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Monday, July 21, 2014

BB16: The Overnight Report: PoV Ceremony Eve

Good morning, BB Lovers!  Happy Monday to you!  Today in the Big Brother 16 house:  The Power of Veto Ceremony.  And as you'll soon see, nothing is set in stone.  There has been quite a push all evening long to get Caleb up as the ReNom, instead of Donny.

During the 11pm conversation up in HoH, Cody seems firm that if he puts Caleb up, it has to be to get him out, and he still wants Brittany out this week, since she is coming after them, while Caleb is still under the illusion that the alliance is alive and well, and he is not coming after any of the guys.  It's an intense game talk session, and if you missed it, I encourage you to watch at least a few minutes on flashback.   If you need the feeds, here's a 2 day free trial.

Before we get started on the Overnight Report, I want to direct you to the comment section of the Sunday Show Viewing Party.  At the end, you'll find cams and times for quite a few key flashbacks in the push to get Caleb up as the ReNom for the earlier (before midnight) part of the evening - courtesy of Michigan Man, Gramps and CurlerChick.  Thank you all for the heads ups!

Ok.. Let's dive in and see what the HGs decide..

Camera 1
Derrick and Cody
Brittany's in the HoH bathroom, drawing a bath

Derrick: F'in Zach.
Cody: He's out of his f'in mind.

and then they quiet down.. eyes closed..

Camera 3
Victoria, Frankie, Zach, Christine

They're speculating about when the Double Eviction will be, when jury will start and how many people will be on the jury this year.

Frankie: You have the Veto around your neck.  You should be nothing but happy.
Victoria: I know, but..
Frankie: No but.
Victoria: I also feel bad for Cody.
Frankie: Honestly, you're using the Veto, but even if you didn't, you'd be safe.
Christine: Either way you'd be safe.

Frankie: God, if Brittany and Jocasta had won HoH.. This would be a nightmare of a week.
Christine: We'd all be on the block.
Zach: We think we know who Cody's gonna put up, but we don't know.

Zach: Either way, Brittany's going home. 
Christine: She is.  She's not nice.
Frankie: I knew it from the second she walked in. 

Talk turns to Amber.

Frankie: I was blinded by Medusa.
Christine: Cody has some poisonous women after him.  That's for sure.

Frankie: It's so different being a gay man.  Not that sex means nothing, but it can mean nothing.

Talk turns to STDs.. Someone says they'd rather get an STD than a baby. Frankie says condom use in the gay community is the norm.

Frankie: All my gay friends, we get tested every 6 months.  My straight girlfriends?  Years!  And there's so many free testing clinics.. In L.A., there's an HIV testing van that pulls up outside all the gay clubs.
Christine: That's awesome.  That's really cool.
Victoria: Do they have to take blood?

Frankie: It's the message.. AIDS is not a monster anymore. It's just know your status, man. 
Zach: The way I look at it is, if I don't have it, I don't wanna know.

Frankie and Christine scold him..

Frankie: Yeah, you should know.

Christine's only had one partner, and she married him.

Victoria: It's not really a religion thing, it's more morals.
Christine: That's exactly how I felt about it..

Victoria shares about her dating life, and no sex because it's too special and her body isn't to be shared with just anyone, and how she tells the guys she's dating that they're not gonna get any..
If they can accept that, great. If not, see ya.

Zach's experience is very different.

Frankie: I'm just a student at this conversation.  It's apples and oranges.
Zach: It's just so much bettter if you're doing it with someone you like.  Unless they're hot and you're wasted..
Christine: Victoria, what are you gonna do if you find a guy who's not a virgin.
Victoria: I don't care.  A guy is not like a girl.
Zach: What if they have a kid?
Victoria: nonono..

12:29am -- Hayden joins the conversation. A minute later, he leaves.. For a very good reason...

Victoria: Besides, he better know what he's doing, if I don't know what I'm doing.  I haven't waited this long for nothing.

Camera 1 and 2
HoH Bathroom
Brittany and Jocasta

Bubble bath and Mom talk..  all about their kids..

