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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Overnight Report

Good morning, BB Lovers!  Happy Tuesday!

Today in the BB15 House, Aaryn will be writing her blog and tweets, and she'll get the HoH Camera for pictures. Helen will be doing as Helen does, only this week, it's for herself, and while she's nearly hypnotizing while she's got certain HGs within ear shot, the spell wears off once the conversation is over.  What else will BB have in store for the HGs and us?  We'll just have to wait, watch and see.  :0)

Now let's dive in to the Overnight..

As we rejoin our HGs, it appears they will have a peaceful late night..
Helen's almost sleeping, and everyone else is in the backyard, talking about the Otev PoV Comp.. Andy's sure he came off looking like a wuss.

Elissa enters and she and Helen talk a bit before calling it a night.

Camera 1 and 2
Elissa and Helen
Have Not Room

Elissa enters and turns off the light.

Elissa: Do you feel like you've grown at all from this?
Helen: I definitely have.  I think my patience has improved. I'm not usually an emotional person, but I do cry at times when people get at my heart.  I'm usually in bed by 10:30, so this is crazy for me.  We'll figure something out tomorrow.
Elissa: I definitely have a new respect for my sister.  I can't wait to see her, give her the biggest hug and a kiss and tell her she's an amazing woman.  I can't believe she did this.  I can't believe she finagled me into it.
Helen: Well, if she won this, my guess is she can finagle anyone into anything.  Seriously.
Elissa: She was like, you're gonna have so much fun with it.  The producers make it fun, but the people make it horrific and traumatic.  They really do do nice things.. Those comps are just incredible, and it's so cute how they plan it.. But then you have to deal with houseguests, and that's when the problems arise.
Helen: Ok, goodnight Elissa.  We'll make a plan tomorrow.. What is that noise? (clicking)
Elissa: I don't know.. It freaks me out.

Cam 3
Backyard - Couch
Everyone but Elissa and Helen

Aaryn: David was not dangerous at all..

Amanda: A person isn't dangerous individually.. He's made dangerous by the people around him.
GM: He just wasn't a threat.
Aaryn: I mean, there were bigger threats than Howard..
Amanda: Not to me.
Aaryn: Yeah, not to you... (epiphany moment for Aaryn) The only threat that's gone home for me is Candice.
GM: And I did that for.. us.

Aaryn: I think David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin were dangerous.. But, I don't think Howard was dangerous.  Out of all the people, I think he was a waste of an HoH.

They debate Howard's comp abilities..

Amanda: She did not like you in the beginning..
Spencer: She was crying in the HoH room, and I heard her from there call you a f'in bitch.
McCrae: I even heard them in the hot tub this week, laughing that they should have kept Kaitlin.
Andy: Even this past week

Amanda: She wanted you gone the entire time, until Judd made up the lie..
Spencer: She said it was like lemons and limes, which one went home..
Aaryn: I'm not saying I like Helen. Don't worry.
Andy: I do.
Amanda: She's an emotional flipflipper.
Aaryn: We've all made emotional moves, including you.

GM: What happened with Candice that she flipped?
Amanda: We were all in the cockpit and ... Then Elissa was supposed to put up Howard, not Spencer. Then Candice comes upstais and we were discussing it, and she flipped the f*ck out.. So mcCrae announces, I'm MVP, to take the heat off Elissa. So then Elissa comes up and screwed us all royally, and put Spencer up.  She was pissed we were putting Howard up.. Although he was so bad for her game, she would  protect him to the end.
Andy: Candice was a good friend of mine, but she never talked game to me ever.
Amanda: I don't think she talked game to anyone
GM: Maybe it is a good thing Nick left, because maybe I would've become a Candice protecting him over me.


talk ugly, get screencapped ugly. dems da rules. 

GM: ..and then with the racist shit?  Everyone plays that card when ya frikkin' black..
Aaryn: I have a very hard time being Aryan. So please stop talking about my blond hair and blue eyes.  I didn't want to have them. It's a genetic disorder.
GM:  Candice is a mutant.  (to McCrae) You didn't have a pussy.. That's why she was nice to you.  It was disgusting what she did to Aaryn. And it was disgusting what she was saying to me, live. And when I stepped ta her, she got f'in shook, and then she didn't step ta me til we were f'in live, because that was the only time she would maybe get her voice in when I over-f'in-powered her anyway.  I shoulda said, sit your f'in black ass down. That's what I shoulda said.
**because you're a lady?

Spencer: Why did I get so tied into Candice for so long..
Amanda: My fault.. I thought with the whole Moving Company thing that you told her to blame everything on me.. Even though Howard lied on the bible..
Andy: He lied on the bible about the David eviction.
Amanda: Remember?  We all lied and said we voted for Elissa..
Spencer: Who'd he lie to?
Andy: Aaryn, Kaitlin and Jeremy.

