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Friday, July 26, 2013

The Overnight Report

Good morning, BB Lovers!  Happy Friday! No matter how you feel about the current HoH, one thing cannot be denied, it's going to be  a very intense and interesting week on the live feeds.   If you missed Aaryn's HoH Reveal, check out Lessa's stellar coverage: Here!

Today in the BB House, we'll have a Competition of BB's liking and Nominations..

Now let's see what our HGs got into late Thursday night... :-) 

Camera 1
Aaryn and Ginamarie

Aaryn: I think we're gonna make it to jury.  That's 13,000 dollars.
Ginamarie: How many people have to leave?
Aaryn: 3.  Howard, Candice and Spencer.

Aaryn: I had the pink ball. How cute was my ball?  Guess what?  I was lucky number 7.
Ginamarie: (pushes for Jessie)
Aaryn: But she had to do that.. If she hadn't, she'd  have been on the same page as us..

Aaryn: Elissa didn't hug me.. Spencer - I was this close to going home today because of him. Him, Howard and Elissa.
Ginamarie: You gotta watch out for the quiet ones. He's a psychologist major or some shit.
Aaryn: I told everyone that my major was business.. It's psychiology.  I literally have a library of psychology books.  It's my passion.  Spencer and Howard lie to your face.
Ginamarie: I know

Downstairs: Yayyyyyy!!

***At midnight real time, the feed clocks have changed from being 20-30 minutes slow to 2 minutes fast.

Camera 3

Helen: Cheers to the Have Nots!  Cheers to Andy for making it 3 weeks!
Amanda: And Cheers to the Final 12!

They offer Aaryn wine.  She declines, since she has her own upstairs.

Cam 1

McCrae: Did you see that?  Aaryn and Jessie just went into the bathroom and closed the door?
**He admits he's being paranoid.

McCrae tells Amanda about what Dan did last season, the funeral, and says that they need to figure out something like that for later.. 

Andy pops in..  Then Judd..

Amanda: Judd voted Nick and Ginamarie more likely to have a successful romance than you and I.
Judd: Well they were so close.  A love like that's hard to find.
McCrae: hehehe

Talk turns to the Have Not comp tomorrow.. Andy's praying it's a food comp.

Judd: I'd rather do it than have someone do it 2 times, back to back.
McCrae: I hope it's house-wide.. Then at least we'll have something.

Amanda: We're almost due for a Pandora's Box.  Know what would be funny?  If Aaryn gets Pandora's Box, and she's stuck up there with Rachel while we're all down here..
McCrae: What I think would be funny?  Ginamarie gets HoH with a Pandora's Box, and it releases Nick into the house for 24 hours, and she's stuck up there.

Andy: There isn't a single brown M&M in here.
Amanda: No brown m&ms.. I think it was the beatles.. and the reason artists do stupid shit like that is to make sure people look at the contract.
**The rider is the first thing I ever look at with star talent.

Cam 1
Aaryn: Is this boy's corner?
McCrae: Absolutely.  You have to scratch your penis to be here.

Happy chatter continues in the Chair Room..

Amanda: Hey, when in doubt, blame Amanda.
Aaryn: At least it's you, not me.

Aaryn leaves.  Ginamarie follows.. Talk turns to southern colloquialisms..

Cam 1 flips to HoH
Andy and Aaryn

Aaryn: They are so nice to me!  They know I love apricots.  Look what I freaking got. 
Andy: ooh, berry medley.

Aaryn pourts wine for Andy..

Aaryn: We need to have a toast.
Andy: Absolutely.

Aaryn: Here is a toast to friends we made on the first day that have stayed friends..

Andy: So you're putting up Ginamarie and Amanda tomorrow, right?
Aaryn: And Helen.
Andy: I just love how, in her sweet motherly way, she basically threatens you..

Ginamarie: This is a colored, dark people's skin polish.

Aaryn: Shocker. GM's talking about black people.

Judd knocks..

Aaryn: Stop knocking, or you can't come in.
Judd: Clownie's back.
Andy: OhmyGod, I'm so full.

Ginamarie: Ya know, You're right.  There's only 2 black fish left.

Cam 1 flips to McCrae and Amanda

McCrae: Right before this one, I wanted to tell you to throw it..
Amanda: I loved how the audience was like, Aawww!
McCrae: I noticed that too.  And that can be really good, especially if America's MVP.
BB: Amanda, please go to the Diary Room.

THey kiss goodbye..

Skippy flips it back up to HoH.. Andy's about to fall into a food coma.  Talk turns to the comp tomorrow - all hope it's a food comp.