Camera 3
Victoria, Frankie, Zach, Christine

College talk.. Zach is telling them about Florida's program called "Bright Futures," and how much it pays if your grades and SAT score are up to par.. Christine is hugely jealous and starts ranting about how much Arizona sucks.  Talk turns to Arizona's other political peccadilloes.. anti-gay, etc.

Frankie: Arizona almost passed a bill that you cold deny someone service based on their sexual orientation.
Christine: It was mostly religious..  It  was awesome actually.  People put up signs, "If you voted for this bill, then I'm exercising my right not to serve you. It's against my religion."  I couldn't even fathom it.  My friend in Flagstaff told me he'd been refused service because he was gay.

12:31am Talk turns to the show "What Would You Do," which makes me cry every single time... which reminds Frankie of his first night in bed with Caleb, which moved him to tears as well.    And back to gays, in general, and who loves them and how loveable they are. It starts at 12:33am - on Camera 3 - Well worth a flashback.  And onto the Ellen Show..

Frankie: I have such interesting ways I would change the world if I had a magic marker.
Christine: I wonder how many more states will have legalized gay marriage by the time we get out of here.
Zach: All 50 states.
Christine: Except Arizona.
Frankie: In honor of Caleb and Frankie's relationship, Kentucky has legalized..

Hammock Chatter continues on 3, but we've got game talk happening on 1 now, so let's go there!

Pool Table
Derrick and Zach
Camera 1

Derrick: Like I said, he's a smart kid.  He's gonna do what he wants to do, and either way, we gotta repect it. Either way, I think he's good.
Zach: What I could see that could come from it is I could be in an alliance with Donny and Hayden.
Derrick: Hayden's already good with us.. and Donny could be the guy goin' home next week.  You really wanna do all that just to send him home? What do you do if caleb gets in there next week and says, I wanna send him home?
Zach: Yeah, you're right.
Derrick: I have full confidence in him.  He's gonna do what's best for his game.  If he puts up Donny, as long as one of us wins HoH, we're fine.  Either way, tomorrow will be interesting.  Just like all our Veto Ceremonies.
Zach: Right?

12:59am - Jocasta and Brittany come outside with food.  Zach goes to get the door for them..  Derrick and Zach continue their game, and the camera stays with them.  Frankie and Christine remain chatting on the Hammock on 3.

Camera 1
Victoria and Derrick

Victoria: You didn't even speak to me today.
Derrick: I'm plotting against you... or maybe you're plotting against me.  Ya never know.
Victoria: Tomorrow's a big day.
Derrick; mm hmm. Whatever happens happens.
Victoria: you're not getting put up, are you?
Derrick: i don't know. Am I? I don't think I'd go home, but if I get put up, I get put up.
Victoria: No! I don't like that thinking.
Derrick: you can never think you're safe in this game.
Victoria: I am tomorrow.
Derrick: I didn't put him on the block, so I don't think he'll put me up.. but ya never know.
Victoria: Wanna come with m to Storage real quick?
Derrick: Yeah, then I'm gonna hop in the shower.

Into Storage..

Victoria: Do you need anything?
Derrick; No. I thought you were gonna tell me something.
*me too. 
Victoria: no.
Derrick: You just wanted company to grab jelly?
Victoria: (laighs) Derrick, ddon't you love me?
Derrick: oh yeah. 

Zach, Christine, Frankie

Zach: Oh my God.. Oh my God..
Christine: I love Nicole, but she cannot follow a conversation to save her life.
Frankie: The worst was Pao..  We've had some of the worst players.
Zach: Joey had never seen the show..
Frankie: Devin had never seen the show.  I'm convinced more and more every day that it's superfans vs (people who know nothing).  And there's still plenty around.

Zach: So who are the 8 superfans.. you 2, Nicole, Cody, Derrick, Donny..
Christine: Hayden knows a lot.
Frankie: The more I talk to Victoria, she's an Israeli (version of BB) superfan.
Christine: Superfans, Students and Nobodys.. We don't have a full 8 superfans.
Zach: Cody's for sure a superfan..
Frankie: Jacosta..

