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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Overnight Report

Good morning, BB Lovers!  Happy Tuesday!  As it stands right now, Kaitlin is the most likely to walk out the door on Thursday.  Of course, it is the BB15 house, and if you blink, this may change..  For those of you who have the live feeds, let's start the day with a giggle.. Go to  July 23 - 2:54am - Cam 1 - for your 1st thing Tuesday Funnies. Then go to 3:23am - Cam 1 - for the funniest noise ever.  It had me in tears.

If you don't have the feeds yet, and you'd like a 2 day free trial, click here to get that going.

OK.. Let's get this Overnight Report going...

Camera 1/2
Howard, Candice, Spencer, Jessie, Helen

Happy Chatter about relationships, Sugar Mamas, Helen's boys...

Camera 3/4

Amanda: We have you, me, McCrae, Jessie, Andy,
Elissa: Howard and Candice are going to flip.

Amanda: We don't need their votes.  You can pretend you don't know.
Elissa: And Howard's been trying to get her to read the bible with him.. and when she's working out, he's trying to coach her and Aaryn.
Amanda: Kaitlin is definitely aligned with Howard.
Elissa: She should go. Are you sure Aaryn wont flip?
Amanda: 100%.  She wants to make amends.  I promise you she wont put you up.
Elissa: Howard pulled me into the storage room and went out of his way to lie to me last night.. He's like, I want you to know that they're only calling me into the DR to talk about the showmance with Candice.
Amanda: ...notice how whatever alliance he's made with anybody, he doesn't include Candice.  I'm glad we're figuring this out.

Elissa excuses herself to go shower. 

Andy: What's the deal.  Are we gonna blindside Kaitlin, or should I tell her?
Amanda: Blindside..

Judd: He said I was in your backpocket, that I was your puppet.
Amanda: What?! What bullshit.
Judd: They said ya'll talk shit about me all the time.
Amanda: Wow! That's personal.
Andy: I'm telling you, this 4some, I've never felt more solid about anything.. And I'm telling you, Spencer is a crazy master liar.

Amanda: You can't ever think that.  I love you.
Judd: Don't ever say anything about it.. 
Amanda: You guys are my family here.

Talk turns to Jessie..

Judd: I don't know why she's so jealous.. She wont let me get close.
Amanda: When I was in here, she would scoot between us..
Judd: She's been hanging out with Howard and Spencer a lot.
Andy: She's solid.  Don't worry about it.

Talk turns to Spencer..

Amanda: The way he looks at women makes me want to punch him in the face.
Andy: I told him, you already broke my heart once..

Creating a cover story..

Judd: I'll say, they're leaning towards Aaryn, but I'm not sure that's a good idea right now. And just see what they say..
Amanda: I just hate that they're using Candice to do their dirty work.
Andy: I wonder if I should talk to her..
Amanda: No, I tried before.. No matter what, Howard trumps everyone in this house. He lies to her, and she's like, I believe in forgiveness..

12"11am -- Elissa returns..

Elissa: I know we're playing Big Brother, but I can't believe how much people lie.
Judd: They do it every week.
Andy: There was a moment, Howard pulled me and Helen into the Storage Room and he was like, we have to get Elissa out.
Howard: And he's yelling at me..
Andy: And this bs about them flipping because they wanted to work with the best people? BS.. They flipped because their ship was sinking. 

Judd shares how awkward it was for him in the first 2 weeks with the Moving Company..  Andy too..

12:15am -- Spencer comes into HoH. They change the subject..

Amanda: I don't think the "Most Villainous Player" makes sense.
Spencer: Ya'll still talking about that?
Andy: I don't get it.  Like if someone was gonna put up you, then they would put up Helen..
Amanda: Exactly.  I need a cigarette.

Elissa: Do people ever take naked baths in there?

Talk turns to Rachel's wedding..

Let's check outside..

Amanda, McCrae, Judd, Ginamarie, Aaryn..
Backyard - Couch
Comp Chatter.. And 1st impressions..