Judd: Be on GM's team and throw it.
GM: Go f*ck yourself. (lighthearted)
Aaryn: Who I would team up with, is the people who were just Have Nots, cuz there's no way they'll be it again.

Andy: Did you see Spencer on the clip??
Judd: It looked like he was tryin' to throw it. 

Aaryn: When you don't feel safe, nothing is fun in the BB house.
Judd: You gotta feel good at that 9-0 vote.
Aaryn: It felt amazing. It made me realize people really have my back.

Andy: I didn't get it.  It's like she was acting like Jeremy for the past week.. talking about how she was gonna kill the Endurance Comp.
Aaryn: You get cocky, and people are gonna be like, Byee.

12:45 -- Spencer joins the HoH Crew..  and Jessie.. and Helen..  chatter about music.  #6 or Judd's Chili Peppers CD was everyone's favorite.

Jessie: Aaryn, how many glasses of wine have you had?
Aaryn: This is my first one.
Jessie: You better catch up to me.

McCrae and Elissa

McCrae is counseling Elissa to suck it up, be civil,  go upstairs and make nice to Aaryn. Elissa is extremely resistant, citing all of the reasons Aaryn doesn't deserve it.

McCrae: You don't want to get her angry at you for any reason, cuz we don't want you on the block.
Elissa: When she won, she gave me the dirtiest look, and hugged everyone and put her back to me.
**Aaryn felt the same slight, by the way.
Elissa: I've been nothing but nice to her..  I have a passion for ministry.  The only thing that makes me happy is doing things for people who need it. If someone else is hurting, it breaks my heart. I would never hurt someone to get what I want.
McCrae: you've been doing so good.  you just need to keep it up.
Elissa: I told her congratulations...
McCrae: and that was so good..
Elissa: But I'm not gonna try to build a relationship with her.   I mean, I'm sure I'm gonna go on the block again by MVP..

Elissa mentions all the racial slurs.. McCrae counters saying that Jeremy said anti-semitic things in front of Amanda, and it drove him crazy, but he sucked it up for the sake of the game.  He advises her to do the same.

Elissa: I was so nice to her.  I told her congratulations.
Amanda: Can I give you a piece of advice?  You're not going on the block.. You have nothing to stress about.  You have us.
Elissa: I wanted to see my family.. I don't care that she won.. I always do what's right. Even when I have challenges..
**She can't hear, or refuses to process, a word they're saying.

12:57a -- Judd comes down.

Judd: She's drunk.. (Jessie)
Amanda: Ooooh

With Regard to Big Brother..

Elissa: I didn't realize what I was getting into.  I was totally misinformed. 

Elissa tells a story about a dog they picked up en route to Vegas.  They named her Zona.
**She doesn't know this, but Zona means whore in Hebrew.

Cam 1

Andy: They're both going up, right?
Amanda: Yeah.  And Howard grabbed my leg, started rubbing my foot.. And I'm like, Candice is coming..

Andy: I was in DR, and they're like, how do you feel about Aaryn winning HoH?  I'm like, It's perfect!!
Amanda: It's perfect.  And do you know, after this week, the only 4 people who haven't been on the block are the goof troup.
Andy: I said in my goodbye to Kaitlin, I really like you, but 2 nights ago, you said Amanda should go up, and I'm in a secret alliance with her, Judd and McCrae, and You have to go.  bye bye. 

Andy: Last night when Judd blew up at me, in front of Howard and SPencer..it was perfect.
Amanda: I feel like this is the only alliance that is real.  I trust all of you. To be honest, I don't think this alliance with Judd ever happened, but I'm glad he brought it up...  Now, no matter what, either SPencer or Howard's going home..
Andy: And the blood's not on our hands.

Amanda: Candice is gonna go batshit crazy.
Andy: Elissa is nuts.  She's an idiot.
Amanda: There's something wrong with her.
Andy: And she's lying.. After the comp when everyone was congratulating Aaryn, she gave her her back, not the other way..

Amanda and Andy talk about how well placed they are.. even within their own alliances.. As long as McCrae and Amanda don't get put up together.   Both are thankful Spencer didn't win.. Aaryn is absolute best case scenario.

Andy: Do you know Elissa tried to flip Helen today?  Tried to get her to vote out Aaryn with her, Howard and Candice?
Amanda: Oh yeah, I'm aware.
Andy: She's f'ing nuts.  She's like, I've never been mean to anyone in my life.
Amanda: I know.  She's so stupid.  Like, she's dumb.