Zach: I think they just picked me cuz I'm the man.
Frankie: Not every superfan is right there with the strategy.  Some just watch because it's fun, not because they're gamers.
Christine: I can only imagine what twitter people are saying about us..
Frankie: I can only imagine.
Christine: Like, me and Derrick know what people talk about and what they don't talk about..
Zach: What do you think they talk about the most?
Christine: People strategizing.

Camera 1

Victoria: Do you want to sleep, Jacosta?
Jacosta: I want to, but being that I took such a long nap earlier, I don't think sleep wants me.

Hayden is eating Hummus, so naturally, Victoria asks if he'd like her to get him a pepper for that.  That's a no, so she offers to get him more bread, also a no,  and she goes to get herself a pepper, if he'll keep her company, which he will.

Jocasta: I'm always amazed by how you can just eat peppers.  i can't do it.
Victoria: But it's not even spicy.  Do you not like the texture?  Or the crunch?

Jocasta is after the cookie dough.. heated up.. "I like loads of ooey gooey yumminess."

Cam 3
Franie, Christine, Hayden and Zach

Christine: Sleep with Caleb.
Zach: No. I'll just put the green mats in the HN Room. 

Victoria: (kidding) Hayden, you're dead to me.
Hayden: Oh that's right.. I was supposed to eat with you.  I got so distracted.

Christine: Why don't you just eat it by yourself?
Victoria: There's scary people in this house.
Christine: Oh, you're right.

Hayden and Victoria go inside to the kitchen, so she can eat.. Jocasta is present.

Hayden: I'm so wired right now.  Every time I come out of the DR, I'm so amped.  It's amazing.
Jocasta: I think it depends who you're talking to and what you're talking about.

Camera 3
Lockerroom talk in the bathroom..
Derrick, Hayden and Frankie

F you, Suck a dick, etc..

**Cody's been asleep for 90 minutes.. and the rest of the critters may be winding down..

Victoria, Zach, Christine, Jocasta, Frankie, Hayden, Derrick

Hayden: Victoria, what else don't we know about you?
Victoria: What don't we know about you?
Hayden: Tell me how you do that?
Victoria: Bring myself up when I'm down?  In general.. Well, I just get happy.. I talk to my loved ones.. I go to the gym, get on the stairmaster and sing Broadway songs..
Hayden: The first part was the best.  Well, I just get happy.
Victoria: And you?
Hayden: Well, I pull up porn.
Victoria: (blushes)

Frankie: There's a blog called gayest of all time.. It's just really hot guys in crazy situations..
Zach: Do you like Katie Perry?
Frankie: I adore Katie Perry.

Talk turns to birthdays.  Zach is intrigued by overlapping birthdays between his family members and HGs.

1:39am Derrick tells them all goodnight.. 

Camera 1 Amber and Brittany are now up and in the kitchen area with Jocasta, Derrick, Christine and Victoria.

Camera 3 Hayden's showering, Frankie's popping his face.

Cam 3
Hayden and Frankie

Frankie: I wonder what they think of him in the DR..
Hayden: Zach? omg.. 
Frankie: We'll all have haters.
Hayden: It's all in good fun..
Frankie: Did you hear my philosophy? I told the world.. I was like, "Dear World, Frankie was left at the door when I entered. This is a clean slate.  I have started over.  The person that I am in this house is not the person I am outside of this house." I was like, "The person that I am inside this house is someone who is playing a game for 500,000 dollars and will say and do things that I would not normally do, because...

Frankie: Everyone is lying to me.
Hayden: hehe  
Frankie: Everyone. Literally, everything that everyone says to me may or may not be true.
Hayden: Ah hahah
Frankie: So therefor, I have to play my game as if everyone's lying to me all the time.
Hayden: hahaha
Frankie: So.. maybe I'm gonna be a bit of an asshole.
Hayden: hahaha
Frankie: And you know what?  I'm ok with that.  I'll pick up Frankie on the way out the door.
Hayden: yeah.
BB: Frankie, please go to the diary room.
Hayden: oop.. go explain that.
Frankie: Just popped everything on my face.. Goin' upstairs to grab my makeup..