Aaryn: We really should've had goggles for the popsicle thing.
Judd: I wish I had experienced it more.. I was out so quick. I only went around like twice.  It wasn't even wet yet when I fell.. THen I had to watch everybody for 3 and a half hours.
Aaryn: McCrae won, and I was like, well, I'm glad we haven't even had a conversation beyond, hi, what do you do?
Amanda: With Ginamarie, really quickly..
Ginamarie: I'm a fly version of you.
Aaryn: You came out of nowhere with I'm Amanda, hear me roar.
Ginamarie: Know who was freaked out by me?  David.  He was like, Dude.. I don't know if I can take you.

Helen, Jessie, Candice

Helen: I haven't felt uncomfortable around you guys at all.. and I haven't heard  anyone else mention it. at all.
Candice: Like, at the beginning I felt like Kaitlin and I were really close, but when she got with Jeremy.. I don't want anyone to feel like that with me.

Talk turns to Amanda and McCrae... Helen floats the idea that Amanda doesn't let anyone get to know McCrae.. All agree.  She acknowledges that he's complicit. Jessie offers that Amanda will be the one to take the fall for the relationship.

Cam 1
Backyard - Couch Crew..

Ginamarie's lips are moving.. a lot.

She tells the story of her and her ex-fiance, his proposal, their appearance on Tyra, the house they bought together, how she got completely screwed over..

GM:...and his house and his car got f'd up with Sandy, so.. F you bitch!

12:43am - She's still going.  Absolutely holding court, telling stories about the woman her ex hooked up with..

Cam 1 flips to Elissa and Helen in the bathroom..

Elissa: It's so weird that they're on board with it.. I feel like if they were really in an alliance with Kaitlin, they would wanna keep her.
Helen: But they need to appear to be with the house..
Elissa: I'm too tired to think about it. I'm going to bed.

Cam 1 flips back to the backyard couch crew..   Happy chatter about guys.. disposing of cheaters.. etc..

BB: Candice, please come to the Diary Room

Candice comes into the bathroom.  Elissa is there.. She figures they'll be doing goodbyes.  Helen comes in.. and out..

Candice: I really don't know about this (not evicting Aaryn). I have to think on it. Kaitlin's not making it any better, saying she can't wait for the endurance, and she's never gonna fall off..

Cam 1
Elissa and McCrae

Whispers about people being on board to keep Aaryn.. and then back to the MVP rumors..

12:57a -- More Coffee & Stretch!

Cam 1/2
The backyard couch crew are laughing about have nots..  Jeremy campaigning in a baby costume the night before eviction... and past HoH comps.

Cam 3/4

Spencer: There is something to keeping a huge target in the house.
Jessie: She's a huge threat.. and she's gonna work with McCrae and Amanda if she stays in the house.  McCrae and her have that Minnesota thing going on.
Judd: Well, that makes it easy then.  She's gotta go.
Jessie: Just the way that Kaitlin is, I can see her leaning towards Amanda and McCrae, as far as who she's gonna partner up with.
Judd: I'd kinda like to warn her.. instead of blindsiding her.
Spencer: You can warn her Thursday.
Judd: I straight up told her she was a pawn goin' up, because Aaryn was gonna be my target.
Spencer: If she's gonna work with them, you can't trust her.

Judd: Amanda's frikkin smart.
Spencer: I wouldn't call it smart.
Jessie: Savvy.
Spencer: Sneaky.

Jessie: But Judd, if you wanted her to go home..
Judd: I wasn't thinking about Kaitlin working with them.
Jessie: I can't predict the future.  Kaitlin could end up working with us.
Spencer: I don't do anything, anything, anything that gives Amanda and McCrae any strength.  I would also be leery of whoever Amanda wants to go.. Because if Amanda wants one person to go, chances are she has a deal with the other one.  Get her alone, and see who she pushes for to go home, and if the reasons don't make sense...