Andy: The only thing that terrifies me is if Elissa gets HoH.
Amanda: We'll figure it out.
Andy: The only thing that scares me is if I'm the MVP nominee.  But even if I am, doesn't matter.
Amanda: But we do have to be mindful that people don't ever find oout about us.
Andy: I want to take Helen as far as we can.  She's so trusting.  She trusted Elissa up until the other night.
Amanda: But now she trusts us more..
Andy: I hope America sees how crazy she is.. (Elissa)
Amanda: To be honest with you, I think America likes the Goof Troup.  If we f'in Brigade this shit?  That would be.. crazy.
Andy: I know.

Fishies.. Timecheck -- 1:29am

Amanda: That's why this works.  I trust the 3 of you so much.

1:31 Spencer enters the cockpit..

Spencer: I have a whole new respect for Aaryn.  I had no idea she taught snowboarding to underprivileged kids..
ALL: laugh
Spencer: Have you gotten any talk out of her?
Amanda: She told me that Candice told her to put you and GInamarie up.  Just so you know that did not come from me.
Spencer: I already knew that.
Amanda: So stupid.  Why would she tell her to put up the person who she's closest to?
Spencer: It doesn't really matter til we know who the 3rd nom is..
Amanda: Did you ask Candice about it?
Spencer: I will.. F'in 34.  I thought I had it.

Amanda: That was crazy.
Spencer: That was crazy.
Amanda: I think she's gonna put ELissa up.
Andy: Me too.
Amanda: Cuz she can't play Veto.

1:35am -- McCrae enters..

Andy: Did you see the way Elissa treated her after the comp?
McCrae: Yeah.  It was bad. I can't bring anything up to her anymore.  She's animatronic.  She spews information, but she can't process any.
Andy: It would be poetic justice for Aaryn, to put Elissa up the week she can't play Veto.  Spencer, even if you go up, I think you're fine..

Amanda: I wonder if she'd put Candice up?
Andy: She could.. Elissa and Candice..
Spencer: That'd be better for me.

1:38am  - Checking up in HoH...  Aaryn, Jessie, Helen, Candice, Howard (with Headphones), Ginamarie - Talking about Sex in the City.. A lot.

1:50a - Still going with Sex in the City.  Helen advises Ginamarie to watch it for dating advice.

Spencer, Amanda, McCrae

Spencer: Jessie's drunk.  Judd may actually get a piece tonight.  At least he'll get to feel her titties.

Talk returns to game.  Spencer figures he'll be going up on the block. Amanda tells him they have his back.  Judd comes in and Spencer can't resist mentioning Aaryn's philanthropic endeavors.. 'Teaching underpriviledged kids snowboarding' They all agree it's ridiculous and have a laugh.

Cam 3
HoH Bathroom
Aaryn and Howard

Aaryn: This is what happened.  Helen came up to me in the Storage Room.  The only way I stayed here was I had to make a deal with Helen.. Candice came up to me and said, I know you made a deal, and if you put up me or Howard, we're gonna come after you.  You know I don't want to do anything that's going to harm you.  My safety in this house relies on going with the numbers.
Howard: I know.. But you know that it takes doing something bold.. She aint got the numbers.. After this week, you're back in the same place if you do what they want you to do.  The same 4 people gon keep running the house.
Aaryn: I know.  Tomorrow anytime you wanna come up here and talk about it.. 

Howard leaves..

Andy: What'd he say.
Aaryn: Gems, you're gonna die.  He's like, I wanna talk to you tomorrow, but I only wanna talk to you if Gems is in the room.  He goes, if you put me on the block, you're gonna be in the same situation you were in before you were HoH.  If you don't put me on the block, I'll work with you.
Andy: Oh my God..  That's what he did to me.  Last night, he was like, we're voting out Aaryn, right?  I'm like, no, we're voting out Kaitlin.  He's like, tomorrow, I want you to come with me and we're gonna ask every person in the house..
Aaryn: Gemsie.. We might have to lie a little bit.. Later on down the road, if he says, well, Aaryn said this.. I'm scared to talk to him alone anyway, cuz he like attacks.  He attacks like a heathen.  Honestly, he's going up.  No matter what he says.  No matter what our conversation is.  And I'm gonna be like, I don't want to do this.. I have no choice..
Judd: That's how it was with Kaitlin.  I couldn't tell her she was going home.
Aaryn: Being HoH with Jeremy was different, because he did everything. This is hard.
Andy: At the same time, you cn't feel bad.
Judd: They made deals with everyone.
Andy: Everybody.

Aaryn: I'm gonna be like, I have to put you up, I don't have a choice, I heard that you made deals and tried to flip the house against me.  If I find out you're campaining against me, why would i help you out. What 8 of us decide collectoively is what I'm doing.  The reason I stayed is because of you guys.  Amanda made lots of points to me.. I was initially thinking Elissa, because she can't play in Veto, but Amanda talked me out of it.
Andy: If Elissa goes up again, we know that America's MVP.  I feel like no matter who goes up against Spencer and Howard is gonna be fine.