Brittany's in the bathroom on Camera 1
Derrick and Amber are talking in the dark on camera 3.

Derrick:  Obviously you're gonna use the Veto.
Amber: If I had a choice to sleep with a girl..
Derrick: They like sleeping together.. There's definitely some caressing going on.. Frigging Hayden. He's like, you can spoon me again if you want.  This is the girl who started off can't have a guy in the same room.  Now she's sleepin' with Hayden.  I wonder what the infrared light's pickin' up now.
Amber: She probably doesn't know they do that.
Derrick: Would that be against her religion?
Amber: I think so.
Derrick: The irony is so rich.. She's the one girl who couldn't be in a room with a guy.

Brittany enters.

Brittany: I just wanted to make sure you're ok.. I haven't talked to you in a day.
Amber: I'm just so tired.

Derrick: Somethin's goin' down in there.
Brittany: I should go wake up Cody and talk to him.
Amber: He's sleeping. He was really tired.
Brittany: I just feel like we're gonna wake up and it's gonna be the Veto Meeting.  It's just my luck.. Victoria winning the friggin' veto.  She told me sorry like 20 times.  I'm like, Victoria, why are you saying sorry? I would've done the same thing.

Talk turns to sleeping arrangements.  Hayden and Victoria are in one bed.  He's her snuggle partner for the evening.

Derrick: Hayden's corrupting that little girl.

Caleb wakes up and shares a giggle about Victoria's snuggling..

Derrick: Honestly, is that against the religion?
Brittany: It's also against the religion for her to be here and dress the way she does.
Caleb: She's not even supposed to lay in a bed with a guy, sleepin' or not sleepin'.
**suddenly they're all Torah scholars with expertise in Sniut? ::eyeroll:

Brittanty gets up.

Amber: Brittany, are you going upstairs?
Brittany: I think so.  I've got nothing else to lose.

Either I blinked when I went through minute by minute just to make sure on flashback, or they managed to talk her out of going upstairs and waking Cody. 

Camera 1 and 2 - Living Room - Frankie's out of the Dr, telling a very sleepy Zach about his "philosophy of  the game."
Camera 3 and 4 - Amber and Derrick are still talking with Brittany..

Zach heads up to bed in the HoH Room..

Camera 1
HoH Room
Frankie enters, quiet as a mouse, so as not to disturb the sleeping Zach and Cody. 

Camera 3
Brittany and Jocasta
Brittany: Are you going to sleep to lay down and whisper with a friend, or are you going ot sleep sleep?
Jocasta: Well, I'm not going to sleep sleep..
Brittany: Why can't you just be direct?

Jocasta: Did you talk to Amber?
Brittany: She said everything was fine.  If I take chips in there, will everybody hear me crunch?
Jocasta: Uh yeah.
Brittany: ok.. lemme grab my chips.
Jocasta: I guess that's an I don't care.

Jocasta waves goodnight to the camera..

After a brief stop in the storage room, where she finds and grabs some cotton candy, Brittany walks into the  bedroom where Derrick and Amber are sleeping, barely opens the door to the other room a crack...

..and says loud, "Maybe I should sleep in the Have Not Room." Jocasta is bursting to laugh out loud.

So are Amber, Caleb and Derrick.  Jocasta and Brittany run back out of the room and break out in snortlaughs and giggles.

Camera 3
Brittany and Amber Tickle Torture Jocasta..

Camera 3
Darkened Bedroom
Derrick: Brittany, maybe if you go up there and offer elbows, you'll make some headway.
Brittany: I've offered! No takers.
Caleb: You haven't offered me.
Brittany: Ok boys.. Here's the deal.  If I get your vote, elbows all around for the first week..

Camera 1
ZACH wakes up and decides to head downstairs..  After brief fishies, we learn it's for a DR session..