GM: Who swayed your vote to vote against Nick?
Spencer: Honestly, I did. I developed a better relationship with Andy, Judd and Helen.. And I knew Jeremy was poison, so I had to get away from him.. I didn't want to stay aligned with someone who would ultimately lead to my downfall.  I went to Howard and said, dude, we can't keep Nick.. He said, talk to McCrae.  McCrae thought I was trying to set him up.  I didn't know he'd already flipped.
Amanda: The only reason why.. McCrae was going to vote ELissa out, until literally at the 12th hour, we got Jessie.
Spencer: The Moving Company would've been different if we'd voted Jeremy out week 2.
McCrae: But he won the Veto.
GM: So Nick went up.
McCrae: I would've preferred for Jeremy to go home..
GM: (more about Nick. sigh) I'm just trying to think about how different this game woulda been if Jeremy had gone home, because Nick would've won that next HoH over Helen...
**i bet he would've thrown it.

GM: I wanna see Howard.  I wanna see if he actually talks English or metaphorical.
Spencer: I wanna see  Howard and Candice's DR session
GM: (spews more racist garbage)

Spencer: In the Moving Company, I liked you the most, but you were the hardest to spend time with, because of Amanda.
McCrae: And Judd was onto you guys like immediately.
Spencer: I had a thought that we'd get Jeremy out and pull Amanda in.
McCrae: That woulda been sweet.

McCrae: It's really Jeremy's fault.
Spencer:  I've told you before, it's Jeremy's fault Nick's gone.
McCrae: It really is.
GM: I just woulda wished I had 1 more week with him..
**they want her vote to keep Spencer and keep the semblance of peace this week, so they're entertaining the fixation tonight..

12:36am Talk turns to Howard..

Cam 1 and 2
Aaryn and McCrae

McCrae: I would've preferred Elissa to go this week, but Helen's dangerous too.. We're super grateful that that's gonna happen.  Now it's my time to win this HoH, because I want Elissa's blood. And even if Elissa gets HoH next week, I don't think you have to worry.  She'll come after me and Amanda.
Aaryn: She wants people out of this game who she thinks are scum, and that's me, Gm and Spencer.
McCrae: She thinks we're all scum.
Aaryn: True.

McCrae: I think we're all gonna have to work really hard next week.  I want you to know I am so f'ing solid on 3AM.. We have the power to pick everyone off til the end.
Aaryn: Yeah, I know.
McCrae: I mean, I've had to be fake to helen, but think about Andy.. It's like me with Judd in the double eviction plan.. I let a friend down.. but in not telling him, it secured us.  The only thing that could f*ck us over right now is if Elissa wins HoH and Andy can't get in her ear.  We just don't know what she would do..

Aaryn: If it's you and Amanda up there, it's just what's best for each person's game.. Amanda's played an amazing social game. If she's in final 2..

Amanda comes in..

Aaryn: I'm pissed at her too now.. I didn't know she called me a f'ing bitch.  Why didn't anyone tell me that?
Amanda: It was like a teenager - I don't like you because my friend doesn't like you.
McCrae: Right now, Helen knows she's completely out of the loop..

Aaryn: We're talking about Helen and Elissa, and how we have to keep Elissa in the dark on us..

12:47am GM enters HoH..

GM: Whata you talkin' about?  If Elissa wins? (someone nods)  Is that possible?
Amanda: God, I hope not.

Fishies. --Stretch!

Cam 1 and 2
Andy, Gm, Amanda, Aaryn, Spencer, McCrae

Aaryn: So the joke's on you guys.  Helen and Elissa are in the bathroom.
Spencer: Sounds like the joke's on them.  I couldn't even hang out around them if I wanted to.
Aaryn: Me neither.
Amanda: So I win the bet.. I didn't say anything.  But I've decided not to speak at all, when I'm around them so I don't say anything..

Aaryn: I was gonna pull a Helen and say, You're going home on Thursday. But I didn't.

Andy: The other best was.. I walk into the Rainbow Room and Jessie's there reading the bible in bed, and she's like, "I know what's going on.. You should maybe tell your friends to talk quieter."
Amanda: I love how, in every other season of Big Brother, the HoH puts someone up, they come after the HoH.  In this season, the HoH puts someone up, they come after me.
Andy: She made a final 2 with me after I put her up.

McCrae: I feel like I have to tell Helen some time this week..
Aaryn: I almost did an hour ago.. I really don't care. Someone who called me a f'ing bitch.. Thank you very much for telling me.
Spencer: I thought it was common knowledge.

Talk turns to fake sleeping.. and Helen's inability to

Aaryn: I really wanna pull a Jerry on her at this point.  I mean, I'm gonna tell Helen she's going home, and you can pretend you're the one vote to keep her. (Andy)
Amanda: I don't think it makes any difference at that point.
GM: I basically told her, I'm gonna go with what Aaryn says.. what the house wants...
Andy: There's a certain irony in that..

Aaryn: No.. I wont tell her she's going home.

Amanda: Once you cry too much, then you don't feel bad for the person anymore..

Aaryn: I feel like there are moments in this game..
Amanda: There's a difference.. Desperation moves are..

Aaryn: But my desperation moves I've stuck to. I don't understand people who make desperation moves and then when they're out of the fire, go back on them.  I feel like Helen is even more of a flipflopper than Jessie was.

Andy: I agree.
Aaryn: At first it was keep Amanda, then it was keep McCrae, but it was always get the guys out.. I knew that was Helen and Elissa's plan, but I never was gonna follow through with it.

Amanda and McCrae go for a smoke..