Aaryn: I think once Spencer and Howard are out, Candice and Elissa are next.
Ginamarie: What was the good thing about not putting Elissa up?
Aaryn: Amanda thinks ELissa would put me up against Gems.. If one of us goes up against Amanda, we're going home.  Amanda's smart, and she thinks of things like that.
Ginamarie: But she's been trying to save Elissa from the beginning.
Aaryn: Not anymore.

Andy: Elissa calling that town meeting was the best thing that could've happened to you.
Aaryn: I agree. Also, the good thing for me is Elissa has been on the block twice, back to back, and that's traumatizing.  And me not putting her up is going to mean something.  She's always gonna hate me, even if I licked her butthole, but it's going to mean something.
Andy: If I get HoH within the next 3 weeks, it'll be Candice, Howard, Spencer, Elissa...

Aaryn: She f*cked Helen over.  That's basically her final 2.  If she would f Helen over, she's f anyone over.  
Ginamarie: How'd she f Helen over?
Aaryn: She called the town meeting and then she tried to flip the house again 10 minutes before the vote.

Timecheck -- 2:25a -- and the clocks are synched now! :)

Aaryn: I'm taking a bullet this week, so please be there for me next week, if Candice, Howard or Spencer wins HoH.

Aaryn: I'm fully drunk.. and if one of those assholes come down, Candice is going up.. She can sit on my hat.  Apparently it's only $10.  It was $25.  Kara Monaco.. I wanna be in Playboy with you.. We can scissor.

HOH Cont'd
Aaryn: Elissa tried to flip the house because she thought I was gonna win HoH, and when I did, she started crying.
Jessie: I'm just glad a girl won HoH, cuz then we get girly shit.
Judd: What?  You don't want me to win?
Aaryn: you just won!  Guys.. I gotta tell you.. 2 HoHs rocks.. and I've never been a Have Not.
Judd: I wanna win a PoV so bad.  If you get houseguests choice..

Andy: If it's Endurance next week, I'm going to..

Cam 1

McCrae: Someone's gonna turn on us at some point.
Amanda: But we have Goof Troop..

McCrae: Goof Troop is us and 2 pussies.  I'm still telling Judd that it's me and him, final 2.

Future Scenarios..

Amanda: Whoever stays, I don't want their target to be me.

Aaryn: My highschool boyfriend, who I was totally in love with...

Skippy flips us to Amanda and McCrae.
McCrae: We may not have a bed together tomorrow night.
Amanda: Why not?
McCrae: Have Nots..

Amanda: I like seeing you smile.  (makeout) I wanna go to bed.

Cam 3
Aaryn, Jessie, Spencer, Ginamarie, Judd

Talk about choking (intentionally) during sex.  Jessie demonstrates on Aaryn.

Aaryn: There was a guy who would literally hold my neck, and I was just like.. there's nothing fun about that.  The drive of life is sex. The drive of everything.  That is the one thing that's irresistible.
Spencer: You're talking about the power of the pussy.  I need to ask ya'll a girl question.  If I were to go home and buy Marylin some jewelry, what should I buy?
Aaryn: Since I was a little girl, I have dreamed of opening a little blue box.. I don't even care what's in it, as long as it's from Tiffany's.  Bring her that little blue box, and your sex life will no longer be mediocre.
Spencer: Well, it's mediocre because of me.  5 pumps and I'm out.
Aaryn: Spencer!  That is not acceptable.

Aaryn tells a story, the punchline being she hasn't had sex in 2 months.

Spencer: Well if you're trying to suggest something, I'm in a relationship.
Aaryn: I'm trying to suggest something to Jessie.  I want to scissor.

Skippy wants us to watch Howard and Elissa brush their teeth.

Subliminal hygiene reminder?

Cam 3
Candice: You're getting skinnier.

Howard: Don't say that.
Candice: You're still fine, whether you're thicker fine or skinnier fine..

Howard turns off the lights.. Prays.. gets into bed.

Candice: I wanted you to win hoH, just so you could get some new flipflops.
Howard: Hahahahaha

..and it's snuggle time.

Howard: Ok.. 1st off, the conversation with Spencer.. He had heard that you said that if Aaryn won HoH to put up him and GM.  I said, ain't no way.  He said, I'm not mad with her.  Spencer's trying to get her to make a power move.. with all the stuff that's going on.
Candice: But I didn't tell her that.

Howard shares the conversation he had with Aaryn in the hoh bathroom, where he encouraged her to take control and put up the power.. ie, not him.