Jessie: We need the house to vote together this week.. We don't need a war before there needs to be one. Ideally, what would happen next week for you?
Judd: Hopefully Aaryn or GM.
Spencer: GM wont go in 3 weeks.  When it comes down to that, they're gonna try to do some shit.
Judd: GM's loyal..
Spencer; She's got that street type loyalty.. I mean, she's been carrying a guys hat around for 2 weeks. She doesn't have any safe haven.  I bet she'd really appreciate that.
Jessie: Ok.. If that's what you're thinking.. It's obvious to keep Aaryn, because Aaryn will never work with Elissa.
Spencer: Do you think you can work with Aaryn a bit, to make her more trustable?  I'm sure she's got lots of deals out there.  I want the one she makes with Judd to be the only one she holds true to.  Here's the thing.. If she's HoH, she ain't gonna put up GM.  Shit's gonna get real.
Jessie: And that's why Elissa wants her out so bad.  So I should say, we want you to win HoH next week..
Spencer: I'm fine with that plan.
Jessie: But you do realize, that before we jump ship, Helen and Elissa have every plan to vote Aaryn out next and then GM.  If Aaryn flips and tells someone.. If they catch wind of any division in the house, then they may be able to persuade Amanda and McCrae to their side.
Spencer: It's a situation where you don't tell her any more than she needs to know until she wins HoH, and then you say, here's who needs to go up.
**and she says, F you, I'm hoh.. as would you.

1:28am - Andy enters HoH.

Andy: What were you guys chatting about?
Judd: MVP.
Spencer: It is baffling..

1:28am -- Andy leaves HoH.  Jessie too.

Judd: She needs to be on a need to know basis..
Spencer: Jessie?
Judd: Yeah.
Spencer: I talked a little game with Jessie yesterday, and I knew she wanted to get Amanda out, so I just wanted to go there a little.. 

Spencer: I talked to Aaryn, and she said she made a deal with Amanda and McCrae that if she stayed, she'd throw HoH.  Amanda wants Aaryn to stay, right?
Judd: Yeah.
Spencer: That's obviously because of that deal.
Judd: I don't know though, because Aaryn was up here.
Spencer: Just get her up here and say, I need 1 name and 3 reasons why.
**Judd beautifully deflects, again.

Spencer: I think Andy is gonna be extremely loyal to us.  Here comes Howard.
Howard: Hey.
Spencer: Hey, when Andy comes back up here, let's think of names for our alliance.. I like 3 men and a little lady. hehe.

McCrae sticks his head in to grab his sweatshirt..

Judd: God forbid he chill in here for a few minutes.
Spencer: Dude, I would love to bust that up so bad.
Judd: People like him, but you can't ever talk to him without her around.

Cam 3
McCrae and Amanda..

Amanda: We have to let Andy know we talked to Helen.. What is wrong with her?
McCrae: I don't know.  It's like she's here to f*ck shit up every time.  I have to get to Helen early in the morning..

Amanda: Oh.. Were you in the room when Spencer said to Judd that we talk shit about him?  Where the f*ck did that come from?
McCrae: That pisses me off.  When have we ever talked about Judd?
Amanda: Never.
McCrae: Never, ever..  I want to say something, like why the f*ck would you ever say that?
Amanda: That's personal.  Spencer and Howard both do that.

McCrae; It worries me.. What if it's you and me on the block.. and Elissa..
Amanda: They'll vote Elissa out.
McCrae; Will they?
Amanda: We'll get them to.

Cam 3
Aaryn and Ginamarie

Ginamarie: I don't know why they're pinpointing people who are alone.
Aaryn: Think about it. When we wanted to get Elissa out, we put Helen up so she couldn't vote.  THey want me out, so they put you two up.
Ginamarie: Why do they want you out so bad?
Aaryn: I don't know.  I really don't.  Unless it's that Elissa doesn't like pretty people.  She doesn't want prettier people than her around.
Ginamarie: Sorry I didn't get more lip injections. (LOUD burp)

GM: I just wish Judd didn't put you two up..
Aaryn; Cuz the other one was gonna go up for MVP.  He already knew. It's good for the 2 people who stay.. They wont have the dilemma of voting with the house.

GM: When I go is when I go.  Someone else's name is already on the check.  All I can do is put makeup on and look pretty all day.
**biting my tongue.