Camera 1 and 2
Derrick gets up to grab something in the kitchen, and Brittany soon follows and coaxes him into the Beehive to pitch an idea where SHE picks the Renom, so Cody doesn't have to get any more blood on his hands, and what does he think of that?
**well, he thinks it's ridiculous, and that's not how this game works, but he'll humor her for a while..

Once Zach gets out of the DR, he joins the conversation too, and let's slip that no matter who she's up against there are a handful of people who will be voting to evict her.  Oopsies.

As of 3:45am, the conversation in the BeeHive is ongoing.  Brittany's pitching Christine or Nicole as ReNoms, because they're a duo that needs to be separated.

Brittany: If it's Donny, I'm just gonna stay quiet and say my prayers.   If Cody does go with Christine or Nicole..
Derrick: You feel like you have a chance.

This concludes The Overnight Report.  I'll see you when BB wakes the HGs! 



Blogger Unknown said...

Good morning! Had to watch Britt finish, didn’t join the viewing party. Mad props to that young lady, that was an impressive performance. She has moved to the top of my list right next to Donny. He was a rock for her yesterday morning. It is really too bad that Britt is clueless about Derrick.
Christine and Nicole are just catty and mean, I think Frankie also goes into their camp.
Derrick continues to be Derrick, still running the show.
Zach has moved out of the nasty column to maybe he knows what he is doing. After his talk in HOH last night, in support of Cody playing his own game, I kinda like him. He was also pretty damn supportive of Britt yesterday, you could see a change in his attitude as she kicked that ball.
Jocasta is just a good person, no game, but good as gold.
Cody, START PLAYING YOUR OWN GAME. Frankie and Christine, at their lying best, seem to have him convinced to play their game for them. Derrick is allowing them to convince Cody, while showing support for whatever Cody does. WAKEUP Cody!!!
It is nice to see Victoria so animated but I don’t think she has a clue what’s going on.
I think Amber is just looking for a home, she is fierce though and could be a great ally.
Caleb is just a dead man walking, everyone wants him out.
Still hopeful of a script flip this afternoon.

July 21, 2014 at 3:25 AM  
Blogger Tam said...

You rock, Carolyn!!

I do hope Cody puts Caleb up instead of Donny. I wouldn't be sad to see him or Brittany leave.

Enjoy the day!

July 21, 2014 at 3:26 AM  
Blogger Deb in SF said...

Caro, did you miss the Haycole make out session?? Camera 1 at about 12:25am. They finally kissed, and kissed, and kissed!

July 21, 2014 at 4:13 AM  
Blogger TripL in Cen FL said...

Oh Caro. Good morning to you.

I'm thinking you must be sleeping now.I did stay awake until 6 and just woke back up, minutes before 8. I don't know how you are able to stay awake and transcribe at the same time. That's why you are the Goddess!
After having a cable outage just as the HOH began I lost not only
the TV, but my phone and wireless. I listened to my kindle and fell asleep. I woke up after 12:30 and started looking for somewhere, anywhere for a repeat of the show and BBAD, Then the chatter of the HGs.
I searched youtube but no repeat was posted until 5ish when I rechecked the video tab where the feeds are. Voile there it was. I can now say that I did see the show. I need to do mommy stuff for Mac before I go back asleep,

July 21, 2014 at 5:25 AM  
Blogger Yasmin said...

Good Morning!
Thank you Carolyn for another great TOR:)

Standing ovation for Britt! That was a hard task! and she did it! I give her major kudos for that but her personal cattiness in the game is not nice and IMO does not equal that of Donny who is genuinely a nice person.

There has been much fan support for Cody to play his own game and nom Caleb. But at the end of the day for this week going into next it is safer to keep Caleb who is a Vote and will not put up the guys( including Cody) at this point. If he kept Britt she Will put him up and will be a vote for the other side. Until the numbers are more in there favor that is when you can make a move like that.

Derrick the Don of BB is working the hs, He's getting a lot of fan flack for this but so far it's working for him and I'll be in the minority on this but I do like his BB game skills.

Every once in awhile i switch from the feeds over to tweets hopping to find something funny or cute but the hate for hsg ……. leaves me feeling like i need a shower! WTH???
They are all entertaining and no one deserves the vile spewing hatred!
I love this season of Hsg!!!