Candice says she never said it, and she can't hear anything else.. Not another word.  She gets really worked up and wants to go confront people.  Howard stops her, physically, by putting himself on top of her.. He gets off when she agrees she wont go confront anyone..

Timecheck -- 3:13am

Howard: I don't even mind going up on the block, because I think Aaryn's gonna try to pull a big move.


Howard: (stealth whisper)
Candice: I'm not going to blow up.  I'm a professional person that's 30 years old.  I have a temper, but I know when to use it.  I'm not crazy.
Howard: (stealth whisper)

Cam 1

Ginamarie: Do you think Howard sucks, or he's just playing like he sucks?  I think he just sucks.
Jessie: He's trying to coast to a certain point and then he's gonna move it into high gear.

Andy: I think Spencer's as big a rat as Candice.
Aaryn; I'm scared, because I feel like the only person that will 100% put me up is Elissa..
Jessie: And it's not about who she puts up, it's about the votes..
Andy: And believe me, everyone's very appreciative of what you're doing.
Jessie: Like literally, Elissa's on her 2nd strike.  3rd strike she's out.   The thing you don't want to happen is Howard or Spencer to win, and put up 2 people on your side..
Aaryn: That's why it's really hard for me to not put Elissa up.
Andy: I feel like they would put up Amanda, who is totally on your side.  And you know Helen has your back.. and she has Elissa's ear.. If anyone can talk to her, it's Helen.  Elissa's nuts, and everyone knows that.  Howard is the one who has the manipulation power.
Jessie: If she doesn't hold up her end of the deal, after what you're doing for her, she's the next out.

Andy: Howard and Spencer are such schemers, they're gonna do whatever they can to turn us against each other.
Aaryn: As soon as I talk to Helen one on one, I'm gonna be like, I will do this, but you guys have to keep me safe.  It's gonna be a long week with Howard.
Andy: Long story short, don't believe a thing Howard or Spencer say.

Jessie: Elissa was supposed to ut up Howard, and at the last minute, she did her own thing and put up Spencer.
Andy; Helen was pissed
Aaryn: So why are we protecting her?
**very good point.

Andy talks her back into the fold...

Timecheck -- 3:33am -

Jessie's still up talking with Aaryn and Ginamari, giving Aaryn alliance pointers, trying to build trust between her and the group.. and personally, saying that whatever Aaryn decides, she'll support her, including putting Elissa up, if it comes to that.

Ginamarie asks about Nick, and wants to know how Nick's demise came to pass.. in great detail..  Jessie lays it all on Spencer.  Ginamarie rambles on for 12 years about Nick, and "f*cking Spencer".. Then..

Aaryn: I'm gonna say this, Spencer, you and I were supposed to have a bond, and you've lied to me at least 3 times.  Howard, we were supposed to be cool, but you tried to flip the house once, and you lied to me twice.  Therefore, I can't trust either of you, and that's why you're up.

Thereby concluding the Overnight Report.  As of 3:55am, Jessie remains in HoH, reassuring Aaryn that the alliance will support her fully.  Ginamarie is present as well. 

See you when the HGs wake up!



Blogger Debbie Ravelo said...

Thank you for your tireless efforts to inform everyone.

July 26, 2013 at 3:46 AM  
Blogger GaYToR said...

Ahh! We meet again (princess) Goddess. Great job this morning. I've read a few paragraphs but since they are in bed I know you will be too very soon.

I haven't been there yet. I'm waiting for the Dr office to open so I can get yesterday's test results. Then I may sleep until Sunday.

I'll be looking for more. Not sure I can handle the voices inside my laptop this week. ;-p

Happy Friday. I need to do some #FF's today. I haven't in a very long time.


July 26, 2013 at 4:44 AM  
Blogger danamae said...

Good morning, Carolyn! Good morning, Dishers! Happy Friday to everyone.


I just couldn't hardly wait to dive into TOR this morning even though I stayed up way later than I should have for a work night. Can't seem to step away - I'm totally addicted.

While Aaryn would not be my first choice for HOH, this could make for a very interesting week. I think all of us love the drama and flips and dips and turns of this crazy, wonderful show.

Helen's mouth was working 90 mph before anyone could say, OMG, Aaryn's the new HOH. Helen worries me because of how much she talks and who to whom she says too much.

My hope is that Aaryn will honor the deal she made last week and will nominate Spencer and Howard. While I much appreciate the eye candy that is Howard, I just can't like him as a game player.

Haven't been able to pick (and stick to) a favorite. This changes all the time. However, I do like Andy (coined 1-800-ASK-ANDY by kfc in the bbdish chat on the feeds - love this name!!), Judd, Amanda, Jessie and McCrea. I wanted to like Elissa but she just bugs me.