Aaryn advises gm to tone down her I'm a competitor rhetoric.
GM: I've got Jeremy's attitude.  I know it didn't take him far, but..  I'm a competitor.
Aaryn: If I do stay, I have to win HoH. I hope there's a power.
GM: I just hope the MVP thing ends.  How long could it go?  The whole year?  We coulda done so good if there wasn't a MVP. We woulda ruled everything.  All our boys woulda still been here. There probably wouldn't have even been a Moving Company.
**I swear I just saw a unicorn fly by.. Understand, I'm in GM's world right now.

Aaryn: It was all Jeremy.. Jeremy's f'ing ego.  Did you know Jeremy voted out David?
Ginamarie: Disgusting.  What did Nick do?  Nick voted out David?
Aaryn: Yeah.

BB: Howard, please go to the Diary Room.
Ginamarie: That man gets called a lot.  A lot.

1:56am -- Kaitlin joins them on the hammock... she brings with her a very defeatist attitude about them leaving 1,2,3..

Ginamarie: And then everyone will change the channel, because all the sexiness will be gone.

1:58am -- Judd comes outside, and is invited over to the hammock..

He's entertained by inanity.

BB: Ginamarie, please go to the Diary Room.
ALL: Thanks, BB!*
**poetic license. it was really just me.

Backyard - Couch, aka Smokerville
Amanda, McCrae, Jessie, Judd

Jessie's telling about her high school and college careers, but how at the end, she had no idea what she wanted to do... then Amanda shares about her dreams..

Aaryn and Kaitlin move to the jacuzzi.. Chatter about food choices, portion control and working out more..

Kaitlin: I hated how they called Janelle a fat ass all the time.  It makes me feel like they'd do it to me.
Aaryn: I know... and I want icecream. How about we just eat everything in the house right now?

Cam 3
2:11a -- Talk turns to Kaitlin's poop, and the disturbingly solid state of it.
 Then twitter..

Aaryn: My last tweet was, "What am I so good at everything."  Who does that remind you of?
Kaitlin: Jeremy.

Aaryn: I have something to tell you.. I shouldn't say anything..
Kaitlin: I promise I wont.
Aaryn: I am related to Jeremy.
Kaitlin: (jaw drop)
Aaryn: He's my brother.
Kaitlin: You are lying to me.
Aaryn: I'm not.
Kaitlin: I don't like this, if this is the truth.
Aaryn: You never thought like, omg, they are so much alike.
Kaitlin: It makes me angry, if it's true.. because he lied to me.
Aaryn: He had to.

This goes on for several minutes, until Aaryn confesses.. at 2:18am

Aaryn: I'm completely f*cking with you.

Cam 1
Judd and Ginamarie

Judd gives his pocket toy some face time.. Topic: Howard.

Judd: Look how many times he's been called to the DR.
GM; I can't wait for Candice to go home. It'd be smart to put Elissa up, right?
Judd: Because she can't play Veto.

Judd: I don't want to jump to conclusions.. I heard that he for sure got MVP, and as much as he's been called to the DR, I don't doubt it.. I think he put you up to make it look like Elissa.. I don't think he's against us, but I've heard he has alliances with absolutely everyone in here.
Ginamarie: Even Elissa?
Judd: Maybe not Elissa, but Helen.
Ginamarie: But if he don't have a solid crew, he aint getting nowhere.  Jess has nobody.  She's a floater and a half.  She doesn't do anything.  All she does is flip sides and try to sleep with everyone. No offense.  All she's good for is a vote.
Judd: I got you longer than I got her.  I've got you to the end.
Ginamarie: You too, bro.

Talk returns to speculation that Howard is a current NFL pro.. 

Judd: I think everyone's gonna vote the same person no matter what.
Ginamarie: I don't know if Aaryn and GInamarie team up and try to get me out.
Judd: Not happening.

Ginamarie: Andy's a f*ckin floater too.
Judd: You're not gonna like this.. We might have to... work with McCrae and Amanda.
GM: How can we work with them if they're on Helen and Elissa's side. 
Judd: I think they'll break off from them.  You'll make it further than jury, if you just stick with me.
**It looks like Judd wants to take her to final 2, and guarantee himself the win.