Andy: I bet it's gonna be hard for Rambo to get taken down by a fruitcake like me Thursday night.
Spencer: I'll feel much better Thursday night..
Aaryn: You're gonna be here no matter what.
Andy: I wanna win this one, then 2 after that and 2 after that, so I can tie you.
Aaryn: I wanna win 9 competitions, which is gonna be difficult, since I've only won 5.. and it'll be even more difficult, since Spencer's gonna backdoor me.

Since the HoH crew is in chat mode, I'm heading down to see what Amanda and McCrae are talking about..

Cam 3

McCrae: I knew she was upset.. She stormed off.
Amanda: About the Helen thing? When she drinks, you have to leave her alone.
McCrae: I was just talking to her on a fine level.. I know better than to fight with her, but I don't cowtow to her. She knows that when I talk to her, it's me on a real level.

Amanda: I haven't been kissed all day.
McCrae: I'm worried.. About Elissa.
Amanda: I know.  Me too. Your'e making the scariest face right now.  I'm just gonna stop coming to you and wanting to be affectionate at all, because it seems like you don't want to..
McCrae: it just makes us a bigger target.
Amanda: Do you not feel affectionate toward me?
McCrae: I do, but I don't want us to go out of this gaem because of it.  Every single couple has walked out of this house. Why not us?
Amanda: I'll go and you'll stay.
McCrae: Aaryn said (to him privately), if it was you and I on the block, everyone would vote individually, which says to me that she would keep you.
Amanda: Elissa would keep you.
McCrae: F*ck that.  She wants girls here.  She wants girls, because she knows she can beat girls.

Amanda: I'm gonna go brush my teeth.  Do you want your alone time with the rest of the house so they like you more than they like me?
McCrae: You can't start isolating yourself now..
Amanda: I feel like you're isolating me.  As soon as you see that someone likes me more that they like you, you work on them.
McCrae: Who have I worked on?
Amanda: Aaryn. Do what you gotta do, bro.  It's your own game.  Everyone likes you more than they like me, McCrae.
McCrae; That makes me a bigger target.
Amanda: Who's gonna win at the end?  You.
McCrae: Exactly, I will win at the end, and that's why they wont keep me.  I have a better chance to win, because everyone likes me, so no one will want to bring me.  The 4 wont work, unless everyone trusts each other. If Aaryn doesn't trust me, it's gonna collapse.
Amanda: (whining and aching for a fight or a kiss or something)

Cam 1

Aaryn: Pawns can get caught  in the cross-hairs.. If I get pawned against Amanda.
Andy: Well, you have 2 votes right here.

GM: To the grave, mami.
Aaryn: Obviously, the 3 of us have a better chance of making final 3 together..  And with us, I feel like it would be an equal fight, whereas, with Amanda and McCrae, I think people will see how they've run the house since the beginning.. Every week, whatever they want has happened.  How could you not vote for someone like that? I think in the final 2, you would be honest and you would be honest.. but they would be like, I'm the reason a, b and c has happened.
Production Voice: Aaryn, could you come to the DR, please?

Cam 3
Amanda: You don't see how up there she antagonizes..
McCrae: of course I see that.
Amanda: I'm not mad.  I just feel like, you've only been a have not once.  I don't think you remember how it was. I'm emotional, I'm tired, I feel like the whole house is talking shit about me, and you're distancing yourself on top of it..
McCrae: No one told you to tell her that you weren't voting for her.
Amanda: It's the truth.  I'm getting in trouble for telling the truth.
McCrae: They're targeting you, and they're making sure everyone else is targeting you.  You took your own initiative and did that.  What?? I dont' know what I'm supposed to do.
Amanda: Just be a boyfriend sometimes? I'm not asking you to satisfy any part of your game.  Nevermind.  I shouldn't have to ask.  I just sound like a needy, whiny little bitch, so I'll shut up.
McCrae: I didn't say that.

This is ongoing.. without me.

Cam 1

Andy: She's a wonderful woman,
Spencer/GM: She is.
Andy: ...but as a Game player, she's been annoying me lately.
**I'll take Who is Helen for 300, Alex.


Cam 1 and 2
Andy, Gm, Spencer, McCrae
Backyard Couch

Popsicle talk..

Upstairs in HoH, on 3 and 4, Aaryn is lights out and climbing into bed.

GM: That was crazy..
McCrae: I still can't believe how long Jeremy stayed up there.  That dude had so much body to him.
Andy: I was just like, don't fall first or second, cuz the HoH could be like, I'm putting up whoever fell 1st and second.. Then I was like, don't fall 1st 8.. cuz the 1st 8 might be have nots..

GM: Jessie was a horny toad.
Andy: She really was.
McCrae: He totally banged her.  (in jury)  I bet she was over it immediately.
GM: (talks shit about Candice) Dude, I think people sit.. I think this is an office right here. (she points over the couch)

Spencer: Did Amanda go to bed?
McCrae: She went to the DR.
GM: Whata they doin' separate announcements, so they don't wake princess?
McCrae: Yeah, she probably complained.

1:54am Amanda comes out from her DR session.

McCrae: Am I next?
Amanda: No.  They didn't say anything. (she sits down for a minute)  I'm goin' inside..
Andy: You going to bed?
Amanda: No.. maybe to the cockpit.
Spencer: She ok?
McCrae: I don't know.. I think she's having her mid week slop freak out.  She's upset that Helen's talking shit about her.  I'm like, well, you shouldn't have told Helen you were voting for her.  You're telling her she's the target, so she's gonna make you a target.