Looking forward to the feeds this week and reading the BBDish daily. Carolyn - thanks for all you do. Hoping there aren't too many headdesk moments for you this week! :)

Have a great week everyone!

July 26, 2013 at 5:12 AM  
Blogger lisa smith said...

Omg. ..I don't know who is crazier, Gina-Marie or Elissa! I wanted to like Elissa but I just cannot. She is her own worse enemy. I really feel she is incapable of working with people and how in the world can she say she was misinformed by BB when her sister was on BB twice. .. it makes me crazy to listen to her, she is a mean girl and not as Godly as she would like people to believe. Those Reilly sisters are awful.

July 26, 2013 at 5:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope Aaryn puts up Howard and Spencer, and AMERICA votes Candice for 3rd nominee. I'm just saying it would be fun to see these three against each other. Howard and Spencer are only loyal to each other. BB needs to get rid of the whole Moving Company!!!

July 26, 2013 at 5:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope Aaryn puts up Howard and Spencer, and AMERICA votes Candice for 3rd nominee. I'm just saying it would be fun to see these three against each other. Howard and Spencer are only loyal to each other. Candice needs a rude awakening!!! BB needs to get rid of the whole Moving Company!!!

July 26, 2013 at 5:52 AM  
Blogger Vicki Hobb said...

I think this part that you wrote from the conversation between McCrae and Elissa sums up what bothers me about this season and why I would like Aaryn gone "Elissa mentions all the racial slurs.. McCrae counters saying that Jeremy said anti-semitic things in front of Amanda, and it drove him crazy, but he sucked it up for the sake of the game. He advises her to do the same. " The fact that they have to suck up in the face of the slurs that have been said this season just really bothers me. And though Elissa tends to go rogue, she is the only one who has stood up to it. I get the feeling that she can't understand how the others can pretend something didn't happen just because Aaryn is in power. Maybe it is just me.

July 26, 2013 at 5:59 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

This would be my dream nomination speech just because I think it would be funny.

'Elissa, you fought to have me leave this week because of the hurtful racial comments I made. Because you were right, I can not in good conscience put Howard or Candice on the block. However, even after I made a deal with you and Helen, you still tried to flip this house against me continuing to do so literally moments before we went live. That shows that Helen and I can not trust you and any deals you make mean nothing. For that reason, I am nominating you. You are not a pawn, you are my target and since you can't play POV there's really no reason to nominate anyone else. Have a seat on the couch....alone.'

The added bonus-once and for all it would show Helen for being the schemer she is. She has been content to let McCrae and Amanda take the heat for everything. It was M&A that were pushing for Aaryn to stay is what she let Howard, Candice and Spencer believe. But obviously if Helen made a dealwith Aaryn then she also wanted her to stay. She is targeting Howard while saying she wants to save him. She completely set up Elissa and threw her under the bus. She ultimately wants to choose the noms but let Aaryn take the blame.

We have all spent so much time talking about the mean girls, Amanda & McCrae vs. Howard and how Amanda runs the house. The reality is that Helen has been 'running' the house. She may come in a smaller and sweeter looking package, but she has always taken credit for who gets nominated and who gets evicted. She talks non-stop game like Amanda. She has made multiple alliances just like she complained about the MC doing. She gets every bit as paranoid as anyone.

The real deal breaker for me-Helen has shown she will throw anyone under the bus. She has absolutely no loyalty to anybody-not even her closest 'person'. That officially makes her my most disliked player of the week.

July 26, 2013 at 6:24 AM  
Blogger Lulu (aka Stefanie) said...

Since everyone is telling Aaryn what to do with her HoH, I'm throwing my 2 cents in. After that brutally painful gloating convo about being the best things that ever stepped into the BB house, I would like Amanda and Andy up on the block. I know it will never happen, but a girl can dream...

July 26, 2013 at 6:24 AM  
Blogger lscott said...

Caro, you are the BEST, thank you and Leesa!

It looks like Aaryn is going to honor ehr deal with helen, i think this will definitely help her get a little further.

I noted that her letter from her mother told her to act based on the way she was raised, (paraphrasing).

interesting that CBS let that hint get through.

i think it is too bad they are laughing at her helping the underprivleged learn to snowboard, i know it sounds aloof, but she is volunteering her time.

i loved the look kaitln gave when told she was seen as one of the mean girls, Really? she didn't see that?

antway looking forward to an imnteresting week, with Howard and spencer going up, i think the MVP vote sholud go to Candace, so she can't remove the backend of Canward.

I await the wisdom of Grendon to espouse her knowledge...