Judd: Don't tell Kaitlin... We wanna make it through this.
Ginamarie: I just wanna make it to jury.
Judd: I'll take you to final 2.
Ginamarie: I really wanna get Amanda and McCrae out..

..then Candice.. Howard..

Cam 3

Aaryn: What do you think my zing would be if I actually made it to zingbot.
Kaitlin: I don't know.
Aaryn: You're not gonna make it to zingbot, zingg!

Andy comes in..

Aaryn: I was telling Kaitlin about HBCBs.
Andy: What are those?
Aaryn: Honey Butter Chicken Biscuits.

Aaryn: I made Have Not Ice Cream, Andy.. Kaitlin and I did it together.. Mango icecream. I think it's almost ready..
Andy: Yum! It's good!

Aaryn tries to find a pansy for the cinnamon challenge..

Kaitlin: A teaspoon of cinammon..  No thanks.  I've done that.
Aaryn: Who do you think would do it?

Jessie volunteers.. Aaryn says she'll do it with her.. Judd and Ginamarie too..   Aaryn goes inside to get the cinnamon and spoons..

 Skippy flips it to Cam 1 - 2:54am - Watch this!!

GM does it, and it goes down smooth.  5 minutes later, she offers to do it again, this time with a tablespoon full.  Spencer comes out to view.  Gm makes a huge production of it, and again, no cloud!

Amanda: Dude.  You are super human.  No one can do that!  No one!
Judd: She did it twice.
Kaitlin: That is going to be on youtube forever!

Amanda: you probably give mad good head.
Ginamarie: (smiles a yes)
Amanda: I wish I had a penis right now.  I'd shove it in your mouth.  We should get bananas and you can give us all lessons.

Kaitlin: Dude, you are gonna shit that out and it's not gonna be pretty.
Ginamarie: Gonna smell like roses.
Judd: Can we get saltines?

After the funniest nose blowing noise ever, Ginamarie goes inside for a moment..  Spencer, Aaryn, Kaitlin, Judd and Howard remain.. Amiable chatter.. When GM returns, Spencer tells her she's his hero. Talk turns to gifts for significant others...


It's smoochy, snuggly time with Amanda and McCrae..

Cam 1/2

Spencer: Ginamarie, if things with you and Nick don't work out, you need to move to Conway, Arkansas.  I know a ton of guys who'd love to be with you.
GInamarie: Thanks.  I have the worst luck with guys. I cook, I clean, I give everything.  I'm like an old Italian mom.. I'm not gonna lie.  I like taking care of my man.. a bj whenever he wants..
Spencer: Like a wake up bj, or a going to bed one?
Ginamarie: usually my ex would wake me up in the middle of the night for it.
Aaryn: You just awaoke a repressed memory for me.

Talk turns to dreams...

Ginamarie: I had a dream that Spencer was chasing me with a noose in a haunted house.
Aaryn: I dreamt that Amanda Bynes came home with me.. and we did some drugs.. and that was fun.
Talk turns to in house flatulence...

Spencer asks Aaryn for a massage.. She complies..

Ginamarie: I could do it harder.

Talk turns to annoying sex positions, then favorites.. Ginamarie demonstrates her..

And this concludes the Overnight Report.. I'll see you back here when the HGs get up! If you're in the mood, shoot on over to eBay and help me find our nominees some lovely parting gifts.  Get creative! ;-)  I'll post some in the Morning Update. Please email me your best/funniest finds - dishchicks at yahoo dot com. The ebay urls never work in the comment section.



Blogger Jumbo said...

Elissa drives me crazy with her wishy-washy lack of insight within the game. She has almost know clue whats going on but constantly bounces ideas off people like they can help her figure it out. Then when they give her some truth, she doesnt believe them.

Howard is about to go at quick. He lies constantly to everyone but Spencer. It would be one thing if anyone believed him, but they dont, unless you count GM and Kaitlyn, which I dont. Kaitlyn has a chance in comps, but no more clue whats happening than GM or Elissa

I really like how hard Aaryn is working to stay. If only she hadn't thought and said the things she did. She's young and in my eyes just a product of her environment. Hopefully she learns from this

July 23, 2013 at 6:32 AM  
Blogger GaYToR said...

