencer will get this message too.  if you don't put her up and get her out now, who else will?  You might as well let her win the game.
**Alpha v Alpha

Aaryn: If I put Amanda up and she stays, that's Amanda, McCrae, Andy and Spencer coming after me.  if she goes, we have the house.  If she doesn't go, I'm screwed.
Helen: I think Spencer would jump on the idea of not being on the block.  he'll be my new best friend for the next 3 days.  he wants to be in this game as long as he can.  I know he doesn't like Amanda.
Aaryn: But he always hangs out with them..
Helen: Only because they're up late.
Aaryn: I learned today that I'm his next target.. Amanda and McCrae are telling everyone they're gonna backdoor me.
Helen: This is ridiculous.. We can have a house meeting.  We are literally writing them a 500,000 check..
**and H would really prefer you change it up and write that check to her.

Aaryn: I like to play this game with people who keep my sanity on a sane level, and Amanda is driving me bathshit crazy.
BB: McCrae., please come to the DR.
Amanda: I blew it off.. I didn't really talk about it.

Helen leaves..

Amanda: What's wrong?
Aaryn: I'm about to ruin her world tomorrow..

Amanda: What'd you say?
Aaryn: I said that if I did put you up tomorrow, I'd just be making a lot of enemies..
Amanda: What'd she say?
Aaryn: That everyone would do it.. She doesn't know.. She just doesn't know.. I don't know where Andy really is with everything.
Amanda: He's on my side.  He wants to blindside her.

Amanda: We're in an alliance.  I think she thought this was the perfect opportunity to swoop in.
Aaryn: She did.  I didn't show my cards.. I listened to what she said, but I didn't make any promises.

Amanda: Did you ever even contemplate putting me up?
Aaryn: No. I think it's hilarious that Helen is trying to pretend we're not talking.. Like she kept trying to pretend we're listening to music.  She's gonna try to call a town meeting tomorrow, without you.  I just need you to know this ahead of time, because it's gonna be a circus.. Just know, that no matter what she comes up with, I'm not putting you up.
Amanda: I don't want GM's head to get filled with this stuff.
Aaryn: I already told her.. don't take anything I say to Helen seriously..

Amanda: What does she want to do in the town meeting?
Aaryn: She wants to gather the troops.. the new alliance she's created in her head.. Anyway, I think it'll be funny to see.
Amanda: I think it'll be funny if she tries to wake people up at 6am.
Aaryn: When you don't go up on the block..  She's gonna..

Amanda: I wanna let the troops know what's happening tomorrow, so they don't think it's real.
Aaryn: Don't worry.
Amanda: I'm not worried.
Aaryn: You are.  You came in here like a hyena.
Amanda: I'm just beginning to hate her so much.  I feel like going through the house with pots and pans..

Amanda whispers to Spencer about Helen's planned town mtg tomorrow morning..  Then to Andy..

Cam 1
McCrae and Aaryn

Aaryn: Helen will not stop at anything.
McCrae: and she's so forceful.. "this is what everyone wants, and if you don't do it, they're coming after you."
Aaryn: That's exactly what she just said..

Andy comes up..

Aaryn: Helen waited everyone out, for me to come back, and she's planning of everyone up here tomorrow morning..
Andy: She like simultaneously pissed me off and broke my heart in the cockpit..

3:27a -- Amanda joins.. Now the Alliance is complete.

This conversation is ongoing.. Long story short:  3AM and the plan to get Helen out are intact.  I think...


3AM is laughing together in HoH..

After a very stressful evening, Amanda and McCrae grab some snuggle time and decompress out back..

Amanda: The least we walk away with is 13,000 dollars.
McCrae: 18 for me..
Amanda: What're you gonna do with it? Are you gonna move to Florida?
McCrae: mm hmm.. I hope I win HoH next week, and the veto is luxury.. and I take every luxury and ever punishment..
Amanda: I bet it's luxury next week too, and you get HoH or I get HoH or Andy..
McCrae: I'm going for straight luxuries.. I could use another 5 grand.  I actually want Elissa gone more than I want 5 grand.  It'd be way more fun in this house without her here.  I wont have to tiptoe around.

This concludes the Overnight Report.  See you when BB wakes the HGs to get ready for the PoV Ceremony!



Blogger Jerry said...

Why did Helen and Aaryn tell Andy what they were planning? They both knew that he would immediately go to Amanda.

These people do not know when to shut the heck up, do they?

August 19, 2013 at 4:11 AM  
Blogger Sharelle Milo said...