Talk turns to GM's soon approaching birthday.. and Have Not Happy Hour.

GM: I'm alright.  I don't really freak out on this shit.  Just my farts smell worse.  I would sleep out here.
Spencer: I would love to sleep out here.
McCrae: I'm hoping that's one of the things for the Veto.. the dog thing.  I think that one would be fun, cuz you get to sleep outside..
GM: I would sleep outside.  It's f'in nice out here.
Andy: I saw a bear out here the other night.  He ran into the woods though.  I think I scared him off..

McCrae: Alright.. I think I better go find Amanda. (he goes inside)
Andy: Did the Momsquad go to bed?
Spencer: A while ago..
Andy: We're gonna get the camera tomorrow!

Spencer: I'm feeling like a down slump.. I'm gonna go inside and go to bed.
Andy: Me too..  You gonna come to bed, GM?
GM: Yeah.. I just wanna shower first.

They head inside.. All to the bathroom...

Cam 3
Amanda and Aaryn

Amanda: You have to stop.. You have to trust us.  We will protect each other to the 4.. We will protect each other to the end. When you doubt it, it shows. And we can't have these conversations in front of GM, because she's not in the alliance.
Aaryn: I know.  I just want to see it play out.  I do trust you.  Like, being HoH just gets me paranoid.

Andy comes in..

Andy: Are you ok? Still pissed about Helen?
Amanda: I'm just having a mid-week slop freak out, and he's (...being a dick).
Aaryn: And I'm explaining to her that HoH causes extreme freak outs.. Because you have the entire house talking to you and everyone's saying something different..
Andy: I agree with that.

McCrae Enters..

Aaryn: I hope something fun happens tomorrow.
Andy: I don't want another day of Helen pulling me aside to talk..
Amanda: I'm very constantly that asshole.
Aaryn: Amanda, because you're very strong and that intimidates people..
Amanda: I didn't expect it from Elissa.. The fact that she's jumping on a sinking ship.
Aaryn: That's like thinking a cheating guy wont cheat on you.  She's rude to everyone. I've experienced Elissa's mean spirit several times..
Amanda: I've seen it..
Aaryn: You just haven't been the brunt of it.  I want her to go home next week anyway.  The only way she wont is if she wins Veto.  What if she wins all the vetoes til the end.
Amanda: I'll kill myself.
McCrae: I will not allow that.

Amanda: I wonder why Helen cried when Elissa used the Veto on herself.. Did she think she was gonna use it on her?
Aaryn: Helen's just emotional, and she probably felt like that was a nail in the coffin. And I didn't put up who she wanted.
Amanda: Helen's got balls.  You don't target someone when you'r eon the block.
Aaryn: She either has balls, or she's stupid.

Amanda: I have so much anger, I'm not talking at all.
Aaryn: I think she already knows you're mad..
Amanda: I don't wanna give her the satisfaction.  People freak out more at the unknown.
Aaryn: I don't.
Amanda: It'll just make me more of a target. Plus, it just gives other people the opportunity.. I don't need to.  She's going home.  What's the point?  I was gonna flip it around to make it look like Helen's bullying me, and get Elissa's sympathy..
Aaryn: Elissa gives no one sympathy. Elissa is all about Elissa.  Unless everything you do is all about Elissa, you're a bad person.  That's how she works.  She doesn't understand when people do things for themselves.  You can't go thru life taking everything.

Amanda and McCrae say goodnight to Aaryn and head downstairs to the bathroom.  Gm comes up to quickly say goodnight..

Amanda and McCrae

Amanda: She legitimately thought the whole time in the bathroom, we were trying to listen to shit.  I told her, you have to stop being so paranoid.  Oh my God.. I need to tweeze your eyebrows so bad.  There are supposed to be 2.

McCrae: I'm scared. We could be in real trouble next week. If things don't change with Elissa.
Amanda: I'm gonna throw Helen under the bus with Elissa Thursday.. or maybe Wednesday.. Tell her that Helen said she's just using me, and I'm the next person she wants to go after.  Will you back me up?
McCrae: mm hmm
Amanda: Or even you could talk to Elissa.. and tell her that Helen told me that you don't even like Amanda and you were just using her..
McCrae: I have to figure out the right timing.  If it's too soon, then Helen could get to her and change that.

They make up for their previous crabbiness, and the smooching and snuggling begins..

Amanda: This is the worst part - not being able to sleep together.  I love sleeping with you, and I love waking up next to you. (**echo)  It's by far the worst part.  We'll fix the Elissa thing. We always do.


Amanda: I legitimately feel crazy sometimes.. Like I don't remember what I've said or why? What's the truth? What's the lie? What would be the backlashes.  Who's lying about what..  I don't remember my intent for sitting outside and telling Helen she wasn't getting my vote.  It's hard to keep it all straight.  Like, keeping everyone's reasons for why they don't want someone to know something straight.. And then I get upset, because I feel like I'm going against my instincts.. I couldn't remember what I'm supposed to say or not say.. and I don't think it's for my best interest.  And if anything, me not talking today, pushed Elissa farther away from me..
McCrae: So why don't you just tell her tomorrow?  Tell her everything.. Just tell Elissa.. I know things..
Amanda: I hear things.. I wanna tell her, look her in the eye.. Before the veto, I wanted you here...
McCrae: You can tell her, Aaryn wanted your blood.. There's nothing we can do for Helen, but we want you here, and we've always gotten you through.
Amanda: I'm letting you know now, no matter how many alliances she makes, Helen's going home this week.  All I can tell you is the truth.
McCrae: Helen can be pissed at me.  I don't care.