Good Morning Goddess and Mistress of the Dish World.
Just checking in before I have to rush to get ready for the 10 AM GCT appointment.

OMG!! There was a Blue sighting last night. July 22, 2013 at 7:05 PM The little bugger snuck in and out like a trick in the night with no sleepover privileges.

I'll be back before the noon report starts I Hope.


July 23, 2013 at 6:41 AM  
Blogger Jumbo said...

I dont think anyone can drag GM to final2. Not even father Dan. If Judd accomplishes that, he is a BB god. Ithink Judd just wants GM to trust him like a final2

July 23, 2013 at 6:46 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

I could see aaryn staying and kaitlin going

July 23, 2013 at 6:54 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

Good morning Carolyn

I am feeling much better today. I have no doubt that these HGs will cause me many more hours of frustration and stress. They can't seem to hold it together. You can't have a successful alliance that is full of mistrust, paranoia and finger pointing. They couldn't even make it through a week when none of them were at risk without cracking and throwing each other under the bus.

I know these HGs have watched BB before. Look at the alliances that worked-Renegades, made final 2 and the other two people they were working with made it almost to the end. Brigade-3 out of 4 made it to the end. Quack Pack-4 out of 5 made it to the end.

Now look at season 11, Jeff, Jordon, Michelle and Russell. Jeff and Russell couldn't get past their mistrust and paranoia and the alliance imploded. (The alliance also didn't have a name. Maybe that was the real problem.) The point is, if other people see cracks in your alliance they are going to slip through. Spencer and Howard have been trying to create cracks and they have been using an Amanda sized hammer to do it.

Funny moment-Spencer and Howard said they want McCrae AND Amanda gone. Originally they wanted to get rid of Amanda and work with McCrae but decided they didn't want to be second choice. Keep in mind, they told this to Judd who knows that Sp & How offered Mcranda an alliance. But it's really amusing because Judd isn't even their second choice. They never asked him to be part of MC and never tried to work with him at all until he became HOH.

July 23, 2013 at 7:16 AM  
Blogger Erin said...

I guess it makes for better tv...but I am annoyed that Aaryn survives again. Why do a have a bad feeling she will make it to the end? I guess if she has $500K it won't hurt as bad to have lost her jobs!

July 23, 2013 at 7:25 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

OK-Once again, this is why I shouldn't read and write at the same time. Spencer wants to name the 4 person alliance of himself, Judd, Howard and Andy "Three Men and a Little Lady." You've got to be effing kidding me. Spencer, who has counseled Aaryn on the error of her ways. Spencer, who has had discussions with Andy about what it feels like to walk in his shoes.

Spencer, I have many words that could describe you but you are not a man. You are of the male species but I have known real men and you are not one of them.

July 23, 2013 at 7:33 AM  
Blogger Shi Shi said...

Good Morning O Queen of the Dish! Poor, poor Gina Marie. She doesn't have a flipping clue. Wonder who she really likes in the house because whoever she is talking with she says she hates the 'other side'. She hates McCray and Amanda, Elissa, Helen, Candice, Spencer, Aaryn (formerly best friend) and Kaitlin. That sure narrows the field down, doesn't it!

I almost wish she would leave this week because she is so annoying but it would be such a waste of an HOH. Don't forget 'she's a competitor'. She's there to compete not lay around all day like some of those other floaters! (tongue in cheek)

July 23, 2013 at 7:51 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

Most dangerous player to the larger alliance-Helen. (I would say Elissa, but she isn't going anywhere until the producers are done with her.) Helen is quick to trust, quick to forgive, but just as quick to turn on someone and throw away the trust. Even when the alliance first formed and everything should have been smooth sailing she was too quick to share information with everyone including the enemy. Despite being a mom and the oldest person in the house, she has shown this week that she can be as catty and nasty as the rest of them.