Good morning Carolyn and all,

At the beginning of the OR, I had hope that Amanda would go up next to Helen because that would just be awesome drama in the house. I mean Andy would have to really show his allegiance, and we could see which side is the strongest. By the end of the OR, I realized that my hope is only a dream. Amanda is the better manipulator it seems. Sometimes watching the way people are manipulated on BB scares the crap out of me because it makes you ask the question, "Is someone manipulating me to that same extent in real life."

August 19, 2013 at 4:57 AM  
Blogger Marcia said...

At this point I'm not sure who is staying or who is leaving..I would be happy with both Helen and Amanda gone.

August 19, 2013 at 5:50 AM  
Blogger Jumbo said...

Amanda is the best liar in the house. Hands down, not even close. I still dont have a favorite in this strange season, but it is scary how manipulative Amanda is. She gets in fights with people and says stuff to their face so that when she lies to them later they feel like its the truth.

August 19, 2013 at 6:45 AM  
Blogger Heather said...


Ugh, I can not stand Amanda. I always go back and forth as to who is more bearable - Helen or Amanda. I wish Aaryn would just put BOTH of them up, and let them fight. THAT would be a power move.

August 19, 2013 at 6:54 AM  
Blogger Katrina said...

Is she really going to do it. It would be a total game changer. I am not a Helen nor an Amanda fan, esp. after the racial comments that Amanda has made. I think getting her out now will be great, but they also need to get Helen out.
Removing Amanda now might be better in the comp. for Judd to come back.

August 19, 2013 at 6:57 AM  
Blogger Jumbo said...

I hope Helen sticks to her house meeting, that would be hilarious

August 19, 2013 at 7:00 AM  
Blogger Katrina said...

I am so confused. Is she or isn't she going to make a HUGE move. She is playing both sides very good.

August 19, 2013 at 7:04 AM  
Blogger Shi Shi said...

Good Morning Lovely Carolyn and all my other BB Buddies. Haven't read the TOR yet. I had to go to bed early last night because of work today.

I'll be back.

August 19, 2013 at 7:14 AM  
Blogger Show the Love Be The Love Feel The Love said...

good morning all!! I just sent my baby boy off on his first day of fourth grade and I my heart broke a little bit... I went to grab his hand to walk him in and... he would not take do it :-( BUT in the classroom when I asked if he was to cool to hug me he gave in and gave a giant bear hug!!!

These houseguests... Aaryn said she did not want this to be a week she looked back on in regret... Why can she not see that A. Sending Judd home was the first thing she will regret and B. it is so important to get Amanda out this week when you could still get the votes! She has Elissa that will not want Helen gone. GM will vote however she tells her to. That leave Spencer to woo... He can be easily charmed by making a deal to give him a break from the block in return vote how she asks him to. The only vote that is for sure for Amanda is McCrae... Andy can go either way and I am pretty sure Aaryn knows that...
With Judd possibly on his way back in Aaryn really needs to make this move now.... He will want revenge on his fake friends Amanda and McCrae....
I am really starting to pull for Spencer. I really wanted to in the beginning because I live about 30 mins from him. Then the stuff that was being said... I am starting to wonder if he doesn't just have a sick sense of humor that was taken outta context... Besides that he really hasn't changed the way he plays the game. He doesn't have to flip flop because they keep putting him on the block next to targets... All he has to do is lay back and be the funny guy. FYI I typically don't like floaters, but, this season is so full of them that you really don't have much choice except to pull for a floater... Just not Andy... at first he was doing good and the back and forth stuff. Keeping mouth shut, but, now that he is backpedaling so much I can't keep up and I think it is time to expose it...

Caro, If I had a bank account I would send you monetary support, but I only do things with cash (you can not overdraw cash), therefore, I send you lots of daily prayers and cyber ((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))

xoxoxoxo hope y'all have an awesome day dishers!!!

August 19, 2013 at 7:42 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Good morning, Jerry :) I think because Helen and Andy have had a trust since the very beginning..

Good morning, Sharelle :) mmm.. indeed

Good morning, Marcia :) me neother.

Good morning, Jumbo :) I don't know.. I think Aaryn and Helen are right up there with her.. Andy too, for that matter. Agreed re the house meeting!

Good morning, Alana :) I agre - it's a funny spot, but I can't post it..

Good morning, Heather :) I hear ya.. but how would turning her alliance against her help Aaryn's game in any way?

Good morning, Katrina :) Goo d point re Judd..

Good morning, ShiShi! :) Hurry back! :)

August 19, 2013 at 7:44 AM  
Blogger Tiffany-JadeDarkStar said...

Ok Hi carylon and Hi dishers.
I wish amada would go but I am not here to talk about game

On fox news 10 here in Phx this morning they are taking about ADRAL

They are saying it can cause heart attack stroke and even death. With Amanda admitting to save pills to take before competitions. Should Big brother be paying attention?