Amanda: If Helen thinks she has you, she's insane.  I am who I am and I've done the things I've done, but I'm still here with you.
McCrae: We just have to figure out how to do this..
Amanda: Helen should know if she tells you something it'll come back to me. She's an idiot for trying to boss you around and make you feel like you're the shadow..
McCrae: Do it tomorrow.
Amanda: I don't know what would be the right time. It's like, it doesn't matter what I say. She doesn't listen.  And it makes me a bully. I'm a bully for that. Gimme a f'in break.  I also think that when Helen leaves, Elissa's gonna go with Aaryn, over working with you, me and Andy.

Fishies.. Timecheck -- 2:35am -- Stretch!

2:42am Amanda and McCrae leave the Cockpit.. and go into the kitchen.. She shows him the frozen treats she made.. Then back to the Chair Room where Amanda gets into her arctic winter pjs for the have not room... They kiss goodnight at the Have Not door and with a "Night, Baby," head for their separate beds.

Amanda comes out of the DR, has a quick snuggle with McCrae, then back to bed in the Have Not.

And that's all she wrote. :0)  Sleep tight, houseguests.. See you when BB wakes you.



Blogger Lucky13 said...

Good morning Carolyn!! Good morning BBdishers!!

I can't tell you how much I want J-U- Double D back in the house. I am so fed up with the majority of this bunch. These chicks bring to the spotlight why there has never been a successful all girl alliance or a two girl F2. The personal insults, backstabbing, mean girl mentality. These women are the worse. They talk so much until they start to believe their on bile infested foolishness. And the hypocrisy. Did Amanda even hear herself when she made the crying comment referring to Helen? People who cry too much eventually aren't believed anymore (paraphrasing)... Let's remember that statement on Thursday when you uphold your HOH loss record Garbage Can Girl!! And then when you've finished crying and go running your needy behind to McCrae for kisses and cuddling, hopefully he'll be too busy reuniting with his friend Judd!!!

GM... I am done. I realize there are personality clashes, disagreements and heated arguments with individuals in life and more so in this game. But GM's constant Candice bashing has reached a level of racism, slander and threats that BB/Production/AGP/CBS needs to put a stop to. I didn't want to "celebrate" the fact that Aaryn, Amanda, Spencer(possibly) or GM had lost their jobs, their livelihoods. I don't want to wish struggle or unhappiness on anyone. But how else will these characters learn from the magnified mistakes they've made this summer, just by running their mouths. In addition to looking for jobs, I hope that when they watch themselves and HEAR themselves, the slaps in their faces will be heard across the BB viewing world. Apologies should be forthcoming from each of the contestants who have repeatedly crossed the line this summer.

Pardon my morning rant everyone but I feel a couple of pounds lighter having released that from my heart.

Each and every one of you have a wonderful day!!!

August 20, 2013 at 6:00 AM  
Blogger Melissa Skinner said...

Amanda: You don't target someone when you are on the block...

Oh that's right you just roll over and die. smh

August 20, 2013 at 6:31 AM  
Blogger BeeBelle said...

Good morning, Carolyn and dishers! It sounds like Helen is working on her misting skills, but she creates more of a short-term mist than Dan's. At least she's trying, or this would be a really boring few days. The producers do need to work on something to spice up the rest of the week for feed-watchers. Pandora, zingbot, or hey, maybe something NEW with our new comp guy behind the scenes...

August 20, 2013 at 6:54 AM  
Blogger Yasmin said...

Good morning Carolyn and BBlovers")
After reading the OR, it seems as though the HG are over Helens game talk.
I think so am I... at this point its falling on deaf ears.

(AD)Helen told Elissa they should spend more time in HOH and more time with Mccrae so they can drive Amanda crazy....
given her history of tantrum out breaks , this could happen...")

(TOR) McCrae tells Amanda that she should tell Elissa that Aaryn wanted her blood and that we wanted you here and have gotten you thru ...
Okay Amanda you tell Elissa, she'll run to Helen who in turn will run to Aaryn and she'll tell GM...
I guess there game point is just in case she gets HOH or Veto next week THEY wanted her here...
But you don't throw a member of your alliance under a bus to do it!

Insecure paranoia is working hard.

We could see as early as this week the McCranda Empire start to crumble....

*Thank you Carolyn for such an amazing job.... I do love your capps on the pics...hehe
*showing some BB love and hitting the tip jar today")

August 20, 2013 at 7:24 AM  
Blogger Mappy said...

Thanks Carolyn.

Afternoon and TOR read, digested and with all that happened I find myself shaking my head at GM. Just 'NO!' I hope, fervently, she learns from this experience but fear she will return to her environment and continue in the same vein.

Some day. One day. My prayer and mantra for all of mankind.

August 20, 2013 at 7:29 AM  
Blogger Pally said...