My pick for most valuable-Andy. He also tends to want to trust people and give second and third chances. However, he doesn't sell people out and share all his information. He is far more intuitive than most of the other HGs. During the last few days of side alliances, sub alliances, crap talking and Amanda bashing, he at times played along, but is the only one who seemed to remain loyal to the Knock Outs and Goof Troop.

July 23, 2013 at 8:01 AM  
Blogger Celesta said...

I am on to Amanda!

Judd: Amanda's frikkin smart.
Spencer: I wouldn't call it smart.
Jessie: Savvy.
Spencer: Sneaky.

More like persuasive as a pushy overbearing car salesman. She's a real estate broker after all. OMG, she's working this whole house. If Aaryn doesn't go home, and she win's HoH. Amanda's going to win this game. Final 3: Amanda, McCrae, and Aaryn. Mark my words on it.

July 23, 2013 at 8:28 AM  
Blogger CarolynBBDish said...

Good morning, Jumbo :)

Good morning, GayTor :)

Good Morning, Blue ;)

Good morning, DavidB :)

Good morning, Grendon :)

Good morning, Erin :)

Good Morning, ShiShi :)

Good morning, Celesta :)

July 23, 2013 at 8:35 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

Waiting for HGs to wake up so I will keep babbling away.

Things I don't want to see or hear about anymore:

Amanda and McCrae slept in the HOH room-how rude. I agree, they should have washed the sheets. When Judd won HOH he told them they could have a date night and sleep up there one night. He offered, they didn't ask. At least they did it when Judd was in solitary so they didn't put him out of his room. Get over it.

The McRanda showmance has to be broken up because they are too powerful. Obviously they will have each other's backs to the end. But any duo poses the same threat. No one is complaining about Canward. The viewers know it's one sided, but to the other HGs it sure looks like a showmance. Also, Spencer/Howard have proven they are not going to split. If they aren't split up they will lie, cheat and steal their way to final 2.

The girls making comments about Amanda cheating on a boyfriend. Howard has a girlfriend and if I was her I would want to rip Candice's weave out right about now.

The band-aids, strippergate and how Amanda should do porn. Would I be comfortable enough to do what she did? No. But let's keep track. GM has repeatedly talked about and demonstrated how well she gives BJs. Elissa walked around with butt cheeks hanging out for a while yesterday. Kaitlin walked around in her underwear several times. The whole house comments that everything Jessie wears shows her nipples (much to Spencer's delight.) And for Elissa to be such a prude amazes me considering Rachel wore some pretty revealing and tacky clothes.

The HGs and CBS singling out Aaryn as the poster child for offensive behavior. Judd told Elissa that Aaryn is not the only one to make derogatory comments. Elissa didn't get it because she didn't want to get it. I believe it has far more to do with a personal issue between Elissa and Aaryn than what has happened in the house. Candice keeps saying that Aaryn wouldn't sit next to Howard on the couch. I think that had more to do with the fact that they were on opposite sides than it had to do with the color of his skin. I have seen Aaryn sit with Howard, exercise with Howard and I think she may have even hugged Howard before. The point is, Aaryn is socially ignorant, immature and has a case of the 'I'm better than you' mean girlitis. I don't think she is a racist. I have seen true racism and she does not fit the bill.

July 23, 2013 at 8:57 AM  
Blogger J.Co said...

Good morning!

So, should we place bets on who gets sick first from the cinnamon challenge? That is REALLY bad for the lungs. It would suck to catch pneumonia and have to leave because of that. Or maybe that was Aaryn's evil plan...

July 23, 2013 at 9:00 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

Things I want to see on the CBS edit.

The catty side of all the women in the house-not just the 3 widows.

The plotting, scheming, lying and pushing of agendas by Candice, Spencer, Howard, Elissa and even Helen. I am fine with showing that side of Amanda but she is far from the only one who has that side.

Howard and Spencer conspiring and making alliances with EVERYone and in the next breath trying to put targets on people they have just pledged undying loyalty to.

Howard and Candice-lovey dovey, touchy feely, always together and on top of each other...Cut To-Howard talking about how she means nothing to him, he has her under his thumb for a 'number' and will get rid of her when she is not needed.