They should not let her or aayrn take this stuff it is soo dangerous.

I may not like Amanda and some times ayrn but i don't wan them dead because they over dose so they can win some comp.

I think this is serious. and on the news they are saying many collage students are taking this drug to stay up late and study.

Any ways getting off my soap box just thought you all should know and maybe big brother will read the comments

Have good day bbl

August 19, 2013 at 7:46 AM  
Blogger NaturalGrace28 said...

Aww dangit. I wanted Havoc. Cause that's what I'm for the rest of the season. TEAM HAVOC.

August 19, 2013 at 7:56 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Good morning, ShowTheLove! :)) Aaawww!! You write so well, I could feel the hug. :)

Good morning, Tiff :) Very serious news indeed. Thank you for sharing that here.

Good morning, Natural Grace :)) TeamHavoc! LOVE it!

August 19, 2013 at 7:59 AM  
Blogger lscott said...

thank you, thank you, that was the best OR i have read in a long time, not because of your capability, but becasue it was sooo riveting. the back and forth, aaryn must be going over the scenarios in her head...who to trust.

i believe she will listen to andy who tells her amanda and mccrae are loyal, and helen was the first to break her loyalty.

August 19, 2013 at 8:10 AM  
Blogger lscott said...

one other thing looking at the two styles of conniving as amanda and helen tried to sway aaryn, helen sits right in your face and amanda is at the end of the bed more relaxed and casual.

for me, amanda is more convincing, no doubt either will cut aaryn loose when the time comes, but its a better style, imo

chicago vs boca?

August 19, 2013 at 8:12 AM  
Blogger Shi Shi said...

Good Morning again everyone....Wow what a night to go to bed early. Seems like it happens every Sunday night when I can't stay up all night.
I know everyone thinks of Amanda as being pushy and confrontational (which she surely is) but Helen is just as bad. Somehow I can tolerate Amanda better than Helen. Helen really has no loyalty to anyone whereas I really do believe that Amanda is loyal to 3AM.
I'm pretty sure that Aaryn will see this and put Spencer on the block with Helen.
I want to vent a little bit about Elissa. That woman is insufferable! Can you imagine being around her all the time! Her diary room sessions drive me up the wall with her fake lips and her 'I'm better than all the peasants in this house' attitude. I was not a Rachal fan but I like and respect her game a heck of a lot more than Elissa. Elissa actually has no game. She just tags along and does whatever Helen orders her to do. You would think that the way Helen talks to her would really tick her off but she just takes being treated like a child as if she is used to it. Helen.. 'now what are we going to do today?' We're going to win! ‘ and what are not going to do today 'be afraid'.....over and over again like you would try to pep talk a child. Helen almost gets to the point where she holds Elissa’s face in her hands and stares her in the eyes while trying to force her point across. How humiliating! By the way, the reason she talks about the yoga mat all the time is because she is trying to advertise her Elissasize Yoga business she is opening up (according to her husband) after the show. Did anyone notice in his interview he had a puca shell necklace on. lol Jeff would love that!
GM is just as bad. That girl does not have an original thought in her head. Whoever is talking to her at the moment can persuade her of anything and she believes it.
Amanda may be overbearing but she does know her own mind and doesn’t let other people speak for her. That’s what ticks Helen off about Amanda, because she can’t control her. After listening to Helen talk about her work the other night I’ll bet she is a nightmare to work for.

It will be interesting to see how the 'town meeting' works out today!

Of course, if Judd (hopefully) comes back in the house I could definitely see McCray, Andy and Spencer working with him. I would like that combination, with the exception of Spencer.

August 19, 2013 at 8:16 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Good morning, LScott! :)) Thanks?? lol

Hi ShiShi! :)) Amen Amen, Sister!

August 19, 2013 at 8:34 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

Good morning Carolyn


I think Aaryn told Andy because she was at a crisis point. She knows this is the defining moment of the game and I think she felt like she had to toss her cards in the air and see where they landed.

Helen told Andy because she actually thought she could trust him. She thinks she can trust people because she controls them. She controls them by either threatening them or manipulating them. She is able to manipulate them because they are malleable.

In case it looks like I am picking on Helen, these are all her own words that she has used to describe her own game play. Calling someone malleable is basically saying they have no mind of their own and are not capable of independent thought. She is very condescending. People have started listening more closely to her words and they are NOT liking what they hear.

August 19, 2013 at 8:35 AM  
Blogger Sharelle Milo said...