I could be wrong but I think Hayden finally got his kiss from Nicole…he gave two thumbs up! love this kid!!! And he's got a head for this game! Double Yay!

July 21, 2014 at 6:25 AM  
Blogger David Lockner said...

Good Morning Carolyn!!

One thing you did miss...We have a showmance now!!!

12:25am Cam 1/2 lots of sheets rustling and muted giggling continues for a bit at one point you hear a female voice say "The chase is over"

12:32am Confirmation, makeout session, visible kissing...Hayden then turns to camera with a grin and a thumbs up...

July 21, 2014 at 6:41 AM  
Blogger Mappy said...

Today may be fun.

I'm hoping for a monkey wrench :)

Thanks Carolyn!

July 21, 2014 at 6:58 AM  
Blogger Jumbo said...

I am now praying for Jocosta to be evicted soon. People can believe whatever they want to believe, but publically expressing the believe that God has special plans for you and holds you on a pedestal is annoying and beyond dumb.

July 21, 2014 at 7:09 AM  
Blogger cadd1122 said...

I haven't even finished reading TOR yet but I'm so infuriated by the HG continued treatment of Victoria! I'm gettin on a soapbox and preaching so if that offends, don't read further. It appalls me to watch HGs going from bed-gate refusal to sleep with Vic and always mocking her to JUDGING her for wanting a cuddle buddy at night!?! They're ALL cuddly - wuddly with each other. She has NOONE - she's lonelier than everyone. People need physical touch. I really like this years cast, but their need to ridicule Victoria on her religious beliefs and mock her infuriates me. Take a look at yourselves people, you're ALL hypocritical about something. That's part of the game. They can be tolerant to one religion and gays while judging Vic on how badly she contradicts her beliefs. Stupid. And Sad. We all choose which morals and rules to break and those upon which we will judge others. I'm a Christian and I like seeing a better representative example of Christian love, acceptance and tolerance this year BUT SERIOUSLY!!! Do I now have to endure them judge a Jew on how well they're keeping up with her own religion!? This is what sickens me about the hypocrisy of people and my own community of faith! We, as individual human creations, ALL choose our personal sins! No human is without it and all sins are equal to God. Whether you're shoplifting, distorting truth, choosing homosexuality or being bitter internally. It's all sin. It's all equal (i.e. Imperfection) in the eyes of God. No sin is worse than another. It's our human selves that quantify and qualify it. It's how we justify our own existence. We are only experts on ourselves and our own behavior & then not always. It just makes me sad to watch this beautifully "tolerant" cast exhibit such intolerant biases towards ONE individual and with such venom and mockery. BB always has to have a target but why do they have to succumb to making it personal. It's a game; base it on gameplay. Grrrrrr

July 21, 2014 at 7:59 AM  
Blogger Lyndsay said...

I bet the girls are wishing they had taken Joey's all-girl alliance a little more seriously :)

July 21, 2014 at 8:03 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

BRAVO...I've been saying this all along and get so anoyed with the hatred in the Chat room. My heart breaks for Vic. When she said last night, I don't like not being liked by anyone, it made me cry. She truly is alone, and the one person that she thinks likes her is just as bad behind her back. It's sad and heart breaking , they are hypocrites.

July 21, 2014 at 8:34 AM  
Blogger cadd1122 said...

So my soapbox is cleaned out and kicked over... Thank you Caro for your unending dedication to this blog and the entertaining reports.

Major props to Brittany for completing her goals. Donny pulled her through her dark moments early in the morning. I hated listening to the guys speculate on how well and quickly they would've completed the task. Cody got off too easy by comparison. If he'd have gotten 2400 kicks maybe I'd feel for him. I will not be sad to watch Brittany leave save that it's one fewer votes against the power guys. It's just gonna be a dart game after her departure until jury. There won't be enough votes to fuel an opposition. But, hey, there might be entertaining drama via their attempts. Maybe Zach will pull it out yet (I know I'm in the minority but I still like him).