Spencer constantly making inappropriate comments about gays and females.

Howard constantly making comments about how women need to be controlled.

Elissa's mean side.

Howard and Candice both (at different times) offering to work with Aaryn in a secret alliance. The same Aaryn that Candice threatened Amanda over because she has caused so much emotional pain. (note: Amanda was not the only one, or even the first one, to talk about keeping Aaryn instead of Kaitlin).

July 23, 2013 at 9:15 AM  
Blogger Shi Shi said...

Grendon I so agree about Helen. You never know which Helen you're going to get. The 'stab you in the back' or 'I love you, you're my best friend' Helen. She was one of the worst at bad mouthing Amanda the last two or three days with Howard, of all people. I think that 'mom' needs to go.

I also think that Elissa doesn't deserve a place on the show either. She has absolutely no personality. Its all me,me,me.

July 23, 2013 at 9:27 AM  
Blogger Shi Shi said...

Grendon, Carolyn, Lee...did any of you think of a name for our alliance?

July 23, 2013 at 9:30 AM  
Blogger CarolynBBDish said...

Good morning, Hula :)

Good morning, JCo :)

July 23, 2013 at 9:32 AM  
Blogger CarolynBBDish said...

ShiShi - I haven't.. yet..

July 23, 2013 at 9:38 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Morning Carolyn! Thanks for the great TOR. The cinnamon thing was hilarious. Have a great day everyone :)

July 23, 2013 at 9:41 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

Shi Shi

I am having problems with this task. I'm afraid if I don't come up with a strong enough name we will end up being cut before we make it to the finals.

July 23, 2013 at 9:44 AM  
Blogger Michelle said...

I think Aaryn's age is kind of an excuse for her ignorance. She's in college and probably has been around different types of ppl. There is something wrong with Aaryn's soul and it's a little beyond "product of your environment." She is a negative person through and through. She has to work at being nice. Excusing her behavior is unacceptable. And should it matter if someone is young and dumb? It doesn't make the things they say any different. I think the only reason she hasn't said much in a while is because CBS told her not too and she doesn't want other ppl to think she's racist. Which she is pretty unapologetic for.

I've heard almost every single house guests say something borderline disgusting or be pretty complacent when something disgusting has been said, except maybe Judd.

I don't know why some people's lies are worse than others. They all lie it's big brother. I can see if you are like well I just like this person better but not one person in the house hasn't lied even at the risk of hurting someone else's feelings.

A big issue with this cast to me is many of these ppl just haven't seen the show and don't know what they are doing. Spencer and Howard play the worst game it's awful and I don't know what GM thought she was signing up for.

At the end of the day I simply want Amanda gone as soon as possible so I can enjoy the feeds. I'll take GM over her any day. :-)

July 23, 2013 at 9:49 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

Barely past wake up call and Helen just can't stop herself from talking.

Is there a discount if you buy more than one muzzle?

July 23, 2013 at 10:06 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

Maybe Helen could borrow the birthday whip and start giving these people marching orders. She is way bossier than Amanda. Amanda has a single focus of getting Howard before he gets her. Helen likes to plan out every move, every vote, right down to what people are allowed to say and who they are allowed to say it to.

July 23, 2013 at 10:11 AM  
Blogger Michigan Man said...

Good Morning/Afternoon Carolyn, all

GM rocked that cinnamon challenge. I've never seen anyone do it before and not cough. She's got mad skills.

So much hippty hop, flippety flop going on right now. The people I know are loyal to each other are McManda and Spenard, hey they are just as big a bromance as the showmances so why not give them a name too. Helen and Elissa maybe. Not sure about that one. Everyone else I think is free agent.

I got to run, work, have a great day :)

July 23, 2013 at 10:15 AM  
Blogger Lisa said...

Great TOR Carolyn. You make me laugh. I know it's supposed to be funny and an easy shortcut, but can we please not call them widows? I hope Aaryan goes but looks like she's getting pushed further along. What a shame.

July 23, 2013 at 10:27 AM  
Blogger CarolynBBDish said...

Psst!! :)

New top post!



July 23, 2013 at 10:41 AM  

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