I just went back and watched from 8 pm last night until 945pm. During this time frame, Aaryn had a conversation with GM, and she told GM if she doesn't win, she wan't Amanda or GM to win the 500,000. So Aaryn was never considering putting Amanda on the block. She was just trying to placate Helen IMO.

August 19, 2013 at 8:40 AM  
Blogger Jerry said...

I think that Aaryn realizes that she is being used by both sides and, with all her ability, is still playing scared. Today could come down to who gets in her ear last.

Andy is in Amanda's camp and has been for weeks. It's not a pair that everyone else is up against it is a trio. Everyone else is disposable.

August 19, 2013 at 8:46 AM  
Blogger Yasmin said...

Goodmorning all you BBlovers!
ah Carolyn ... you tease me")
Loose lips sinks ships..HAHA
As I dove into OR (head first)
I had hopes of a shake up!
I didn't see the fight between Amanda and Arryn... but the after math in your OR was delicious!
Arryn has figured out Andy...
and I think Helens Loose lips sunk her ship?! ugh
She just talks too much! the cockpit convo.. Andy - Helen, andy does not reveal much but asks Q to reveal yours and GM and Arryns game move...ugh its just frustrating.
And in talking to Arryn she missed another opportunity to really guide Arryn , you really gotta hit some very big points as to why Amanda leaving would benefit her game...reasons she cant trust the Mcrandy Empire, Amanda's temper!How the evic pecking order is.....
and let her know your at the low end of that. tell her why keeping Gm is good for there game... gotta stroke some duo's ego!
I think Helens over the top confidence in Her own opinion, her constantly cutting people off in convo,(which always tells me that person is not listening to me) has not given her the listening skills crucial part of the social game...
Hs meeting.....nooooo! and yet YES!
cant waite to read the morning report..!

August 19, 2013 at 8:51 AM  
Blogger rubylu said...

I really so not like either Helen or Amanda. Unlike you, ShiShi, I can tolerate Helen better though. I think for me it is Amanda's confidence. I know that she is in a great place in the game and I'm always for the underdog I guess. She is convinced that she can control everything (as she insinuated in her DRs). Amanda leaving would be a total blindside. I think Helen is always aware that she could be in danger. I also think Amanda is mean. Helen is annoying. I can handle annoying better than mean.

August 19, 2013 at 8:52 AM  
Blogger Shamrock said...

Morning Dishers and the lovely Carolyn! :)

This house! These people !!! lol ...

I think Helen's "game" has finally caught up to her. We shall see, especially because Amanda's aggressiveness and paranoia seem to continually get her own game in hot water.

Shammy odds on winning the returning HG comp. (please don't be a vote by America or the HG's).

Judd 40%
Jessie 30%
Helen 29.999%
Candice 0.001% (if she is awake at the time)

Currently, I'd rank Amanda as having the best "scheme" game, but would also rank her lowest in the "comp" games.

Andy is my #2 in scheme, but #1 in social. He needs to ramp up his comp game as well, but still would rank ahead of Amanda, Spencer and GM in that regard.

McCrae needs to play for himself more, and it seems like he is to some extent.

Aaryn, as much as her past comments have made horrific impressions on most of us, is still the #1 competition player in this house. By a wide margin.

Usually I have a clear cut "homer" favorite right now. Judd was (and could be again) that player. Jessie was my eye candy. :) I would be fine with either of them coming back into the house.

August 19, 2013 at 9:24 AM  
Blogger ChattyCat said...

Why is it ok for Amanda to ' hate' anyone who dares even mention putting her up . . yet she expects anyone who is actually up on the block to walk around with smiles on their faces and not even attempt to do anything to get themselves off. I really cannot stand her at all, and would love, love to see Aaryn make a big move on her own, instead of listening to Amanda . . does she really think for a second that Amanda is going to take her to the finals . . clearly McCrae and Andy come before Aaryn . .can she not see that. At least with helen and Elisa they would all have an even chance. How can she stand listening to Amanda tell her every single day how ' she' kept Aaryn in the house, finally Aaryn spoke up and said yes but I am the one that actually got out the people you wanted. I don't think Aaryn has a chance against Amanda in the end, because she will pummel her . . . and make sure all the Jury knows that she herself ran the house and told Aaryn who to put up, so Aaryn was just a minion, doing Amanda's dirty work. Can these people not open their eyes and see that Amanda and McCrae are going all the way. Why doesn't Aaryn say to her, how would you feel if we put up your partner McCrae, just like she wants Aaryn to get rid of GM. If Aaryn doesn't take this chance and change the game, she doesn't deserve to win, and will surely look back on this moment as the one that sunk her ship.

August 19, 2013 at 11:00 AM  

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