Hoot on the showmance! Will have to see that on replay!

Frankie is so damn entertaining. He still irks me occasionally with his pot stirring methods but I love him personally and as a viewer for entertainment.

Derrick is my bane as a viewer. Hate his lying to us. But what he's doing keeps working so props for keeping the strings untangled on his puppets.

Give the cowboy the boot. Can't say anymore. Same argument different day.

Amber saw the light a little too late. If she makes it further than Jocasta I'll be surprised.

Jocasta tighten up your bow tie you might be able to float into jury.

Hayden with the guys is a lesser player than without. Stop talking game to them !!

Nicole lost focus after giving in on her HOH week but she's not too much a threat yet .... So there's hope for her.

Christine is sitting pretty and playing smart. The 500k might fall into her lap as easily as her alliances have.

Cody? I'm waiting to see what happens today with POV renom - will he play for his interests or that of the collective?

Most deserving final 3 (currently) based on gameplay: Christine, Derrick and Frankie. Those are the games biggest threats house guests!

July 21, 2014 at 9:12 AM  
Blogger cadd1122 said...

Edit to add white lies, covet, murder and rape to that list of chosen sins. In hindsight it might appear to someone that I chose homosexuality as the bad one in the list and that minimizes my point. ALL is all in that regard. Murder and bitterness hold equal value to God. Sin is sin. Plain and simple.

K I'm really done. See y'all after POV ceremony. -mwah

July 21, 2014 at 9:52 AM  
Blogger cyninbend said...

cadd1122, p

Perhaps you missed the conversations regarding Victoria's behavior when in bed with other HGs? Besides the non-stop loud gigglefests that keep them awake until all hours.... She consistently crosses their boundaries physically--sexually.

When she spoons with Hayden, she backs into his p***s...pushing, rubbing... All the men report this type of behavior--that's where all the jokes about "elbows" come from! She "accidentally" bumps and rubs her elbows against certain sensitive parts of their anatomy! Since they all report this, it's no longer a matter of credibility. Even the women complain and have witnessed it.

For you to make it a religious issue is just incorrect. They were understanding when she said she could not sleep in the same room or bed as a male--and she was the one who has dropped her religious objections when confronted with the Have Not limitations. It is she who has ignored what she earlier set forth as religious requirements, asking the men to cuddle her, supposedly to keep her warm--I saw her beg Zach to sleep with her and then half-straddle him--she could not have gotten any closer to him! He just lay flat on his back.

This has nothing at all to do with their attitudes toward her religion. The girl is repressing her desires, and apparently is having issues with the demands of her religion. To blame anyone else for her failure to conform to the standards SHE set herself is beyond ridiculous. They are very understanding--most people would have publicly confronted her, embarrassed her.

Religious people are an overwhelming majority in America, despite the massive chip many carry on their shoulders. No one is preventing free exercise of religion. Rather, the other HGs are bending over backwards, sometimes quite literally, to help her observe her religions demands, while SHE is violating those restrictions and violating the rights of the guys to not be molested on camera while they try to sleep. They have expressed their discomfort, and when trying to broach the subject with Victoria, she feigns ignorance and acts as though she's unaware of her behavior. What woman touches a man's nether regions without understanding that this is a come-on, that he may react completely physically (arousal) and that she bears responsibility for not encouraging his excitement? She's not 11 years old! And it's not one guy--it's a number of them! Frankie said she's lucky he is gay and does not respond to female moves....she was that forward with him.

All the giggling and joking by the other HGs is not their abuse of her religion. It's their embarrassment at her behavior--no one has ever been confronted with a supposed virgin deliberately rubbing their genital areas when they are trying to sleep on national TV! They are at a loss what to do, they don't want to sleep in the same room with her, and when this behavior is added to her rude loud giggling half the night, they get no sleep when forced to room or bed with her. Don't be so quick to blame the others for some imagined slight on her faith. Most of those same people spend lotsa time praying and reading the Bible on a daily basis. Your accusations are so unfair!

July 23, 2014 at 1:52 AM  

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