Aaryn: Elissa gives no one sympathy. Elissa is all about Elissa. Unless everything you do is all about Elissa, you're a bad person. That's how she works. She doesn't understand when people do things for themselves. You can't go thru life taking everything.
That's correct Aaryn, she just cleans up after everyone, makes slop for everyone, cuts and colors hair, gives yoga sessions, and keeps to herself when the bad mouthing occurs.
What an awful, awful woman.

Excuse my manners. Good Morning Carolyn*

I'm a crab-apple this week, I'm a have-not until thursday afternoon
(I have to fast and drink nasty stuff)while family is staying here and cooking yummy smelling food!
Received a call yesterday and two more fam members will be here by tomorrow; both of them good cooks, one is a pastry chef...ugh

I should be coming out of anesthesia around 6pm on Thursday, do think it's okay to ask the nurse to hook me up to the east coast feeds? LOL

August 20, 2013 at 7:49 AM  
Blogger Shi Shi said...

Good morning lovely Carolyn and all my other BB Buddies.

Looks like it was a tame night last night. I think it's just a matter of time before Amanda blows though! You can just read it in her face and posture.

Helen is just so full of herself. I can't believe that conversation she had with McCray in the Cockpit with her repeating over and over again how his best bet is with her and Elissa. This woman is completely out of the loop and doesn't have a clue what is going on.

August 20, 2013 at 7:57 AM  
Blogger gracebay said...

Hi Carolyn!

A few quick questions if you don't mind:

--Do you think Thursday's HOH is likely endurance? Just wondered if that would be the case with a juror returning...
--If endurance HOH, I would suppose inside lockdown is near, probably later today even?
--Pre-veto ceremony, Aaryn never asked Spencer if he would vote out Amanda, correct? Or did she? My memory is fuzzy and I can't keep up with the back/forth.

Thanks for all that you do!

August 20, 2013 at 8:09 AM  
Blogger Rozzie D said...

I totally agree!!! GM is just vile!!!!!

August 20, 2013 at 8:36 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Thank you, Yasmin!

August 20, 2013 at 8:51 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

G'morning, Lucky13! :)

August 20, 2013 at 8:52 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

G'morning Pally :) as long as it's not intravenously. ;)

August 20, 2013 at 8:54 AM  
Blogger Shamrock said...

Morning Caro !!!

Random thoughts ......

As long as Helen gets evicted and doesn't return, I'll be happy this week. :)

I'd like J-U-Double D back because I like his game. I'd like Jessie back for eye candy. I could even stomach Candice coming back into the house just because the live feed DRAMA will escalate to gut busting levels.

Aren't we due for an Endurance Comp? How many times was there an End. Comp after we had a returning HG? Seems like there was one immediately when Crazy James came back.

Currently, every HG in jury or in the house has a shot to win this game. The ONE person I see who would have ZERO chance to win against anyone else in the final two is ..... Elissa. No matter who she is sitting next to, my over/under odds on votes she gets is win is two.

I think we all (me included) made too much of what a particular HG does or says. In real life context, actions and words mean something. Heck, I wish I could take back a lot of things I said about my ex when I found out things she did. Pressure, emotions, and stress cause all of us to do things that really don't fit our "normal" true character. We also filter our own innate bias to see and hear (and get offended by) things that really should just be regarded as a product of the environment we are watching.

Right now, I would lean toward McCrae or Andy having the best shot to win this game ..... Aaryn (a comp beast) is probably my #3. Yet, if Judd comes back, that might change my (biased) thinking on a game favorite.

August 20, 2013 at 8:58 AM  
Blogger Other Carolyn said...

I don't remember if someone said Helen actually did call Aaryn a f'n b**** or not. It sure has Aaryn upset. I do t watch the feeds, does Helen call people names? I am having a problem with trying to find someone to root for. Andy is so two-faced and now mean and nasty that I am over him, and I refuse to root for the ones who are bigots.

August 20, 2013 at 9:09 AM  
Blogger FL Girl said...

I would love to see Elissa win this next HOH and watch the hamsters scrample. This has got to be the worst season by far. I really don't want any of them to win. I don't like any of them.

August 20, 2013 at 9:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

THese fools act like they can all go to the finals, what a joke i can hardly wait until they have to turn on each other

August 20, 2013 at 9:14 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Good morning, Lucky13! :) Have a beautiful day, lovely one :)

Good morning, MelissaSkinner! :) hehehe

Good morning, BeeBelle! :) Agreed. I hate it when HGs just roll over and die.

Good morning, Yasmin! :) Thank you very much!

Good morning, Mappy! :) Ommmm

Good morning, Pally :) I wish you a speedy end to your havenotness and while would love to see you here thursday night, i do not recommend and IV hookup to the east coast stream. ;)

Good morning, ShiShi! :) I know.. Re Helen -It's almost hard to watch..

Good morning, Gracebay! :)

--Do you think Thursday's HOH is likely endurance? Just wondered if that would be the case with a juror returning...
I think it's VERY possible that Thursday's HoH will be Endurance. It's hard to go by example, because we've had instances of returnees bringing endurance, and not. Grendon wrote up a nice piece on the nots last week..

--If endurance HOH, I would suppose inside lockdown is near, probably later today even?
Late today is possible.. or very early tomorrow.