July 26, 2013 at 6:32 AM  
Blogger Jumbo said...

Did Aaryn grow another head? Nope its just Ginamarie

July 26, 2013 at 6:48 AM  
Blogger jovee said...

GOOD JOB! Carylon....thanks...

July 26, 2013 at 7:04 AM  
Blogger K Byrnes said...

If Elissa escapes the block, wow! That will be a miracle.

July 26, 2013 at 7:05 AM  
Blogger Jumbo said...

Jessie is so small a thimble is probably enough to get her drunk

July 26, 2013 at 7:11 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

I just don't understand what kind of ministry Elissa is talking about? I am not being judgmental or bashing her religion. I just honestly do not understand.

I can honestly say that I can hold grudges. In my heart I can't forget something in the blink of an eye. However, with Elissa's deep faith and the way she talks about religion being so important, I would think she would have a more forgiving heart. Even putting forgiveness aside, if she is talking about having a ministry wouldn't she be more interested in counseling or educating someone? From anything I have ever learned, a heart full of hate and anger can not be at peace or at one with God. Even Howard has said that although he is hurt, he is not angry. He has prayed for Aaryn.

BTW-I heard a couple of the HGs talking about Elissa's reaction after Aaryn won. It sounded to me that Aaryn was telling the truth and Elissa was once again trying to make Aaryn look like a villain.

July 26, 2013 at 7:12 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

HaHa-Once again, reading and writing at the same time. 'Zona'-that's funny. Considering Elissa's reaction to the birthday show Amanda put on, I hope she never finds out what Zona means or that poor puppy may have a one way ticket to the SPCA.

(Yes, I know she could just change the dog's name but I know how Elissa's mind works. She would probably figure the dog was already ruined by the taint of being a wh*re.)

July 26, 2013 at 7:18 AM  
Blogger Key West Conch said...

Omg carolyn! Zona! U crack me up. Im on daughters fone so ill pop up as unknown but im still hrre.
Stacey (keywest)

July 26, 2013 at 7:29 AM  
Blogger Key West Conch said...

Idk if my last comment made it so ill say again. I laughed so hard abt zona that my kids came running to see what was so funny. U kill me carolyn.

July 26, 2013 at 7:41 AM  
Blogger Key West Conch said...

Omg carolyn! Zona! U crack me up. Im on daughters fone so ill pop up as unknown but im still hrre.
Stacey (keywest)

July 26, 2013 at 7:41 AM  
Blogger Tiffany-JadeDarkStar said...

Dare I say it if aayrn keeps her deal ill be happy
I also have to say *gag* aayrn may be growing on me jsut a bit. She still has said some bad things and i dont like them.
I may be able to like her just a bit more then i did.

I hope ellisa stays this week. Aaryn don't put her up, earn points, get howards out. America put up some one besides ellisa. (even if ellisa went up)
Howard or spencer have to go first.

July 26, 2013 at 8:17 AM  
Blogger Adam said...

Aaryn puts up Howard & Spencer. If they get PO'd she can just tell them they're both pawns. They're up there because she wants the house to be a little more pleasant for a few days before they put Elissa on the block. She'll join them on the block because of either MVP or POV. She's outted and the natives rejoice.

If she's not MVP, they remove a "threat" or a guy who "creeps them out". Either way, this is a slam dunk for the good guys.

July 26, 2013 at 8:46 AM  
Blogger K Mac said...

Good Morning Carolyn!!!! Happy Friday to you all :) As always thank you Carolyn for all your work.

I know I'm probably in the minority but I'm kind of happy Aaryn won. She can do the dirty work for everyone. Should be an interesting week!

How is everyone voting for MVP noms?

July 26, 2013 at 8:48 AM  
Blogger K Mac said...

Oh Grendon, I always agree with you, but your thoughts on Helen are just so pitch perfect. Helen has been driving me insane for a couple of weeks now. She complains about Amanda and how she tries to control everything... really Helen? Really!!??

And also on Elissa. I, like you Grendon, hold a grudge. I hate that about myself and I try to be forgiving. I cannot believe the delusions Elissa has about her own self. Saying how she tries to be nice to her she's been soooo nice to her. Aaryn has obviously made mistakes, but if Howard and Candice and Helen can move on and play the game why can't Elissa? If Elissa cannot get over her hate for Aaryn, she should at least just admit it. Quit playing it up like she's this holier than thou person.

July 26, 2013 at 8:58 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...


The problem I have with Elissa talking about how bad Aaryn is, is that she singles Aaryn out as the only person who has done this and it is simply not true. Elissa was able to be friendly with Jeremy, Kaitlin and GM and for a while was very close to Spencer who made the majority of the gay slurs.