--Pre-veto ceremony, Aaryn never asked Spencer if he would vote out Amanda, correct? Or did she? My memory is fuzzy and I can't keep up with the back/forth.
Correct, Aaryn never asked Spencer. There was no need. The promise was lip service.

August 20, 2013 at 9:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi BBDishers.. Can someone please tell me who the HGs keep saying can't handle her liquor? Referring to Elissa or Aaryn??

August 20, 2013 at 9:30 AM  
Blogger lscott said...

do we know if there is a separate comp for the 4 evicted, or are they competing for hoh with the other, and if one of them does not win hoh, off to the jury house?

August 20, 2013 at 9:42 AM  
Blogger lscott said...

i note that there appear to be two camps, those who find amanda deplorable and are rooting for helen, and those who have become sick and tired of helen's manipulative manner and just want to see her evicted.

me, i am rooting for a final three of mccrae, andy and aaryn.

at least this tuesday afternoon...

August 20, 2013 at 9:45 AM  
Blogger Michelle said...

Good morning Carolyn and fellow dishers :)

With regards to Aaryn and her game....even with time passed, I don't think anyone overreacted to Aaryn/GM disgusting comments, mostly because I think it has died down because the mean crowd has dwindled. Aaryn and GM are alone now. But if you pay attention when they are alone together, the ignorance is often still an underlying tone of their conversation.

Just the other night Aaryn said that Andy had an advantage coming into the house because he's gay and nobody feels threatened by the gay guy. WTH?? And GM said, while talking about Candice, that her mom had sex with black guys so she must be a crack baby.

Dozens of people have come through this house...all ages and ethnicities and the house didn't turn them into a biggot or racist. You say things like that, when that's the kind of person you are.

Of course her family and friends should stand by her and of course America should forgive her...if she chooses to take responsibility. Up to now, all I've heard is that she's a victim of being judged a racist...she hasn't owned what she said or admitted it's wrong. Just because she's playing a good game, does not erase what she did to get there and berate others for their ethnicity was one of those things, whether people choose to forget or not.

August 20, 2013 at 10:15 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Good morning, Shamrock :) Agreed on Judd, just cuz I like him and his one liners, and yes, we are due for Endurance, and yes, there was on the night Crazy James got back in.. however.. he came back in via a big box.. so no need for constructing 2 comp sets..

Good morning, Other Carolyn :) She does.. For me, I try to remember that every HGs only true alliance should be with themselves and/or their family back home.

Good morning, FLGirl :) I agree this season is challenging, however.. THere is rarely a dull moment in there, which we certainly couldn't say in previous seasons.

Good morning, August :) ne might say they are turning on each other now.. Helen, if you'll recall was quite closesly aligned with "the house" until this HoH.

Good morning CDIZ :) THey're referring to Aaryn.

Good morning, LScott :)) I believe there is a Comp for re-entry, to be followed by an HoH comp.

August 20, 2013 at 10:29 AM  
Blogger Susan Baker said...

Ty Lucky 13. Not a rant at all. My only gripe is that at least one of these nasty people will win $50,000 , if not the $500,000.00. It will be rewarding bad behavior and sorry calling it gameplay is unacceptable. Not with all the media hype about bullying and racists comments. They ate all to good in their vileness there has to be a modicum of truth in their behavior.

August 20, 2013 at 10:30 AM  
Blogger lscott said...

i just love the irony that helen will be evicted becasue it is what "the house" wants.

thanks Caro :))

August 20, 2013 at 10:33 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Good morning, Susan :))

Good morning, Michelle :))

EVERYONE - BB just went into wakey wakey mode.. So keep a look out for a New Top Post.


August 20, 2013 at 10:34 AM  
Blogger GaYToR said...

Good morning Carolyn and everyone. I took Sunday night and all day yesterday off so I have a lot of catching up to do. I'll be reading and picking things apart all afternoon and into the night. I'm even behind in email and Twitter and Facebook and everything else in my 31 tabs on Chrome and a few on IE.

My first big laugh or cry... I'm not sure which... was in yesterday's PoV Ceremony Spoiler & Aftermath:

Helen: For all those kids out there watching the show, the people in this room are gonna do the right thing. That's what BB is all about. Sportsmanship, loyalty..
**which bb has she been watching??

Amen Carolyn. Has she ever watched BB? She sounds like Maggie from the Season of Cappy's Sheep. But even more so she sounds like just what she is. A politician. She hasn't run for office herself yet but I've heard things about the person she worked to get elected. I'm not sure if it has been discussed here and I honestly don't know where I heard it so I should research before I type, but I'm not going to. OK, I did because this has been working on my mind ever since I heard it. Here is what I found.

Helen worked on the campaign for Jerry Weller (R) member of the U.S. House of Representatives. In office January 3, 1995 – January 3, 2009 Weller is an evangelical conservative who's 14 year tenure was marked with many accusations of wrongdoing, mostly in campaign contributions and financing.

My personal gripe with Weller is his anti-gay stance. Maybe I shouldn't fall into a guilt by association mind-frame but I have. It would take a lot to get me to change to anything else.

But I'm getting beyond my point. It's Helen's words, "For all those kids out there watching the show, the people in this room are gonna do the right thing." that always irritates the (self-censored) out of me. I certainly don't want this to turn into a political debate in any form. Carolyn keeps politics out of Big Brother Dish, as she should, but it's something that makes me cringe with all politicians, (R), (D), (I), (L), (G) or any other recognized party you have in your state. Leave the damn children out of your speeches. How many times in a political season do we hear, 'for your children and grand children'? Some are even bringing your great-grandchildren into the fold. It's a catch phrase that has completely lost its meaning in my opinion. I'll stop there before I get on the big soapbox and start stumping for votes. After saying that I doubt I would get many supporters in a political arena.

So back to my point and to quickly end this... I find her guilty by association in her job to help get Weller elected. Anti-gay is the big thing for me. I refuse to look into him more deeply and see what else he is against. I think I could already tell you.


August 20, 2013 at 10:54 AM  
Blogger ChattyCat said...

I cannot stand Amanda - please get her out now !!! She sits there all day eating or sleeping in the HOH bed or smoking, having sex with her Showmance and orders everyone around, making a lot of wrong assumptions that affects people's lives. No one stands up to her. She is rude, ignorant and a racist. She hasn't won a darn thing, cries when she loses, cries when her ' boyfriend' doesn't throw the challenge to her . .then has the nerve to talk about Helen crying!! And the nerve of Helen to target precious Amanda !!!!! What is Helen supposed to do - stay in bed for 4 days and do nothing. If Helen goes, she should at least be trying to get into the heads of those left, trying to make them understand if they don't get McRanda out NOW, they may as well sign the cheque over to them. I really want either Judd or Helen to win this Thurs, come back in the house, and win HOH and put McRanda on the block ! Get Amanda out - what sweet revenge.

August 20, 2013 at 10:58 AM  
Blogger Shamrock said...

Caro said ... ... we are due for Endurance, and yes, there was on the night Crazy James got back in.. however.. he came back in via a big box.. so no need for constructing 2 comp sets..

Wouldn't it be interesting to put all four jury competitors into the HoH endurance comp? The first three who fall go back to jury, the last juror to leave the comp gets to stay in the game ... and potentially win HoH.

The chatter and DRAMA between all jurors and HG's would help or hurt one anothers ability to win. No juror would throw the comp (unless they want to be gone) and current HG's would be less likely to throw the comp because they won't want to see a former juror as HoH.

August 20, 2013 at 10:59 AM  
Blogger Paula said...

My thoughts on this train wreck of a group of houseguests:
Aaryn....I did not like her in the beginning because of all of her racist remarks, but there have been so many more mean, racist, misogynist remarks made since the beginning of this game that Aaryn's almost seem mild compared to them. I, in no way, want Aaryn to win. But I like how she is playing the game.
Gina Marie....oh my God, she makes me so crazy with all the crazy talk about Nick (like what did she know him, 3 weeks???) and she has herself walking down the aisle with him....she is batsh**t crazy. And that mouth of hers and her continued string of hate towards Candice makes her MY MOST DISLIKED HOUSEGUEST. I wish they would send her home just so there can be a few weeks of never hearing Nick's name again or her rage about Candice.
Amanda.....what a freaking crybaby. She can't win anything. She is NOT pulling any strings anywhere. She is NOT a threat at all in my opinion. She has McCrae's ear and McCrae is calling the shots. If she were gone McCrae will win this game. In my opinion. She is my second MOST DISLIKED HOUSEGUEST.
Helen...nothing to say here. You got what you deserved. Your phony crying didn't win them over. You screwed too many people And now you have to pay the price. It is what the house wants.
Andy....why can no one see that Andy is playing all sides. Andy is a RAT. He sits in on every conversation and then runs to the other side and tells them exactly what was said. Does anyone ever know who Andy is true to? I guess we will see on Thursday with the live vote. I would not be upset though if Andy won. He is a lot like IAN. And I did NOT like Ian, but I didn't mind so much that he won. Although I still think that Dan was the BEST PLAYER EVER in the history of this game.
Spencer....vile, vile, vile. I cannot stand this guy. Everything he says is disgusting. He is the biggest pig I have ever seen on Big Brother. But he has made an awesome pawn. I just hope they get him out before he wins the game. Yuck, yuck, yuck. Pig!
Elissa...I cannot even begin to imagine how she has lasted this long. I don't see her as mean, or vile, or anything. She is whiny. I don't think she had any idea what she signed on for. I laugh every time she says that she is 'deathly allergic' to slop. No you're not...you just don't like it. She is not Rachel, that's for sure. Without Helen she is going to melt down in the biggest way ever. I think! Or, she could be playing us all?
McCrae....now here is an interesting dude. He does nothing but sleep and LISTEN and THINK. And try to reel Amanda in. A bit. I think he lets her out there just enough to make sure that the target is on her and not on him. He is brilliant when it comes to knowing the game. He is just sneaky and quiet and has everyone else getting the blood all over their hands. He is grimy and needs a haircut and needs to run as far and fast as he can from Amanda when this game is over.....but I think he is going to be the winner! I don't like McCrae. I don't like his game play, but I think he is likely the next winner.

August 20, 2013 at 11:06 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Good morning, GayTor :) Happy Catch up day! ;)

August 20, 2013 at 11:07 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Everyone!! :)

New Top Post!!

:0) Join us up there!

August 20, 2013 at 11:12 AM  

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