Also, Elissa is not the only one who stood up to them. She actually has not stood up to them yet-she just talks about how wrong it is but says nothing to the people who make the comments. McCrae and Judd have tried to speak up a couple times although not very forcefully. Amanda stuck up to all of the mean girls and Jeremy more than once and basically all she got was a kick in the teeth for it.

July 26, 2013 at 9:04 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

Good morning and thank you so much K Mac and lscott.

July 26, 2013 at 9:15 AM  
Blogger eliz said...

Elissa might not be my favorite, and I don't care if she wins or not, but I just want to see her stay longer than Aaryn. I'm not Team Elissa per say, just rooting for her until Aaryn is gone. Then we'll see who I root for. Elissa hasn't really had good game play, and I can understand that. I wanted to like her as well, but she's making it hard. I would like for Aaryn to leave and face the reality of Elissa lasting longer than her, which I think she'd hate and never forget.

Maybe Aaryn winning HOH will give the houseguests motivation to give her the boot next time instead of saying "she can go next week".

July 26, 2013 at 9:16 AM  
Blogger eliz said...

Elissa might not be my favorite, and I don't care if she wins or not, but I just want to see her stay longer than Aaryn. I'm not Team Elissa per say, just rooting for her until Aaryn is gone. Then we'll see who I root for. Elissa hasn't really had good game play, and I can understand that. I wanted to like her as well, but she's making it hard. I would like for Aaryn to leave and face the reality of Elissa lasting longer than her, which I think she'd hate and never forget.

Maybe Aaryn winning HOH will give the houseguests motivation to give her the boot next time instead of saying "she can go next week".

July 26, 2013 at 9:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

MVP vote please vote for Candice. Come on lets get this going, Spencer or Howard need to leave "pronto"

July 26, 2013 at 9:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't agree with comments about Elissa. She is human like everyone else. she is paranoid because she's been on the block almost every week and just because she is a Christian it does not mean she can't make mistakes. Stop trying to vilify her.

July 26, 2013 at 9:24 AM  
Blogger Lucky13 said...

Good morning Carolyn and Dishers!! I'll probably get got due to the lateness of the day but I first want to say, I'm having a hard time accepting Aaryn as HOH. I wish she would tell THE HOUSE that she wants to do one nom and she'll give them one nom. That way Elissa can go up and whichever of the others THE HOUSE chooses. And I pray Amanda is the third nominee. She has won NOTHING. She has not even come close, and she has these people running around like Energizer bunnies doing her dirty work. She's in Aaryn's head, and she has Judd, Andy and even Jessie up in HOH last night working her agenda while she and McCrae slept (or not...) I'm just not pleased. Oh well, long time til Thursday.

@Grendon - I absolutely LOVE your dream nomination speech!! If only... And you're spot on with Helen too. I just want to see Amanda exit before Helen. Maybe they can go back to back.

July 26, 2013 at 9:42 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Good morning!! :))

New Top Post!!



July 26, 2013 at 9:57 AM  
Blogger cyninbend said...

Gee, Amanda gets blamed for daring to speak to the new HOH for a minute after the live show is over. She started the moves that saved Aaryn in the game and tried to counsel her about her behavior in the house (to stop the racial stuff and how it was being perceived). Of all the other players, Amanda is the one who should talk to Aaryn after she wins HOH!

Then, for the next 20 or 30 minutes, it's not Amanda but Spencer who is in Aaryn's face, trying to sway her nominations. But not a word about Dpencer's activities from the anti-Amandites. Spencer tries his manipulation on and on and on and on, that smarm and lies concoction he cooks up daily. But no complaints about him.....

Amanda mostly stayed out of the HOH last night--and since her bashers attack if she dares cross its threshold while Spencer's butt is crazy glued to the HOH bed pillows--it must have been a hard night....what can they unfairly criticize her for now?

Well, they found a new hobby--twitter/chat/message boards requests to vote Amanda the 4th MVP...conveniently leaving out the word "nomination." Worked on the Elissa fans last week.

If you don't like someone, at least have the class and decency to stick to facts, not lie about them to get others to share your distaste or to do the dirty work to get them out, like voting them on the block accidentally. We are not in the house or playing the game and being lied to will take the fun out of forums and chats pretty fast. It's offensive to read as well. Reminds me of those anonymous trolls who flew through the chats telling us Jani was a hooker in seasons 6 and 7, never risking their identity or having any back-up facts. All shown to be lies. Thought we'd moved beyond that.

July 26, 2013 at 2:41 PM  
Blogger Trish Castillo said...

I agree, team Elissa....

July 26, 2013 at 7:57 PM  

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